I see a pattern here.

From the I’ve Tried That mailbag:

please cancil my membership, I have tried to reach someone for two weeks. Thank you #571-8126.

We’re pretty easy to reach. See the Email us button at the top? And, sweetie, even if I wanted to call you to help cancel your order that we have nothing to do with, I couldn’t do so without an area code.

I give up. We are regularly accused of taking money from credit cards and signing people up for memberships they don’t want.

I don’t know how to state it any more clearly than we already have: we don’t do memberships. We didn’t take your money. But still the emails come.

I have reviewed my account information. I was shocked to see a 99.99 was charged on my card. I did not order this what so ever. I never got anything in the mail on this. I want this 99.99 to be credit by on my card immediately. Otherwise I will call the Better Business Bureau. 1720542045 No more charges better be on my card. Cancel this pronto. And put the 99.99 back on my card.

Dear Pamela,
I like the way your nostrils flare when you get angry. It’s so cute!

please cancel my account, which i did not authorize with you. i’am very angry at this website that google chest. i want refund back of 72.21 plus 1.97,who charge me two times of the same account that i did not even create yet. i’am waiting for my money back OR ELSE i will take action of my own

Ok, you caught me. Since you are asking for a refund for an account you did not create, I am happy to cancel your membership which I did not create. Consider it done.

Oh, and please, PLEASE don’t take any action on your own! Especially if it involves driving or talking in public.

One writer realized her mistake and wrote back to apologize, but this is rare.

sorry about that,but someone is calling me all the time asking for me about some kind of money making. i thoungh it was you aparently not. again i appoloize for beening to harsh. if you know somebody in your area,or out of town,that in this business please tell them to stop.

As a matter of facT, we do know Pepe, who runs a scam like this. He lives down by the Piggly Wiggly. I’ll tell him you said to knock it off.


Dear James,

So we surrender. Every time you read one of our posts or newsletters, your credit card will be magically charged $97. Please keep the cancellation and refund demands coming.

READ NEXT: May Income Report: $8,871.03. See how we did it.

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  • Carrie

    This is the funniest post I’ve read in weeks! You guys kill me.

  • Lilly

    I am continually amazed by how utterly dumb people can be sometimes. It should really stop being surprising after awhile, but somehow, it never does. *facepalm*

    Reading comprehension, my fellow readers! Learn some!

  • Andrea Gilgulin
    Andrea Gilgulin

    Wow,I just had to say something! Apparently, these people can read as well as they spell! I use to work as an occupational therapist in the public schools, and I’m pretty sure my third graders wrote better than that. I think they would have had a field day correcting the spelling and grammar in those e-mails. Anyway, keep up the good work of warning us not to sign up for the to good to ever be true in any way, shape or manner deals!

  • Cass Fisher
    Cass Fisher

    Please! I think it is comical and does a great service to your readers every time you post these outlandish people’s complaints against ‘I’ve Tried That’.
    Joe- you have to know THIS IS WHY people need you!We are SO confused!
    (well, not me- I signed up for the newsletter because I was too afraid to sign up for anything..)
    And now I am happily a member at WA- soaking up the good life!
    And the flared nostrils remark- I can’t get enough!!!
    You should really consider doing tv…

  • Joel

    Maybe there attempting to scam you? You never know with people these days. I love your responses to these people, he lives down by the Piggly Wiggly, priceless.

  • Liz

    I can’t for the life of me figure out why people even come to this sight. All those that want refunds for something you “supposedly sold them, needs their head examined! The only think I can find here that you guys sell is Advertising space or advertising banners.

    You guys have and are working so hard for us “ordinary” folks just so we don’t get scammed by all those crazed hellions out there that are doing their dead level best to take our money. I think the whole staff needs to be rewarded!!!

    I guess if all those people wanting refunds would just take the time to read what you guys are doing for us, they would realize that yall aren’t the culprits. I suppose when they get involved in those scams and then do a Google search, then your name pops up, they really think you are the ones responsible for them losing their money. Don’t they even read???

    Any program that you think or know is a scam, you always clearly state to STAY AWAY from.. I mean, how much plainer can you get?? Folks just need to learn to read and stop skimming over the material. If they are trying to find out if a certain program is a scam or not, all they have to do is come to your site and find out the truth about a program.

    And, when a person doesn’t know who charged what to their cc, is in very serious shape. And, also, if they don’t know what they charged on their cc, they are in worse shape than I thought.

    For all you people that want refunds from “I’ve Tried That”, you better look again, and this time read the materials here. These guys are not selling anything. They are providing us with the cold hard truth about the programs that aren’t worth a dam. They are doing their best to keep us from throwing our hard earned money down some toilet never to be retrieved again!!

    If you are looking for an honest program that won’t scam you, then look no further than right here at “I’ve Tried That. com”. But, if you like charging to your cc and not knowing what you are charging, then by all means, go for it..just don’t come crying here for a refund. These guys DON’T DO REFUNDS, because they DON’T SELL ANY MONEY MAKING PROGRAMS!!!

  • Joe

    @ Derek: You’re probably right about the search engine results. But still–someone would have to NOT read a SINGLE word on the post they linked to before jumping to our “Email us” button. That’s like reading the keywords on the corner of a yellow pages page and then dialing the first number in the listings. Odd.

    @Tsuts: I hear you, bro. The scammers didn’t pull anyone’s CC information out of a hat. These people GAVE it to them. Maybe thinking they were signing up for a “free” CD. And actually, we do sell a Telecommuting Guide. But it’s through PayPal. We don’t ask for CC info.

    @Caroline: That’s a good idea for a post. Are you volunteering? :)

  • caroline bromm
    caroline bromm

    HOW do people get so confused ? If they contact their bank or credit card they can give them a phone number and company name of the charge –its so silly –I have had to fight those “subscription ” tactics and its frustrating but the banks seem to be familier with the mess and usually give you a credit while they help you fight the charge –some people need to have a talk with their banks or credit card companys –NOT YOU —sad when you put out the BEST information on SCAMS ever —- I keep them all and organize them so I can help others who question some sites —thanks again —-and maybe run a story on how banks and card co’s can help figure out the scams.

  • Cathi Boswell
    Cathi Boswell

    Wow. These people need to get out of the gene pool.

  • Steve

    Just hit a new low.

    I want this what ever it is cancelled I did not ordered. I want a full refund of 99.99 back immediately or I will report you to Better Buisness Bureau. You have my card no but, I will give it to you again. xxxxxxxx any question you can call me Pamela W. xxx@xxx.com

    You are reading that correctly. Pamela just emailed us her personal and credit card information and demanded we refund her money.

    I’m at a loss for words.

  • Tstuts

    Hi Guys:

    I would have to deduce that for their cc’s to be charged, they had to give out that information ? Don’t these people know who it was that they either gave the info. to or what website they entered it in at ? Why would they have given out this information if they did not intend to pay for something ?
    They all seem to state that they did not authorize anything yet their cc’s got charged somehow….. Either someone must have hacked their cc info. or they did in fact give out their information to someone for payment of something. I’m not saying that they did not get charged extra for something they did not authorize but the original was on them. Again, we would they think it was you guys ? Did they give you their cc info. and purchase something from you ? So far, I have not seen anything on this site showing that you are selling anything or where you are asking me for my cc information. Did I miss something ?……
    To those of you out there that can not seem to remember who you have given this information out to I only have this to say….. ” Free your mind and the rest will follow ! ” Love your site guys ! Great info. and you’ve saved my butt more than once with your info. on these scams. Keep up the good work !

  • John

    Incredible. Does everyone spell like that these days?

  • Derek Epperson
    Derek Epperson

    I can’t believe (well, I can based on your post) that people are contacting you about ‘cancelling their memberships.’

    The only think that comes to mind is search engine results. When they search for scam artists’ info, you website comes up because you are so thorough in exposing them!

  • Steve

    Early retirement here I come.

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