I’ve received a number of emails asking about a company called Beacon Construction. These guys have been particularly busy with their email campaigns. I decided to take a look at the job they were offering. It didn’t take me long to draw a conclusion.

Despite Beacon Construction’s best efforts to look legitimate, it only took me a few moments to spot the scam. These guys pulled out all the stops. They have a professional looking website, lots of information available, and even links to a BBB profile. Unfortunately, the “job” they’re offering is still a scam.

Special note: This is NOT the same company as the Beacon Construction Group (BCG) found at beaconconstructiongroup.com. BCG is a legitimate company.

The Beacon Construction and BeaconUSco.com Scam

Here is the email currently being sent out…


Our Company is delighted to offer you a position of a Subsidiary
Manager. We are all excited about the potential that you carry to our
company. We plan to set up a small subsidiary company in your area and
that is why we are looking for Managers.

Our company is a mid-size company based out of North Palm Beach, FL.
Beacon Construction is a State Certified General Contractor (#CGC
1512140), State Certified Roofing Contractor (#CCC 1328234), Building
Inspection, Mold Testing, Remediation and Consulting Company. Our
mission is to provide every client with an experience of honesty,
quality, integrity, excellence, attention to detail, on time
scheduling and guaranteed workmanship all at an affordable price. Our
knowledge and experience is not local, but global.
Our website is: http://www.beaconusco.com

You will be organized as an exempt executive-level W-2 employee. Your
initial compensation package includes a monthly salary of $4500 and
commission on top of it, full medical and dental coverage through our
company’s employee benefit plan.

Description of the position:

* Manage business (a business will be created for you at our expense)
* Organization of payoffs straight from clients to employees by
bank wires and money transfer systems (a business bank account will be
set up with our assistance)

* Performing administration work
* Ordering materials and supplies
* Advertising the company in local newspapers and magazines (at our expense)
* Scheduling payments and meeting the deadlines as per invoices

This is NOT a francise and you do NOT have to pay anything to work with us.
You’ll need to find an office for rent and undergo a 2-week probation period.
The training period lasts for 1 month with our Project Manager who
arrives to train you.

Please, complete the form on our website if you are interested in this
managerial position:

If you meet all of our minimum qualifications, you can expect a
response from us within 48 hours of my receipt of your registration
(except for Saturdays and Sundays).

Thank you again for your interest and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Stacey Friedman

Stacey Friedman | Manager | Beacon Construction |
Ph: 561-459-3790 | Fax: 800-520-6078 | s.friedman at beaconus-mail.com

Evidence This is a Scam

All of the evidence you need is right in the job description. There’s one single line that stands out that immediately points this out as a scam:

* Organization of payoffs straight from clients to employees by bank wires and money transfer systems (a business bank account will be set up with our assistance)

Any company that requires you to handle their money, and either accept or send money via wire transfer, is 100% always a scam. Real companies DO NOT hire random people to accept payments on their behalf. No company is going to be okay with a stranger receiving large sums of money that is owed to them.

This is a payment processing scam. Participating in it will cost you thousands of dollars and may even cause you to lose your identity or get in trouble with the authorities.

If that’s not enough, the domain name “BeaconUSco.com” was registered just 9 days ago on November 21st. By a guy named “Robert Haise” and it was registered to this address: “59 Avenu. New York, NY” Yes, that is the EXACT information used to register the domain name. The website itself is actually hosted in the Ukraine.

Finally, the text posted at BeaconUSco.com was stolen word for word from a number of other construction websites. It seems they overlooked quite a few things.

The Bottom Line

DO NOT work for Beacon Construction and BeaconUSco.com.

Click here for more information on how the scam works.

Follow this one simple rule: NEVER accept a job that requires you to handle someone else’s money. If an “employer” want you to receive a check and forward the money elsewhere, it is 100% guaranteed to be a scam. Every. Single. Time.

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  • Jessica Burke
    Jessica Burke

    Thanks for this info. I just received a very similar email & I thought the same line about payoffs was a red flag. The other red flag was the contact email address being a gmail with a nondescript handle dj57973@gmail.com.

    I also searched the company name to find that the few times they actually do do construction work, that itself is a scam. Would you happen to know how we as folks who’ve been contacted by these scammers can report them?

    Thanks again. I’ll be posting this info on my FB for friends to be aware of.

  • Guest

    This scam also uses the following fake company names and websites:

    Mr Handyman Services

    Cameron Constructors

  • TG

    Glad I checked, and glad my “bullsh*t detector” is still working nicely, as I felt like something was very off about this when I got the email just the other day.

    Its also good to see that this site is just underneath their website itself when you do a search for it. That will help keep people informed!

  • Shana

    I recieved the same email with a number. I looked up the number and it was registered to a cell phone in West Palm Beach. I called the number and a woman with a foreign accent answered the phone, she sounded uncomfortable and the only answer she would give is either YES or NO. I dont trust them……..

  • Janice Heck
    Janice Heck

    I received this exact email today; the first thing I did is to find information on the company (not using their website. Like you, I thought it looked “odd”. I appreciate your blog; if you ever wonder if what you’re are doing makes a difference?..It does, stop wondering!!

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