Quick Summary of Fisher Method

Rating: 0.5 Yet another binary options scam waiting to leave you on the hook for $250.

The Good: Arguably, the videos were rather professionally done and free of flashy images of sports cars and vacation homes.

The Bad: Endless stock photography swipes. In some cases, the photos were of other real people.

The Bottom Line: Find your fortune elsewhere and stay away from this fishy system. Stick with our #1 recommendation on how to build a REAL business online instead.

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Fisher Method Review

So, a highly published statistics and mathematics professor has decided to develop a software platform called The Fisher APP. This app produces trading signals that traders can use to correctly predict the direction of a binary option trade.

This app is so amazing that it generates up to 10,000 signals per day, at a profitability rate of 96%.

The app developer in question is Jacob Clark and he has over 100 publications to his name (at ? University). He also makes at least $8,000/day via his revolutionary app. Here is Jacob Clark “in the [virtual] flesh:”

fisher method

The only problem with Jacob is that, for a well-known professor who’s made $5 million in trading, there is absolutely no online information about this guy. Google Scholar turns up no calculus, algorithm or math publications by a Jacob Clark. Also, when I search on his photo via Google image search, I get the following hits:

fisher method1

It appears that Jacob Clark is a stock photo, not the illustrious and wealthy stats professor as claimed by The Fisher Method website.

The Fisher APP ‘testimonials’

But what about the glowing testimonials by Fisher APP users like these? The Fisher Method website portrays worldwide users (shown below) of the Fisher APP saying the following:

This thing has literally transformed my life overnight: I’ve gone from living in near poverty to making more in a month than my dad who’s an engineer makes in a year.

I’m up to a consistent $1.800 per day now and next month I will increase my trade size again until I get to my profit target of 8,000 Per day.

The accuracy and consistency of this software is truly astounding and after trading every day for 2 months solid, my overall win rate on all trades is 96.4%.


Again, by using Google image search, I located most of these customers as stock photos that have been used and re-used by various businesses.


As Jacob Clark likes to quip in his videos: “Facts and proof are the only things that matter when looking to make money online.”

The facts of the matter here are that stock photos are being used to generate every person, from the app developer down to the testimonial. Hmm.

And now for the real downer…

If you’re not yet convinced that the Fisher APP may not be as advertised, Jacob quickly follows up with a special message to make you feel bad- specifically, about your own pathetic life.

Here’s a small downer collage that I created thanks to Jacob Clark’s uplifting messages about you and your life:


All these positive vibes lead up to this:


Supposedly, this is Jacob Clark himself, trying to one-up you on your own pathetic existence by saying he nearly died as a result of alcohol abuse and bad decisions.

I wonder how Rael Braverman, the transplant recipient who was dying of diabetes and kidney failure, feels about being touted as a deadbeat alcoholic:


Now that you’re depressed…

Now that you feel sufficiently depressed about your life, it’s time to input your name and email address so that you can start using the Fisher APP and be a winner. Afterwards, you are presented with the following screen:


As you may already infer from the screen shown, your selected binary broker is Regal Options, which requires a minimum deposit of $250 to activate the Fisher APP. This brokerage is well-known to assign bonuses to deposits. Should you happen to receive a bonus, be aware that any possible withdrawals of your money will be subject to the following terms:

Once a bonus has been awarded/accredited to a Clients account, they will be subject to execute transactions in an amount of at least thirty (30) times the bonus amount and might also subject to minimum deposit and/or minimum volume of trading and/or a certain time limit.

Also…if you think that you will reach a live human or receive any help via the chat support area, think again. When I started inputting my questions into this chat box, I received only very standard and generic answers in return. My specific concerns were never addressed. I suspect that the “chat support” is really just an automated text area that periodically posts “answers” in response to user typing. No live human is operating the chat.

Now, why is the Fisher Method video adamant about having you deposit a minimum amount of $250 into your account? Once again, the answer to that question lies with Clicksure:


Affiliates who successfully tout The Fisher Method and get folks to sign up to the “recommended broker” earn a hefty $250 commission.

The final Fisher Method reel-in

The Fisher Method, which offers the “free” Fisher APP, is nothing more than a ruse to get you to part with $250 when you sign up with the recommended broker. All photos and testimonials on the website appear to be fake. Even Jacob Clark, the purported inventor of the app, doesn’t appear to exist.

Our final analysis? Stay away from this app and don’t get hooked with false promises of quick money.

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