I really dislike Binary Options products, because I have yet to find one that is not a scam. However, I am sometimes impressed by the site maker’s ingenuity. That’s precisely why this week I want to take a look at a product called Interstellar Profits which is currently doing the rounds on the internet marketing mailing lists.

The Pitch

The sales page amazes me with how blatant its lies are.

Let me give you a little bit of info before I lay waste to the deceits that are spread on this page. I live in the middle of nowhere; the average population is less than 100 per square mile which is quite sparse.

As such you can imagine my surprise when I read on the site the following:

  • A Beta tester group made $223,578.68 in just over a month and it was still rising!
  • That multiple users from my little locality were online right now making money, watching the video and downloading things.
  • How “complete newbies” in my little town get paid an average of $187,651 per month!

This really bends my mind, because the actual likelihood of that happening when the population is less than 2000 people is incredibly unlikely.

In fact, on reviewing the code, they have simply found my location via geo-location and stuck in my town’s name. No matter where you are from, you will see the same information, but with your locality instead.

Interstellar Profits

This is just fake, simple as that.

The money being earned “right now” is just a number generator that even resets once you reload the page.

The testimonials are fake and use stock photos (thanks Google image search!).

The pitch makes reference to the fact that only 2 licences remain and you must sign up before the timer. Oh wait, if I refresh the timer refreshes.

Do you see what I’m getting at here?

If a sales page is lying to you, do you really think the end product is going to be as good as they say it is?

The Video

The sales pitch also contains a video which is basically scripted nonsense, trying to lead you down the path to sign up for this software. I especially liked the “phone call” to David in the United States, the narrator’s voice didn’t change one bit, and it simply didn’t sound like a phone call – everyone uhms and ahhs especially in normal conversation, there was none of that.

I could go on I really could, but the video was 35 minutes long, and I know that neither you nor I have the time to waste on this.

So what is it?

The actual product is some special software that will allow you to improve your odds when doing Binary Trading. Apparently it has a 92.1% success rate as it has been specially made to beat the odds.

The reality is that this software is not specially made for you by someone who wants to make you rich. It is in fact made by the trading brokers to whom you will sign up to if you decide to go ahead with this.

As such the software is not unbiased.

Once you get past the first page by handing over your email address, you then need to fill out another form and finally you are passed over to the broker.

Surprise surprise you need to then deposit money.

The licker here is that the person who created that ludicrous sales page will get a commission off of the money you deposit.

That alone is the sole reason they created the page. They have never written a line of code that went into the software, the brokers provide that software as a hook to catch someone with a juicy fat wallet.

Can you make money with Interstellar Profits?

With this “product”? No as there is no product, it’s merely a way to get you to the broker to sign up.

You can possibly make money with the actual trading, but there is an inherent risk associated with it.

Interstellar Profits

The only broker? Perhaps it’s because its the brokers software….

I tend to lump Binary Options trading in with gambling: you can minimize your risk by being knowledgeable but you are still betting money and chancing that you can make it back.

The other concerns is that the brokers often take a fee (15% with this broker) and they are normally outside of US jurisdiction (this one is in Gibraltar) which makes complaining and resolving that complaint very difficult.

As such you need to bet big to actually profit and that again puts you in a a difficult situation should you lose.

If you are trying to make money online, then you probably don’t have money to spare.

Would you consider learning how to play poker and going to Las Vegas to make enough money to pay your rent?

I doubt it.

Therefore why would you try to learn binary trading and risking your money to pay your rent?

The Bottom Line

Avoid this product, as all it is trying to do is to get you to put money in the broker’s hands. There is no magic software, just luck.

Unless you have experience and knowledge of trading (in which case why are you looking at this?) or are willing to spend the time and money to attempt to learn it (in which case you have money to burn already), avoid this system!

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