About two months ago, I wrote a post warning readers of FromHomeDataEntry.com. I was attacked for the post and told that I was wrong and it was a legitimate opportunity. I told these guys that by continuing with the program, they would be wasting both time and money. None of the readers wanted to take my advice and now it appears they are paying for it.

Don’t Expect to Get Paid from FromHomeDataEntry.com

We received the following email from a victim of FromHomeDataEntry. She claims to have done a lot of work for these guys only to be screwed out of her earnings.


We have sent all of your assignments to the companies and all of them have refused to pay because you failed to comply with the terms when you completed your assignments. The agreement that we have with these companies is that they are only required to pay for assignments if they are completely in line with all of the terms.

Please take this time now to read our terms. If you go to our home page you will see the terms link located at the very bottom of the page as well as on the sign up page and the assignments before you login and many other places located on our website.

We are not able to force these companies to pay when the terms are not followed.

Just to be specific about the terms that were not followed were the following:

Terms that were not followed:

4. “You should not repeatedly miss clear mistakes that are on the websites. On many of your assignments there will be clear mistakes that you will only see if you are reading the entire information. You will see things such as “oyu” or “hte” on these websites to test if you are actually completing your assignments. You need to find the mistakes, and then list the mistake along with the correction for the mistake. If no correction for the mistake is provided, then it is considered incomplete and you will not be compensated for the assignment. Each of these websites contains an average of 20 mistakes on them. Although we do not expect you find every single mistakes on these websites we do expect you to find at least the majority of them. If you do not find any mistakes on these site then you will not be compensated for any assignments that you submit.” We do not expect you to catch every single mistake as that is hardly humanly possible, but you failed to find any of them, even though these websites were full of them. Being that other members were able to find many mistakes for the same websites that you were not able to, these companies will not pay for it.

6. “You are required to use complete sentences being as descriptive as possible when you are completing your assignments in all of your answers for questions numbers 1, 3 and 4. A complete sentence must include the following: start with a capital letter, finish with proper punctuation, include a subject, and it must include include a verb. Any fragment sentences will not be accepted. You must also use proper spelling and grammar in your assignments. Abbreviations are not acceptable. You will not be paid for any assignments that are submitted without complete sentences being used.” This is to be treated as a professional job and if you were to type up any reports for any company your job would not last very long if you could not use complete sentences. You basically answered with one or two word answers, you did not use capital letters to start your sentences and, you failed to use punctuation at the end of sentences. If you do not know how to use complete sentences you should not be doing this work, because these companies simply will not pay for any assignments that are not completed with complete sentences.

Robert Sanders
Verification Department
>From Home Data Entry
Fax +

Not only will FromHomDataEntry screw you out of your earnings, they will insult you while doing so. These guys are jerks.

Also, how do they know there are at least 20 or so spelling/grammatical mistakes per page? Why wouldn’t they just fix them if they know they’re there? Why offer to “pay” multiple people to review the same website over and over again? None of this makes sense.

It was a scam when I first reviewed it and it’s a scam now. Stay far away from these guys.

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  • michaelfarley

    this site is listed on scamfree zone.org
    is scamfree zone. org a legit site.

  • Scam Buster
    Scam Buster

    They are a scam! In fact it appears that they are a reinvention of the Realdataentry.net scam. That site by the way is now shut down. I’ve been in touch with them as well as Scamfreezone.org. They provided the “scam free certification” used on their site.

    Both companies have sent me very nasty responses. In fact after some lengthy research, it appears that Scamfreezone.org has it’s OWN scam issues.

    YOU CAN GET YOUR MONEY BACK! And, you can file complaints with the proper authorities. You can get more in-depth information at http://scammenot.blogspot.com/2010/02/scamfreezoneorg-and-fromhomedataentryco.htm

  • Jill Mitchell
    Jill Mitchell

    I joined HomeDataEntry.com in August last year. I completed all of the assignments in accordance with the instructions and did not violate the terms and conditions. I have a first class command of the English Language and noted only a few errors in the websites (mostly poor or incorrect grammar). I suspect that they sold my email address to third parties as I received email, without having given my permission, from sources clearly connected to websites which I had reviewed. Much of the subject matter was clearly “adult”. I still have not been paid!

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