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How to Get Your Money Back from Angela Penbrook

Our reviews on Angela Penbrook and on the Rebate Processing Scam are without a doubt two of the most important reviews we’ve ever done here. By offering an in-depth review of what you will be paying for when you buy into the hype, we have saved countless of individuals from throwing away nearly $200. Rebate processing sites are still operational, but there have been reports of dwindling traffic and declining sales. Our review has been spread around the web and we’ve received more thank-you emails than we can count. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to save everyone from buying in. However, all hope is not lost. If you’re looking to get your money back, continue reading. You can have your money back in less than a week.

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Help from inside?

Recent developments in our comments that fuel our belief that the Rebate Processing fad is coming to an end. Joseph Ashford, an apparent employee at Penbrook Productions, has offered up his personal email account in order to take the helm in offering refunds to those who are unsatisfied with their purchase.

As some of you may realized, this is Joseph. I have talked to many of the customers that once purchased Penbrook Productions Process from Home. I do everything in my power to refund people. Sometimes it’s harder than others. If you still have not received a refund and demand one but refuse to talk to the customer care people who you talked to previously, please email me, and I will respond with 48 hours. Be it by phone or email. I am the Customer Care Manager, and I take my job very seriously and do it well. If you only want to tell me how crappy my employer is, there is no sense in you wasting my time. I need my time to help people get their money back not to read somebody’s artistic way of using four letter words. my email address is

I beseech you, email me so that we resolve this issue A.S.A.P.

Very Respectfully,
Joseph Ashford-

Our Readers Respond
I’ll admit, I was a little apprehensive at first and didn’t want the comment posted for fear that someone was posing as an employee of Penbrook Productions in order to phish for personal information. My partner, Joe, went into talks with Joseph and decided Joseph was genuinely concerned with handing out refunds. It took a few days, but our readers took Joseph up on his offer.

First, we have J. Presley, who wrote somewhat skeptically:

This Joseph Ashford called me yesterday about my refund and was supposed to call me back later on. I called the phone number he left me on the message 949-706-3183 this morning and got a voice message. I left my information on this voice mail. They also give you a Customer Care number to call which I have called at least twice before and have not seen any results. I would suggest everyone call the number above and leave a message for this Joseph Ashford about receiving a refund. He sounded very cooperative but it remains to be seen if he will come through with the refund. Going back through the credit card company before the charges are on there 60 days is most likely the better option to get your money.

And Gina:

Just wanted to let you know that I contacted Mr. Ashford. I sent him an email and quickly called me back. My refund was put through on 5/5 and was posted to my credit card on 5/8. Please give Mr. Ashford a try to get your money back.

The beginning of the end

Joseph Ashford is the person you want to talk to in order to get your money back. Period. Email him and you can skip the overseas call centers, which may or may not result in you getting your money back. Stick with Joseph and avoid 1-800 numbers and we now believe you can have your money back fairly quickly.

While rebate processing looks to be finally running its course, I think it will only be a matter of weeks before another program pops up hyping the same drivel with a different name. Stay sharp, and subscribe to our updates in order to stay up to date on the latest scams.

17 thoughts on “How to Get Your Money Back from Angela Penbrook”

  1. they should honor their guarentee.full refund within 30 days, i had to go thru my credit card to get my refund , what about the people that paid by check ????, i was 1 of the lucky people to get my money back thru my credit card,i gave them a chance ,they gave me the run -around ,until i called my credit card customer service people.

  2. Thank you for all the information.I tryed to get the refund from may 9th.Always they said it has been succeded.The credit card provider said they can’t help me because the have a limited time to do it.I really need that refund… are $200 !!!
    I also e-mailed to Joseph I really hope he could help me…


  4. Received another website from Angela Penbrook Productions/Angel Stevens for processing rebates. Also found a site with one of the owners names Shawn, Vista ,CA who has a base company on Las Vegas under Penbrook Productions Process 2510 E. Sunset Rd. #5 Las Vegas , NV 89120-3500 and the VEGASBBB does not have any complaints on this company so go to VEGASBBB.COM and file a complaint with them too. On heros’ comments says they have several DBA’s in different cities so they can process our money through different companies as Angela Penbrook/Angel Stevens. Lets get these two guys.

  5. Found another website that has information on owners of Angel Stevens/Angela Penbrook companies check website and click on PAID REBATE PROCESSING JOBS scroll down to heros’ comments and Penbrook Employee comments on first page. It shows one of the owners names and claims 2 white guys in their 20’s own the company and run it out of Las Vegas.

  6. i finally got my refund of $197.00, i emailed customer service@angelapenbrook, at least 12 times & spoked to them at least five times every week they would tell it would tqake 5 to 7 buisness days i also talked to joseph ashford & he said the same thing 5 to 7 days, the people that helped was my credit card, i told them my situation they refunded my money the next day,now they are going to collect from angela penbrook they are going to put a claim on them, it helped me.try it, it worked for me. my visa credit card people came thru for me. good luck everyone.

  7. I am feeling terrible…I am 71 years old and need my money back can you help me? every time I call (for 2 mos now) I am told my refund has been processed and to wait 2 o3 3 more days. I have sent e-mails …rec responces and just been put off time after time. How do I get my $197. back????

  8. peggy
    back again i e-mail mr ashford 3days ago
    so far not a word or sound out of him.
    on the phone to this morning 6/2/08, guess what a new e-mail address to send my info to

  9. Jim, you should call the numbers listed above for Joseph Ashford. Also email him. You’re not likely to get a refund by posting your comment here.

  10. hi there
    i requested a refund on 5/11/08
    also there were some $ problems in my bank account
    and hads to close it. if i had rec’d it by the 5/20/08, i wouldn’t have had to close the account. so now i request a check from you for the $197.00 please.
    please send to:
    jim farris
    po box 11471
    glendale, ca. 91226-7471

    i really need this $ back. i’m sorry it didn’t work out and for any inconveniance this may have caused. thank you
    sincerly, jim farris

  11. Trying to process my return of which I have 15 days to do, in order to receive my credit. What is the quickest means to accomplish this? Their website said I neede to fill out a return form and cannot find out how to get to it to even print it. I only have their address to submit a refund. Please help.

  12. I had no problem getting a refund. I sent a message to clickbank and explained that i did not want the program and requested a refund. My card was credited the full amount in about 5 days.


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