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5 Legit Ways to Make Money on Twitter

Twitter has been with us for over a decade, and like Facebook, there’s no stopping the social media network anytime soon. If you’re looking for new ways to make money online and have a pretty active personality on Twitter, why not monetize your presence there? There are several ways to do this, but first… here’s a Twitter success story for you.

Kris Sanchez joined Twitter in 2009 to follow Britney Spears there, but to share something on his private space, he decided to tweet interesting daily trivia. By 2011, his UberFacts account was spurting out “facts” every 15 minutes. But when his followers turned 200k, he began receiving offers from ad networks with $500 to $1,000 checks each week.

In 2015, Sanchez was making $500k a year from Twitter. Today, his Twitter followers are over 14 million, plus almost 5 million on Facebook and 1.5 million on Instagram…and UberFacts is likely cashing in close to a million dollars per year.

Of course, UberFacts is a rare breed, but this doesn’t mean you can’t take a small slice of the Twitter money pie, right? So here are several legit ways you can make money using Twitter:

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5 Ways to Make Money with Twitter

1. Sell products or services

The easiest thing you could do to earn money via Twitter is to sell your products or services. Twitter may be limited to 140 characters with each tweet, but this shouldn’t stop you from promoting yourself on the platform. You can also use images, videos and other types of multimedia to increase engagement with your potential clients.

Provide samples of artwork if you’re selling a custom painting or graphics, links to a website if you’re offering web design services, and more, but don’t overdo it since like in the real world, people hate annoying salespeople.

2. Push Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t have products of your own, or a service you could advertise, you could still earn commissions by becoming an affiliate marketer. What you need to do is join an affiliate program, check out what products you could promote that would be appropriate for your followers, share links directing them to the products, and cash in every time someone buys.

Note that affiliate marketing can be too obvious to your Twitter followers very quickly. And no one wants to be used as a cash-cow, so make sure to get creative. For example, you can buy the product you want promoted first, take a picture or video of the item, and showcase it in a way that would interest your followers. Make it funny, or inspirational, or shocking, as long as you’d know your followers would appreciate the work you just did.

3. Be the Voice of Local Brands

One way to target a following properly is to decide on becoming the voice of local brands. Because you’ll be championing local companies and their products or services, you have the flexibility on how to go about the promotion. An effective way of garnering a lot of followers quickly is by hosting a contest on behalf of a company. Ask for a percentage of the sales that could come in as a result of the contest, or a one-off fee for managing the contest. Make it easy for people to join contests.

If you’re not an influencer level yet, you can check out SponsoredTweets and find people/companies willing to pay you to tweet about their products in exchange of a fee. Keep a file of all sponsors you’ve had business with, so you’d know how to tweet on the side without burning bridges.

4. Find new Leads

If you have a business, Twitter can help you find potential customers based on their tweets. Use the Twitter search feature with keywords specific to your business and connect with people mentioning a product you’re offering. You can crowdsource ideas, offer coupon codes, or just simply know of your presence by saying hello. If you’re selling educational toys, search Twitter for mentions about various kinds of toys, then begin finding leads.

This trick will also work if you don’t have a business, but is offering lead generation services for third-party companies. The main difference is that you receive a fee or hourly compensation when you embark on a mission to find relevant and targeted leads.

5. Get a Social Media Management Job

For those who need a stable income, they can also opt to find a Twitter manager job. In 2012, it was reported that Delta has a small team of customer support agents manning Twitter 24/7 for issues. You can find other companies looking for Twitter management on FlexiJobs or Indeed. You can also use Twitter to find employment via contacts made on Twitter, or find jobs using the TwitJobSearch service.

Just recently, Twitter released Premium APIs to be used by developers to access a more in-depth history of Twitter data. Companies or developers can use this tool to get more leads, improve customer engagement, and more.

The Bottom Line

Needless to say, 4 out of the 5 ways of earning through Twitter would only work if you have a large enough following. Tweeting your way to success can happen, but it does require a lot of work at first.

When adding links to a tweet, make sure you shorten the URL to make it fit the 140-character mark. Follow Twitter rules at all times, and think of the community with every tweet you send out. Remember, like in most social media networks, the attention span of users are quite challenging to capture, so focus on crafting interesting tweets and increase your chances of making money on the platform.

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