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Rating: 1 A 1 is actually the lowest rating we can give. Trust me, if I could assign a 0 or a negative number here I would.

The Good: There are no pros when it comes to binary options.

The Bad: Does losing $500 on a coin flip sound like a con? Because that's essentially what happens with these binary programs. The scammer gets you hooked on the idea of a robot that can guarantee which way the coin will land to get you to deposit money into a brokerage account. You make the deposit, the scammer takes half, and you lose the rest of your money.

The Bottom Line: Binary option programs are ALL scams. There is no secret algorithm or program that can guarantee winnings. It's all a scam to get your money. This is no more a business than going down to the casino and playing roulette. Stop wasting times looking for instant wealth and instead learn how to build a real, sustainable stream of income online with our top recommendation. It's free and you don't have to gamble your money away.

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Instant Cash Creator Review

Today I am going to be putting another Binary Options system through its paces. The product, if you can call these things that, is called Instant Cash Creator.

Its name suggests a push button money making machine, and we all know how real those are..

The pitch

The sales page for Instant Cash Creator is a standard video pitch. Its 7 and a half minute video takes you on a roller-coaster ride of feelings and marketing tactics.

It starts out with an assertion that this video may not be here in a few hours. Yeah right! According to the affiliate page, they ran a test for it for 2 months so I highly doubt they will leave it on line for just a few hours: it’s a scarcity tactic plain and simple.

From there, the video starts pushing multiple buttons: greed, envy, a desire to get out of a difficult financial situation.

The narrator starts by offering “proof” of the system with pictures of easily faked bank accounts, stock photos of flash cars and promo videos of accommodation he really doesn’t own.

All this is simply to whet your appetite and make you desire riches without the work.

After that there come the ubiquitous testimonials. If you can’t see from them that they are obviously fake, why not head over to Fiverr.com and hire one of the actresses?

Instant Cash Creation testimonial

Then comes the sob story, the American Dream! How one man who lost his job due to the economy collapse found new riches in a four step process.

I also loved the withdrawal comment. The narrator managed to get his money from the broker in 20 minutes! This is just not going to happen. Most brokers take several days to send you money. Some brokers have to be fought to get money out of them.

The F.A.Q. inside Instant Cash Creator even says it takes 1-2 days just to process the request.

Signing up to Instant Cash Creator

Moving forward, you can sign up quite easily and for free, and you are registered with a Binary Options broker called AAOptions.

This broker surprised me slightly. They are either very good at masking things or they do seem more legit than most Binary Options brokers.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t be concerned: the broker is still outside of the US so you will have little in the way of protection.

It states it is based in the UK, but it isn’t listed on the UK company register, and as far as I can make out, it’s been in business a little over a year.

Once inside you are faced with a Binary Bot. This is a type of software that will make trades for you.

This software is intended to help you increase profits, but the reality is that no software can predict market changes, and most like just does a coin toss based on market “signals”.

Using software like this does not help you really, it just isn’t intelligent enough. If someone had software that could make them win at Binary Options enough so there is millions in profit, they would NOT give it to you!

The Bottom Line

There are certainly some warning signs with Instant Cash Creator. Some things just don’t add up and some things are just blatant lies.

Binary Options in general are just a coin toss, with software or without, and are highly risky.

Certainly this isn’t a system that you should build a business around or risk your family’s financial stability with.

If anything I see Binary Options as a form of gambling: if you have spare cash, it might be worth a flutter. I still thing going horse racing would be more fun though!

Overall, I do not recommend signing up to Binary Options through Instant Cash Creator, as they are just trying to get a commission.

If you truly wish to risk trading with Binary Options, find a broker directly within the US (or your own country) and do your research on making sure they are legit.

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