I’ve seen products that are similar to one another before. There’s nothing really wrong with being unoriginal. When writing this Cloud Millionaire Review though, I suddenly realized that I had reviewed an almost identical product before.

I recommended that people should stay away from it, and I’m going to give the same recommendation to this one. It’s just not worth your time.

What Is Cloud Millionaire?

These products are always built around the same thing. They hype you up by repeating how much money you’ll earn over and over again. In the case of Cloud Millionaire, you’ll be earning $1,000 a day. Doing what? Well that’s a good question.

The general pitch is that by tapping into the wonderfully named “Profit Cloud” with your free ready-made “Profit Optimized Website,” you’ll make millions.

That’s the general principle.

All you have to do is download some free software and you’ll be set!

The man speaking (who is unnamed) is saying that yesterday (and presumably the previous three days) 20 people joined him and are already on their way to enormous wealth.

Today is the final day, so you have to act fast….

…but wait..this video has been the same for weeks already, how long is this final week going to last?

The Profit Cloud

If you sit through the waffling about how much money he makes, how much you can make, and why he wants to help you, you’ll eventually be told about “The Profit Cloud”.

He called it “The Money Cloud” in his previous crappy product launch, but for this one, he wants to do something he’s never done before (apparently), so he’s changed the name.

Apparently, this profit cloud/money cloud/magical creation is responsible for 91% of Internet traffic and online purchases. If you know nothing about the Internet, you might think it sounds plausible, but if you’ve used the Internet before, you should know that this is a complete fabrication.

This product really is aimed at people who know nothing about the Internet. He says he will make you a “money optimized” website that will “exist in the profit cloud”.

There’s no such thing as a profit cloud, so there’s no way you can just put a website online to exist in one. It’s ridiculous.

So What’s The Point Of All Of This?

Maybe you’re thinking “If all of this is a load of rubbish, then why has he bothered to go to these lengths?”

Why indeed!

Yes his “software” may be free, and he will help you out for whatever pointless reason he gives you (it varies), but all he is really interested in doing is getting you to sign up for hosting. It’s the same as before.

“In order for this magic bean website to work in the imaginary cloud, you’ll need hosting”. This is where he points you to his super-hi-tech hosting package which will cost you a few hundred dollars to set up.

You sign up because you think the fee is nothing compared to the $1,000 you’re expecting to earn.

After that, he earns your money, and gives $150 to the affiliate who referred you to this “free” program, and you never make a dime.


Ah well, maybe next month he’ll launch the “Digital UberMega Cloud”, and you can try again.

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  • Susan Onisko
    Susan Onisko

    I was just ripped off by MOBE! I paid them $49 and they never done anything! money is very tight for me! I have lung cancer now and I need to make a lot of money on or before Dec. 2nd for my Grandkids. Plus my animals need things as well as I need a spine surgery I need 20,000 co-pay! Please help me! I used to start up my businesses and made profit within the first year! then I would find a family who needed financial help and gave them my business. I did! I am also a Ordained minister. Thank you and god Bless you! Sue Onisko

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