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  • Tyma

    I’m looking to start filing taxes to earn some extra money! Need simple steps!! I used to work for H&R Block

  • Derick Gillispie
    Derick Gillispie

    Unfortunately I’m not employed at the moment so I need to learn how to prepare other income tax returns as a seasonal income. How do I go about this ? Do you have any websites or places to learn ? Thanks in advance

  • Tywonia

    I’m Looking to prepare taxes as extra income..just trying to see what I need to do to get started and the basic steps to being successful

  • Kimerly Bodkin
    Kimerly Bodkin

    I have filed taxes with a company once upon a time and I am now thinking about doing it again but on a more personal level for co-workers, friends, family; more like a word of mouth type business. Not looking to make my primary income just additional income; any advice? Shoot me an email

  • Kati Martin
    Kati Martin

    Looking to start filing taxes for others

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