I have a weird obsession with sales pages. I don’t know why but I have to analyse them, I suppose I like to figure out what a product is, what it is like and how good it is before I buy it.

Speedy Snowball Profits’ sales page is just pure pitch, hooking into hopes and dreams, without revealing anything other than it is a “simple 6 step method..[an] 11 year old” can do. This rather extravagant promise, alongside the usual proof that can’t be proved makes me skeptical that this is anything other than a poor quality product made for a quick cash grab.

Apparently you need no experience, no website and no money (well except the $9 bucks to buy the system…).

I’ve been wrong before, and I’m sure I will be again, so I decided to give in to the scarcity tactics (it’s a dime sale on a timer) and take a good look at this internet marketing system and see how it stacks up against my gut feeling.

The Usual Suspect

A cheap front end product like this (it was under $9 bucks when I got it) had to have an upsell and I wasn’t disappointed. In this case it’s $27/$17 for what appears to be a list of “trusted providers” which could be a list of the best developers, designers, and copy writers in the world. Or it could be a list of Fiverr gigs. I passed, I would suggest you to think carefully about that one, even the sales page wasn’t convincing.

What do you get?

Speedy Snowball Profits is a single PDF e-book, 27 pages long, so hopefully it’s concise and to the point.

The first thing that struck me was the author was clear that there are no push button systems and that this is a way to build a business.

The basic premise of the system is to sell, wait for it… services and products. Just hang on a minute, don’t we as marketers already do that? Ok so if you’re a brand spanking newbie maybe not, but often these systems are being targeted to existing marketers, even if they are inexperienced.

What the author is saying is to take a service, whether it is something from Fiverr (that’s right I just knew Fiverr would be in here somewhere!) or something called SaaS or Software as a Service and be a middle man for that.

You would not need to get your hands dirty with the nitty-gritty of setting up a product or service, and can make a profit from commissions or like with Fiverr by selling a “product” and getting it done on the cheap.

While this system can be used online, in fact his first example is based in forums; it can and perhaps should be used offline as well, targeting local businesses. He provides a full list of sites which you can use to find both on and offline people to sell other peoples services to.

The Basics

I’ve seen this in a lot of online marketing products recently, and it’s to be applauded: a return to marketing roots.

And there is some goof, if brief advice in here about selling, and selling to real people by phone, email, or face to face.

This system is all about interacting and as he puts it engaging with your potential customers. It is completely different to the typical affiliate marketer who fishes with articles and content, hoping a big fat juicy fish will come along and purchase something via an affiliate link.

The Bottom Line

I was surprised by this product. While it’s quite short and the ideas aren’t new, it brings you back down to earth to remind you that there are a wide variety of options out there, this being just one of them, and that if you are aspiring to be an online marketer, you need to remember that online is just being tagged onto the real word: marketer.

As such you should be using both on and offline resources to help you build up your business and that precisely what I took away from Speedy Snowball Profits.

Is it a scam? No it isn’t though it is quite brief so more for generating ideas about how to become a middle man marketer.

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