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Checking Out 7 Figure Profit Code

Today I’d like to tell you about a system I recently came across called 7 Figure Profit Code.

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Hopefully you’re here learning about this system because you have doubts, but even if you’re excited about it I’m glad you’re doing your due diligence.

Bad news however: 7 Figure Profit Code is not to be trusted!

This system is also being pushed as the 7 Figure Cash Code and while they are slightly different, I’m convinced they are effectively the same product.

Let’s see what else isn’t ringing true.

What is 7 Figure Profit Code by Michael Grayson?

Honestly, I’m not sure. Like all the best scams out there, the sales pitch for this system tells you a lot about dreams and potential profits but fails to provide any details on what the actual system is about.

This is really very worrying as you will be basically buying into it based on nothing but the words of a salesman.

Would you buy a car without checking the specs and seeing that it runs? Even a toaster you’d at least see how it works in theory, even if you can’t toast some bread.

7 Figure Profit Code gives you no indication of what it is about and that is a huge red flag.

Seven Figure Profit Code are you feeling lucky

Or not…


Megan earned $1,117.79 and says she’s nervous as never recorded herself on video before. Obviously that’s not true as here gig page advises she’s a professionally trained actor and an award winning public speaker. It would be hard to have those accolades and have never recorded a video before.

Seven Figure Profit Code testimonial megan

The other testimonials are also just by paid actors.


Apparently Seven Figure Profit Code is reserved for only a handful of people and the video will be taken down at midnight.

Seven Figure Profit Code scarcity

This is clearly not true! I can guarantee you the video will still be there tomorrow, the day after and really for as long as the people behind it can leave it up for.

This sort of scarcity trick is purely designed to make you rush your decision believing you only have a short period of time to take action when in reality you have all the time in the world to assess the merits of the system.

There are other mentions of scarcity throughout the video such as the video being taken down mid-stream, but these should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Michael Grayson, Pseudonym

Seven Figure Profit Code michael grayson

Trust is very important in business, and knowing who you are dealing with is pivotal to knowing if you can trust them.

With big businesses it relies on brand awareness, but when a business puts forward a spokesperson you expect them to be real.

That’s why it’s important to do your research because the person supposedly behind 7 Figure Profit Code, Michael Grayson, is a fake.

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The image shown is a standard stock photo image and I doubt the person narrating is anything more than a paid voice over either.

Add that the following:

  • there is no information about the company whatsoever
  • the only contact details is an email
  • they have hidden their details on their domain

This means they are not being open about who they are, where a legitimate business would have no issues telling you about them.

Fat Bank Balances

The narrator, Michael Grayson, shows you several different bank accounts suggesting that this system has made him a multi-millionaire.

It looks impressive, but what does it really show? How do you know that that money was made with this system? After all you only have the word of someone hiding his real self to go by.

Seven Figure Profit Code balances

As well as that, how do you know the figures haven’t been manipulated? It’s really very easy for someone with basic web skills to make a web page display different text, including bank balances. Just because it shows it in a screen shot does not make it real!

The Terms Say It All

A businesses terms & conditions can be an eye opener if you take the time to review them.

First off, whatever promises 7 Figure Cash Code suggests about earnings they state this in their disclaimer:

Whatsoever CLAIMS MADE OF genuine profits OR cases OF real outcomes ARE NOT representative or typical. YOUR degree OF SUCCESS IN accomplishing THE RESULTS laid claim IN OUR MATERIALS depends upon THE TIME YOU dedicate TO THE curriculum, IDEAS AND methods referred, YOUR funds, cognition AND assorted SKILLS. Because THESE components DIFFER ACCORDING TO persons, WE can’t warrant or guarantee YOUR SUCCESS OR revenue LEVEL. NOR ARE WE accountable FOR ANY OF YOUR activities.

This hard to read text basically says that they guarantee nothing and are held liable for nothing.

Then there is the fact that your personal details will be shared:

We share your information with third parties who deliver the products and services you have requested. These third parties may not use your information for any purpose other than assisting us in providing those products and services.

We may also use your information to contact you about other products or services available from third parties. We may also share your information with third parties who may contact you about their products or services.

The bottom line here is that this means your details will be sold to other marketers (and it’s usually only the bad ones that buy these things) meaning you’re open to be being emailed, written to and called to be sold things, and probably quite often.

No Money Required

According to the video Michael is not going to ask a single penny from you today, not one cent!

Sadly, that’s not true. By the end of the second video you’ll be asked for $67 in order to purchase the system.

Seven Figure Profit Code not one penny

Not just one penny, but 6700 of them!

The idea behind this statement on not one penny is just to help convince you to move forward in the sales funnel and hand over your email address.

No Experience Needed

Another red flag here is that you can get started with this system and potentially start earning hundreds, if not thousands of dollars within a week or so with zero experience.

There is no job or system or anything that makes that possible.

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All the successful business people and marketers you see out here have put years of effort, learning, mistakes, sweat and tears into their businesses before becoming successful.

If you think that you can make all that money within 7 to 14 days by working just 15-20 minutes a day then you’re deluding yourself.

The Bottom Line

I can’t say 7 Figure Profit Code is an out and out scam because I didn’t waste my money buying it.

I’ve seen this sort of scam sales page time and time again and the while formula of big promises, extravagant earnings claims and nothing in the way of real evidence points to one thing and one thing only: it being a scam!

They sell you on the idea of being rich. That’s it. There is no substance here. They want you to get your credit card out so they can label you a buyer. You are literally paying for the privilege of being upsold more bullshit later on.

I would strongly recommend that you avoid 7 Figure Profit Code.

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  1. I signed up through 7 figure and have since had no contact with you regarding any support that was promised. I have paid additional setup fees and am very concerned as to whether it needs more work if the support from you is in place etc etc. It is up and running but I was under the impression I would have support. I now have a substantial amount invested. Please contact me and provide the support promised. Your customer thanks you.


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