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Duped by a Magazine Salesman and My Experience with Unlimited Sale, INC.

Yes, I’ll admit it. I was duped into ordering a magazine subscription by a door-to-door salesman yesterday. Man, I hate rereading that sentence, but it’s true. Here’s what happened.

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The Oh-So-Friendly Knock

I was getting ready to go meet some friends for dinner last night when I heard a knock on the door. I assumed one of my friends decided to meet at my place first and I opened the door to an unfamiliar face. Before I could even get a word out Mr. Salesman had already begun his pitch.

Immediately, he started explaining his life story to me and how he wanted to go back to school to become a sports announcer and magazine sales were helping him achieve his dream. I told him that I wished him luck, but I wasn’t interested in any magazine subscriptions. Frustration swept over his face and he went off on how he was a top-seller and was only a few hundred points from winning a trip to the Bahamas. I again told him good luck and no thanks, but that wasn’t about to deter him.

He asked if he could write down my name and address so his boss knew that he was out trying to get subscriptions. I was in a hurry to get him out of here and started telling him my name when he cut me short. He needed something to write on. I turned around to grab a notebook off of my kitchen counter. I grabbed it and turned around to see him sitting on my couch. He said he could just use the table here to write as it would be much easier.

Okay, now I’m a bit creeped out. This stranger is in my apartment and isn’t very good at accepting no.

He wrote down my name and address and started his pitch again. This time he handed me a list of magazines that were available and told me to look through it. I again told him that I didn’t need a magazine but instead of acknowledging what I had said he asked me what type of music I listened to. I was a bit thrown off and regrettably replied “Rock.” And thus the final attempt at his pitch began.

“The Rolling Stone would be perfect for you,” he told me as he started rattling off prices. Initially he wanted me to sign up for 4-years for $125, but since “he liked me” he offered me the two year price at $52.00, which is still a ridiculously inflated rate.

It was about this time that I had found the cancellation instructions on the back of one of the papers he had handed me. Armed with these, I decided to play his game to just get him the hell out of my apartment. He was ecstatic to hear me agree and informed me that “you’ll be saving over $50 on the cover price when you order through us!”

He then informed me of a $15.00 “processing fee” as he handed me a $67.00 bill. I wrote out a check payable to the company listed on the order form and sent him on his way.

It had been a very uncomfortable fifteen minutes.

Immediately after he left, I started to Google as much information about the company as possible. I stumbled upon hundreds of complaints at Rip-off Report with claims of being charged and never receiving any magazines. The two companies in charge of handling magazine subscriptions are the Pacific Coast Clearing Services Inc. and Unlimited Sale, Inc. (253)851-8414 located at 5775 Soundview Dr., Suite 103C Gig Harbor, WA 98335. I quickly called Unlimited Sale Inc. to let them know that I had changed my mind about the order. They told me to mail away a copy of my receipt and assured me that the check would not be cashed.

A word of advice, if a kid comes to your door trying to sell magazines to win a trip or further his or her education, cut the conversation short and get them on their way as quickly as possible.

So, here I sit anxiously checking my bank account every 15 minutes to make sure that the $67.00 I sent away doesn’t leave my bank account. I don’t have much hope at this point. I’ll let you know of any further updates.

Leave a comment below if you’ve had an experience with these people or if you know how I can definitely get my money back.

38 thoughts on “Duped by a Magazine Salesman and My Experience with Unlimited Sale, INC.”

  1. Hi! I have not read all of these comments. but I recently did the same thing. i also noticed on the receipt that there is a 25 dollar fee for returned checks. I did cancel my check the day of, so im worried theyll charge me…will they???

  2. just called and canceled my card and will be issued a new one with no funds removed. like i said, no big deal since this is a prepaid type debit card.

  3. exact same thing just happened to me moments ago. young kid, program points and story, and a promise to donate magazines to USO, offered towalk me to the ATM. there was NO WAY i was gonna give her a check let alone cash even though i had both on hand. i knew it was likely a scam but i believe in karma and that my trying to help someone who is deceiving me will return to that individual negatively three fold. i gave a prepaid debit card number to some lady. i will be taking all my money out at the ATM except for the 65 i was charged (to not risk fees) and i will be at the post office tomorrow to mail in this return slip. if i get the money back, fine. if not, oh well. like i said, karma is a bitch. this kid is hustling and i have to respect the balls to go door to door as i would never do that. besides half the info she took down was wrong. I was at my BF house so they have this address for my card which is not the billing address. she took down the wrong address to start and i didn’t correct her. wrong phone number. and my junk email address. i gave the right card number because i didn’t want a fight with a lady on the phone in case she could instantly verify. so, again. we all get duped. i knew what was happening. i’m just too nice to slam the door on someone’s face and again i can remedy the situation easily enough by calling the card company or removing the excess funds from this card. God bless to all of you who set out to do some good for someone else. may you be blessed in return =)

  4. Same story happened to me just hours ago! A team of two young guys came to my door, said they were part of the Pacific Coast Clearing Services program and that they were trying to earn points to get a trip somewhere. I asked if it was through school, and they said No, the program was for kids between high school and college who aren’t really sure what they want to do yet.

    He said the only way to help them earn points was to order some magazine subscriptions or books. They took down my name and address on their little receipt thing IMMEDIATELY, even before pitching the magazines! They were super talkative and friendly and easygoing, so I was like what the heck – sure I’ll help you out. I agreed to get ONE magazine subscription – 27 issues instead of 36. They wrote out the receipt, kept telling me how awesome I was for being so cool, asking me questions about what I do for a living, what i do for fun, etc, etc.

    The subscription was $51 plus a $15 processing fee that they didn’t tell me about until I had to sign the receipt. Luckily I agreed to pay in cash (and they had LOTS of change). They said they earn more points if you pay cash, and even MORE points if you go to the ATM to get cash; and they’ll even walk you there. WTF! I paid them, said good luck, but felt weird about it. They left.

    I immediately went back into my house and looked up the company online. Found tons of info about it being a scam. Then I realized that the magazine subscription was for THREE years – at almost DOUBLE the price elsewhere. Scam! Luckily they were out talking to my neighbor, so I caught them before they left and demanded a refund. They solemnly accepted and gave me my money back. I dodged a bullet there!

  5. i just got a job offer to work for the magazine salesman. they told me that every third of their profit will go to the troops which i believe is a good cause. apparently they have been looked at by the irs and everything is legit. i just wanted to do some background on mag scams to see what it was about.

  6. The exact same thing happened to me today. I called my bank and put a stop on the check, but the penalty fee from the stop payment is almost as much as the check I wrote out to the scam artist. I am a disabled old woman on Social Security and it was a very nasty thing for this young man to have done.

  7. I mailed in the cancellation form yesterday and just talked to my bank to put a stop on the check. I’m worried that he could buy things online and use electronic check to pay for them.

    Did you end up cancelling your account or did you just keep it?

  8. I followed the cancel instructions on the back and I received my check back in the mail a few days later with a giant void stamp across the front.

    Luckily I wasn’t charged for anything.

  9. uhh same exact thing just happened to me today except he said if he won he would be headed to Ireland and golf for 10 days. I filled out the back of the receipt he gave me to cancel the subscription 10 min after I read this . I’m going to call my bangk first thing in the morning to put a stop on my check. should I cancel my account period since he has my account and routing number? I would like to know if they tried to send the bill to collections after you put a stop on the check and if you’ve gotten money taken out randomly from them. I’m freaking out :-( and totally feel stupid.

  10. People, If you want to not get taken advantage of by door-to-door salesmen, then don’t put out the sign that says, “Take all of my money, please.” By this I mean, the sign that says, “No salesmen.” When a good door-to-door salesman (oxymoron) sees this, it basically tells him you can’t of don’t know or won’t say no to any and all offers and so you depend on a sign to say it for you. This is as dangerous as cutting yourself and then going for a swim in shark-infested waters. Thanx-Been There, Done That.

  11. Heh I just got one of these today. Glad I got rid of him quickly.

    The little bastard acted like he was a poor minority trying to make his way through college, then was rather rude at the end about me denying him the educational opportunities that had been afforded to me (note I’m a minority as well).

    I figured if he was smart enough to get into college, he would have taken out a student loan like the rest of us.

  12. So after reading all these posts i realize that i just got caught up in the same Damn scam. I am calling my bank first thing in the morning to stop payment, but my biggest concern is that they have my routing number and account number on my check. Has anyone had any problems with any other withdrawls or transactions that you havent made maybe from the people running this opperation? I would like to know for my own security. And this will be the last time my door will open for a stranger.

  13. So a young guy knocks on my door and I foolishly open it. He looks like a college student talking to me about how he is in Mass Communications and they are doing a short comment form and magazine subscription sale to “improve his public speaking”.

    He first asks me to start to fill out what I later found out was the receipt to the magazine subscription which I reluctently do, first+ last name, address and cell #. I then notice a place for a signature and immediatly I am thinking “now what in the hell is this for”.

    I ask him and he says that is for the magazine subscriptions, taking the receipt from my hands. He presents to me some magazines and asks 3 times if he can come inside to write on his litle tablet and receipt… all 3 times I said no….

    (this entire time I have the door cracked so he can not see inside my apartment) I explain that I do not have the money to donate or purchase a magazine due to it being near christmas time and I am short on money after buying christmas gifts… of course he didn’t take this as a good excuse…

    He offers to pay $20 out of pocket for a magazine for me, he says just so he can record the sale and get the points for himself… I still decline…

    He then tells me to write “void” out over my name/address and phone number.

    I ask him for both copies of the receipt and he tells me “See, I can’t give you that due to if I am missing the receipt whether it is written on or not, I lose $50 per receipt”. To me this was complete bull**** and I was angry. He left after that and went on to my girlfriends apartment the next door down, but sadly she did not get my phone call and signed the same thing I did BUT THANKFULLY she did not pay anything.

    I am just worried now that they have my name / phone number / adress because honestly I thought that it was a setup for someone to try and rob me, “scouting” the place out ahead of time before the college christmas season.

  14. my poor husband being the nice guy he is fell for this scam. I was upstairs taking care of our new baby when i came down their they were on my couch. I was totally sketical but my husband said we could call the phone number and canel the order and the kid would still get credit for sale. Thats what he was told anyway. I called the number they said the order could not be canceled by phone and that we had to do it through the mail though you only had 3 days to get it back to them even then it said you have to wait 3 months for your refund to be mailed back to you. So its been six months from then and we still have no magizes and are still 65 dollars short. What a rip off. I only wish I had come down sooner instead of when my husband was already filing out the form. Oh well lesson defintaly learned by him.

  15. and if an agent seems to want to come in or wants something to right on its a way to “get in the door” which make it feel closer to a sale like if they let u inside then they most likely will buy. but as a good agent if they are really good they wont even want to come inside they are good enough to get u to buy in just a few minutes. so if you dont want a mag dont let them in. or if they are rude to u haha you can tell them to take it deep! its a mag saying and they know what it means!

  16. well being a ex mag agent is what we are called i apoligize for the pushy kids but PCCS isnt a scam i worked with them for 4 years and was a top sales agent who won a trip to hawaii (where i live now) i won a trip to las vegas too. mistakes on address and how you pay for mags depends on when u get them. if you do buy mags do check with the bbb and pay close attention to the recipes it does say mags take up to 120 days for the first to arrive. however working their for four years the company does higher basically anyone so often people do get scamed and are treated rude by an disgruntled agent. but their are good hardworking people that do sell mags door to door and it is a great way to see the us and meet all kinds of cool interesting people i loved doing it but am VERY happy i dont have to do it to make a living now !

  17. So what did you end up doing? I’m curious as the same thing just happened to me. I don’t know whether it is worth the risk to cancel my check (the bank only cancels it for only 60 days when you read the fine print) and be out of $34, mail in the little yellow slip to cancel my order, or to just wait for the magazine. Has anyone actually experienced losing money from their bank account for more than the check you wrote out was worth? It makes me scared just thinking of what might happen.

  18. Just to follow up on my last entry… I used the number you provided in your entry, poor Steve. It announced itself as the Pacific Coast Clearing House, one of the premier publishing distribution companies, blah, blah, blah. It then sent me through a menu, to my irony. Two of the choices had to do with refunds and when the subscription should arrive. There were two others that had to do with swapping and customer service. I chose #8, customer service… at 5:53 Central Time. Lo and behold, I was told that the customer service department was closed because the regular business hours were from Monday through Friday 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM. Pacific Time is only two hours behind Central Time. I called on 04 June 2009, a Thursday, 3:53 Pacific Time. Buyer beware!!!!!

    A word of advice to those unfortunate… high pressure sales are high pressured for a reason. High pressure sales usually have the intent of duping the buyer. High pressure salesmen are either oblivious to what they are doing or are perfectly aware that they intend to screw you over in the interest of their own wallet; either way, you will ultimately assume responsibility for everyone’s poor judgement. When someone you don’t know shows up unexpectedly at your door, expect a high pressure SOMETHING, whether it be a sale or a religious lesson. Don’t ever let your guard down and always realize that the friendly smiles are cover for true intention.
    In this day and age, you need to protect yourself. There are ever- increasing ways for people to scam you and if you follow this rule of thumb, you will most likely keep yourself safe: don’t give out any money or intimate financial information to people or businesses that you don’t know. Your personal identity is the most precious thing you have. Protect it like you would your family. You can always refuse to give this information… it’s much better dealing with the temporary disappointment of a potential criminal than to have to deal with years of trying to prove you are yourself. It’s kind of like being stopped on a dark road by an unmarked car with a red light on the dash- you are not obligated to stop if you think that stopping would impair your safety- drive straight to the police station for confirmation. If your inquisitor veers from your course, you’ve just saved yourself.

  19. I just had an experience with two young men today. I was told that they were working on a points program that would help them out with $5,000.00 toward their entrepenurial dream. They were at about 67,000 and they needed to get to 100,000. I figured I’d give a listen and see what they were about. One boy was a redhead, about 230 lbs and maye 5′ 10″. He was the quiet one. The speaker was approximately 5′ 7″, 150lbs., short brown hair, and electric blue eyes. They were both pleasant enough so I invited them to the back deck (which is Gator orange and blue- the short boy made quick mention of the fact he was an Ohio State fan… I let him know that I wouldn’t hold that against him because we kicked their #sses) and made sure that my dog was with us. After about 5 minutes of being buttered up, I was told that they sell subscriptions to magazines. Fair enough, I asked them how much they were- I’d figured I’d spend $20.00 in support. I was told that it depended on which magazine I would want, so to pick out two magazines. Okay, fair enough. Then they started filling out these little reciepts with my info… stupidly enough, I gave them my name. Then when they were filling out the sheets, the speaker then gave me a yellow sheet of paper to have me chose my “free gift”. I picked one, and then was given the reciepts after they were done filling them out. I was told that I had 10 seconds to figure out the acronym at the top of the receipt- ” T.A.M. and G.B.Y.” I was told that if I guessed correctly, they were obligated to wash and wax my truck. I took a guess- “take a minute and go blow yourself” is what I came up with. He told me that it actually meant Thanks a Million and God Bless You, but that he and a friend of theirs said they had a version that was very close to mine… take a magazine and go blow yourself. I like mine the best, because it is perfectly fitting for this situation. I was also given this shred of sticker with yellow highlighter on it to stick on my door. When I asked what it was, I was told it was a “bug off” sticker so that I wouldn’t be harangued by the droves of teams just like him that would knock on my door if we had a sale today. Slick. I was told that for the two magazines I picked out that the total was nearly $150.00. When I asked when this was due, I was told today. That’s when I let them know that this would be a problem… I mean, come on! We are in the midst of a recession, the worst in my lifetime. To compound that, I was injured by my doctor two years ago and lost my livelihood as a result… and openly told them so. I told them that I would need to call my husband about this, as I would need to talk with him. I just wasn’t ABOUT to spend that kind of money on magazines without consent… and frankly was hoping that they could hear the resounding “No” come through the phone. I’d also told them that today of all days, my husband took my checkbook- and that’s the absolute 100% truth! They waited while I made my phone call. He didn’t answer. I came back outside armed with more questions, because I had them. I’m not too easy to scam, even if what you’re offering seems to be on the up and up. I asked him more about pressing skateboards- that’s what he said he wanted to do. He almost seemed impatient that I didn’t know what one was, or what it looked like, just like a few other times when I asked him to clarify what he was saying because I couldn’t understand his occasional mumble… this is when I started noticing more closely that he was just scrawled with homemade tattoos (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE tattoos that are done well). These tattoos looked like the renderings of a very troubled young man who had engaged in self- mutilation at one point or another- the lines of his tats were inconsistent and looked as though they may have been done on an Ecstacy binge… you know how they kind of disappear into their own everything feels good world and they start waving their arms around in psychedelica? That’s what these tats looked like. In reference to one tattoo I’d seen, I’d asked him if he was Jewish, because of the six- pointed star on his left calf. He said that he was. I asked what the numbers below it meant- there were three single digits. He said they were numbers that he made up for his family. He was wearing flip- flops with big, craggy foot and toe callouses and dirty, uncut toenails. The more questions I asked, the more his true nature showed. The redheaded boy was just as quiet as a church mouse. I told him that I couldn’t get in touch with my husband and tried one more time, to no avail. After the second attempt, I told them that I was being open and honest with them, that I wasn’t yanking their chain, but that I would not be able to explain to my husband a purchase of magazines that was so pricey. The little one then said, “Here, let me see that receipt.” I gave it to him, he crossed out something, and gave it back to me and then said that he would “give” me one of the subscriptions and that all I would have to to was pay for 1/2. I explained that this was still $72.00 more than I ever planned on spending on magaizines. This is when he offered me 3 options to pay… cash, ATM, or pay by phone. I told him again that I could not do this without my hubby’s consent. He then had the nerve to characterize my husband and say to me that he was sure that my husband wouldn’t mind supporting the young entrepeneurs of America… then went on to say that maybe one day my son could come to work for him making boards and that my daughter could work for his friend who wanted to be a photographer. At that, I told them that I don’t want my children working for anyone but themselves, sorry…He told me that if I decided against the purchase that I could cancel the sale within 3 days. I told him that that was not my style, and that if I buy something, I’m not in the habit of canceling sales, so, no, I wouldn’t be doing that- and if I did, I would earn myself an #ss chewing for the next week ( and if I did, I would SO deserve the chewing) Then he tried to ask me how old I was… I told him “alot older than you”, and he said, ” Okay, okay- maybe you’ve heard of this saying then- and he spouted one that I can’t remember ( I was incredulous) and then said, ” In other words, oatmeal is better than no meal.” NOW WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN in relation to his trying to have me succumb to a last minute, high pressure sale? So I told him that I AM eating oatmeal. That’s when he told me that all he was doing is trying to do was to support the future entrepeneurs of America and that’s why he gave me the three payment options. That’s when I told him all I did was live in my house today and never imagined that I would be asked to spend an astronomical amount of money on magazines. Our discussion was promptly ended after that, with Mr. Stimpy Blue Eyes turning grey. He and his friend shook my hand and wished God to bless me. The nerve. I could’ve been Muslim, Hindu, or atheist. Oh- when they knocked on my door I was told not to worry, they weren’t on a religious mission or anything. I could have been a witch to him at that point and given them a very pointed piece of my mind, but figured it was easier to just let them walk away without my money. Achoo, thank you.
    My advice to the company that sent these boys to my front door ( Pacific Coast Clearing House in Gig Harbor, Washington… near the Sonic at the bottom of the Green Bridge, according to Ren and Stimpy)… there has got to be a better way to sell your wares than to place people in potentially dangerous situations. You never know, Ren or Stimpy could have a record I don’t know about, and then again, I could’ve been one of those Texans just itching to defend their home with their 1st Amendment rights. You are playing a dangerous game to sell magazines and send young ones out on a wild chase after $5,000 and a trip to Australia. P.S.- Appearing clean and non-criminalesque should be a part of your dress code. Achoo again! Gee, thanks.

  20. Steve,
    This is exact same scenarion happened to me yesterday. I was in my driveway getting ready to leave. A boy named John Warrington walked up my driveway. Showed me some identification and told me the whole story that you explained above… almost word for word. I luckily did not let him in my house, but as soon as he left I realized what I may have done. I called my bank 3 times yesterday and the cost to cancel both the check and the electronic version of the check is almost the amount that they charged me for the renewal of a magazine subscription I wanted to get for my boyfriend. I’m even considering cancelling my account… it’s all I can think about. Not to mention that the bank hasn’t been too friendly about it and even further rubbed salt in the wounds by telling me that this day in age you should never just give a stranger a check. Thanks guy.

    Did anything come of following the cancel payment procedure? I hope everything turned out to be okay. This is ridiculous. I am going to call the local police station and let them know to be out on the lookout. This kid said he was from NJ travelling up and down the East Coast with a group and I can’t remember the name. He got a certain amount of points for a purchase and he was in 4th place out of 364 to win a trip. I can’t even believe this kind of stuff goes on anymroe… but I guess I can.

  21. I just got done sending the cancellation notice to the company and followed that with calling the bank and putting a stop payment on the check. It cost me $25 for the experience but have learned my lesson. It so happened there was an article in the paper the next morning about these types of sales and to be warned. The company that I bought the magazine from is South Pacific Subscriptions. The statement on the bottom of the order form says “This sales company has contracted Pacifc Coast Clearing Services Inc. to guarantee the fullfillment of the terms of this agreement.” Guess what, they have the same address and the BBB has never heard of South Pacific Subscriptions. Glad I went to breakfast and bought the paper. :)

  22. I was just duped myself, caught off guard while in the middle of something. I was shocked that the guy came inside my apartment; I’m a single woman living alone and am very careful about who I let inside. We had a friendly chat and I guess that’s what got me to open up for me. However, I think I did something safer–I gave him cash, not a check or credit card. So, in a way, I gave him my money, but I didn’t give him the keys to the entire barn. I just wanted him out of there, even if he made me feel at ease.

    Tomorrow I will be sending in the cancellation form, and if I don’t get my money back, I will be following up with the BBB and maybe the state Attorney General’s office.

  23. Today I finally got around to checking up on this, suspecting it was a scam, but now I am sure.

    A few months ago some kid came to my door, caught me off guard, I was right in the middle of doing something and just wanted to get him out of there. Just like everyone else, before I knew it he was sitting on my couch and I was ordering some book I didn’t even need.

    Well, it’s April and I ordered it in November and no sign of it. I have been almost certain I was duped and out $65.00 but atleast now I know for sure.

    If they ever come back here, they better watch out.

  24. That is so funny I use to work for a company named new generations that did that. They recruit young kids from collage dorms and promise you that you will get a trip to your desire spot or 2 years tuition paid but its all fake you do not get any of it the owner and the head hunter of this ridiculous company is called charley he is a scum bag. To cut it short when you decide summer break is over the only thing you get from this company is a bus ticket home. They do not pay you your commission or your tuition. It is a total scam. I feel bad for the young boys and girls that will be sucked.

  25. jeez. i’m sick to my stomach reading this…it happened to me too. so stupid. should i close my bank account?? the check has already cashed. i knew right away and should’ve gone with my gut. ugh.

  26. I got duped by the SAME scam! I could have written this post, word for word. The same scenario happened to me, down to the oh so friendly salesman asking if I had something he could write on so he could come inside. I still kick myself for being so stupid as to let a stranger into my house. I felt very uncomfortable the entire time. And I too, bought a magazine that I did not even want. I canceled the sale by mailing in my receipt the very next day but I don’t really trust that my check won’t be cashed. I felt so vulnerable that I actually closed my bank account completely. I felt very unsafe giving a stranger a check, he could access my bank account if he wanted to. Everything I did in this situation was stupid and wrong. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking (or not thinking). At least I have learned my lesson. If anyone else knocks on my door they will be turned away immediately. I’m lucky that it was just a magazine scam and not an attempt to rob my house or worse…

  27. Oh yea, I also had to mention that I just let them cash the check because stopping it would cost the same and I would get nothing in return. I just waited patiently for a few months and got a full refund with no penalties. This only worked for me because I never got the magazines. If you do receive the magazines, you probably can’t get refunded. Just hope that they don’t deliver it within their promised time period and you can ask for a refund.

  28. Hey I have also been swept up by the same people. Don’t worry you can get your money back, but probably not for a loooong time. I don’t remember the actual time period needed to receive the magazines, but it says that you have to wait a certain amount of time to receive the magazines. For me, I never received it within the time period, so when that time was up I decided to call them. When I called, they explained they were no longer associated with that magazine and that I can switch to another magazine if I had wanted to. I told them no, and I just want a refund. They agreed, but don’t expect to get refunded right away. You probably have to wait a good while before they mail you the refund check. Hope you work this out.

  29. For future safekeeping, order duplicate checks. I am known for writing out checks and failing to put them in the register. With my duplicate copies, I can always go back and fill in the correct information. Even if it’s a week later!

  30. Yeah, I had that happen to me in College, back in 1990. I ordered it for my friend’s birthday. Of course she never got the magazines. This scam has been going on for the longest time and I don’t know why they were never caught.

  31. I have had a kid come to my house and try to do the same thing. I told him no thanks and closed the door fast. That is the benefit of having a storm door. He then came back six months later trying to sell the same thing. I said “didn’t you come here before?” he said it might have been his brother! Yeah right. Thanks, bye. On the other hand I have done this about 5 years ago and did receive the magazine. I think you should not stop payment on the check because it’ll cost you $25-$35 and you will receive nothing. That will be a complete waste. Just hope they cancel your subscription and destroy your check, otherwise take it as a learning experience. :)

  32. Steve, first, if your stoppayment fees are as high as 50$, I strongly suggest you look for another bank… To poke a little harder, this gives further proof that writing down all the info in regards to checks you’ve sent is important…

    On another note, I was also “cornered” by an aggressive salesman… I just decided to change the scenario; he didn’t want to leave, well, I would give him his moneys worth… I pretty much subscribed to everything he had to offer, took about an hour of his time…

    When he had walked out the door I told him that when peoples say NO, it means NO; I also told him that I purposefully took all this time so that he wouldn’t bother anyone else (at least for the time he was in my house) and that the check he had in his hands was going to be stopped within the next 2 minutes…

    Even though he was totally p…. I also let him know that, being a salesman myself, you don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t want your product, you move on…

  33. In my haste to get him out the hell out of my apartment, I forgot to write the check number down. That same day I wrote out 4 other checks, one for utilities, one for rent and two to the IRS. AGAIN, I have to play the waiting game until those checks are cashed and I can be sure of which check number I have to stop.

    I also checked with my bank and the stop fees are almost as much as what I wrote on the check! So either way, my damn money is going to a crook.

  34. As soon as I read your blog, I couldn’t get here fast enough to tell you CALL THE BANK AND PUT A STOP PAYMENT ON THAT CHECK!!! However, I see several others have already done so. So…

    Listen to us and call the bank and put a stop payment on that check!!! You KNOW you can’t trust them to just “not cash it.” Seriously!

    And NEVER let some freak you don’t know into your house. He could have killed you. >:-( I could smack you for that.

  35. My wife had a similar experience. She gave in to the pressure and bought a subscription, and then she forgot all about it. Interestingly, the magazine did not first arrive until two years later, and it is not the one she subscribed to – but it has been coming every month ever since.

  36. Yes, by all means, stop payment on that check. Like, right now! If you think a company known for lying told you the truth over the phone, you need to go read more rip-off reports… AFTER you’ve stopped that check.

  37. We all get sucked in at one time or another. Can you stop payment on the check? The fee for that is certainly less expensive than the face value of the check, and the peace of mind knowing that the company won’t have your money will be well worth it.


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