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Work from Home After Retirement: The Best Online Jobs for Retirees

Retirement used to be a phase in people’s lives when they lived off their pension as they see fit.

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For some people, this involved relaxing from one island to the next.

For others, retirement simply means changing careers or continuing their profession in a different setting, company, or position level.

Fortunately for the newest batch of retirees, the web has given them an amazing resource for online jobs after retirement as an option when retirees need extra cash or a full-time income from a new source.

Last year, FlexJobs held a survey with 5,551 respondents and since 2,163 of which were over 50-year-olds, it gives us a better understanding of why people consider working after retirement and what types of jobs they’d prefer. From this, FlexJobs discovered that the respondents need to work because:

  • They have to pay for basic necessities like food or housing (70%)
  • They need to save money for actual retirement (69%)
  • Of desires to travel (47%)
  • Paying off debt has to continue after retirement (46%)

Interestingly, about 59% of the respondents actually enjoyed working and that majority of them would prefer flexible (telecommute or home-based) jobs for work-life balance, avoiding commute, saving time and money, as well as avoiding office politics.

Another interesting stat is that over half of the population thinks they will need to continue to work past 66.

Need vs. Want a Job after Retirement

The Internet is becoming a valuable asset to those who still want to work, but want a change of pace, a less stressful work environment, and an opportunity for something new.

What Types of Work at Home Jobs are Available for Retirees?

No one can force you to retire from your job, unless your state or profession has a mandatory retirement age (military, Supreme Court, etc.).

Forced retirement based on age is even illegal. But if retirement is on the horizon or if you’re newly retired, a home-based job may be something you’d be interested in.

Unfortunately, trying to find an online job can be confusing at first. Don’t be turned off quickly.

It’s completely understandable since you’d have to determine your goal first in order to search for what you need. See which group of retirees you fit to discover what type of work at home jobs for retirees is available for you:

Retirees who want to continue their profession in a different capacity

If you’ve been an accountant your whole life and want to continue doing what you love after retirement, you’re in luck.

This group of retirees has an easier transition from traditional jobs to work-from-home jobs since they have the experience to back up their application.

Professions like teachers, customer service providers, architects, artists, and more can easily find the same jobs online and work in the comforts of their own homes.

Unfortunately, there’s no home-based counterpart for jobs that require face-to-face interaction, such as those in the construction add manufacturing industries. Your best bet is to change careers (#2) or to start an online business.

Retirees who want to change careers completely

Whether you’re up for a challenge, want a more no-brainer job, or have no choice but to switch careers after retirement, know that you have plenty of options for home-based work.

From online chat support to social media manager, marketing gigs, IT-related work, education, and more, it’s inevitable that you’d find something you’re interested in.

Retirees who want to start a business (and quit being an employee altogether)

For some retirees who plan to set up a business, but wasn’t able to save up for plenty of capital, retirement gives you the perfect opportunity to quit being an employee and begin an online business from scratch.

Like many who have successfully started an online business, the journey can be scary or confusing at first. However, since you can operate the entire business from home, you’ll be able to save on commute expenses and lease (for your office and brick-and-mortar store).

Retirement will definitely bring about changes in your day-to-day lives, but these changes can mean positive things.

Whichever group of retirees you fall into – whether you’re continuing your profession, changing careers or starting your own business – you’d soon realize that the next phase of your life involves a good way of earning extra cash that can increase and take the place of a full-time job.

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The Best Work at Home Jobs for Retirees

Beach Retirement

There’s a plethora of online jobs that you can do after retirement.

It just depends on the type of job you’re comfortable doing and skills you already have (or willing to learn). Before searching for the perfect job, you’d have to focus on your passion, interests, hobbies, skill set, and considerations such as hours of availability, amount of income needed, and openness to learn new things.

Here are a few examples of what online jobs after retirement may look:

  • Admin support – With basic computer skills and good communication skills, you’ll easily find positions as a virtual assistant (or home-based secretary), web researcher, translator, customer service representative, data entry agents, and other similar jobs.
  • Writing – It doesn’t matter if you’ve never written an article in your life. If you have something of value to share, writing will come naturally once you begin your journey in professional blogging, ebook writing or fiction writing. If you’re looking for a writing career instead, you can start freelance and offer copywriting, resume writing, editing, academic writing, news writing, legal writing, and other web content writing services. For those planning a writing career, you need to decide if you’re OK ghostwriting as a profession or not.
  • Education – There’s a huge niche of educators online. Some jobs require teaching credentials, but most do not. You can earn hourly rates for jobs like homework tutoring, ESL teaching, or consulting.
  • Graphic Design – Talent in drawing, cartoons, caricatures, logos, t-shirt design, banners/flyer creation and other graphic design tasks can go a long way in the work-from-home industry. You can apply for a full-time job in this field, or offer your graphic design services on a freelance basis.
  • Audio, Video & Music – You’d be surprised that traditional jobs like lyricists also have a place online. You can be a voice-over talent, closed captioner, jingle maker, singer, sound effects guy, composer, and creator of various kinds of videos from whiteboard corporate type to animated videos.
  • Web and IT – Aside from the common helpdesk support job that has flooded the online industry for years, those who have worked for the IT industry can still transition into flexible or home-based jobs and continue working as an app developer, game developer, software programmer, QA tester, sysadmin, IT project manager and more.
  • Marketing – Those who have experience in advertising and marketing can easily adjust to work revolving internet marketing, SEO and social media – all of which offer plenty of home-based jobs for retirees. You’d have to be in the know of tech, IM and social media to pull it off as a PPC consultant, lead generation specialist, SEO/Internet marketer, social media marketer, influencer, and so on.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. As a soon-to-be retiree or current retiree, there’s a lot more jobs you’d discover as you search for your next career. From mortgage loan officers to online headhunters, nutritionist, online counselor, gaming coach, local travel guide, among others, we’ve got a comprehensive guide of available online jobs  you might be interested in after retirement.

Online Business Ideas for Retirees

You might have heard people setting up businesses online and actually succeeding day in, day out. If you’re ready to be the boss and work on building your own online business from scratch, retirement is probably the best time to do so – it’s likely that you’re receiving some Social Security or retirement income and you have all the time in the world to tackle a new challenge.

Below are effective and low-cost business ideas you could check out:

  • Start a website – This is the most popular type of online business because it works and requires only a few things – a domain name, a hosting plan, consistency, and dedication. You can start anything from a photography site, travel blog, product review site, news/opinion site, group-buying sites, podcasting site, forums, auction sites, and other types of site you’d see yourself working on for months or years.
  • Start an ecommerce store – Selling products don’t necessarily mean you’d need to set up a brick-and-mortar store, maintain inventory, and handle processing, shipments, and customer support all on your own. With an ecommerce store, most tasks are automated and you’ll be running a fully functional store within days or weeks once you began this business. You don’t even have to have products on hand (there’s dropshipping for that), yet you can still offer customers items for sale.
  • Turn your life’s profession into a freelancing business. You can still provide a service and be your own boss as long as you’re trying to turn your former career into a full-blown company. You’re a lawyer before retirement? Why not provide a legal writing service? How about an ex-gym trainer who can now customize workout plans for online clients? There are endless possibilities!

If you’re skipping the employee route and online jobs after retirement because you want to become a business owner, read up on our extensive guide on how to start an online business.

A Warning on Online Job Scams

Whether you’re starting an online business, offering a freelance service, or applying for a full-time online job, you’ll inevitably face scammers eager to steal your precious information, fool you into investing into shady businesses, or dupe you into thinking you’re going to be paid for a month’s worth of work only to be left in the dark when it’s payday.

Unfortunately for seniors and those who are newly-retired, they are more often targeted by these scammers compared to any other age group. According to a 2010 survey by the Investor Protection Trust, 1 in 5 seniors over the age of 65 has been the victim of a financial scam.

The only good thing about this is that there are resources to use, such as the Better Business Bureau or just by Googling the name or company name that you’re dealing with.

In general, you shouldn’t pay a company or a person to find work, or start a new job. Most job boards are available without charge.

Red flags may include requirements such as “attend training” that you’re going to pay, list down your Social Security number to be given access, or vaguely-worded promises such as “earn unlimited amounts of money.”

Wrap Up: How to Succeed with a Work at Home Job after Retirement

Even if setting up an online business seems laid back than traditional businesses, the key to a successful venture lies on hard work and consistency.

Consider your online gig, freelance job, blog, eCommerce site, or anything that’s keeping you busy as your full-time job.

Be consistent in promoting your website, finding new clients, expanding your consulting business, and improving your skills for your online venture. It will be hard sometimes, but if you go at it every day, you’ll reap what you sow in no time.

Aside from the links I’ve placed all over this article to help any retiree discover what the next phase of their careers would look like, feel free to check out these awesome resources:

6 thoughts on “Work from Home After Retirement: The Best Online Jobs for Retirees”

  1. This is the best idea for the retired people. It helps in earning more income and also to keep you busy without being bored.
    Especially that you can work form anyway. They can still travel around the world and earn money at the same time.

    You have great ideas. This will help a lot of the retired people.
    I believe it will require them to have internet access. Which one of these job does not require the internet?

    • If you’re working from home, every job is going to require that you have Internet access. 

  2. These are al great ideas you laid out for retirees to earn some extra money online.

    I think the best option though would be to build some type of business — be it a blog or ecommerce sorry.

    This will give them something to look forward to working on since it’s probably about a subject their passionate about — rather than just doing data entry job or graphic designer.

    • I think if you’re more financially comfortable, starting a business or a blog is definitely the best avenue to explore.

  3. Hey Steve,

    Nice list of jobs here. My mom just retired and she’s bugging me to help her get an online job to keep her busy, and I think I just found what she wants.

    She was a teacher, so I’m sure she will love the ESL teaching and home tutoring. Also, with some few basic computer lessons, I’m sure she can also handle admin support. Thanks for everything.

    Have a good day.


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