How would you like to have a prebuilt website that automatically generated hundreds of leads and thousands of dollars in commissions? Well, such a thing doesn’t exist, despite what The North American Loan Network might say.

The North American Loan Network Scam

This scam is fairly simple, yet could cost you thousands of dollars. A representative from the NorthAm Loan network will approach you with the idea of setting up a website for you in order to generate leads for mortgage companies. For a whopping $495, they will build the website for you, but you need to spend the time and money on advertising it in order to gather leads. For every successful lead you generate you will be paid between $5 and $100.

This begs two questions:

  1. Why don’t they just make websites for themselves and keep all of the money they generate?
  2. Why does it cost that much money for a prebuilt website?

I think you know the answer to both. The guys behind the Northam Network are only seeking to steal as much money from you as possible. Should you choose to pay the $495 start-up fee, you’ll be delivered a website that does not work. You’ll then be notified that your website is suffering from technical difficulties and performing poorly, but there is an advertising package guaranteed to bring in the sales or your money back. The cost of this advertising package can run upwards of $7,500!

At this point, you would be out $8,000 and you would have little to show for it. I’ve looked into a number of testimonials and people report that they did generate a couple of leads here and there, but they never came remotely close to making back their investments. Avoid the North American Loan Network and any site that promises big returns with little or no work for that matter.

Actual Customer Testimonials

I was later told that I would need to buy one of their advertising
packages at the not-so-reasonable cost of $5,500 (that was with a $1,000 discount if I signed up for the package that day!). I wasn’t about to do that so they ended up discounting it and guaranteeing me that I would earn the $$ back quickly.

I was then called by George Alberts (ext 1028) who GUARANTEED me that I would start making money in 7-10 days and that within 120 days if I didn’t make my advertising money back that they would REFUND the difference and that any interest charges I might be charged on my credit card would be refunded as well!

Company said that I would be making 50-55,000. a year referring people to my website. They did make me a nice website but, a couple day’s later,thay called me and said that I had to give them an additional $6,500 so the could upgrade my website.

I am sooooo glad I called the Attorney Gereral’s Office. They informed me that this company is a big hoax. I could not stop payment on the monies I had already gave them, but I did file a grievance with my bank. Hopefully, I can get my money back.

I was wondering if anyone found a way to get our money back. Besides the original $195 sign up fee, I was suckered into $8900 for internet advertising, search engines, targeted visitors etc. I did it in a rush because I was leaving for Florida for a business conference for my regular job. They even had me call my credit card to pre-approve the $8900 – which by the way was a bargain cause the usual price is $14900. I have called my coach, Matt, 5 times since I’ve been home and get a different sob story each time why he’s not there every time with a promise for a call back which I never get.

Now, I’ve tried searching for successful refund stories, but have yet to find one. I did find this phone number 1-866-400-2997 but I cannot confirm whether or not that will get you in touch with someone at the company. Have you had any experience with the North American Loan Network or were you able to successfully process a refund? If so, let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Andrea Gilgulin
    Andrea Gilgulin

    Wow, amazing that they can con people into handing over such big monies. I would never spend more than $5( the coat of a scratch ticket,lol) with out doing a through search first. I hope these people can get some of the money back!

  • John Carpenter
    John Carpenter

    Surely the not even uninformed could fall for that.That’s way toooo much money.

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