Yesterday, we covered the FTC’s crackdown on known scams around the web. Today, I have to warn you about a new scam that utilizes the same techniques as the ones shut down by the FTC. It’s called Twitter Profit House and it could cost you a lot of money each month.

Is Twitter Profit House a Scam?

The landing page isn’t much to look at. There’s a bunch of text making claims that users have gone from not know what Twitter was to making $9,000 using it within the first month of being a member at Twitter Profit House. There’s some talk of filling out online forms and getting paid to do so. It sounds like your typical data entry/rebate processing/affiliate marketing scam. How they work Twitter into it, I’ll never know. I can’t speak much for the actual content you receive when you sign up for the “free” offer because I never signed up. Why? Mostly because there are $109.98 in hidden fees that will be charged to your credit card until you decide to cancel your “free membership.”

That’s right. Here are the terms and conditions you’ll be agreeing to if you sign up with this program: The 7-day trial period begins on the date your order is submitted through this website. Following the 7-day trial period, the credit card you submitted will automatically be charged $99.99 for monthly membership access to the Twitter Profit House Resource Center unless you cancel. If for some reason you were signed up for the Search Engine Pro Course, you’ll be charged an additional $9.99 per month for access into this program as well.

My favorite part of the landing page was the text that said “As seen and trusted on*” and then listed the LA Times, CNBC, CNN etc. Unfortunately, there was no footnote explaining the asterisk so I can only assume the footnote would say something like “*Okay, well we were neither featured nor proved legitimate by any of these news outlets but hot damn, could you imagine the amount of money we’d sucker out of people if we were!?”

I’m not giving these guys my personal information and you can be damn sure they aren’t getting my credit card information as well. I can’t afford to track down and fight any hidden fees that could be charged to my account and I’m sure you can’t afford them either. Stay away from Twitter Profit House.

Get a Refund from Twitter Profit House

Call 1-888-822-4507
Or email
Or visit the Twitter Profit House contact page.

I called the number and a computerized voice told me to visit a website in order to cancel my membership. The thing is, the computer cannot pronounce the website’s name clearly and I have no idea which website I’m supposed to visit. I called back three more times to try and guess the correct name, but I cannot make out what the voice is saying. A customer representative picked up almost immediately after the recording was over though. The support line was open and there was no wait time.

Make it very clear that you no longer want your monthly membership and wish to cancel any additional services on your account. From looking through the Terms & Conditions, it looks like you’ll be signed up for the Twitter Profit House Resource Center at and the Search Engine Pro Course at Be sure that both of these memberships are canceled or you will be charged $109.98 every month.

I’d like to now make it perfectly clear that we are in no way affiliated with Twitter Profit House. Please do not email us asking for a refund from this program. Contact the phone number above for a refund. Do not email us! We did not take your money.

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  • Michael

    Well, this is no joke. The letter, with a link to the page, was on “craigslist.” Things were exactly as described in this story, with the “As seen on CNN” and others. A comment mentioned being charged by club “888” and the google scam has a link to club “777.” Terms and conditions do say that they and any affiliate can charge the card on record for goods and services. Also insists that charges not disputed within 10 days of being charged WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.”

    I saw the Craiglist ad and immediately thought “.99 cents for information on how to make all that money, FANTASTIC! I’m in”. Then, after having jumped so quickly(Unemployed now for five weeks/House, two cars, wife, three kids, and one dog, all on a quickly sinking ship) I saw a link to this page. I am always the one to catch the scam except this time however, the end is not yet written……

    Keep up the good work. Now I have some to do.

    WATCH FOR IT!!!!!!!!

    &&&&&”GOOGLE PROFIT HOUSE”&&&&&&&&

    It’s a scam!

  • Ness

    Twitter Profit House are BIG SCAMMERS. They not only charge you $99.99 and then $9.99, they also sell your name and card number to other companies and you end up getting alot more charges.

    In addition to the $99.99 and $9.99, I was charged $29.99 by Club 888. I was monitoring my card charges so I immediately called them to cancel any membership I have with them and asked them to cancel any place they’ve signed up my name to, plus they have to refund all the charges with the exception of the trial charge of $1.99. Which they did. I also had to call Club 888 to ask them to cancel whatever membership they have for me since I never signed up anything with them directly. They told me when i signed up with them as well when I signed up with Twitter Profit House.

    Ok now, to my knowledge I have cancelled all membership possible with Twitter Profit House affilites that I don’t know of, then just recently about 29days after, I got a charge of $19.99 from a company I don’t know anything about. I had to wait for the charge to clear so I can get their phone number on the details, then i called them. This company is called Identity Theft Services with no website. So how could I have signed up with them if they don’t have a website I asked the rep, he said they also represent Twitter Profit House, and they got my information from Twitter Profit House when I signed up for the $1.99 trial. Can you believe that, so now I demanded that they refund my money back to my card, which they initially refused, then eventually they did.

    I called Twitter Profit House again and the rep I spoke to completely denied they have any connection with this Identity Theft Services company. I had to immediately cancel my card and ask for a new replacement with different numbers, just to stop any future unknown charges from Twitter Profit House and affilites.

    So this is a caution to anyone who decides to sign up with Twitter Profit House. BE CAREFUL, avoid them, if you’ve already signed up with them, monitor your card charges and call for refunds, and insist on it. You don’t want to delay too long to cancel any membership.

  • John

    Marion and William – you need to contact the company and make 1 reasonable attempt to get them to refund you. If they do not then contact your bank or credit card company and get them to do a chargeback:

    Then file a complaint with the FTC at

    If the FTC get enough complaints they will investigate and can take legal action if they decide that the company has broken any trade regulations, for example by using deceptive advertising, not disclosing the terms and conditions clearly, etc.

  • Marion Gast
    Marion Gast

    I want my money returned to my check account, all 109.99 . As I feel you people are scammers , and this is a rip off. from seniors on fixed income. Marion Gast

    • Joe

      Marion, you do realize we didn’t take your money, right? We’re warning readers in this post NOT to sign up for Twitter Profit House.

  • william white
    william white

    Want my bank account debited back the 1.99,99.99 and any other monies that were debited from my account unathorized by me.

    William White

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