Quick Summary of Binary Bank Breaker

Rating: 1 A near perfect replica of another Binary Options system that also scored 1 out of 5

The Good: None. Zero. Nada.

The Bad: Nothing is real about this system - in fact it's a duplicate of another scan Binary Options called Legal Profits

The Bottom Line: This system is pie in the sky, only offering hype and BS! If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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Binary Bank Breaker Review

Today’s review revolves around a Binary Options system called Binary Bank Breaker. The sales pitch is an overblown hype-fest that is typical for Binary Options programs.

As well as that it seems oddly familiar.

Without further ado, let’s find out whether Binary Bank Breaker is a system to jump on or one to jump out of the way of.

The Pitch

The main focus of this video is to push the idea that you can make ridiculous amounts of money in a short space of time, with zero skills.

Of course, that’s a pipe dream: there’s no way to make a lot of money without hard work, sweat, tears, blood, experience and a healthy dose of luck.

That doesn’t seem to stop Binary Bank Breakers from stating it can make you $199,435.75 in profits in 60 days (over $1.2 million a year) with barely 5 minutes of work a day…

“I guarantee you have never heard or seen anything like this before”, well that’s you’re guarantee broken, because something about this video gave me a sense of déjà vu. I looked up some of my previous reviews and wham, I found another product called Legal Profit that uses a very similar video.

That product also says it uses a “legal spying algorithm” and many other similarities. I am positive that Binary Bank Break is actually Live Profits version 2.0, with many of the errors attributed to Live Profits (such as the stilted script) having been improved in Binary Bank Breaker.

I gave Live Profits a rating of 0 and something tells me Binary Bank Breaker will not fare better, even with an improved script!

The video moves on and Stephanie joins us, and walks us through some of her “live” trades. There is no evidence that this lady is a real life user of Binary Bank Breaker, it I more likely she is a hired actress from Fiverr.com as the audio and speech patterns are just a little bit too polished to be natural.

The narrator returns and states his name is Carl Taylor, a man who has allegedly been teaching people to trade for the past nine years and now wants to be philanthropic and teach everyone to trade.

He promises that you too can make profits of thousands a day, in fact he ensures you that you can make $1125 per day.

Binary Bank Breaker before lunch

From there he discusses how Binary Options is the best way to make money online and disparages both Forex (rightly so) and affiliate marketing.

Apparently this software is so good you can never lose money, quite the opposite you can make over $2k in 15 minutes!

Does this sound too good to be true? Yes! Does this sound familiar? Yes!!

Just like in the original version, the video states how the software uses unique “4d algorithms” and a direct connection to banks servers to provide an unparalleled view of emerging trends.

Binary Bank Breaker 4d

Binary Bank Breaker connected to banks 2

Total load of crap.

Forgetting the “blind them with science” use of 4D algorithms, there’s not a chance that any bank anywhere would allow traders direct access to their computer systems: security issues and fraud would ensue if they did!

On an on the spiel goes with more and more words and statements that make little sense, while still instilling the sense that this software is an 100% guarantee as apparently the trades never lose…

Inside Binary Bank Breaker

After signing up to the system, I was not surprised to see yet another form asking me for more information, as well as screenshots that show so called proof of earnings. None of this information could be independently verified, and I’m quite confident that it is all doctored information.

Once past this area, you will need to provide your credit card details in order to make a deposit. This part is where the affiliate behind Binary Bank Breaker needs you to take the plunge, as only then do they make money.

The deposit form is secured with SSL (HTTPS) technology, which seems valid. My concern with this site is that the deposit doesn’t go through the Binary Bank Breaker site, nor does it go through the Binary Option broker’s site.

Instead it is routed through a different third party site called Binary Promos. I’ve seen a lot of Binary Option systems do this lately but when visiting Binary Promos website it does not instil any confidence or even tell you what they do.

As such I wouldn’t put my card details anywhere near them, as I cannot confirm their trustworthiness (and fraud is prevalent!).

Binary Bank Breaker never lose money

The bottom line

I gave Live Profits a 1 out of 5 and as Binary Bank Breaker is a virtual copy of that system, I will also give it a 1 as well – mainly because I can’t give 0 as a rating!

As with Live Profits, absolutely nothing on this website seems genuine, nor does anything instil confidence for either making money or handing over credit card details.

My advice is to avoid Binary Bank Breaker.

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