Quick Summary of Binary Hijack

Rating: 0.5 The system equates binary options to gambling- then tries to claim it's different.

The Good: The most truthful portion of this scam was when the voice-over announcer said, "Stop for a second and realize how impossible it is to build a "software" that can accurately predict whether a stock will end up positive or negative in 60 freakin seconds! It is, absolutely, Impossible..."

The Bad: Complete sham intended to make you lose money not just with one broker, but several.

The Bottom Line: Don't bother with this newest binary options trading scam. Don't bother with any binary option "offers" while you're at it. Check out our #1 recommendation on making money online instead.

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Binary Hijack Review

Binary Hijack starts off with a real whopper: “Nick” wants to give you $2,550 every hour by “hijacking profits straight from the bank!”

binary hijack3

The introductory video to Binary Hijack goes back and forth between saying you will make $2,550/hour and $2,550/30 minutes. Needless, to say, you will make a load of money-somehow.

Why is Nick giving you all this money? Apparently, he’s got some kind of personal vendetta against rich folk- specifically those that operate banks (aka casinos and brokerages).

Nick asks you to input your full name and email address into the form below the video- this way, he can run a quick “background check” on you and make sure you’re not one of the “fat cats” he’s got a personal gripe with. Fortunately, when I input my own contact information, I was “verified” as OK and allowed to see the next 28+ minute video.

I found this entire ruse laughable because both of these Binary Hijack videos are available on YouTube to the general public. There’s nothing top secret here.

Incidentally, here is the purported Nick himself, in the flesh. This guy/actor has a scary intensity that made me think of the Unabomber.

binary hijack1

What’s the back story on Nick’s vendetta? Apparently, this guy made over $8 million at nationwide casinos by making the odds somehow work in his favor at games that had a 50/50 chance of winning/losing. Nick did not count cards and the exact method he used is never actually explained.

Naturally, the casinos he was frequenting grew suspicious and started escorting Nick out the door as soon as he showed up. Some casino bouncers escorted Nick to the basement of the building, where he was beat up and coerced to give up his gambling strategy. Luckily, Nick never cracked under such pressure- but he did get upset with the casino administration.

Eventually, Nick’s winning reputation prevented him from entering any casinos. By that time, he’d already won over $8 million…but he now had a chip on his shoulder and wanted more.

Enter Binary Hijack

Nick noticed that binary options trading also operated on a 50/50 odds ratio, so he developed a software program that would enable its users to win against the bank. Nick “brought in 5 different MIT graduates” and made them a deal: whoever could incorporate Nick’s casino winning strategy into a software platform for binary options trading would walk away with $100,000 in cash.

After 14 days of being MIA, the 5 MIT graduates returned to Nick’s home. They also brought a server with them that contained the software. Nick handed them a “Louis Vuitton bag filled with $100K in 20’s.”

This amazing software puts the odds “forever in your favor” because it enables you to win more and lose less. So, according to Nick, if you make 100 trades at $10 each, you win $15 per win but only $5 per loss.

Somehow, the software also enables you to win your “bet” when there is a trade “push,” meaning that you keep your money on a call/put trade that is neither higher nor lower than what you predicted. In contrast, brokerages traditionally classify a no change trade as a loss and take your money. This is also why Nick says that traditional binary options trading doesn’t have 50/50 odds and is actually rigged against you.

Only 100 79 100 spots left!

Naturally, Nick can’t have everybody using his amazing software. If he did, the brokerages would catch on to this trend and shut down the operation. Also, because Nick’s software hacks into bank systems and redirects “push” (i.e., a no change trade) money into your account, it’s technically illegal.

So, Nick can allow only 100 traders to use his software. Again, this is a fairly ludicrous claim given that all the Binary Hijack videos are posted on YouTube and the spot counter renews itself when you hit the refresh button.

The same thing happens when you move forward to the Binary Hijack registration page. I let the “timer” run down to 0:00 and was still able to enter the broker area.

binary hijack registration

Nick ingeniously suggests that you register and trade with several of the banks that Binary Hijack matches you with so as to not arouse suspicions. He encourages you to trade small with several banks after making deposits of $200-$300. The banks in question are brokerages like CiTrades and BeeOptions.

Why would Nick suggest that you open as many small accounts as possible with his recommended brokers? The answer lies with Clicksure, which will start offering Binary Hijack as an affiliate product this coming Wednesday:

binary hijack2

So, if you open several binary options trading accounts, Nick (and associated affiliates who “recommend” Binary Hijack) will earn several commissions from the brokers.

Is Binary Hijack worth your time?

Short answer: NO!

From what I’ve seen so far, I conclude that Binary Hijack is a scam software system intended to get you to sign up to unregulated overseas brokerages. Once you do, you will have a hard time withdrawing your funds. As for the software itself, I seriously doubt it exists and can “tap” into banks/brokerages and skew the odds in your favor.

Besides, if such an amazing software system existed, why would those MIT graduates just leave it in exchange for a $20K split per person?

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