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Beware of Google Money Tree.

Google Money Tree. God that name sounds awful, doesn’t it? If life has taught me one thing, money doesn’t grow on trees. It most certainly doesn’t grow on the Internet either. I think it’s safe to say that Google simply isn’t handing money out to individuals. Yes, Google is awesome, but not that awesome. So, why does Google Money Tree claim that you can become rich using Google? Let’s find out.

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Google Money Tree boasts that yes, you too, can be making $107,389 in just six months by filling out forms and doing searches on Google and Yahoo. I’ve been filling in forms and searching Google and Yahoo for almost ten years now! By their calculations, I should have had over $2,000,000 sitting in my bank account right now!

Of course, the information on how to become a successful millionaire is going to cost you some money upfront first. It’s not too bad this time around, just $3.88 for shipping and handling. Something seems oddly fishy about this website though. There appears to be a lot of information lacking. I think I should check the Terms and Conditions I am agreeing to before I send away my credit card information.

The initial shipping and handling charge of three dollars and eighty eight cents, which includes the Google Money Tree Kit as well as seven days worth of access to the online directories and training. After seven days, if you choose not to cancel you will be billed your first monthly membership fee of seventy two dollars and twenty one cents for the membership fee for the membership.

Google Money Tree’s Hidden Charges

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA. You’re going to bill me $72.21 in seven days if I don’t cancel these charges first? What the hell kind of shady business practices are you guys running? There’s absolutely no mention of these hidden charges on the presell page. You have to dig through the terms and conditions before you find these hidden charges. Other gems on that page include this lovely line: “No refunds of any kind will be issued after 7 days of any transaction date.” If you wait to receive a bank or credit card statement in the mail, you can forget about seeking a refund. You’ll have to dispute the charges with your credit card company and if you paid with a debit card, there’s a lovely phrase that goes something like: You’re shit out of luck.

I don’t have anything to say about the actual work at home kit you receive, but it would be safe to bet that it is probably garbage. Google Money Tree is just looking to scam you out of as much money as possible before you even realize it. Don’t do business with them and most certainly do not give them your private information.

Our good friend Paul over at the Work at Home Truth Blog has warned his readers about the Google Money Tree scam previously and recommends you file a complaint with the FTC at if you have received any fraudulent charges from Google Money Tree. Hopefully our combined efforts will end scams like these. Thanks Paul.

147 thoughts on “Beware of Google Money Tree.”

  1. I just got into the google stuff. But I read the terms & conditions. When I called three days in a roll to cancel they kept telling me that I’m not yet in the system. I told them this is the 21st Century. unless you have a 1935 computer I should be in your system. I want this cancelation to show up Plus you are not being honest with me. they assured me I will be cancelled. but how do you cancel the dream host. there website is a fright. you have to log in. but I’m not in their system. I will call my bank & cancel from there.

  2. I am a disabled woman who now no longer owns a vehicle due to these people. I have been here before quite a while ago. Yes, I too had their phone number and email address. I even spoke to a human being who ”promised” to cancel it for me.

    Bottom line? You CANNOT get out of it. I closed out the bank account that they were pulling the money from and had to open a new account to get them to stop. The ONLY way to deal with them is through your bank. Get in touch with them and run, don’t walk to do it!


  3. Hi Everyone sorry to hear about your losses. Unfortunately I have been scammed too. I would like to know if any one knows how to cancel my account with google money tree. There is no answer at the 1-866-870-4257 number and I tried emailing. However, I have been unsuccessful. I will take any suggestions you may have. Thanks

  4. Did any one even bother doing a search on google about a scam before signing up for anything? I mean really, making $1700 a week, or so they claim, without being any type of professional is just simply dreaming. Posting links to make money? How do you even think posting a link is going to make you any sort of money. Google is an open to public entity, if you see the name “Google Money Tree”, you could’ve at least contact Google, and see what they say about before spending your money. This is the problem, you ALL think $3.88 isn’t much money, so you go for it, to see if it give you any new ways, or new ideas to make money, I got news for you, FORGET ABOUT IT, the only way you make any decent money at all is to either go to college, get a degree, or to a trade school, learn something and do with it. Start a business of your own, OR get a job! It’s the same shit with network marketing scams, it’s just that NM is alot more organized and they got people hooking you instead of a small price. Be a little smarter people, money isn’t easy to find. Even a penny is still money! It pisses me the fuck off when I work my ass off for my money, and people throw $3.88 away just to get scam. For you own sake, and the one you love and care for, THINK!

  5. Mike H – don’t give up mate! It’s your money and they stole it from you.

    Watch this short video – it tells you how to get your money back from the scammers:

    Getting your money back from Scammers:

    You don’t have to contact the scammers again – just your credit card company – let them get your money back for you. This is the best way to get back at the scammers and get your money back. Scammers hate chargebacks! ;)

  6. L. Elizabeth, Do yourself a favor and cancel the card that you used to sign-up with these thieves! I signed up, cancelled two days later, got the cancellation e-mail told I would be taken off their list and issued a refund, never happened. When I contacted them (several times) they indicated that there must have been an oversight and they would take care of it personally, again never happened. I think what they do is put you off until it comes time for the next monthly deduction and ZAP there it is. I do not feel I will ever get my refund. Good Luck!

  7. I just had a debit from my account for the seventy two dollars and change for Google Money Tree. I hadn’t even received the starter kit yet which consists of a CD Rom. The phone number provided for refunds at my online bank account is conventiently missing 2 numbers.

    I got their number from here and called them. They told me that they are issuing a refund and canceling me. We shall see. I was also given a cancelation number and was shocked at how easy it was to get a refund and cancel.

    I shall report back should they not do as they said they will. What a racket!

  8. MIke – the way emillionaire and Google Money Tree /Treasure Chest operate is very very similar. However they do not seem to be connected. The guy behind Google Money Tree (Jonathan Eborn) is being taken to court by the Texas Attorney General and court documents show him as living in Utah.

    The guy behind the emillionaire scam is Brock Felt who lives in Florida. There is more info on emillionaire here:

  9. Does anyone know if the Google money tree is tied to emillionaire. I too so far (and will not happen again) been ripped off to the tune of $148.70! Contacted them 3 times and promised that a refund is on the way. I think they are trying to drag it out so they can continue to deduct money from my account but that has been eliminated.

  10. Hi I am hoping that you guys all came out of this, sadly am stuck in England after falling for this evil trick unable to cancel as Nobody knows how to cancel from the UK if anyone can please shed some light on how i can cancel from the Uk i would really appreciate it!!!! Thanks!

  11. I put in bogus info on the first page just to see what was next and ended up chatting with a “live agent” I asked her about the fees and apparently – she said that once I clicked for the “chat only” offer of .99 shipping I would get full technical support all the way!

    Upon applying pressure about the charges – she just stopped responding. It was pretty funny

  12. I have not got my cds or anything for my $9.71 that they have of my money if i don’t get my stuff i paid for i will turn you in and you will give my money back asap your customer support you can’t talk to any body.

  13. i was a victim of it too – just FYI – i called the BBB in vegas NV and they said: “this company has come to their attention as of Nov 2008 – they have had 560 complaints. They have NO BUSINESS LISCENCE and their address is a MAIL DROP only. They are based in the UK. “
    they robbed me and i have put in complaints to the IC3, FTC, BBB and now the Attny Gen’l in CA.
    i never got any product/email and they wont give me squat back… i got the RGA # too and then the 30 days were up… so no $$$ for me. they suck.

  14. I just got scred some more. They charged ANOTHER $72.21 before the first one even came through. But from what is shows here is that they were both charged the same day but will post 2 days a part.

  15. Under the terms and conditions there is also a “unconditional money back guarantee” (of course it is in very tiny print). It states that if you call the support number and mention it, they will give you an RGA number and an address to send the CD back to and they will refund ALL charges, even original shipping. I did this (certified and delivery confirmation). I guess we will find out today if it worked.

  16. Hello,

    I do not want to disclose my name but I think I just beat the system and got a full refund. It has not yet been deposited to my account yet, but I just wanted to thank everyone for their contributions to this blog for I read all your advice and improvised.

    This is what I did:

    I called and they picked up saying
    “Customer service, this is ####, may I have your name.”
    I replied “Hi, my name [First Name]. Who did I call?”

    This is where the shadiness kicked in.
    -“Who were you trying to call?”
    “Google Treasure Chest.”
    -“This is Google Treasure Chest, may I have your last name?” /rolls eyes

    So anyway, fast forward a bit, they found my account, got a cancel confirmation #. Then I told her I want my money back because I never received a kit or even an email. This is where some serious inconsistencies started.

    At one point she asked me for my address and I told her I never gave them one so she looked me up by email.

    She told me, to get a FULL refund I need to send the kit back.
    I told her I never received a kit. So she offered me the 50% refund and 6 months.

    (They do not use big words at Google Money Tree but this is what is referred to as a ‘settlement’ as in I will take this and drop my accusation against you. If you ever got scammed through Western Union and called them, and they said sorry and sent you a check for the processing fee paid and you deposited that, you settled and Western Union is off the hook.)

    I told her I was not interested in a trial membership and that was not sufficient. So I asked to speak to her supervisor.
    -“My supervisor does not take phone calls and will tell you the same thing. She offered me the settlement again.”

    I told her that is not sufficient again. So I went on to tell her that I will have to get my bank and attorney involved.

    So she said I am more then welcome to file a case at the attorney’s office and she offered me the settlement again.

    Then I just told her to be expecting a call from my lawyer and hung up.

    This left me aggravated.

    About half hour later I have voice mail from Google Money Tree.
    They apologized for some misunderstanding and that they will credit my account.

    We’ll see what happens.

  17. Well, the water is over the dam and I am holding my breath.

    I am also on disability alone and hubby business was affected by the hussicaine and now the recession- we are barely making it.

    I paid the shipping $3.88 and waited for the “kit” but the kit did not come before the amount of #$72.21 was debited from out bank account.

    I call the number and immediately cancelled the account and demanded that the $72.21 be refunded and they refused. They told me I had to wait until I received the kit and after I sent it back to a special address, certified or otherwise to have a signature proving it was delivered. Then they still had 7-10 days to refund pur money.

    Later that same day, my hubby also called and could not get them to explain how can they charge us for the month when there is a 7 day trial and that amount is not to be charged until after the 7 days if you haven’t cancelled. But is was like going around in circles and they lied about everything.

    An additional 2 days later we received the “kit” which was no more than a disc in a cardbord wrapper.

    To answer the question was the kit ever used, does anyone know what is on the disc – I did not open it – I was afraid that if they found out that I actually looked at the disc they would add on another fee. But the back of the cardboard wrapper it says…. a list of books, websites on working at home and a list of government grants to pay for your new business. So all your getting is information to other places to go and spend more off your money to fine a work at home program that is hopefully not a scam. Looking for a goverment grant takes a long time also.

    So after we received the cd we sent to the address they gave us on 4/2/09 and we have yet to received notice of delivery it is now 4/11/09 – more than enough time for delivery. someone posted they were charged twice that better not happen to us.

    To say the least I am very worried but I am also sending a complaint to the thr Federal Trade Commission -Protecting Americas Consumers – maybe this will help.

  18. All,
    I think i hit this website a little late. I got an ad link about this from a site called

    The testimonials on that site are too good. I clicked the links given in there with name “Google Biz Kit” and gave away my personal and credit card info on the resulting page. The resulting page link is

    Immediately, I was charged $1.97. Is this also a fake site? Should i go ahead with this order or cancel it? Pl advise.

    Now, when I read the terms & conditions, its alarming.

    • Shiraz, your links aren’t working for me because they are part of your secure transaction. However, if you are alarmed by the terms and conditions, by all means you should cancel.

  19. Josh,


    To everyone else

    A couple of things. Google can’t do anything. Google does not own the word google. google can be used by anyone…because Google is known as a famous search engine, there will be people capitalising on the term.

    A hint, don’t give your personal info, credit/debit info to anyone on the net telling you that you can make x amount of money by working at home, but first you need to pay x amount of money to them. Just as obvious as the Nigerian prince email phishing scam.

    Oh also,

    There was an ad on to promoting google treasure chest. I wonder if there’s a way to complain to the folks at myspace about it and have them remove the ad.

  20. Thanks Angela and amanda. I canceled using the 866.951.1406 number. Very easy and given a cancellation # as well. I called the 888.657.8585 to confirm my account was canceled and it was.

  21. Schutzy, Call IMMEDIATELY. Whether you finally get something in the mail or not. Cancel NOW before they hit you for the $70.00 for nothing. 866-951-1406. Chris is a snot and very arrogant, Dallen(real name or not) was better to speak to. Ask if anyone really has made any money or if this is really legit!! Do it now……….

  22. They have taken my inital few dollars and now I want to quickly cancel before the 7 days. Do I need to wait until I receive something from them or can I just cancel right away?


  23. Just tried this and am tired of waiting for the mail, which incidentally comes in 5-7 days. Imagine that, you get charged after 7 days. $70.00. Tried to call the guy who has his photo and his family pictured, his phone is off the hook.(had the operator check). Has anyone made any money with this program, or any other on line program? I would really like to know of one that really works….that I could make work.

  24. well thought i would try it an know out 72.21 never saw it in the terms every one i found so far are all money steeling one way or another

  25. wow, thanks for the heads up, i was about to order the kit then came across this sight and quickly changed my mind. i am very pleased to know there are people out there who care enough to warn others about this kind of stuff. i feel ive learned a good lesson without having to make the mistake.

  26. What sucks for me is that I was paid $40 to sign up by an external party and when I called to cancel they told me I’d have to send back the kit which I still haven’t received 30 days later. So I can either get half refund or pray the kit comes today and somehow I send it back and it also arrives today. IF THEY NEVER SEND THE KIT HOW THE FAK AM I SUPPOSED TO GET MY FULL REFUND!?!?!?!?!

  27. Thank’s everyone for the good work out here Yup I was bored and ordered the thing two day’s ago for $3.98. Just contacted my credit card company and now have a block on my account. Thankfully I did not use my debit card phew! Now onto getting the order actually cancelled should be fun. Don’t think I’ll be using that card again. The terms say they can charge for products and services anytime in the future. Oh well lesson learned hope nobody got real hurt and remember what goes around comes around.

  28. One more thing.

    Try to remember what site carried the Google Money Tree scam which you clicked on. Date and time is important. And if you can take a snapshot of the webpage that you can save on your computer showing both the scam advertisment and the website itself can be very helpful.

    The goal is to get Google Money Tree into legal hot water and/or make them stink badly so as to make advertizers think twice before accepting their business. Especially if the the real threat that they will be sucked into ligigation for being a willing part of the scam.

    Accepting “pay off” money from a scam artist to keep advertizing the scam on their website is no different than a bribe from criminal for you to keep silent on an ongoing crime.

  29. From now on what I’ll do is whenever I see a site advertizing this scam, I’ll email the site saying that Google Money Tree is a phoney scam that hurts the people that view their site.

    Then I’ll ask them: Do you want to torpedo the people YOUR OTHER PAYING ADVERTIZERS depend on for new or renewed customers? You want Google Money Tree victims to remember you and your site when they submit their complaints to their lawyers and agencies that investigate Internet crime?

    I’ll include the link to this page.

    Any other ideas I may have missed?


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