Today’s post comes from reader Kiran, who was able to successfully get her money back from Unfortunately, she won’t be paid for the work that she’s done with them, but at least they won’t make off with her money.

FromHomeDataEntry Refund Details

I am utterly disgusted by the number of scammers out there. How can they rip off people like me who have very little to invest and really need the money ? Don’t they have a heart. Apparently they don’t . And one of them is the “scamfree certified” which i found out later to be an offspring of the scam.

I am a medical student living in a rented apartment and i really needed the money to meet my expenses. As i have a computer with unlimited brodband connection , online earning opportunities looked attractive. I was unaware at that time about the fact that more than 99% of the data entry schemes were too good to be true. I was stupid enough to sign up without researching it as much as i could. The result – i never got my payment.

From home data entry supposedly uses a free form generator to track the assignments submitted by the users. Just refresh the page the page and your account balance increases by 10 $ ( weird ! ) . But the company claims that it knows the actual number of distinct assignments the users really submit and pay them according to that , not the account balance ( even more weird ! ) . Well anyway, i finished all the assignments given to me ( 100 – purchased for 20$ ) and requested payout ( 1000$ – 10 per assignment ).

I was directed to a ” you will receive the payment in 6-8 weeks . Please do not request payout again ” message. I waited for a little over 6 weeks . Thats when i came across PTC investigations on which the company was listed under the scammers list. That freaked me out. 20$ may not seem much in the US but here in india, it is a lot of money for a student to have. I was worried and contacted fromhomedataentry’s support . The response i received was far below convincing.

I decided to take decisive action . The fact that i had enough common sense to preserve the Plimus receipt for the product came to my help now. I contacted plimus support and requested a refund on the grounds that the product was not upto expectations. As expected , the scammers replied within a few hours ! ( and to think i had been mailing them for days ! ) . They reply was to wait till the end of the 8 week duration within which i would be credited for the assignments that had passed all their ” Terms of Service ” ( funny ! coz this link didn’t even lead anywhere when i clicked it during sign up ; but now suddenly it pops up a window enlisting a set of rules which no human could possibly fulfill unless he was instructed beforehand.

That did it for me. Even the slightest hope that the company would pay me vanished and i realized i was gonna lose my 20$ to these scammers. Then i decided to fool these clowns. I bluffed that i had followed all the terms in my every assignment and told that i would wait till the 8 weeks period ended. This plimus ticket was thus resolved.

It was more than 10 weeks since i requested payout and i still received no signs of getting paid. i contacted fromhomedataentry but i got the expected result – no reply. I decided to escalate the issue n’ opened another ticket via plimus . But i met with a roadblock ; apparently you can only request a refund once ! Oh great now what am i gonna do ? i checked out the other possible options and found a department stating ” Non responsive vendor ” . I sent a ticket under this title and demanded my refunded . I also included the previous ticket’s number( which i had carefully noted down since i was expecting this ) in this message.

The scammers replied instantly ! They stated that i had not followed their terms of service and so was not approved for payment. Also it is stated in their terms that the fees are NON-REFUNDABLE ! i was totally pissed off. I was not going to be pushed down that easily . I mailed plimus all the links that i caould find regarding scamming complaints against these jerks and insisted on getting my refund. This obviously angered the scammers and they hurled an insult at me in reply. This was what i had been waiting for . I used this to my benefit and pointed out how unprofessional these guys were and told them that dealing with these jerks was only spoiling plimus’ reputation.

That struck a cord ! Plimus was taking this seriously and since fromhomedataentry could not give a satisfying solution, they decided to take this matter into their own hands. The result – i found an email in my inbox a few days later confirming the issue of refund. A week later the money was in my bank account.

It was truly an important lesson in my life and i have since never been a victim to these money-hungry losers. I wish all those who signed up for this scam have kept their receipt in a safe place. Its no use venting your anger all over the internet, just contact plimus , they are the pros – real professional who will definitely help you out.

Good luck :)

p.s : even if you don’t have the receipt i don’t think its a problem . You just need the Order no . Send a ticket at this page:

ok for those guys who don’t have both the receipt as well as the order number , don’t worry , there is hope. You can find out your order number here ( if you remember the number of the card which u used to pay for the product and the email address you provided at that time )

Bottom line: Dispute it with the payment processing company and not the business.

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  • alicia kondrad
    alicia kondrad

    I wish I had seen this or did my homework….had the same experience….probably won’t see any money back but I’ve reported them and plimus to every site I can think of…..disgusting is about all I can say.

  • cherylanng

    I am sorry Steve! I didn’t realise you were the originator of the post. Thank you for posting Kiran’s submission

  • cherylanng

    Thanks a million! I currently have the same experience as you. I wanted to give these frauds a chance to pay but they stay true to nature.

    I still have my ticket, so I will lodge a complaint with plimus for a refund.

    I have posted an alert on my blog so that others wouldn’t fall into the same trap I did.

  • Justin Lewis
    Justin Lewis

    Thanks a ton for this warning.

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