It seems that the FTC crackdown on fake news sites still hasn’t hit work at home scams. I don’t know what they’re waiting for, but they really need to start shutting these things down and focus on putting these scammers out of business.

Today is just another fake work at home job scam run by “Michelle Mathews.” It has a lead-in from Action 8 Reports which is a fake news company designed to look like an actual news site, but it is merely an advertisement for Any link you click on at will take you to New Life Profits.

Beware of Michelle Mathews and

To see the actual content at New Life Profits, you have to provide them with your name, email address and zip code. The first thing you’ll see is a big flashing warning that claims there are only 2 work at home positions left in your home town. It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, there are only two work at home positions left in that town.

Following that, you’ll see a few claims of how easy it is to make $10,000 in a week and you’ll get to read stories from people located in your hometown and how has pretty much turned them into millionaires over night.

The testimonials are fake by the way. These people don’t exist and they’re certainly not from your home town. Just read the “earnings disclaimer” at the bottom and you’ll find this…

We cannot completely verify our customer statements in testimonials. While we will try to update our information on the customer providing the testimonial, we cannot assure you that our information will be up to date. For purpose of privacy, testimonial pictures have been adapted and are not their actual photos. Results may vary, testimonials are not typical results. All testimonials have been remunerated.

They cannot verify that the people are real, their stories are real, or that they even made any money. Oh, and they paid someone to write the testimonials for them. So there’s that too.

What is the scam here? What do you get if you sign up? An outdated course on Pay-Per-Click arbitrage for $99 (or $29 if you try and leave the order page.) It’s the same basis the data entry scams and rebate processing scams have used in the past. It’s old information that does not work and ISN’T EVEN ALLOWED on PPC sites any more.

Basically, they’ll teach you how to use PPC sites like Google Adwords. You sign up and pay money to feature ads in the search results. (This is what they’re referring to when they say “filling out forms.” You fill out an order form with your credit card.) This isn’t free. It’s actually VERY expensive and following their training will COST YOU A LOT of money.

Hey, at least they offer an 8-week money back guarantee, right?


You have to prove to them first that your TRIED the program for at least 20 days. It is left to their discretion whether or not they believe you actually tried the program. Don’t forget that actually trying New Life Profits will cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

In addition to all of this, there are multiple complaints online that New Life Profits accepted their payments and gave the customer invalid login information, making it impossible to sign in to the program. These same complaints report that customer service has been unresponsive and flat-out refused to help.

It doesn’t get much more evil than this.

Names Used in the Scam

Here are a few names used to run this scam…

Kelly Richards
Michelle Mathews
Sarah Mack
Jeremy Arias
Delsie Baez
Action 8 Reports
New Life Profits
Online Income Secrets

I’m pretty sure that this goes without saying at this point, but I’ll type it out anyway.

Stay far away from Michelle Mathews and New Life Profits. Do not order the program. It’s simply not worth your time or money.

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  • Alexandra Dobre
    Alexandra Dobre

    Hellou Michell

    Please contact with me, i`m so interesting for your ofert for the job at home. But i dont no how i must to begin to entry in this job.
    I am from barcelona, please help me, mi situacion is ugly in this moment.

    Thank you so much

  • Dina

    Thanks ALOT for the article
    I almost was paying them and then thought I will google her name first and read ur article
    I always says if it’s too good be true then IT iS too good to be true

  • crystal de la rosa
    crystal de la rosa

    i did it and i cant do anything with it they wont answermy calls or even call me back what should i do? what if i gave them my card number and they took out my money how do i get it back???

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