I wrote a post regarding a little data entry scam called FromHomeDataEntry.com a little over a year ago. Since then, my warning has risen to the number one search engine result for FromHomeDataEntry. You search Google for that term and my site will appear warning you that it’s a scam and THEN their site appears below mine.

I must have foiled their little scam somewhat, because they’re back with a new site and I fully intend to take over the number one result with this page once again. The new site is called SecretHomeDataEntry.com. They aren’t the most creative bunch for sure. They changed their name and are using a different design, but not much else has changed. These are still the same scammers behind FromHomeDataEntry and they still do not pay people to do data entry.

Don’t Work for SecretHomeDataEntry.com

SecretHomeDataEntry promises to pay you $10 per “data entry” assignment you complete for them. You can start out with a free account and perform 10 assignments for a total of $100, but for some reason, you cannot request a payout until YOU PAY THEM to upgrade your account to a “pro” account. This costs at least $24.95 with an “unlimited” account costing $49.95.

Unfortunately, after you complete your assignments, PAY THEM to upgrade your account, and become eligible to receive a payment, you’ll be notified that your work was not sufficient, that significant errors were still found, and that your work contract will be terminated. This means that you will not receive a payment for the work you performed and you can no longer work for them. They rob you of your upgrade fee, close your account, and kick you off the site. You basically pay them money to kick you in the ass.

I wrote my review of FromHomeDataEntry back in 2009. Since then, I have not found ONE single person who has been paid by these scammers. Every single story is exactly the same. Users pay to upgrade and then are immediately denied payment and their accounts closed once they request a paycheck. Past members have even been threatened by owner “Tina Cooper” for harassment for repeatedly asking for what should be rightfully theirs.

You can read my full review of FromHomeDataEntry.com by clicking here. Remember, it’s the same company running the same scam. They just changed their name.

If you pull up the Whois records for both domain names, you’ll see the following information for both:

2701 California Avenue
Seattle, WA 98116

In fact, SecretHomeDataEntry is even listed as being hosted on FromHomeDataEntry’s servers. It’s disturbingly obvious this is the exact same company running the exact same scam.

Stay away from SecretHomeDataEntry.com

Your best bet is to just stay far away from this program. You’ll lose your $50 and you WILL NOT be paid for your work. Help me spread the word so I can top them once again in search engine rankings. You can bet I’ll be sure to top their next scam as well.

If you’ve had a run-in with either company, please share your story in the comments below!

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  • Sharrion M Hodges
    Sharrion M Hodges

    I to myself have made a upgrade to the website for the 49.95 and did my assigments. i contacted Plimus.com which is the company the that processes your credit card info, I told them how I found many people who have had the same problems and stated even though I did my assignments and tried to contact them thru email I got no responce. But as soon as they contacted them they told them I didnt do the assignments correct. So I told them well let me redo the assignments they said ok. But when I tried to get back on they kick me off the site. I just got off the phone yet again with Plimus and got my refund, if you have paid contact Plimus and get your money back.

  • michelle

    I joined this program because it has a 5 star rating. however that must be wrong to because I did the free ones they gave me and I upgraded to the $49.95 one time fee so that I could get paid for what I’ve done. And guess what they have disappeared.I have not been able to get on their site or contact anyone.I did send them an email through one that came from them last week and they (whoever they is) said they are having tecnical difficulties and would be back up on friday the 4th of Nov.This is the 7th of November 2011 and I still can not get on there.

  • zulfimack

    Dear Steve thank a lot for overall backup & support for exposing these thieves.

    You are kindly requested to visit my country any time any day and you will be guided accordingly as Sri Lankan’s we would never tend misguide nor cheat a potential friend and a guest like you.

    May God Bless you your humble site


  • zulfimack

    Dear Steve kindly post this hope we all could get all the legal subscriber’s who subscribed to secrethomedataentry.com to fight back on this project for individual rights and claim including the subscribtion’s etc, etc..from whom it may concern…

    Still that fromhomedataentry.com is existing with user login prompt

    The rogue site secrethomedataentry is down – google you will find the truth they might be somewhere lurking beneath the surface for further exploit however there some evidence of their physical evidence is there for legal apprehend.


  • zulfimack

    Greetings from Sri Lanka

    Hi Steve

    Thank you for support and the advice via my mail.

    Steve, I am still looking for a LEGITIMATE work at home help. We are sinking fast as a freelancer.

    Please help me to get something potential for survival in Sri Lanka

    Thanks and God blsss your efforts to help me and others like me


  • zulfimack

    First it was the overall support of https://ivetriedthat.com/ this site will be my heart and sole although there were slight disputes with my comment..

    Second it was me who brought up the whole issue into a blog light….thanks goes to all dedicated one’s supported on behalf of my pledge…

    Third the worst part is I was not able to recover my job completion as a premium member which I am entitle for a payment of 1000 $.. for 100 job,survey assignment done…

    Still struggling hard on this topic and I am protesting upto the local usa embassy to apprehend the company and the rogues involved for my claim…

    Kindly all user’s who have worked for that secrethomedataentry scoundrels kindly update in here https://ivetriedthat.com or to my special blog site at http://www.secrethomedataentryscam.wordpress.com

    The damn site secrethomedataentry.com seems to be down these few days…

    Your support and co-operation is highly appreciated.

    With my best regards to https://ivetriedthat.com and all the dedicated staff.

  • brendt

    thank for your statement atleast you warned us, that the site are scam, I almost complete the assigment and upgraded form platinum..

    It is a big help to the other…

  • Jaishri Nair
    Jaishri Nair

    Thanks a lot Steve , I just happen to come around this site today and got registered as a free member and even completed a few forms too , but before upgrading I just checked in Google search and read your ad. Thank God I was saved from loosing my money and wasting my time.

    Once again Thanks to you !


  • Lynn

    Hi Steve

    Thanks a lot for the information. I was on the verge of registering as a free member but my suspicious nature caused me to search for a scam report. I’m very glad to have found “I’ve Tried That”.

  • Elizabeth Robson
    Elizabeth Robson

    I joined this site and completed 200 assignments. I requested payouts and never got any. Now they are saying my assignments were in violations of their terms and conditions. So i get not a penny. I would advise anyone to keep away from this site.

  • Solomon

    Thanks a lot for a job well done, i’ve registered as a free member, just about to pay to upgrade my account, and i saw your ad, thanks a thousand times. Please if you know any legitimate online data entry job site please place it on your site. Thanks and God bless you.

  • Gnana praakash
    Gnana praakash

    Thanx much.. i joined as free member, then search in google about its scam or good.. finally from ur site i got information tat its scam network.. thanx take care ….

  • sibi

    Thank you for the info. Please keep up the good work. God bless.

  • Emily

    Thanks Steve so much, I just had an encounter with that site just today and was about to start on it, thank God I read your ad. You’re such a blessing!

    Do you know any site which offers legit work and pay? I really do need it.

    God bless.


  • Vincent

    To think I wasted my time completing their “free membership” assignments and was about ready to upgrade today. Thank you very much for your report, I do not even know how I came across it, because I was actually looking to login to my account to ascertain the upgrade amount when I saw this report.

    You just saved me an aweful amount of time and money.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Alexia

    About 2 weeks ago I signed up with this site as a free member. That’s all the further I’ve gotten. Periodically I get emails from this “company” asking if I’m ready to upgrade yet. Yesterday I replied to their email with a pretty firm tone. They replied yet again trying to reassure me that all is right with them. They almost had me convinced but I will not be upagrading my account. Their claim is that it costs them a lot of money to acquire these assignments for their members which is why a free member can not use the “earnings” from a free account to upgrade.

    Thank you for the useful information.


    Thank you so much for this info. I just joined in this site as free member today. Don’t stop guiding new Internet Marketers like who wants someday to earn online. Let’s fight against these scammers.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Ron

    Thanks. Happy to read this site and review. Almost got in…

  • okeke

    keep up the good work Steve.

  • Terry Deamron
    Terry Deamron

    Hi Steve

    Thank you soo very much for your scam reports.

    Steve, I am still looking for a LEGITIMATE work at home help. We are sinking fast since I lost my job.

    Please help us to get something quickly Steve.

    Thanks and God blsss your efforts to help me and others like me


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