The title may sound familiar to some of our long-time readers. We’ve reviewed a similar program a few months ago that operated along the same lines. That program was ChaCha. Unfortunately, they’ve since closed their doors to new workers. Lucky for you, KGB has opened theirs and is paying regular people (like you) to answer questions from their homes.

What is KGB?

The Knowledge Generation Bureau or KGB is a service that allows you to text any question to the number 542542 and get an answer. The system is entirely similar to the popular service ChaCha. The major difference is that KGB charges 99 cents to answer a question, while ChaCha is entirely free. KGB doesn’t come outright and state that they will charge you. In fact, I saw no mention of being charged until I dug around their terms of use.

Nevermind that, you aren’t interested in asking questions, but rather getting paid to answer them. Well, KGB wants you. They are hiring Work at Home Special Agents to take incoming queries and respond with the correct answer. There are a few requirements though. You need to be over 18, a US citizen, and have broadband Internet access. Aside from that, you should be knowledgeable on how to find the answers to pretty much any question through various Internet resources. Click here for more information on becoming a work at home agent for KGB.

To apply to become a KGB Special Agent, you need to take the Special Agents Challenge and you can do so by clicking here. The challenge will ask you a series of questions and grade you on the number of right and wrong answers. I passed it my first time through, but you can take it as many times as you like. It isn’t entirely difficult, but it does determine if your eligibility to become a secret agent. After completing the test, you have to hold tight until they contact you via email with information as to when you can start working.

How much can you make?

KGB offers their secret agents 10 cents per full response and 5 cents per validation response. A full response consists of you researching a question and providing an answer while a validation response requires you to look over an automated response to ensure that it is correct

I worked with ChaCha for about two weeks and earned roughly $10 an hour. Given the amount of work I had to do for $10 an hour it was hardly worth it. Now, for someone who is in dire need of cash, $10 an hour may sound like a god-send. Well, it’s unlikely you’ll hit the $10/hour mark as a Special Agent with KGB. I’d estimate you could probably earn between $4 and $6 per hour. While this isn’t exactly a lavish income, you could still earn some side cash each month.

As of this writing, I applied to become an agent approximately 3 hours ago, but I have yet to hear back from KGB. I’ll keep you guys posted on the status of my application. Until then, do we have any KGB workers here at I’ve Tried That? What has your experience been like working for them?

February 2013: KGB Ordered to Pay $1.3 million in Back Wages

A federal judge has ordered kgb USA Inc., the world’s largest independent provider of directory assistance and enhanced information services, to pay $1.3 million in minimum wage compensation to 14,568 of its current and former employees nationwide for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act.


The consent judgment and order resolve an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division that found the company misclassified employees as independent contractors and paid them a piece rate based on the numbers of text messages and inquiries they responded to, without regard to the number of hours they worked. FLSA violations resulted when piece rate earnings failed to yield at least the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.

Click here to read the full article

The Department of Labor came down on KGB recently and ordered them to pay $1,300,000 in back wages to employees to meet the minimum wage requirements. There are reports around the web that employees have already begun to receive their credits. Were you one of those affected? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • rach

    So how do I get my refund for all those hours I worked that KGB never paid me???? PLEASE SOME ANSWER AND HELP!!

  • Daniel Connolly
    Daniel Connolly

    Hello everyone,

    I’m a reporter at the main daily newspaper in Memphis and I’m working on an article about the kgb settlement. I’m looking to interview former employees. If you can contact me at 901-529-5296 or, I’d appreciate it.


    Daniel Connolly

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