20 Good Luck Plants to Brighten Up Your Home Office

Working from home without coworkers or your own little space at the office can sometimes make you feel quite isolated and that’s where good luck plants can help.

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Feelings of isolation and even depression are natural, especially if you’re still adjusting from a traditional office to your freedom-embracing, home-based office.

If you’re feeling a bit down, stressed with deadlines, or just downright lonely, how about decorating your home office with some lucky plants to brighten up the office?

What is a Good Luck Plant?

A good luck plant is any kind of plant that is believed to bring good luck, happiness, love and prosperity to those around it.

Good luck plants come in different forms, depending on which mythology you’re following.

In feng shui, there are guidelines to follow when choosing and decorating with indoor plants (or else your luck won’t be too good). For instance:

  • If you want ornamental plants, pick flowering plants with smooth-edged leaves, rounded leaves, or clustered leaves in a favorable number.
  • Go with plants that “purify” the air.
  • Plants with thorns or spiky shapes are bad for feng shui became they “break the positive flow” of wealth and success.
  • Keep indoor plants in pairs when decorating your home. This balances the yin and yang of your home office.
  • Be sure to “bring in” only the number of plants you can commit to. Taking care of plants is just as hard as caring for pets. Make sure you keep it clean to promote the “positive flow of chi” around you.
  • Never keep dead plants indoors – they will cause energy to stagnate.

8 Best Lucky Indoor Plants

For those who don’t have time to plant outdoors, or have no view of the garden, you can bring lucky plants indoors too!

More and more people have embraced the chicness of urban indoor jungles, and there’s no need of getting your hands too dirty – most of the lucky plants for home office can be bought by the pot, ready to bring you some positive vibes as they are.

1. Lucky bamboo

In Feng Shui, the bamboo plant is generally lucky, but how much luck it brings you would depend on your plant’s number of stalks. Interestingly, each number has a specific meaning:

  • 3 stalks – happiness, wealth and longevity
  • 5 stalks – wealth
  • 6 stalks – good luck
  • 7 stalks – health
  • 8 stalks – growth
  • 10 stalks – completions

4 is unlucky in Feng Shui, so don’t keep bamboo plants with 4 stalks.

The jackpot number is 21, wherein it is believed that you’ll be blessed with immense wealth and enduring health.

2. Moth Orchid

Orchids used for good luck

In Asia, business centers are decorated with moth orchid for good luck, mainly because the flowers look like moths (which are actually the ones that symbolizes good luck).

You’d have to place your pot in a shady area with just a bit of sunlight.

3. Palms

Ideal as room dividers or just to remove formaldehyde from carpeting, the Chinese believed that adding this plant to a room can become a Feng Shui element you didn’t know you needed.

4. Philodendron Plant

The leaves of the Philodendron plant mimics the movement of fire.

As such, people who follow Feng Shui believe that the plan could brighten up areas in your office with low energy.

5. Hawaiian Ti plant

Hawaiian Ti good luck plant

Early Polynesians believe that the indoor Ti plant had mystical powers, bringing good fortune to everyone at home.

Like bamboo, it’s believe that if the Ti plant has two stalks in one pot, you’ll be blessed with double the luck and love.

6. Money tree

In Feng Shui, the money tree is believed to bring the grower good luck.

Like bamboo plants wherein the number of stalks dictate your amount of luck, money trees braided into 3 or 5 plants are said to bring more luck.

Never bring in a group of 4 money trees braided together to avoid bad luck.

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7. Peace Lily

Peace lilies are known as natural air purifiers perfect for indoors.

In Feng Shui, these lilies are considered a symbol of harmony and good luck.

8. Jade plant

Good luck jade plant

Jade’s rounded leaves are good luck in Feng Shui.

Many Chinese business owners receive Jade while launching a new store.

Placed near the entrance of a shop, Jade plants are believed to bring good fortune, prosperity and success.

If you consider your home office, your place of business, there’s no reason why Jade plants wouldn’t bring you the same fortune.

12 Best Outdoors Good Luck Plants

Does your home office have a view?

If you look out the window, what do you see?

For those who have their backyard within their view, it’s about time you make your sightseeing bring in some luck.

After all, you’re spending most of your day working at that spot. For outdoor plants known to attract positive vibes, check out this list:

1. Peony

It is believed to attract good fortune and prosperity, this flowering plant is named after Paeon (the Green physician of the gods) and used as medicine in the olden days.

2. Citrus and lime trees

Got space for trees? Not only are lime and citrus trees useful in the kitchen, they’re also considered bringers of good health, wealth and longevity.

If you’re bringing in a dwarf citrus indoors, the best time would be Chinese New Year for good fortune directed at your business.

3. Oak

Here’s another tree, but this one can withstand generations, so if you’re interested in passing down America’s national tree to your kids some day, it’s time to get planting.

In the Greek mythology, Zeus believed the oak trees are sacred.

So does Thor, the god of thunder, in Norse mythology.

4. Rubber plants

Rubber plants symbolizes wealth, good fortune and abundance.

Make sure to choose rubber plants with round leaves, since this is where the magic comes from.

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5. Lotus

Add lotus to your garden – it brings positive energy, luck and purity.

But make sure to trim wilted flowers or any dead parts regularly to maintain the good vibes.

6. Spider Plant

Not only do spider plants absorb electromagnetic radiation (which come from your PC and gadgets), they’re also known to purify air.

7. Clover

In Ireland, the three- and four-leaf clover is known as a symbol of good luck (It’s why St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with white clover everywhere).

8. Sage

It is believed that if you burn sage, it could shoo away evil spirits and bad energy.

So why buy every time you feel disrupted by bad juju?

You can have sage in your own backyard 24/7.

9. Morning glory

Need peace and happiness in your workplace?

The morning glory is worth the wait when it blooms early morning in the summer, brightening up your work day.

10. English Ivy

These aren’t trees or flowery plants, but English Ivy are vines that soften “poison arrows” and keep your place of work or sleep peaceful.

11. Jasmine

Jasmine is said to attract money and love when grown as part of your home’s garden.

Do note that Jasmine has its unique fragrance that could bring your allergies out.

12. Rowan Tree

According to Welsh, Norse and Greek mythologies, the Rowan tree was used in warding off evil. It’s the reason many churches are surrounded by this tree for protection.

The Bottom Line

There’s no harm in surrounding your home office with lucky plants indoors and outdoors.

If you don’t believe mythologies, you should at least believe in science.

According to numerous studies, going green in the office reduces depress, stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Not only does bringing plants into your home office make air to breathe cleaner, it also increases your productivity and creativity.

Plus, if noise has been a constant problem with your home office setup, you’d be please to know that plants absorb sounds, which help reduce noise levels significantly.

Decoration-wise, lucky plants for home are quick and easy ways to spice up your workspace.

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