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  • Fitoru

    This is a great way of losing weight, will definitely try this. Nice content, good read and informative.

  • Ceb

    This sounds interesting, losing weight and earning money sounds so good. Great blog, will definitely join one of this social dieting sites.

  • Amy A
    Amy A

    I highly recommend HealthyWage and can say that it is totally legitimate and simple to use. I had over 115# to lose so I had the opportunity to make a big bet. I bet just under $2000 to lose the weight in 15 months. Paid the bet in monthly installments on my credit card so was regularly reminded of the commitment. I won over $6000!! The payout made our planned family trip to Jamaica practically free and I had a heck of a lot more fun in my smaller body. Did water slides and other activities with the kids that I couldn’t have done before. The results are priceless, but having money on the line is apparently what it took to get there.

  • Stephanie Hojan-Long
    Stephanie Hojan-Long

    I have heard from a few people I’m too thin now. I’ve also heard they thought I was scammed. I am happy to report, thanks to my Healthy Wage Challenge giving me the kick in the butt I needed, I lost 33% of my body weight (75.5 lbs) in a year. I bet $50/month, paid up front all at once so I was “all in” and received my check for over $2100. It was an amazing experience and for someone who likes to gamble, I wasn’t going to let them keep my money plus who doesn’t love a good payout?! It was a lot of work, but the process through HW was easy to follow and the people I have been in contact with from the company have been great. Now they just need a maintenance weight challenge! I am a big advocate for them and if someone is questioning whether this is real or not, or if they can do this, I will happily comment/help. If you want to make sure you don’t lose your money, I say don’t do it unless you know you are 100% committed to yourself making changes. If not, you could lose your money. HW’s job is to make the bet; your job is to do the work and if you do it, they will pay you. It is very simplistic and if you keep it in those terms and show up to do “your job” – the money is yours! Love them, love the concept and will advocate them for people who are ready.

  • JLB

    I recently finished my Healthy Wage challenge and it proved to be very motivating for me. I “bet” $100 a month that I would lose 50 pounds in 8 months and exceeded my goal by a few pounds and made a profit of $1600 in the process. Their app and web site are user friendly and it’s easy to verify your beginning and ending weight.


    Like most overweight people I woke up almost every day convinced that I was finally going to lose the weight. Sometimes that conviction only lasted 10 minutes, and sometimes I’d make it a few days, but inevitably I’d give up. was exactly what I needed. My bet was $100 a month for 10 months with a goal of losing 150 pounds. Happy to say I just recently met my goal with about 2 weeks to spare, and my check from for over $3200 should be arriving shortly! Along the way I completed several mini-challenges to lose 6% of my body weight in 12 weeks. This helped break up the 150 lbs into more manageable chunks. And while I definitely had a few slips along the way, the ever present incentive of not only losing the money I had bet, but not winning the payout at the end kept me from falling into my old bad habits for more than a day or two. Would highly recommend this site to anyone who believes this might be the motivation they need!

  • Carisa Willard
    Carisa Willard

    I finished my HealthyWage challenge last month and won! I bet $100 a month to lose 50 pounds in six months. I have lost a total of 66 pounds total so far. I first heard about HealthyWage through my employer and did not sign up right away. It was about a month later that I decided to invest in myself and my health. I weighed in 5 days before my challenge was complete and was verified shortly after that. I requested my payout of $1900 and have received my check. I’m so happy that I did it and feel amazing. Winning money was the “icing on the cake”. I recommend HealthyWage to anyone wanting to get healthy and get paid while you’re at it. The app was really easy to use and I like the chat platform to communicate with other HealthyWagers.

  • Paige Tremblay
    Paige Tremblay

    I had tried so many programs and failed. It wasn’t that they didn’t work, the missing element was MOTIVATION. I wanted to lose weight but the true motivation just wasn’t there. I then came across Healthy Wage. I immediately became excited as I wanted to go to a convention in Las Vegas but didn’t have the money, so now I had huge motivation!! I was skeptical, did some research, then took the plunge. I chose to wager 68 pounds in 8 months. I wagered $800. I did it!! I actually ended up losing 70lbs in 7 1/2 months. Yes I did get my check $2609!! I kept $20 in my Healthy Wage account to do another small wager in a couple of weeks. I feel fantastic, healthier, and I’m going to Vegas in June…WOOHOO!!

  • Lori B.
    Lori B.

    I love HealthyWage!!! I found the site while I was already a couple of months into my weight loss journey and I did tons of research. I really couldn’t find anything bad about it. I had no idea there were sites out there to pay you to lose weight. I decided to play with the calculator and chose my goal of 47 lbs in 7 months. I bet $200 on myself each month and considered it a savings plan because I was determined to win. Well, I won! I did my final weigh in on 3/20/18, a full 8 days earlier than my cut off date. By 3/21, I was confirmed and requested my payout. Easy peasy! Not only did I receive my $1400 back that I invested, I made and additional $1410. I say that’s a pretty great deal to look and feel so much better. It’s a great site and if you are money motivated, it’s a great way to make some money for doing what you already want to do!

  • Kristen

    You just never know if this stuff is real. I did my first Healthy Wage calculator in November of 2016, but I didn’t sign up right away. I lurked and read reviews. This was too good to be true right? I have always been a competitive person, and motivated by money, so I finally took the step and signed up when I got an email from Healthy Wage that they would tack on an additional $100 when I reached my goal if I would sign up. I signed on 9/21/2017 for $80 a month. In 6 months time I am down over 40lbs (my wager was 40lbs in 6 months) and I weighed out on 3/12/18. In addition to weighing in (unverified) weekly so HW could track my progress, I utilized their message board and an unofficial FB page for peer support. I am healthier and received a check for $1300.00 to boot! It’s very real, and I am so happy I followed through and used money as the motivating factor to win while losing weight!

  • Kathryn Rice
    Kathryn Rice

    I am so glad I found HealthyWage. It was a great motivation to stick to my goal. I bet $50/month for 7 months to lose 50 pounds. I won and my profit was $1000. It was so easy. Just make sure your thoroughly read and understand the rules and FAQs before you sign up. The only people that complain are those that lose because the didn’t understand what they were signing up for. Definitely NOT a scam!

  • Jessica

    I tried healthywage, and my husband and I did research on a few different online weight loss bet programs. We saw a video on healthywage that made it to good morning America! We thought it looked legit, and there seemed to be no bad word of mouth on their program. I signed up and bet $100/month for 7 months, that I’d lose 65lbs. I did it!! I posted my results on feb 27, and they reviewed it all… and BAM! I got all my money back plus the $1600 earned (it was a little more, but I’m from Canada, so the exchange threw me off!)
    ! I didn’t believe it until the money was actually in my hands!! It was the best thing! They totally came through! I bet on myself, and it was the best incentive! Healthywage was awesome!!

  • Jane

    I just completed my HealthyWage bet. I lost 50 lbs in 6 months. I bet $100 per month and received $1933 payout. I would highly recommend HealthyWage. The verified weigh-ins at the beginning and end of the challenge were very easy to do using the HealthyWage app on my phone. I might have had doubts about this program if it hadn’t been suggested to me by Tony Horton of P90X and Beachbody fame. I knew if Tony recommended it it had to be legit.

  • Christine Nesbitt
    Christine Nesbitt

    Would definitely recommend HealthyWage to lose weight. I bet 25 a month for 10 months to lose 80 pounds. I made my bet and won 1053 dollars. Verification of weight using the app was super easy and didn’t have any issues!!!

  • Stephanie

    Just finished a 8 month bet with myself and won $2,000 in the process. Healthy Wage kept me on track by knowing I would lose $900 if I lost. Well I’m 85lbs down total (70lbs for the bet) and $2,905 richer. The verified weigh in and weigh out was easy if you just use the app to do the recording and I was verified and paid way quicker than expected. I like that they gave me a 2 day to 2 week window. I was expecting 2 weeks because of the amount of money, nope. 2 days. Easy peasey – Got some bills paid a some new backpacking gear bought. Love it! Thanks Healthy wage, yall really kept the fire lit under my butt.

  • Sharon Nasworthy
    Sharon Nasworthy

    I just finished a HealthyWage and I can verify…it is NOT A SCAM!! I won $2900 by sticking to a healthier lifestyle and was paid via pay pal within 48 hours. It is not difficult to be successful if you set a goal that you can follow through with and want it bad enough!
    I lost weight for my wedding, and my self and then use used the money for our honeymoon! Perfect. I strongly encourage anyone wanting to lose weight to try!

  • sharron

    i would like to know about taxes. i thought to do a 50 a month bet for 7 months but am wondering when tbey do the payout , is thw money i put in returned to me with winnings taxed and at what rate is it taxed?

    • Tracie-CPA

      I’m a CPA. They will probably send you a 1099MISC showing the amount of winnings as “other income”. It is taxable at your normal income tax rate. You would put this income on line 21 of your 1040.

    • Kari

      They send you a 1099MISC form for anything over $600 for you to claim. So, it is taxed if your winnings are $600 or more, but taxed when you figure your taxes, not upfront.

  • Mat E.
    Mat E.

    This program gave my wife and I that little extra motivation we needed. Here we are now, 130 lbs lighter in our clothes and 2k heavier in our wallets.

    Amazing what putting your money where your mouth is will do to your psyche!

    FIVE STARS!!!!!

  • Mykeerah

    I just completed a Healthy Wager. I bet $50/month that I would lose 75 pounds over a year and a half. I was definitely skeptical and did a lot of research. My advice is to read the rules very carefully. I was told after my final weigh out, completed by my doctor’s office, that I had missed the requirement of a video weigh out and had to do a second verification. I did a video submission and received my $2,900 check less than a week later. That’s a profit of $2,000 JUST FOR LOSING WEIGHT! I recommend doing this challenge as the most you have to lose is weight, but you can gain so much, besides the money. Things that don’t have a price tag, like your health and self confidence. I’m looking forward to doing another Healthy Wager to lose this last 40 pounds!

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      That is amazing Mykeerah! Not only did you lose an impressive amount of weight, but that $2000 on top of it has to feel great! This is one of the best success stories we’ve heard yet. Congratulations!

  • Ricardo

    Why am I’m going to have to pay double taxes on my own money? I stand to get $1770 for my winnings however, I paid almost $800.00 of my own money that has been taxed by uncle sam. I verified my weight but now I think healthywage is planning on waiting to tell me they need another verified weight down the road in hopes I gain more weight. I’m wondering if this healthy wage is a scam. I bet they wait until 2 weeks to ask me for another verified weight. I’m wondering if I should get an attorney involved. I’m willing to get a second weight in but I don’t want to wait for two weeks. Maybe in 2 days but not in two weeks. This healthywage is starting to get me worried.

    • LJ Evans
      LJ Evans

      Ricardo, I want to know what the outcome was for you! I’m nearing the end of my challenge and I really can’t AFFORD to lose that money. I look at the money I’ve given them as a forced savings plan, and of course I sure as heck don’t want to lose that. So please tell me you got paid!

  • HealthyWage

    Hi Halina,

    Thanks for profiling HealthyWage. We’re always proud when participants like Sue and Erin, who both won HealthyWage prizes, get to tell people about their experiences!

    We wanted to address your tips for avoiding scams. Here at HealthyWage, we understand the dieting and finance industry can be lined with fraudulent claims, and we want to assure your readers we’re serious about running the most fun and fair weight loss challenges out there. We actually ask ourselves the same questions that hesitant participants might ask: Is HealthyWage a Scam? The short answer is no. The detailed answer is here:

    For readers who still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-636-3832.

    • Buck Foss
      Buck Foss

      I was morbidly obese (100 pounds overweight). My doctor had told me if I didn’t lose weight, I would probably be dead in 5 years (I was 52 at the time). I did HealthyWage for 6 months with a goal of losing 45 pounds and a “bet” of $1200. That kept me motivated. On my birthday, I collected $1920, and was down 60 pounds. I did it for the money and realized early in that it really was saving my life. I’m 25 pounds now from my goal of 100 pounds down and happier than I can imagine.

  • Dom Wells
    Dom Wells

    Lose pounds and gain dollars! Sounds like a win-win to me! Go for it.

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