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20 Ways to Make Money with Your Phone

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As more and more people move away from desktops and even laptops and onto smartphones, marketing research companies are taking notice and creating mobile apps that can be used on-the-go. Many of these apps enable users to earn points or save money while shopping. However, there are an increasing number of apps that enable users to make money online. Here is a list of just 20 apps that help you earn cash on-the-go.

Get paid to submit your receipts

1. Ibotta

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This was one of the first rebate apps on the market and offers cash back on grocery, apparel, electronics, restaurant, pet, etc. purchases. The rebate amounts are fairly high (as much as $1.50) and work across a number of stores. Many qualifying rebates are brand-independent (e.g., $0.50 off any orange juice), while others require that you purchase a given brand at a certain store.

Get paid for surfing the Web.

2. Swagbucks – An absolute MUST join

This site offers a smartphone app that enables you to earn Swagbucks (SB) for watching videos, answering surveys, and completing merchant offers. You can also surf the Web using the Swagbucks toolbar and win additional SB. Once you have at least 300 SB, you can trade them in for Paypal payouts (or gift cards if you prefer).


3. CashPirate

With this app, you can earn money by completing activities such as playing games, watching videos and taking online surveys. Your payment comes in ‘coins,’ which you can eventually cash out through Paypal. Gift cards are also available.

4. Fronto

With this app, you can view news, product deals and other offers and earn points. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for Paypal cash, coupons or gift cards.

Get paid for mystery shopping.

5. Field Agent

This microjob app has you earning money by completing tasks such as checking store displays, taking photos of grocery shelves, finding specific store products, and going through checkout. The assigned microjobs must be completed in a given amount of hours. Payouts are made by Paypal.

6. GigWalk

GigWalk is a mobile app that offers you paid tasks while you’re on-the-go. These tasks are geo-focused on your specific location and might include checking a street sign, verifying a transportation option or examining a landmark. After you apply for an assignment and complete it, your payment is sent to your Paypal account. Once you prove your worth as a Gigwalker, you’ll be sent higher paying (e.g., $100) assignments.

7. Shopkick

This app is perfect for shopaholics and has you earning ‘kicks’ when you walk into a retail store such as Target, Walgreens or Macy’s. If you then make specific purchases or scan your receipt, you earn additional kicks. You can redeem your kicks for Paypal payouts or gift cards.


For additional apps that pay you to scan your shopping receipts, click here.

8. EasyShift

This app pays you money for going to local stores and businesses and completing tasks such as taking photos of product aisles or checking item prices. Tasks pay between $2-$20. Once your shift is completed and approved, your payment is sent to your Paypal account within 48 hours.

9. Rewardable

This app pays $4-$7 for local tasks such as taking pictures of a store display or reporting product prices. Payments are sent to your Paypal account.

10. 1Q.com

This app pays you $0.25 or $0.50 for every question (Askvert) you receive and answer in a set amount of time. For example, you might be asked how many times in the last week you used a foot moisturizing cream. The number of questions you receive depends on your demographics and geographic location. Payments are sent to your Paypal account.

Get paid for mystery shopping

11. Presto Insta-Shops

This mystery shopping app allows you to complete tasks like snapping photos of a drive-thru sign for $4 or calling a virtual education business for $10. You use the app’s geo mapping function to find mystery shops close to your  location, then apply for these shops through your phone.

12. Mobee

This app pays you to perform mini mystery shopping gigs by assessing a shop’s cleanliness, friendliness, speed, etc. Once you complete a gig and answer up to 10 questions, you’ll collect Mobee points. These points can be redeemed for gift cards or cash.


13. iSecretShop

This app compiles mystery shops from various portals and posts them on one job board. You can log into this app to complete available shops, after which you are paid through Paypal.


Get paid for watching ads

14. Locket

With this app, you accumulate points when you place, view and interact with ads on your phone. Once you reach 500 points, you can redeem them for cash or gift cards through your Paypal account.

15. AdMe

This app pays you to view ads on your phone once you unlock it. The earnings increase gradually and depend on how much you interact with your phone. Paypal payouts start at $10.

Get paid for taking surveys

16. My Survey

If you’re not into shopping, My Survey is an online opinion app where you are paid with points for answering surveys. A typical survey might pay out 100 or 200 points. Once you reach 1,000 points or more, you can redeem your earnings for Paypal money or gift cards.

Get paid for testing websites and apps

17. UserTesting

Companies will pay you to test their apps before they launch through the UserTesting app. You do need to successfully complete a sample test with this company, but once that’s done, you’ll be earning $10 for each app you download, test and review (via voice recording) for UserTesting.


18. Feature Points

This app pays you to download other apps and use them for at least a few seconds. Your starting pay is $1 but can increase as you gain experience.

19. Free My Apps

This is another app that pays you money to download other apps, with payouts going as low as $1. You can have the money sent to your Paypal account or purchase gift cards.


Get paid for taking photos

20. Foap

This app stores your submitted smartphone photos until they are purchased by companies or individuals. At that point, you earn $5 per sold photo, which goes into your Paypal account.

For additional money-making photo apps, click here.

Do you know of other money-making mobile apps? Describe them in the comments below.

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  1. Really great post. I love to use my phone for making money, extremely easy. I just started SwagBucks and I love it. Thanks

  2. Anthony Little says:

    Thank for sharing this information about how make money from your phone. I agree most people are using their cell phones for a lot of activities now day. I realize there were apps to making money, but not with your cell phone. You have really peek my interest in some of the ideas you providing in your article.

    I’ve been a member of Swagbucks, but I really haven’t use this app for making money. I think now is the time to change my mindset. I’ve bookmark your website for future references. Thank for great article.

    1. Steve Razinski says:

      I know I waste a lot of time on my phone, so there are a few good opportunities listed above to transform that idle, mindless time into something that could bring in a little extra money.

  3. Hi there,
    Awesome post and very informative. We have no excuse nowadays, given that there are so many opportunities to make some extra cash and the beauty of your suggestions is that most of them can be done online. The online business is getting more and more popular these days, sometimes we don’t know where to begin. Well done, can you say if some of those online tasks are available in my country, ( Ireland ), please.
    Thanks again for a great post
    Cheers…Phil Browne

  4. Wow there are tons of options here. I tried out a couple and found they’re not good for the area I’m living in. I guess that’s a huge factor in determining how/if you can make money with these! I wish I lived in a more populated area so I could benefit from this. Thanks anyway!

  5. Wow, I had no idea there were so many ways to make money using your smartphone. Too bad I don’t have one! Do you think someone could make a full time income doing these things? Or is it more of just an extra cash gig? I would assume that for many of these you would have to live in a city. Is the return on time investment good for these apps? Like would the amount of time it takes you to do them be worth the money you make?

    1. Steve Razinski says:

      These are definitely not full-time income opportunities, but rather something you can do in your downtime instead of playing Candy Crush or the like.

  6. Wow Steve,
    thank you for sharing this list of money making resources. I knew of only one, Swag Bucks. Never knew other others even existed. I’ll have to do some further research on them to see which ones I’ll try out. I’m always look-out for good money making opportunities. Thanks again for your info.

    1. Steve Razinski says:

      Sure thing Jerome! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

  7. Lots of great information. There’s so many apps now days that you could make money from. This article helps people looking to make extra income. I’m always looking for ways to make more income. I ‘ve sold online on ebay, poshmark, and etsy. Now I’m blogging about my experience. I need to make more money!!

  8. Thank you for writing this interesting article! I had no idea that there were so many ways to make extra money with my phone! I’m beginning to make plans for long term travel, and while I do have money saved, it would be helpful to generate a little bit of extra cash here and there. Your post gave me a lot of ideas and something to consider as I continue making plans!

    1. Steve Razinski says:

      Sure thing Audrey! Always glad to help. I do wish you safe travels.

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