A review request came in for something called NewAffiliateCashSystem this weekend. This is the exact type of program I’ve been warning you guys about these past few weeks. It’s loaded with promises of quick & easy cash, pictures of fancy cars, and claims it requires little or no work on your part. Here’s a picture of the obnoxious headline that greets you immediately.

This is going to be an easy review.

Is NewAffiliateCashSystem.com a Scam?

Note: I haven’t tried this program. It’s a formula we’ve seen hundreds of times in the past. I can debunk this one using simple logic and other reports from around the web.

Let’s start with a basic overview of what David Michael and New Affiliate Cash System are offering. David claims to have developed an affiliate system where he gives away free products. He started from scratch and created a system that has made him $625,002.27 in 90 days (his words taken right from the sales page) and wants to give you an exact replica of his business for $47 per month.

I need to take a few moments to break this down for you. All over his sales page are pictures of Clickbank affiliate accounts that shows David making between $1,000 and $2,000 per day. While impressive, it can be easily faked and does not reflect the number of refunds posted. But to really top it all off, I have some simple math for you!

David’s claim of $625,002.27 in 90 days works out to roughly $6944 dollars per day, a far cry from the one thousand dollar days David has on display. Up front, we know he’s being dishonest about the amount of money he’s made.

Oh simple math! The bane of scam artists everywhere. Is there anything you can’t disprove?

I should stop the review right here, but I’ll continue under the assumption that David isn’t lying about making the equivalent of $2.5 million dollars per year. This brings me to my next point: he’s selling an exact replica of his system for $47 per month! Who in their right mind would give up the secret to a $2.5 million dollar salary? This guy needs to look up the definition of market saturation.

Systems like these simply don’t work. Exact copies of websites do not perform well online. Search engines, like Google and Bing, place a high value on original, useful content. Websites that share content DO NOT rank well. This is the biggest problem with pre-built websites. You won’t get anywhere if thousands of people have the exact same website that you have.

He makes a few other claims regarding free traffic, how easy it is to make tons of money giving free stuff away, and throws in a few bonus offers. There’s one last thing David has to offer and it’s a $100 guarantee that if you don’t make $100 in 48 hours of signing up, he’ll pay you $100.

You have nothing to lose, right?

Wrong! To receive your $100 bonus, you must first reach $250 in order to cash it out. Despite his clever wording, he won’t just simply hand you $100 for nothing. Oh, and the links to his Terms of Use and Purchase Agreement go nowhere.

Finally, I love this little line tucked away in small font at the bottom of the page: “WE DO NOT PURPORT THIS AS A “GET RICH SCHEME.” In what world is David living in that claiming $600k in just 90 days isn’t “getting rich quick?”

NewAffiliateCashSystem Refund Information

There is one redeeming quality to the site; NewAffiliateCashSystem.com uses Clickbank as a payment processor. CLickbank guarantees a refund on any orders for up top 60 days. If you’re not satisfied with your membership, you can request a refund and get your money back no questions asked.

Here’s a link to the Clickbank refund and customer support page.

The Bottom Line

I know I say this a lot and it sounds like nothing but common sense, but stay far away from promises of quick and easy wealth. There are no magical formulas or secret underground systems. Making money online takes time and work.

Oh, and don’t sign up at NewAffiliateCashSystem.com.

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  • Mike BJ
    Mike BJ

    I’ve just spent (time) looking over newaffiliatecashsystem sent to me by Frank Dang. Fortunately I found your site before spending money. It seems that every system that comes over the transom is a scam – or close to it. I could list dozens, as no doubt so could others on this site. Is there anything out there which is legit? Most of us want to make money on the internet and we ARE prepared to work to achieve success.

  • Paulette

    I do really appreciate you letting everyone know about all the programs on the internet that are scams. Yes, I’ve just recently receive an email from David Micheal and when I went to his website is look fake. I’ve always do research on every email and receive online first. There are some programs online that are legit. My favorite forum is WarriorForum, and I like to do research on RipOffReport and ComplaintBoard.

  • Richard Hilton
    Richard Hilton

    Yea I got ,GOT! Too $29.95 to cool handle.com I paid for mine on 11/08/13. & here it is 11/15/13 & I still can’t. Get on word press or even find my domain don’t exist!”? Acording to word press? Still waiting for an awnser from them both? But I. Do know why no.one can find. Mr.david michels?……it only odvious … he is on the other side! With everybodys money! What a peice of **** crap,this guy is!.. thanks for your reveiw, it opened up my eyes! Keep up the good work brother!… your a good apple!..

  • Garry

    Hi all i signed up 3 days ago, i have cancelled my hosting from CoolHandle.com and got a response that they will contact me… also, no reply yet, i received a Phone call today from a Guy in America saying he has hand picked me from people who have signed up to AffiliateCashSystem.com he asked me how much i earned annually and if i had a mortgage and outstanding balances on Credit cards then he said he could help me but there would be a charge for training, i then told him i had no spare money for this he didn’t say how much it would cost but i could pay $25 a month for the training, i then told him i would think about it and he said he would give me a call at a later date, i don’t think he will call back somehow.

  • kathy

    Yes thanks I have been ripped off from many money making, and David just sent me this for $1.00, I have learned I am not doing anything with my debit card, there has to be a scam, nothing is free and it really makes me mad, I wish I could find a legitimate bus to work from home.

  • Deb

    Just wanted to let you know–Clickbank is not all that you say. I tried to get my money back way before!!! the time allowed, and I never even got a reply from them–never mind my money back.{just wanted to let you know, it was not for this company newaffiliatecashsystem} But it should not matter who it is. Just wanted to warn others–stay away from them!!


  • Big Dog Jim
    Big Dog Jim

    Thanks for the heads up. I’m starting to get how these things work. They charge you for the program, then they either own the servers, or collect affiliate commissions for the hosting, these can be fat, and recurring.
    I’ve been successfully selling my Programmable LED signs for over 5 years. There is nothing easy, or cheap, about internet marketing. And like the man said, Google won’t index your copy-cat site because of duplicate content.
    My advise is find a solid product with a high return. How high? Well if you’re going to use PPC like Google, or Bing,enough to cover your costs. I spend an average of $179.00 per sale. I’ll keep looking for that hands-off–money making machine on auto-piolet, but I’m starting to doubt it exists!

  • Cindy Lee
    Cindy Lee

    I’ve also just signed up with Cool Handle Hosting. Surely they are aware that this is a scam?Cannot contact David Michaels. No free offers affiliate link.

  • Judy

    OK. I did it. I signed up 4 days ago. Just requested cancellation from CoolHandle.com and got a response that they will contact me….what? I wnt to the Click Bank site to request a refund, but my information does not match. I have an invoice # for my “Free” offer with New Affiliate Cash System Pro-which was $29.95 and the domain registration for my “free” website for one year at $14.95. I emailed Mr. Michael-if that’s his real name-several times asking why NONE of the links in the emails he sent for “training” etc didn’t work-even
    copying and pasting into my browser-no page found. Soooooo,… YES! RUN from this scam as fast as you can.
    I will be posting reviews on every page possible to make sure people know about this jerk. I do thank you for this site, Mr. Razinski.

  • Jose

    To me it sounds like if they only wanted to sell hosting domains.

  • kate

    Rita,,,cancel your hosting asap! I think you may be stuck with the domain but you can use it to build a wordpress site of your own.
    good luck

  • Andres

    I thank you for the inf. I was ready to try it but after I saw your report I say forget it. Thank You again. Have nice day.

  • Rita

    OMG…. I just purchased the domain & hosting worth $160.00. What to do now ???

  • Canuck

    I wrote him, as invited, with questions about these exact same issues, like do I have to try an offer as there are few free in my country, and how do I get my $100 back, within 48 hours? HAH, I hae me doots!
    No answer of course, as expected. I am getting so I can spot them too.

  • midori

    I thank you for your input,helps alot. however I too would like to know if there is a for real none scammer way of making money on line

  • adnan

    is there a legitmate work online ,I checked hundreds and all of them are scam I haven’t stumble on real legitmate work online, can you help.

  • rina

    I’m a Newbie. I did a lot of readings on line and got a lot of spam mails. Wondering for a $1.0 scam David is asking. Thanks to your info.

  • Lisa

    The only legit thing to making money is hard work sadly.

    As a math major I am highly amused by the lack of addition skills. It’s sad though they expect people to just be so amazed by the large numbers to not even bother to look into it.

  • msjr.1956

    I really learned a lot from you with regards to this scams proliferating in the internet. Once I have emails with scenarios like this, I immediately research on the subject and I am forewarned. If not for you, I would not have developed this intuition.


  • Bob Moore
    Bob Moore

    It is so refreshing to read your reports. I have one site, doing all the necessary work to get it going. It’s is a lot of work, more for me as a Newbie, although I’ve been at it now for 5 months. I’ve learned alot. But, I still look for solid reviews and information to increase my knowledge. Your site is solid and reliable. I’m working a second site, using the knowledge and tricks I’ve gained by pouring over tons of email offers and scams. Hopefully, it will pay off.

  • Peter

    Thanks for your Weekly Scam Updates. It’s refreshing to see that someone out there has the guts to put these so called “Gurus” in their place. You made me laugh when I read this report so I had to leave a comment. I just wish there was something out there that was legit.

    Thanks Again!

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