Recently, a friend and I decided to create our own product, a WordPress plugin. The product itself is targeted at a very niche area, but we hoped it would be successful. It’s now been launched but currently it’s floundering having little to no interest from people, which is somewhat depressing.

I’m sharing this because I think that this is a common occurrence for people who market online, as at some point you realise that maybe, just maybe, having your own product will increase your income and your revenue stability, as you can call the shots on the price, commissions etc.

Often these product launches fail; just look at the number of internet marketing products launched every day or the number of WordPress plugins and themes. Not every one of these will either be good enough, have enough of a market share or be marketed correctly to succeed.

With my current predicament and desire to improve on how my product is being marketed, a recently released product caught my eye: Giga Pro Launch.

This oddly named product is a series of video tutorials that lead you through the process of creating a product and launching it.

I figured that while I have already launched, this might help me out and if not, it will certainly be interesting material for future product launches (remember, failure is good so long as lessons are learnt!).

The Price of Learning

Cost wise, the product is pretty cheap currently being on a “dime sale” (where the price increments a little bit after every sale) so I picked it up for $10 but it will be different for you.

There was a single upsell, which was also promoted again in the membership area, for some software called Graphic Pro retailing at $17. I declined the upsell as usual.

Multi Media Content

As mentioned, the content is mainly via video, but thankfully there are some PDF’s for those that prefer the written word over the spoken word.

That is also quite a good thing, as the creator of the product Ivana Bosnjak, has a fairly strong eastern European accent so while I could understand what she was saying, it forced me to concentrate more than normal on the speech.

However, the written material doesn’t cover all of the content or really even match it, so you will need to watch all of the videos as well as read the PDFs to get the most out of the course

The content is split over 7 weeks, and I was a little concerned that the content would be drip fed to me, and I thought that my fears were realised after looking further into the training.

At first I couldn’t access the content past week two, but it appears that all the content is there, and it was just problems with videos not loading.

The length of the videos is a little short, with the various videos in each week adding up to about 20-30 minutes, so in total about 2 and a half hours. For the price though I suppose that’s not too bad, it just feels a little on the thin side.

Getting back to the actual content, the videos are structured so that you follow a process from getting the product created to the actual launch day.

If you are wanting handholding, especially in regards to the product creation, then  you will disappointed, the videos for this are merely an overview, listing some different points.

The reason they are different is mainly because they are obviously written at a different point, some are 2 years old already, and while most of the content is valid, there are areas which are out of date and defunct links/products.

The videos are not fantastic in my opinion, they provide reasonable training but the training is more of an overview rather than an in depth, detailed guide which I was expecting.

The Bottom Line

Don’t get me wrong, there is certainly some information that can be gleaned from this product and importantly, a process that you can follow, but overall I found it to be hit and miss.

My main issue is the detail, it just wasn’t there. There is also some older content included rather than something fresh, and the site was marred by problems with the videos and the downloads.

I suppose for $10 bucks you can’t ask for the world, but there is a definite lack of polish.

Giga Pro Launch is not a scam, and if you are looking to create and launch a product, especially an IM product, but are a little bit unsure about what you are doing then for the price this might be worthwhile.

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