There are many ways to make money online, and with increased internet connection speeds, and a rapid rise in technology, video is a booming way in which online marketers can get their message across.

Webinars (online video conferencing) are common place in a lot of marketing products nowadays, either as an added bonus, or even as a basis of the product itself.

Some people think that webinars are expensive to do and companies such as GoToMeeting do charge an excessive amount of money per month.

Google entered the webinar scene a while back without too much ceremony, with their Google Hangouts and have since started disrupting the marketplace. Especially so since the introduced Hangouts on Air, which is an equal to GoToMeeting, for free!

The question is, how does a marketer make money from all of this?

That’s the question Chris Cole & Mark Salmon set out to answer in Hangout Cash Code.

The Pitch

The sales letter for this product is pretty long and surprisingly focuses on the benefits of using hangouts rather than the potential financial gain. In fact the sales pitch even offers up some ideas for using hangouts which is very unusual.

Purchasing the Hangout Cash Code

The product sells for $9.90 and is a straight-forward e-book.

There is a single upsell, which is access to parts of the membership site that provide over the shoulder video tutorials, interviews, etc. It’s a one-time cost of $19.00.

The Product

After accessing the members’ area, you are allowed to download the 2 PDF e-books available. You can also access older Live Q & A recordings though there was only one at the time of writing.

One e-book is a short book designed as a cheat sheet or overview.

The main e-book 83 pages long (excluding disclaimers, contents, etc), and is very text heavy but with enough images to not make it impenetrable.

The book covers a wide variety of aspects about Google Hangouts and starts of by introducing what they are and how to set one up.

Hangout Cash Code

The instructions are clear and straight forward with images to help decipher what’s going on.

It also covers how to invite people, and how to use the dashboard and apps. It is definitely useful information. I use Hangouts all the time and I certainly learnt a thing or two even just skimming through that section.

Of course, the main reason for buying this product is to find out the different ways in which you can make money off of it. The book doesn’t disappoint, it provides 8 different ways in which you can make money using the hangouts on top of various ways you can use them generally in a business setting.

The book also explains ways in which you can use the hangouts as a product or in fact multiple products by changing the media format (stripping the audio out for podcasts or getting it transcribed to use as a report).

Yet more ways to make money with webinars are outlined further in the e-book, including how to take advantage of them to get affiliate sales, membership sales, email list sign ups and more.

Hangout Cash Code, doesn’t just cover what to do with hangouts, it also covers ideas on how to create a successful and engaging hangout, as not all of them are good.

Hangout Cash Code

There is also a small case study on creating a presentation type hangout and that includes on how to close the presentation. Not close as in saying “bye” and hitting the X in the corner, but methods on how to get your watchers to take a certain action like buy a product, sign up to your mailing list etc.

There is also a discussion on creating the funnel and hangout supporting pages (registration, etc).

The Bottom Line

I was impressed by the Hangout Cash Code. For under $10 bucks you get a well thought out, detail rich e-book that covers pretty much every aspect of using Google Hangouts in your online marketing business.

The variety of ideas and ways to make money from it is really good, and there is just so much to take away from it.

In fact that perhaps is the products only downside: there is a lot of information to digest. It will certainly take you a while and perhaps repeated reading to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

If you want to learn more about hangouts in general and how they can benefit you, then this product will provide you with a decent grounding.

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