I’ve Tried That reader Susie, who likes to attend nude soccer games, (inside joke; just kidding, Susie) suggested we take a look at honestriches.com. In her words,

I see this program and the woman’s name popping up everywhere, which of course, makes you wonder if it’s legit or not. When I’ve searched on it I find the same “review” cut and pasted into a million different places so there’s red flags galore, outside of the usual web page with huge fonts and lots of colors. I’ve also found other reviews that were positive, so now I’m intrigued.

Susie’s curiosity shows that the presell page is doing its job. It’s supposed to provoke strong emotions in you so that you’ll take a chance on the dream you’re being sold (easy income), and purchase the book, product, or program that’s going to deliver it to you. The people who write these presell pages are good at what they do; if you read the entire page, you might really feel a desire to buy whatever it’s selling.

Instead of doing a thorough insider’s review of honestriches.com, I’m going to lump it in with lots of other offers for ebooks that promise to teach you how to make money online. In our experience, they’re all very much the same and offer the same advice, which is worth very little. So consider this a review of honestriches.com, richjerk, dayjobkiller (which Steve reviewed in greater detail here), and an untold number of similar programs. They’re all interchangeable, so the names hardly matter. Note to ebook writers: We would LOVE to write a positive review of a “make money online” ebook or program. But your presell page has to convince us that you have something new to offer. No one has yet done that.

The “how to make money online” ebook is so common that I’d even call it a phenomenon, one that literally blankets the Internet. Do you ever feel like everyone’s making money online but you? It’s apparently so easy that your grandma can do it and if you’re not, well, you must be stupid. Some presell pages even go so far as to say so.

Honestriches has many of the hallmarks of such a page: the purported picture of the author, who can now stay at home with her kid because of the techniques she’ll teach you, the testimonials, the highlighted text. To her credit, this page is less obnoxious than many but it fails to convince me that it has something to contribute that I can’t find elsewhere for free. Here are a few of its selling points; they could be the selling points of almost any other ebook available, and much of the information can be easily accessed without the ebook:

  • A no-nonsense, easy to understand guide
  • Learn EXACTLY what keywords people are typing in Google, Yahoo and other major search engines every day
  • A detailed guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Info about top-paying affiliate programs
  • Full chapter on creating & selling your own e-book online
  • Money-back guarantee!

I want to point out here that most ebooks and “how to make money online programs” feature a pitch about how they pay generous affiliate commissions; selling the program you just bought is apparently an important part of Internet success. This one goes a step further: it will show you how to write and sell your own ebook, something Steve has been threatening to do for as long as I’ve known him.

I won’t go so far as to call honestriches.com a scam. In fact, I’d like to endorse it (something about the author being a mom and an ex-soldier on disability, maybe). But I also see nothing to set it apart from the dozens hundreds many that are scams.

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  • Joe

    What do you think of it, Susie? You’re not going to just tease, are you?

  • Susie

    Hahaha. You guys are awesome!

    Guess what I got a copy of…yup, Honest Riches.

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