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  • frank

    Im looking for legit income online
    I’ve fill in my credit card details & email it to internet profit but it wasn’t accepted because
    Then they say I didn’t fill in all the blocks & my phone not correct now that I read what you said about this internet profit I want to know if it went through &if how do I stop it luckily there is no money in my credit card account & can it go through if it wasn’t accepted & can it be stopped

  • Smith

    If at any time a company(or person)ask for either money or a credit card for any type of job, SCAM is written all over it. When you go on a job interview (internet-less), the interviewer does not say you are hired now give us your credit card or $$$$$. Geez, I feel so bad for those that fall for these scams. The only people making money are the scammers.

    • Alex

      Actually there is a job like that. Car sales, and life/ health insurance sales, for the latter you would have to pay around $300-$500 before you can actually work.

    • Donna Smith
      Donna Smith

      In reply to “Alex says” I called my Ins agent and asked her if she has ever paid to be able to sell Ins (she does Full Life, Term Life, Medicare/ Health Ins, Prescription Ins and more) and she related to me she has never paid for the job of selling Ins. She works on commission now as she works out of home but she told me years back she worked in an Ins office and at the at time never had to pay. I worked in the Auto Ins business and can insure you I never paid for a job. And being my brother is a car salesman I can assure you he has never paid for his job. Don’t know where you live but I am assuming it is not the US. Or you or your friends are being scammed. Of course as many times as you have answered this site I think you may work for it or own it. Either way your are very incorrect to tell people that.

  • Daniel

    This scam is actually a pyramid scheme, you refer friends and family to increase your standing within the pyramid. After some “suspicious” business decisions, the people within the bottom of the pyramid is bankrupt (i.e your friends and family) and you in serious debt. Not only are do your friends and family now despise you but you’ve racked up a large series of debts. STAY THE **** AWAY!!!

    • Smith

      In the USA a pyramid scheme is federally illegal whether on the internet or not. For this to be running as long as it has it seems it may be coming out of another country that our government/police system can not combat (or just maybe the correct authorities have not been contacted, and yes they can be tracked). I do believe in freedom of the internet but at the same time I feel countries should try to help the world to combat this. Lost cause. Ahh, and to think we are all human with some of us missing a working brain part called empathy.

  • Deb Miller
    Deb Miller

    As I have always been taught, if it’s too good to be true it is!!!!! Simple math…….. :)

  • Spencer Thomason
    Spencer Thomason

    This scam is being promoted by “Jean Bennett” through a fake Facebook page ( The profile picture is actually a photo of actress/singer Hilary Duff. I have reported the page.

  • Hossein

    It is absolutely scam, rubbery, stealing money.
    Do not ever try it, just be careful, there is small written of term of service, no one will notice that.
    I did not notice that term of service, because it was so small written, and I did not pay attention to that.

    I just saw there is $ 1.95 for their services, and I even did not used their services, but they are charged my credit card for another $ 29.95, never ever trust these people, just be careful.

  • choco

    thank God i almost sign up! you guys really save me from lots of troubles and losing some bucks. i intend to gain money, not to lose to some scammers. thankz guys…..

    • Sadia

      Yooo I signed up and they called me right away, Now they keep calling and are not leaving me alone!!! Thank GOD I AM SAVED, He was talking me through how to put my credit card info and just before I clicked save I ended the call and thought to do some research and found this!

  • Jennifer Botes
    Jennifer Botes

    Is this the same thing all over Facebook currently . Fell for a skincare sample now out of pocket with little recourse and had to cancel my cr cards. Thought Facebook would be more vigilant in the way they manage this.

    • Chris (p)
      Chris (p)

      Sorry to hear that you got caught out, but how do you think that these social networking sites make their money?
      They compile (using clever computer algorithms) information from postings, cross referencing it so that stuff that’s written about you by others, even without giving a full name, can be identified by various similarities and references.
      The raw data is then sold to the data list agencies to sort, before selling it to businesses and any other interested buyers. . . . . like spammers. (Have you never noticed that friends who refrain from using social networks get far less spam than those who use them all the time?).

      Chris P.

  • Matthew Markovich
    Matthew Markovich

    Thanks for this. I’ve learn my lesson many times over and still fall for it. Now the BIG question – how do we know this isn’t a scam also?
    You say Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal. Does CONSUMER REPORTS agree? CNET? BARRON’S? FORBE’S?
    How do we know YOU are the real deal?
    just sayin’

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Do any of those sites even cover Internet Marketing training products? Wealthy Affiliate is free to try. You need a name and an email address to get in the door. They don’t pull any of this hidden billing BS where you magically get charged hundreds of dollars for a free trial. They give you all the info you need to get started and then let YOU decide if it’s right for you. So, yes, it is the real deal. You are more than welcome to try it out, for free, and make a decision yourself.

  • Rose

    thanks for this informative site, was seriously considering jumping on this bandwagon until I researched your site. Still need financial help though, is there a legitimate website that someone knows of? Thanks, RR

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Hey Rose-

      We have found the best program for beginners to learn how to build a business online is Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been a member there for 6 years now and it gets better every day.

      Check out my full review of it here:


    Thanks dude i just about to sign up but as i seen the credit card credential i just check online and get the truth from you.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Glad to have helped.

  • kasy

    God bless you! I was sure it is scam. But all coments was so positive. Its great that people acrualy leave truth comments. Thanks

  • Yuu

    Thank you very much for the info! I already got the feeling that it was a scam after knowing how much money we could earn every day. But maybe because I’m a jobless and pretty much need a job and money, this “what if it’s really true?” thought came across, so I decided to give try. I filled up the information form since it says it’s free but after realizing that I also required to fill in my debit card number I decided to do some searching and found your post. It saves me! and clears my doubt about this too good to be true way of earning money at home. Thank you! ^_^

  • Andre

    Thanks for the post and to all those who commented as well… almost applied…and I’m based in Germany…imagine the craziness that I would’ve had to go through if I DID order it and wanted to cancel it before they got my money :) Thanks again!

  • Jim

    thank you ALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!! i waas just about to sign up for this scam and my wife told me to do some research and i found this site…..THANK GOD AND ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!

  • Darcy

    Hmmm. If it sounds too good to be true…..well, you know. Thanks for the comments and info.

  • Mike

    People who have been scammed on this site should call the FBI so they and investigate and hopefully put someone behind bars

  • Abg

    Hi All,

    I almost sign up. Thanks for the alert. Cheers

  • Chris

    I am 51 years old and are looking for an additional income.
    The “post a link” and make mega bucks sounded to good to be true. If something sounds to good to be true IT IS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE!
    What is the physical address of these unscrupulous gold diggers?
    Is it a Company (Pty) Ltd, Sole Proprietor or Partnership.
    The moment one can not see who is “getting in bed with you” DO NOT get in bed at all.

  • Enhle

    Oh my God I signed in just now and please help how do I cancel this thing.

  • Aspire

    I just fill up my information on which I click from I give them my personal info and then they ask for my credit card number but I did not give them .. Thanks God I open your website

  • Renewed

    The FTC has just found the The Tax Club, the entity that owns The Home Income Profit System and many other scams, guilty of scamming thousands of consumers of millions of dollars.

    First paragraph of the article:
    “Federal Trade Commission halted the allegedly deceptive practices of two schemes that targeted consumers hoping to succeed through home-based businesses. The defendants behind both operations have agreed to settlements that will prohibit future misconduct, and in the Tax Club case, they will surrender assets valued at more than $15 million.”

    Check to whole article directly from the FTC website:

  • 63 Marine
    63 Marine

    Where is the FTC in all of this????

  • herbert j
    herbert j

    i LITERALLY was about to sign up this morning. thank god i read this. thank you, to all of you

  • Beth

    I was taught at a young age, never ever ever pay anyone to start a job, then when internet and all came about, my mom added and never pay anyone on internet for a job. Jobs don’t cost money when they are legit period. We as grown adults every where should know this, your online already do your research first, time saves you money, being impulsive spends your money. None of this is to sound mean, it to out this in your head, it is so you will put this out there for others. Let’s get this stopped, by warning others and getting young people smart about this now, like I was, I have never been scammed by these jobs, b/c I was taught young, but were never to old to learn, we learn something new every day right, right!

  • Swarupa

    Hi, I am Swarupa from Bangalore, India. I have been trying to find a genuine money making jobs through online, but I am disappointed. Please help me with this. I am not looking for ‘get rich in a night’ type of jobs, but something from which I can make some $800 to $1000 a month. And I am ready to work hard. I would really appreciate your reply.

  • Donna

    I was tempted to buy it too…every time i closed the browser the sign up fee became lower and lower. Glad I didn’t do it…thanks for this website

  • saif

    you saved me pal!!!!
    hah took out my debit card and then gave a 2nd thought to verify it on google!! it looks so authentic.

  • Randy

    Whew!!! That was close. Almost fell for it. Thanks to all for the feedback.

  • M. Jimp
    M. Jimp

    About to register, thanks for your info. But please is there any genuine ones to earning money without charges? Please tell me.

  • Jem

    I signed up for the scam for “only” $5.69. I checked my online banking after reading this and found that they had charged me for the $5.69 as well as $87.73. I went straight to their site and left a scathing message for them advising them to credit it back to my account or I would be contacting the authorities. I guess I should also contact the bank and ask them to block them from taking money. Does anyone know if there’s a way for the bank to be able to stop them from taking my money but still allow them to credit it back? Not that I expect them to actually do it but if they do it would be nice to get that money back. I just lost my job and $87.73 may not sound like much but to me right now its everything.

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