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Enjoy a Free 3-Month Trial of Amazon Prime.

READ: This applies to all Amazon users, even those who had signed up for a Prime trial in the past!

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I love Amazon. I’m already a paid Prime member, but now you can take advantage of their free two-day shipping offers for a whole three months! That’s right, you won’t have to pay a dime on any Prime eligible purchase you make on Amazon and you get it within two days! I live close enough to a shipping center that all of my purchases come next day. I’m saving tons of money by shopping exclusively with Amazon.

Sign Up Instructions

1. Click here to open an eligible product.
2. Add the book to cart using the “Add to cart with free 2-day shipping” button on the right of the page (if visible)
– If the button is not visible, simply add the book to cart
3. Go to your cart, click proceed to checkout and login to (or create) your account. Sign up for free 3-month trial of Amazon Prime on the next page.
– If the button was not visible in (2), in cart switch to “FREE Two-Day Shipping with a free trial of Amazon Prime” shipping
– Sign up for trial as prompted
4. Once sign up is completed, close order page and remove the book from your cart.
5. Enjoy your free 3-month trial of Amazon Prime

How to prevent Amazon from charging you for a full year.

Amazon is giving away trial memberships to Amazon prime for three months only. Your account will automatically renew for a yearly membership at $79 if you don’t decline to upgrade. If you’re extremely satisfied with Prime and wish to keep it, then by all means do nothing and you’ll be set with free shipping for a full year. However, follow the steps below if you do not wish to upgrade.

  • Login to your account and go to the ‘My Account’ page.
  • In the third box down under the ‘Account Settings’ header is a link to Manage Prime Membership, click that link.
  • On this page will be the following text: “Your trial membership will upgrade to a full membership for $79 automatically.” Immediately after that text is a box that says DO NOT UPGRADE. Click that box and you’re all set. You will still retain all of the benefits of Amazon prime until your trial membership expires.

Enjoy totally free shipping!

3 thoughts on “Enjoy a Free 3-Month Trial of Amazon Prime.”

  1. If you have any children or a new baby you can sign up for Amazon mom. This is basically the same thing as amazon prime but you get a whole year for free!

  2. The three-month trial is offered to those buying textbooks. The book listed in the post qualifies as a textbook and you can get a three-month trial off of that.

  3. I decided to buy a book and when the Amazon Prime membership option came up it was only a one (1) month free trial. I took advantage anyway and marked the “do not auto upgrade” as you suggested.



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