has been advertising a lot lately online and in print seeking individuals to work for them. They say they need manufacturer representatives to sell netbooks in the US and are willing to set you up with a home-based business selling netbooks in person and on the web. Well, for a hefty fee, of course. And thus we begin another review of “why the hell do I have to pay to start a job?”

My Observations on

Here are just a few things I’ve noted while reading through the sales page.

  • They claim, “clear at least $150 in NET PROFITS, per NETBOOK SALE.” How are you going to make $150 per sale on a $300 product? This is something tangible that has to be produced, boxed, shipped, etc. There’s no way these things are marked up that high.
  • They also claim, “The Asian manufacturers that make these NETBOOKS are very displeased that WAL-MART, BESTBUY, and others have come to dominate PC sales in the US.” What the hell does that even mean? Why would they care who sold it as long as it’s being sold? Why is there no evidence to backup this statement?
  • More claims, “Asian Netbook Manufacturers are very actively and aggressively seeking U.S. based Netbooks Sales Reps.” Why the hell would major corporations look to setup thousands of partnerships with home-based businesses to sell a dozen or so laptops when they can turn to major retailers and sell millions? My brain hurts from trying to follow the logic on this sales page and I’m getting angry.
  • The sales page looks like it’s from 1998. Do you remember the web back in 1998? It was a scary, ugly place. There was little focus on design and Netbooks2020 appears to want to hold on to the past. For a company that brags about technological innovation and huge revenue streams, you’d think they’d go the extra mile and hire a graphic designer and not let their kid neighbor design their company website because, you know, “he’s good with computers.”
  • The sales text and images are god-awful. I’m not done with their sales page yet. They could have hired a proofreader or an editor to go over their sales copy. And how many images of netbooks do we need? We have netbooks piled on top of each other, in clouds, in space, with arms coming out of them. Perhaps they should lay off the stock images.

Alright, so the sales page is weak, but what is it that they are actually selling? There’s no real mention of what they want from you other than to call this phone number and speak with a Netbooks2020 representative. Doing so will grant you the lovely experience of hearing a sales pitch that will ultimately end up with them asking you for $395 to get started with selling netbooks. You’ll get a website, sales materials, and all kinds of good stuff.

It doesn’t end there however. After paying $395, you’ll be informed that you have to spend an ADDITIONAL $170 to get your new website up to manufacturers specifications. Why didn’t they build it to their specifications in the first place? Why do you you have to shell out $565 for a website? Have you seen the Netbooks2020 website? And they have the audacity to charge over $500 for a website! I give up.

So, does it work? I don’t know, and I’m not about to spend over $500 to find out. There are a number of things here that just aren’t adding up and I personally wouldn’t feel safe sending these guys my money.

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  • Tim McCulloch
    Tim McCulloch

    I was duped as well …

    My saved correspondence with them starts in August of 2009… if it

    would be of any help in a Class action proceeding please let me know…

    I live in North Carolina.

  • Chad

    has anybody contacted the police yet. I called and they told me to contact the local police, if renee or anybody else that is close there, please contact them, and let me know.

  • Jerry

    Well, well, well.
    The scammers took their crappy website down.
    We will continue to hunt you down!

    They took it down because of all the ‘negativity’.
    It was just plain FRAUD.

  • Steve

    Did you send them a check?

    Stop the payment immediately! Better to lose $30 than $495!

  • Renee

    Sorry Chad, that you find yourself here with the rest of us. The phone number is/was a cell phone I believe. Would it make any sense to contact the mail place where this was all going to. This is mail fraud, since they used USPS mail. And I sent them money orders as well.
    Tell me what you guys think.
    My email is above.


  • Chad stambaugh
    Chad stambaugh

    Wow, do I feel stupid! I wish I knew about this site earlier, I just finished sending my $395. Please send me any info on how to get my money back. I hate scams. I really thought this was a good way to go.

  • Darrell

    Please pass on any action proposed against netbook2020/digital-video-solutions. I was told in e-mail that no websites were getting approved until april 2010. Phones are cut off, no response to e-mails. I also paid the 395 and the 175 for website and manufactors suppliers list. I am willing to to what I can to aid in prosecuting those guys. Pleaaaaase!!!! contact me by e-mail or phone 951-760-9662.

  • Mark

    Reminds me of another scammer his name is Armando Montelongo.

  • Renee

    Their address goes to a Hollywood Mail place. I should have been suspect when they were rude, and never answered my questions.
    I’m ready to go after them for sure!
    I’m mad as hell really!
    Let mer know. “r.kindt at”

  • Renee

    I paid as well, and no communication. I’m in CA, and I have no problem going there and calling the cops as well. Anybody else have any ideas?
    Thanks, Renee

  • Jerry Hager
    Jerry Hager

    Nov 25th – still nothing from
    If they don’t lie to you they are to gutless to respond to email.
    Time for all the people they scammed to get together and put them out of any kind of business they are more or less in.
    This Terry McCaufield – the so called CEO – what’s a matter you just to slimy to respond or you just scam people?
    Stand up you worthless flake! Keep hiding you’re good at that.
    You can see some of the terrible web sites they tried to create – gawd what sloppyness. They can’t do the job and won’t refund any of our money.

  • Jerry Hager
    Jerry Hager

    Well – I paid them – very bad idea, don’t waste your money. $395 and $175. 2/3 weeks turned into 3 months. They are using Trellix Site Builder. My gosh they have absolutely no idea on how to build a site. The ‘neighborhood kid’ has no idea of how to build a site even w/ Trellix. Ask them to see sites they have made – none. They flat out lied to me for 3 months. The so called site they put up was an atrocity. I have screen shots. They had pics overlapping text, stated they optimized the site (SEO) hah – they have no idea what a meta tag is, no backlinks and not submitted to any directories. I asked them several times to stop lying to me. I asked to speak to Terry McCaulfield – told he’s in Taiwan. Of course he doesn’t answer eMail. So they took the site down because of the negatives. Only negatives were they have no idea what they are doing. I asked for my $175 but like the most of my emails – no response. Supposedly I am to get the 10 netbooks but they are still working on that? There is another week or 2 to wait and see if I really am contacted by the Houston branch of whatever they are, to confirm my shipping. The only thing I want is to sell netbooks. Wholesale distributors are way easier to deal with then these people. So is it a scam – stay tuned in a couple of weeks. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  • AJ Williams
    AJ Williams

    I am amazed of the audacity of some of these scam sites. The website definitely reminds me of the late 90s tech websites. I am so glad that I found your site. Getting the real scoop on some of these so-called money making websites, has been very educational for me.

  • Deborah Linsley
    Deborah Linsley

    Bravo Steve!
    Enough is Enough!
    You have done amazing things with your website and utilized you own funds however this was so obvious that any of your regular readers could have–or should have noticed the obvious scams in this “new” millionaire scheme. For those that do buy into it I feel sorry for them but you have provided us a site where you basically do everything for us or tell us how.

    Thank you as always-this was amusing this morning!


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