There are more places to sell online than Craigslist, Ebay and Amazon. Facebook Groups, of which there are many upon many to choose from, also offer the option of selling your stuff online.

Facebook Groups is a feature of Facebook that was introduced five years ago and now boasts over 925 million monthly active users (MAUs).  About 60% of Facebook’s MAUs are also part of Facebook Groups’ MAU.

The great thing about Facebook Groups is that they are global/national as well as local. Thus, if you want to sell shippable items to as large of a buyer base as possible, you can list your items in global/national groups. If you have heavy or locally-specific items that you’d rather not ship, Facebook offers plenty of local groups on which you can post your items.

Unlike Ebay and Amazon, there is no fee to list your items on Facebook Groups. The only fee you would pay to Facebook would be the fee to boost your selling post or to make it into an advertisement- which isn’t required if you are part of a large group and create an interesting selling post that draws attention.

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So, how do you start using Facebook Groups to sell online?

1. Find and join relevant Facebook sale groups.

There are thousands, if not millions, of potential buyers you can access if you locate some relevant Facebook sale groups. To start this process, perform a Facebook search using keywords like “___(your city) sales” or “___(your item) swap/sell/resale.” Then, click on the ‘More’ tab and click ‘Groups.’ Select a group that is relevant to your locale or item.

Some Facebook Groups are open while others are closed. To join a closed group, click the ‘Join Group’ button.

Precious Moments swap_sell

After you are accepted to one or several groups, you will be able to locate additional groups by using the site’s ‘Suggested Groups’ tab.

Browse Groups

2. Prepare your items for sale.

Just like with Ebay, Amazon and Craigslist, you will sell more items and for higher selling prices if you know how to stage and describe your items well. To this end, take some decent photos of your items and spend some time looking them over and describing them accurately. Answer questions from potential buyers promptly.

While Facebook Groups currently doesn’t rate its sellers, your fellow group members will comment on your items and your truthfulness. If you try to  swindle people or price your items too high, word will get out about this. You will either not be able to sell online, or even get banned from your group.

Be sure to note how much it will cost to ship your item, or if the item is only available for local pickup. Add a note about how you will accept payment; i.e., whether that will include cash-in-hand, Paypal, etc.

3. Post your item(s) using the Facebook Groups sell feature.

This year, Facebook introduced a selling feature to help people sell on Facebook Groups. This doesn’t mean you can’t post items on your own; however, this feature does streamline the process and include reminders about providing an item location, mode of payment, etc.

To use this feature, check the top of the Facebook Group page you are on. There should be a button that says “Sell Something.’ After clicking this button, you can start filling out the details of the listing with items specs, shipping costs, etc. When you’re done, hit ‘Post.’


4. Track your items online and via the Facebook Groups App.

To better track your listing while on-the-go, you should download and use the free Facebook Groups App. This app has a simple and intuitive user interface, provides user notifications and push notifications, enables you to search for and join groups, and also enables you to create groups of your own.

The Facebook Groups App is available on iTunes, Android and iOS platforms.

Facebook Groups on the App Store

5. Sign up with optional selling services.

As you build your arsenal of things to sell along with regular buyers, you may wish to explore selling add-on services like Shopify, for example. Shopify allows you to create a storefront and present it on social media platforms like Facebook as well as your own website. Because Shopify is an ecommerce app, you can also accept payments through it.

You can also create a Facebook stores using the ShopTab app for Facebook. This app allows you to accept payments via credit card and Paypal, or you can just link your items to an existing ecommerce-enabled website.

Using an app that organizes your posts and creates a storefront is desirable when you are selling multiple items that are related to each other or when you need to post many photos with your items. In such cases, it’s best to direct buyers to one area where they can browse through all your stuff and where you can potentially do some cross-selling.

The Bottom Line

Facebook Groups is a great feature that Facebook offers and which you can easily take advantage of to make money online by selling your stuff. If you have used Facebook Groups to sell your stuff online, please describe your experiences in the comments area below.

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