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60 Side Hustles for Men to Try

If you need extra cash but cannot commit to another full-time job, these 60 side hustles for men can be the perfect way to get the funding you need.

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Of course, since every person has their own life, profession, needs, and preference, this big list should give you at least a handful of options.

Side Hustles for Men Online

1. Get paid to listen to musicIt’s the dream job of music lovers!

2. Create cool stuff and sell it on Etsy – Etsy is the haven for creative people who creates all kinds of stuff from movie replica weaponry to paintings, sculptures, music boxes, pottery, jewelry, and much more.

3. Sell your services on FiverrFiverr is a good marketplace to dip your fingers into the side-hustling economy. You can start small here (yes, you can offer any service for $5…hence the name of the site). But once you decide to go big, Fiverr can also accommodate your growth.

4. Test sites for cashIf you have a background in web development, this seems like an easy job. Visit sites, observe errors, and report them.

5. Get paid to watch NetflixWho says being a couch potato won’t get you anywhere? These days, you can earn cash even while relaxing and streaming shows on Netflix. Note that you might not have control over what TV show, movie, or documentary you have to watch.

6. Lend your voice to advertising and other workIf you have a unique voice that you feel would sound good in ads, cartoons, YouTube videos, and other content, you could have a career in voice-acting.

7. Get paid to watch TVHere’s another watch-for-cash gig you can do if you want something that doesn’t need you to exert much effort.

8. Play games for cash – If you love Fortnite, go here. If you’re not picky with the game title you play, there are plenty of video game testing jobs you can do for side cash.

9. Write for someone elseIf you have a flair for words, beginner writers can expect to earn around $.10 to $.20 per word written.

10. Sell preloved items on eBay, Craigslist, and other online marketplaces – From baseball cards to VHS tapes and everything in between, as long as the stuff you have still has value, you can sell it online and earn cash.

11. Manage social media accounts of other people or companies – Almost every business these days has an online presence on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. And behind those accounts are real people who write posts, edit photos or videos, and answer inquiries from people. This could be you.

12. Create courses for teachersUdemy lets teachers and other educators help fellow teachers with ready-to-follow courses. If you’ve got the experience, apply with Udemy and enjoy its revenue-sharing model. You can get paid again and again as long as new teachers pay for your course.

13. Get paid for your musical abilitiesIf you’re a musician, you can use your skills to earn some serious cash.

14. Create memes for cashAre you always up-to-date with the latest memes? If you love pop culture and want to get a good laugh while earning extra cash, learn how to create memes in exchange for cash.

15. Make unique fonts to sellFor those with graphic design skills, making fonts is easy money these days because of technological advancements like drawing tablets and pens.

16. Get data entry gigsThis is a very in-demand job since it doesn’t really require a lot of brain power. But if you’re interested, click on the list of legitimate companies that offer data entry gigs.

17. Make up songs and get paid for themIf it’s easy for you to make a jingle or makeup songs, this is your chance to take your skill to the next level and earn from it.

Side Hustles for Men via Phone Apps

18. Drive kids around via HopSkipDriveEarn up to $40/hour + bonuses as a Care Driver who drives kids around on behalf of families who need assistance with picking kids up and driving them to and from school, doctor’s appointments, sports practices, events, and other afterschool programs.

19. Use Cashback Apps like Ibotta and eBatesSometimes, you don’t need to “work” to earn extra cash. You just need to change some things with your online activities and shopping habits.

20. Become a mystery shopper – The task is similar across market research apps like CheckPoints, Mobeye, Streetbees, Shopkick, Field Agent, Roamler, and EasyShift. You just have to check in-store products, check prices, inquire about promotions, grade customer service and perform other tasks requested by the business partner.

21. Get paid for your uploaded photosFoap and Snapwire let users upload photos and earn from them when someone buys the pictures. You can earn from $5 to $20 per photo this way.

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22. Become a GigwalkerDownload the app, wait for gigs near you and accept the job. You have control over how much work you want to accept or not.

23. Share your personal info, shopping history, location, etc. to get paid – Market research apps like MobileXpression, Neilsen, and Panel App pay you in exchange for specific user data.

24. Traveling somewhere by car? Download Roadie and get paid to transport itemsEarn $50 for local deliveries, but if you’re crossing states, you can earn hundreds of dollars to deliver heirloom furniture or other valuables.

25. Answer surveys on SurveyJunkieThis is the most popular survey app around. It’s an online market research community wholly owned by consumer insights platform DISQ. With SurveyJunkie, you earn $0.50 to $3 for each survey you take, and you can cash out via PayPal when you reach at least $5.

26. Do small tasks for points via InboxDollars and SwagbucksThe tasks here are easy, from watching videos to playing new game apps, anyone can do them during their spare time. The earnings aren’t big, but it’s cool to know you’re earning something even if you’re just fooling around with the app.

27. Got a truck? Become a Lugger and help other people move large stuff – If you have a larger-sized vehicle like a van or pickup truck, you can offer moving services to people who are moving houses. Apply to become a “Lugger” and accept gigs via the app.

Quirky Side Hustles for Men

Are you open to trying new things to earn money? These side jobs aren’t as traditional, but it could be a fun (and legal) way to earn cash on the side.

28. Get paid to lose weightMaybe you’re already planning to get rid of the last couple of pounds. This can be the push you need. Earn cash while losing weight.

29. Sell Feet Pics – This isn’t exclusive to women. If you have the confidence to model your feet, you can make big bucks selling pictures of your feet.

30. Get paid to cuddle other people – Not a gig for everyone, cuddling strangers for cash may sound weird, but it’s a legitimate side gig that some people enjoy.

31. Sell hair for cash – Got a long hair now that you wouldn’t mind cutting for cash? If you answered yes, click the link to learn how to sell your hair for cash.

32. Donate plasma for money – Save someone’s life while getting paid for your valuable plasma. (Warning: Not for those who faint with the sight of blood)

Side Hustles for Men in the Real World

For those who are willing to go out into the real world to earn cash on the side, these jobs (traditional and modern) are up for the taking!

33. Walk dogs via Rover – You can get paid up to $20 per dog, so it’s best to find as many as you can physically handle to maximize your walk.

34. Deliver Cannabis with Eaze – This California-based company hires delivery specialists to deliver cannabis products from a licensed retailer directly to consumers. You can make over $30 per hour across hourly wage, mileage reimbursements, and tips.

35. Flip furnitureDo you have carpentry, upholstery, and other similar skills? If so, you can buy old furniture, fix it up and then flip it for cash.

36. Get in line on behalf of other people via SOLD – Same Ole Line Dudes (SOLD) is a New York-based professional line sitting service, which charges $45 for a minimum of two hours of waiting in line and an additional $10 for every 30 minutes added to the wait.

37. Deliver Food for DoorDash – Most drivers can make about $20 an hour working for DoorDash.

38. Get paid housesitting – You take care of another person’s house while they’re gone. How easy can this job get, right?

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39. Drive for Lyft or Uber – Here’s a guide specific to making money with Uber, and other ways you can make money with your car.

40. Get paid to drink beer – Go bar-hopping and try out beer at an assigned location. Check out other jobs that you can do that involve drinking beer.

41. Deliver Amazon packagesWith millions of orders being processed in and out of Amazon warehouses daily, you could deliver goods to Amazon customers and earn about $18 to $25 per hour. Download the Amazon Flex app to join and receive bookings.

42. Offer mobile car detailing – You can do it on the weekend, or by schedule. Cleaning other people’s cars can give you up to $200/car, depending on the location and other factors.

43. Share your organizing skills – Do you have exceptional organizing skills? Become a personal organizer for people who need help and earn $55 to $100 an hour.

Business Side Hustles for Men

The following side hustle ideas can be turned into a full-scale business if you want to. You can also keep it small. It totally depends on how much you want to commit to these money-making opportunities.

44. Blog as a businessBlogs can have multiple revenue streams if you do it right. This guide should help you if you want to be your own boss and if you’re OK with earning months or years after all your hard work.

45. Open a travel agency Get to work from home and earn commissions by becoming an independent travel agent. You can also plan trips and earn money as a travel consultant or tour planner.

46. Become an online personal trainer – Although traditional personal trainers that go from one home gym to the next still exist, the potential of an online personal trainer business can be super-tempting for people who understand how they can diversify earnings this way.

47. Become a bartenderBartending skills can be learned after a workshop and practiced on the job. Earn up to $30 or more per hour. If you own a mobile bartending business, then your share would be 100%.

48. Turn your Dance skills into a businessFrom offering choreography services to opening up an online dance lesson program, your business opportunities as a dancer have never been better thanks to the internet.

49. Open a Pet-sitting connects pet owners looking for pet sitters, who are experienced in walking, feeding, and taking care of pets.

50. Become a Virtual Assistant – If you pride yourself as the Jack of all trades, you can be lucrative as a virtual assistant. There are different kinds of VAs with varying pay grades and job descriptions, so check here before embarking on this job.

51. Turn your car into an ad space – Car wrap sites like Wrapify, Carvertise, Nickelytics, or MyFreeCar will pay you up to $400/month if you end up wrapping your car with an ad.

52. Try your luck as an Influencer – There is no age or gender requirement to influence people online. If you’re an interesting person, you’ve got a unique skill and talent, or can entertain people on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you may have a chance at becoming an influencer.

53. Create YouTube or TikTok videos – Earning money from both platforms does not come overnight, but once get rolling and produce engaging content religiously, you can turn this into a lucrative business. Check out my YouTube or TikTok guide to get started.

54. Start a podcast – There’s a reason more and more celebrities are launching their own podcasts: if you do it right, your business can revolve on the podcast alone.

55. Build an agency from home – If you’re a copywriter with awesome editing skills, build a content company, hire other writers and offer your team’s services to clients. If you’re a web or app developer, hire programmers to help you with jobs you find for the team. Find the niche based on what you know and turn it into a full-scale business from home. It’s possible.

56. Turn your place into an Airbnb – If you can rent out your place to tourists and other people who need accommodation every weekend or every time it’s free, you just need to keep your home guest-ready and post your home on Airbnb.

57. Invest in learning Affiliate marketing – This is a massive business that requires a lot of reading, planning and “doing.” The good news with affiliate marketing is that if you commit to making it work, the rewards you reap will equal to the work you invested.

58. Sell services on UpworkUpwork is similar to Fiverr, except most Upwork jobs are more long-term that you can actually make a killing doing it full-time.

59. Begin a Beekeeping businessIf you have a lot of free space at home, you can start a beekeeping business and earn from honey and other byproducts.

60. Start your own brewery The rise of craft breweries and brewing communities all over the country has made this business an exciting one to start. You have to be passionate about brewing first, so you can enjoy your brewing experience every step of the way.

The Bottom Line

The cool thing about the side hustle ideas above is that you can mix and match them to fit your schedule.

Need more ideas? Here are 100 more no-gender side hustles for everyone.

If you’re financially stable, but need a side hustle that would bring rewards in the long run, you’re looking for passive income opportunities.

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