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Back from Vegas and My Story

You may have noticed the lack of updates last week. I decided to take the week off and enjoy my four day stay in beautiful Las Vegas. I’ll tell you everything, but first, I have a little back story for you.

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Who is Steve?

Steve I realized that despite having run this blog for almost three years now and talking to a few of you on a regular basis, most of you don’t even know who I am. Yes, I’m Steve from I’ve Tried That, but I haven’t really shared much beyond that point. I suppose it’s time to tell my story.

Let’s start with the basics. My name is Steve (that’s me on the right.) I’m 23 years old. I live in beautiful Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I graduated with a BA in Information Sciences and Technology from Penn State, and I am a full time Internet Marketer. I play racquetball as often as I can and I love to travel. In the past year, I’ve been all over the US, the Caribbean, Taiwan and I have travel plans to visit Australia in the summer and Vancouver shortly after that.

It was during college when I first started making money for myself. I created a few websites, made a few dollars, and I was hooked. I loved the idea of making money strictly for me, but I never saw it as anything other than a hobby.

During my senior year of college, I spent a lot of time interviewing with companies, sending out resumes, and attending career fairs. I hated every single second of searching for a job. Nothing about finding a conventional job felt right to me. I couldn’t wrap my head around being miserable for 50-60 hours a week for the next 30 years of my life but I kept looking because I was told that I NEED a fancy high-paying job in order to SUCCEED in life.

After one particular day of stressful phone interviews and cover letters, I was ready to relax and enjoy the company of two of my old roommates who had since graduated and started their careers. We ended up talking mostly about their jobs and these people actually started BRAGGING about how much UNPAID overtime they were working, as if it was a good thing and they were doing their company a favor! It was at this was the exact moment that I decided 9-to-5 job would never be for me and that I was going to start my own online career.

I spent a few days lamenting over how I was going to tell my parents that I was stopping my job hunt and going in business for myself. Ultimately, they were not happy. (“You’re throwing away your education FOR THE INTERNET?! You NEED a job with BENEFITS.”) But there was little they could do to stop me from at least trying first. I graduated, jobless, but determined to make an online career work.

At this point in the story, I’ve Tried That was just getting started. The website was making some money, but not nearly enough to live off of. I had to find another way to bring in money and embarked on one of the scariest (and possibly stupidest) decisions of my life. No, I didn’t start selling drugs. I turned to Craigslist and started offering computer repair services. Now, most of my clients were normal, sane folk but there were quite a few times where I found myself alone with a stranger in his or her cold, dark, damp basement, working on an ancient Windows 95 machine, all the while plotting my escape if said stranger tried anything funny. There were honestly a few times where I found myself scanning the room looking for an object to use in case I needed it for self-defense.

I continued to do freelance computer work while trying to make it online for about 6 months. My online efforts were beginning to sink and my computer repair business was quickly taking over my life. This was NOT the direction I wanted to go. I wanted a way to make a living online from home, but my efforts were being diverted elsewhere. I needed to cut back on the computer repair business and focus my efforts on my online business. That’s when I decided to stop trying to figure this out on my own and seek out help.

How Wealthy Affiliate Changed My Life

During this time, we had conducted a review of the Wealthy Affiliate University here at I’ve Tried That. My old partner, Joe, had done most of the work on the review and I had briefly glanced around the site to make sure everything was up to scratch but that was it. I let my account sit dormant for quite awhile. One day, I was talking with a friend who was also a member at Wealthy Affiliate and he linked me to a discussion going on in the Wealthy Affiliate forums and thought I could benefit from the conversation and use some of the practices being discussed on my blog.

I logged in, read through the topic, finished it, and kept on reading. I read post after post and training article after training article until I thought my head would explode. Here I had access to one of the greatest online training programs in the world and I was just letting my account go to waste.

The key thing I took away from my first real in-depth look through Wealthy Affiliate was a scope for my new career. Before I was simply looking to make a money online, but now I had a title and goal: I wanted to become a full-time Internet Marketer and I turned to the training at Wealthy Affiliate to make this possible.

Wealthy Affiliate has a feature called the 8-Week Action Plan and I would have been completely lost without it. They break down the basics of Internet Marketing in a step-by-step system and they show you exactly what you need to do to make money online. I can attribute most of my success to the 8-Week Action Plan as it’s the same system I used to get where I am today. Prior to completing the plan, I only had a vague idea of what Internet Marketing actually was and here I am, less than one year later, and Internet Marketing is my full-time job.

My Trip to Vegas

I started this post talking about spending the past week in Las Vegas and I think it’s time to get back on track.

I was invited to go out to Vegas by Kyle and Carson, the two owners of Wealthy Affiliate, for a four-day all inclusive trip to talk Internet Marketing. I was one of ten people from the entire Wealthy Affiliate community invited out to Vegas. It was easily one of the greatest experiences of my life. Here I am, still a beginner and a Wealthy Affiliate member for only 8 months, and I’m getting flown out to Vegas to discuss Internet Marketing with some of the top marketing minds in the world. It was surreal.

The trip started off with a meet and greet Sunday night. Monday followed up with a full-day group discussion on the topic of Internet Marketing followed by free tickets to the new Viva Elvis Cirque du Soliel show. Tuesday, I got to sit down with Kyle and Carson and discuss MY future in Internet Marketing one-on-one (well, one-on-two.) They personally offered feedback and advice to help me build my online business. Tuesday night we had a farewell party and I left Vegas on Wednesday morning.

Looking back, I still find it hard to believe that I even attended this conference. It was a great honor to be invited and an even better learning experience.

I Need to Make a Few Things Clear

I’m not some sort of Internet Marketing genius and I don’t have millions of dollars. I still live in the same small two bedroom apartment and I drive the same 1997 Honda Civic I bought out-of-pocket in high school. What I do have is a comfortable lifestyle and a growing career in Internet Marketing.

So, how did I go from a complete beginner to being invited to a personal conference in Vegas less than a year later? Proper training and a will to succeed. I knew that if I couldn’t make it, I’d have to go back to either searching for a real full-time job or back to stranger’s basements to fix their computers. I wanted no parts of either.

How Wealthy Affiliate Can Help You

My story is not all that uncommon. Everyday new posts fill the success section of the Wealthy Affiliate forums. You can see people talk about the thrill of making their first commission online and later see the same people talk about quitting their full-time to pursue a full-time Internet Marketing career. The point is that anyone can get started with Internet Marketing. You don’t need prior experience; you just need help and I truly believe Wealthy Affiliate is the answer you’re looking for.

My suggestion to you: click here, read more about what Wealthy Affiliate offers, and join today. If you’re hesitant about joining and want to ask a few questions, then click here and send me an email first. I’ll be more than happy to answer every single question you may have.

I’m very much an active member of Wealthy Affiliate today and you can find me on the site under the username: IveTriedThat. You can add me as a friend once you’ve joined and contact me directly on Wealthy Affiliate.

What You Need to Know

  • There is NO SECRET to making money online. You need three things: a good work ethic, a good training program, and a good support group.
  • You need a good work ethic. Most people who set out to build an online career quit because they expect to use the Internet and get rich quick. This is not possible! Just like any other job, this is hard work and if you stick with it you CAN SUCCEED.
  • You need a good training program. You can’t reasonably expect to sit down at a computer and make a full-time living without some sort of guidance. Now, good training doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars. The cost to join Wealthy Affiliate is only $47/month and they will teach you how to make over 6-figures a year. Good training is such a worthwhile investment.
  • You need support. A good community makes a world of difference. If I didn’t have a group of people I could pitch ideas or ask questions to, I would have never made it this far. The Wealthy Affiliate community if filled with both new and old members and you can even contact the owners Kyle and Carson for support directly.
  • I NEVER make a recommendation just to make a quick buck. I’m recommending you join Wealthy Affiliate because I honestly believe that what they have to offer can HELP YOU better your life.
  • I do want to help you succeed. I’m here to help answer any questions you might have. All you need to do is email me.

My Recommendation

So, ready to get started? Do you want to learn how to actually build an online business from the ground up? Do you want to work alongside me and thousands of other Internet Marketers all working to achieve success online?

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Well then click here and come join me at Wealthy Affiliate. The best part about Wealthy Affiliate is that everything is included. There are no upsells or add-on packages or any of that garbage you commonly see with the make money online scams out there. One program. Everything is included. Even personal coaching and help. If you join and decide it’s not for you, no problem. You can easily cancel your account and be done with the whole thing.

Click here and create an account at Wealthy Affiliate. I highly recommend you do so.

I’ll see you on the inside,

27 thoughts on “Back from Vegas and My Story”

  1. Your entire site is very well thought out and well organized. You pass on a lot of useful tips and great information. Education is the key to having a successful online business. Once you have the education and the knowledge to market what ever system or marketing method your using, you can pretty much market any product you feel comfortable with. Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent way of gaining that knowledge and training that you need to have to market any product. Most people call companies scams when they just do not know how to market them or do not have the tools to promote their business properly and effectively. So get the training first. Then find a product. Thanks for sharing your path to success.

  2. thankyou for making this website i hope to be just like you whne i grow up i feel like having a boss and a job that i would hate would be horrible and i just love being on my computer and getting money :) thankyou

  3. Steve, I started out being rather skeptical when I opened your site, which I ran across accidentally. I became more convinced of your sincerity and integrity as I read further and now I am going to check out the sites you recommend for making the cash needed to enroll in WAU. I’m a prolific and talented writer, in many subjects, but marketing myself is not a strong suit right now and you give me hope that I won’t have to be dead-broke in this economy any longer than I need to be. I want to work smart and not hard the rest of my life. I’ve had many reversals in life and it’s about time I actually had some happiness. I have for years believed that there were a few good opportunities out there that were genuinely capable of making the average Joe or Jane wealthy, or at least comfortable, and freeing up their lives from worries enough to enjoy each day and welcome the sun. I still believe it and now I want to thank you for restoring my faith that it need not cost an arm and a leg to get there.


  4. The main problem I have with Internet marketing is that members are so secretive about what the product really is. If I’m a commercial lone officer at a bank, I say it. If I’m a school teacher, I say it. But Internet marketers are in “Appreciation Marketing” (Send Out Cards) or “Healthy and green product sales (Melaleuca). And then they talk about all the monetary benefits and show you videos of the founder and a member holding up a big check. I could make a lot of money robbing banks and video porn, but it’s not what I want to do. So nothing in this blog post or comments tells me AT ALL about what the product is. Now I’m smart enough to know what affiliate marketing is and he it works. And I actually believe in the idea and will check out the site. But why the heck can’t you just explain in summary up front? It’s that secret lack of information that I don’t like about Internet marketing. Guess I’m too honest of a guy and can’t play this game if that is what’s required.

  5. Question for Steve or anyone that has tried working for online companies, specifically any of those in Steve’s 121 Hidden Companies guide. Do you have the most success working for a few at a time or is it best to focus on one? Also, I imagine there are a ton of applicants – how hard is it to land one of these jobs? Thank you for your insight!

  6. Just read your bio Steve. I can definitely say you have really hit the nail on the head with so many of your points above.

    For the skeptics out there, as has been stated above – remember that this is your opportunity to develop your online business. If you put the effort into educating yourself and then take the necessary action, then success will come with it.

    Thanks again Steve.


  7. Hi Steve, I really like this site and all of the information you’ve put into it.
    It’s easy for me to see that this comes from the heart and you’re true devotion to help others become successful as you have.
    Myself, like many other WA members that have posted here know what success is. It comes in many forms and nothing worth doing is easy or provides an instant income. We know that anyone can be successful as long as they apply themselves and take action…

  8. I’m a sucker, but I’m a skeptical sucker, so I never just jump in with both feet. I so want to have an additional income stream from Internet Marketing, but I find myself getting stuck or scammed every time I just get started. Once disappointment sets in I lose interest, and months later I wonder what would have happened if I had worked through the road blocks or was mentored properly. I’ll spend a few bucks and check out WA. I’ll believe it when I see a return on my investment. You’ll understand my skepticism if I tip-toe into it, which undoubtedly will affect greater potential income. My expectation after 3-4 months is to earn at least $400-500/mo, but plan to work this hard to be on pace to make $3000+/mo. I’ll be back here to update when I’ve hit my goal or can at least be certain about the credibility of WA. Hopefully that will not be more than 6 months from now. See ya soon!

  9. I’m easy prey, but if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is a scam. I always ask myself that question and it helps me stay out of trouble. I like your site and will be checking back with you. Keep up the great work your doing!!!! Thanks Boyce

  10. There are pessisits everyday. I trust your judgment. Go with your heart and your gut. You are doing a grand job!

  11. I love the honesty of all the comments, and I keep reading so may good reviews about how helpful potpie girl is! I’ve done my research and am ready to work at wealth affiliate. I, like one of the above visitors, “Pete” lost eight (8) real estate properties overnight in a horrible mistake of a marriage. Internet marketing is my passion now, and I am so ready to devote myself entirely to it. Thank you Steve for this website! Kim

  12. Hey Steve I loved your post man, I am a newbie to IM I started this journey in July of this year I presenlty have bought 5 domain names all .info and writing article to Ezine but they are not ranking high enough to make me any sales to date, I am 23 years old, I live in Jamaica, very nice and sunny in the Caribbean right now, I’m a IT Support Officer of a Hotel, I have heard about WA from this other guy name Raymond Selda from the philippines

    He recommend that I join WA to enhance my success after reading your post I am now convinced and I will be joing WA today

    Thanks man

    Do you have a skype I would love to talk to you my skype is otis.morgan

  13. Hi Steve, I keep getting emails from a Michael Jones, I don’t know if you have heard of him. I was wondering if you have and if he is legit? This is one email what he says: “If you’re looking to make an easy, stress free living from the comfort of your own home, with an online business that runs itself, this is exactly what you’ve been looking for. ” And his web site is :

    I was wondering if you knew if he is legit or not.

    Thank you.

  14. Hello, I read your story and it is amazing. I do have two questions about Wealthy Affilate. 1st-How much is it? First someone says it”s $47 and some else says $38 per month. 2nd-You state that their is only a one-time fee, but I read that you have put more fees for Domain Name, Web Hosting, Advertising, etc. I’ve been out of a job for more than a year and right now collecting unemployment till January of 2011. I don’t have alot of money and get afford to lose my money, but I’m scared and do not want to end up on the streets. I will give Niche Blitzkrieg, but I also want to try Wealthy Affilate. Please be honest with me. I also want to know if it’s fesible to make $4000.00 to $5000.00 a month. Thank you and God Bless You

  15. Hi Steve!ü Great post! I also find your other posts extremely helpful. I came across the WA site a few weeks back but didn’t bother to further learn about it. I’m also looking to work from home and now I’m convinced that if I sign up for WA’s training, I won’t have a hard time build my online business soon. I’m glad exists. 100 thumbs up!

  16. Great post Steve! I too am tired of all these scams these days.

    I am trying to figure out if Internet Marketing is for me. I am a full-time firefighter and wouldn’t give that up. However, I have a lot of off-time and am wondering if it is possible to juggle both.

    Again, thank you for your story. Any advice would be appreciated!

  17. Wow great information! Thanks! I’ve been looking into internet marketing for the past few month now. I’ve seen nothing but glowing reviews about Wealthy Affiliate. I’m finally ready to take the next step. I’m 22 turning 23 next month. I did the entire pounding the pavement looking for jobs until I was hired for my current position as a Public Relations Assistant. I, like Steve, have the same thoughts on working a typical job 9-5. Honestly it irritates me just thinking about it.

    My job is a good job with good benefits (lol) but this kind of work environment is not for me. I hate the inflexibility in standard working environments. I have to miss family events because of work or cut out early. Scheduling my time around work, the inability to travel the way I want to and working and slaving for someone else does not make me happy.

    I’m not going to ditch the 9-5 yet but I’m hoping within a year I’ll be able to do so and focus on internet marketing full time!

    Thanks again!

  18. Make & I don’t know-

    My name is Pete, I joined the Wealthy Affiliate just over 7 months ago now. I have been a very active member of the forum, and have spoken with both Steve, (The owner of this site-blog) and PotPieGirl as I have grown my abilities through the training and support that the Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. They have been a great help as I have at times been stuck working on a website, or looking for direction on what I want to do.

    So, here is what I have to say about my 7 months at the W/A (Wealthy Affiliate)

    When I started there I had just lost 10 homes in real-estate, and those houses were my entire income. I chose to turn to an online business to try and regain some of that lost income back. I was sucked in by one of the scams that look really appealing, and to be completely honest, it was nothing but a self promoting scam with no form of real income from online work to be seen…

    A lost little guy, I stumbled onto the wealthy affiliate, and bought into it right away.. If your guy tells you something is a scam, it might be on to something.. But with the 7 day trial that the w/a offers, you can be sure that you will get a full look at everything this amazing community has to offer you. The “39 bucks” stinks I know.. It really stinks when you have no money to spend… but what is worse then that might actually be the education and ability that you miss out on if you chose to ignore all of the good you have heard about the wealthy affiliate.

    Come hang out at the wealthy affiliate for a week, and if you hate it and don’t like your visits with the community.. Well you are out a buck.. ha.. Tough luck I guess, at least there are no hidden charges, dishonest scams, and misguided attempts to take from those that need.. I think you will be surprised at what you find(:

    Anyway, Steve’ your the man as always! Was great chatting with you the other day, will talk soon!

    PotPieGirl- Same to you-



  19. “But right now my instincts tell me that ANY internet marketing “work at home” job is suspicious.”

    I can totally understand that! It’s rough out there, isn’t it?

    Here’s the thing (and excuse me for interrupting, Steve) – WA is not a “work at home job”. It IS a community and learning environment with tools and training to help you start and succeed with your own online business.

    You aren’t paying for a “job” as some sites out there claim – you are paying for education and support.

    Kinda like if you wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer, you pay for the education.

    For example, my hubby and I are going to Oregon on Thursday for my husband to get training for his new business he is starting. He is paying for the training and tools – but it is still up to HIM to make money with his business. The company that is training him is not HIRING him – just training him.

    That’s how WA is – an educational environment to get the training, tools, and support you need as you build your online business.

    This is not one of those “type at home” deals in any way, shape, or form.

    But as with all things online – do your own due diligence =)


  20. I don’t know-

    When I make a post saying something isn’t legitimate, it’s because they ARE scams. Take a look at nearly any of my ‘beware’ posts and you’ll see they usually fall in one of three categories:

    1. Fake check scams. These are scams where someone seeking a work at home position is hired as a “payment processor.” Basically, they received fraudulent checks, cash them, and are then held responsible for the mo

    2. Negative option offers. These are the “free trial” scams. An example would be an advertisement that says you can work with Google and make $5,000 per day, just pay $2.95 to cover shipping and handling for an information packet. What they don’t tell you is when you sign up for the packet, you’re also signed up for numerous monthly memberships that do nothing for you expect charge your credit card hundreds of dollars in fees each month.

    3. Phishing scams. Fake work at home job postings designed to get as much of your private information as possible to steal your identity.

    I’m more interested in protecting my readers above all else. I share my story to tell you guys what has worked for me and I promote Wealthy Affiliate because it’s a transparent, honest organization looking to help people start Internet Marketing careers.

  21. Steve, you have an honest face. However, how do I know that? I have to agree with Make Me Believe. You have posted a blog stating a “competitor” is not legitimate. You have a vested interest in making sure no one else contaminates your source of income, namely a share of the $39 a month fee, for all I know. I will check out your organization just to be sure. But right now my instincts tell me that ANY internet marketing “work at home” job is suspicious.

  22. Make-

    I’m not sure what type of proof you’re looking for. I posted my entire story and tried to be as transparent as possible with it. I do Internet Marketing full-time and I learned how to do so through Wealthy Affiliate. There’s not much more to prove without posting my bank account information.

    There have been hundreds of reviews to this blog and almost all of them are warnings about scams or shady products. I’m not out to make money off of someone else’s misfortune. If I give a positive recommendations, it’s because I truly believe it can help.

  23. It all sounds good, but they all do. Not to be negitive if this is real but I have just about had it with all the scams on the internet. I am in no way a computer pro but one soon learns the hard way through repeated trial and error and failure just about everything that takes your credit card number for so-called fees, memberships cost, free grant information etc. etc. turns out to be the real way money is made (yours) by gulliable people looking for there dreams also who just got sucked into another scam. No real information is given on this sight but a lot of colorful excited talk with no proof of anything and a requirement of yet another membership fee every month. If this is real I apoligize but I need more proof then a colorful story and a picture of Mr. successful hope you understand. I want a successful life as much as any body and work hard for my money and life style. I would love to make a successful business out of my growing knowledge of computors the internet world, that is the future…please show me…

  24. Steve – I think that was one of the best posts I’ve EVER read – Excellent!

    You’re right – that post was long over-due – it totally answers “Who Is Steve from I’ve Tried That”! (tho your business card does a good job – I love it!)

    It was an absolute pleasure to meet you in Vegas and an honor to sit with you at our meetings. Like you, I am still in a state of “shock ‘n awe” that I even WENT.

    “Surreal” is a great word to describe it all – I kept getting stuck on “WOW!”

    Can’t wait until next year! See ya there!

    See ya in the forum!



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