This latest scam comes from ThomasAtWork and he runs Compusharetrust. I suspect it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing scammers using the name CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet. Bonus points to anyone who can reveal the reference in the comments below!

The scam email…

We are well reputable associate dealing with accident vehicles. We need reliable and timely workers that will be sending out payment to our clients in form of Certified Check printed from their home computer on full time/part time basis.

You just need to have your own personal computer with printer.(Printer can be sent to you if you dont have)
List of clients will be sent to your business e.mail address. and you
are mandated to get the check printed before 48 hours so as to satisfy
the best of our customers and client satisfaction. The check will be
printed with software bought for you.

You will have to send the checks to the specified address through our
UPS Account/FEDEX Account/USPS Account (This cost you no charges).

2. Print out Check through Versa Check Online Check
3. Dispatch of checks with our UPS Account to UPS box near to you
No charges is required from you to dispatch check.

1. You will need to get Personal Computer
2. You will need to have Printer
3. versa Check paper purchaseable at officemax

1. $1000 offered on Monthly basis/ $250 every week opportunity if preffered weekly payment.
2. Bonus of $500 for worker that displayed high level of efficiency every 3 months.
3. There is incentive for the workers that works effectively and extra
bonus for the work done monthly

For job processing and detail: add thomasatwork001 at yahoo dot com to your yahoo IM and email us back as soon as possible.

Email to: thomasatwork001 at yahoo dot com with your email address

Email us with your email address to

Thank you

I LOVE it when scam emails lead off with “we are a reputable company.” No hi. No hello. No how are you. Just an in-your-face announcement that they are a reputable company, despite their plans to steal thousands of dollars from you. The broken English isn’t helping this guy any either. The email sounds like it was written by a robot. Go back and read it aloud in your best robot voice. You’re guaranteed a laugh or your money back.

Either way, this is just a fake check processing scam. Stay away.

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  • Gia

    I just got an email from pretending to be sent by an osuuniversity email (very poorly done as the reply to email address was The person claimed to be someone I later discovered has been dead since 2000 (Carla Cunningham). Beware. I received this email in response to an apartment ad I placed on Shame.

  • Bryan

    Another great post! I think any business propositon emails that can only be expressed in vague broken English should be enough for anyone to know that email belongs in the spam folder.

    CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet was the name Marge suggested to Homer to call his computer business he started from home on The Simpson’s.

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