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Instant Profit Funnel & Email Cash Funnel: A 2 for 1 Deal

I love email marketing. It allows you to connect directly with your followers, to segment them up and is not reliant on outside forces like Google shifting the goal posts.

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The thing is, I’m not very good at it.

That’s why when I see internet marketing products saying that they can help me to improve my email marketing, I have to pick them up and take a look.

Some are good, some contain content I already know and some are pretty bad.

I recently picked up Instant Profit Funnel by Mark Wightley.

What is Instant Profit Funnel?

The product comprises of two systems to make money via email marketing. This is based on making squeeze pages (sometimes referred to as landing pages), which are designed to make your visitors sign up to your email list.

The Sales Pitch

The pitch for this product is typical marketing blurb: lots of bolded and underlined text, grand promises, and very little in the way of actual information.

There was nothing overly scammy about the sales page which is refreshing, though there was the usual unprovable proof of earnings, and unverifiable statements of how much Mark and his customers have earned.

The testimonials look real, at least more real than most testimonials I see, but there’s still no way to check them.

emailcashfunnel no skills

Purchasing Instant Profit Funnel

The product is an e-book and it’s designed as a loss leader, as the affiliates for the product actually get 100% of the money from it.

This is because it’s designed to get you into a funnel (oddly enough) and that’s where Mark makes his money, if you buy the upsells that is.

instant profit funnel upsells

The first upsell is a video course of the same eBook you just bought, plus some added extras for $27. After that you’re offered the videos only for $17.

If you decide to buy one of those, then the funnel continues and the cost starts to increase with a monthly recurring fee for updated training for just $47, and finally a done for you funnel at $97.

Do you need any of that? Not really, though some people may get benefit from them, especially the videos.

Inside Instant Profit Funnel

The member’s area is fairly standard: you’re offered a lot of extras mixed in with the purchased products and of course upgrades to the upsells you didn’t buy to begin with.

The e-book comes with some added extras such email swipes, a checklist and a podcast of the course which is a nice bonus.

You get access to both the Instant Profit Funnel course and the Email Cash Funnel courses. On top of those you get a landing page builder plugin which is actually white labelled version a $19 product on Code Canyon. I don’t think you get updates though which isn’t ideal.

Instant Profit Funnel

A solid 56 page eBook, the text is nicely sized, has plenty of useful images and contains very little fluff.

The eBook covers finding a niche, autoresponders, products to promote, offers/bribes, squeeze page creation, high ticket offers, list setup, tracking, follow ups and traffic.

Of course, if you pick up any eBook on email marketing, it will contain most if not all of these.

However, Mark does offer some good information. For example in the niche selection section, he covers points on finding a solid niche specifically for email marketing that most other writers and product creators fail to advise on. It’s still common sense, but it’s nice to see written down.

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The focus on the email marketing is very much a hard sell: you are being advised to email people basically daily.

instant profit funnel hard sell

This might well work as a separate website and system, but I wouldn’t advise you to use this tactic on an existing business website, it’s more likely to annoy your customer base than help.

If you’ve ever signed up to a “make money online” product yourself, and then received countless emails, it’s that style that Mark’s product promotes.

The traffic generation section has some interesting tips, but only covers a few methods and then only in brief which is a shame, as traffic generation is usually the biggest hurdle for most people.

It also seems a bit rushed. As an example he gives you 4 rules to follow for niche selection, but then actually only provides 3.

Email Cash Funnel

A longer eBook at 99 pages, Email Cash Funnel has the same formatting and useful images included.

Useful screenshots

This eBook is very similar to Instant Profit Funnel in that it follows a similar process (select niche, autoresponder etc).

However it goes into much more detail about how to set up a campaign in Aweber. It also promotes things slightly differently. Instead of focusing on 2 or 3 products it pushes 10 or more. The style of promoting also seems a little less hard sell and more focusing on the consumer.

I really liked the fact that Mark included several example emails that look like they would work.

There’s definitely more detail in this e-book, mainly with Aweber but also with creating landing pages.

The traffic generation section is also bigger and more detailed than the other eBook.

The Bottom Line

This products isn’t a scam, in fact you actually get a lot of value for money for the $7 bucks you initially outlay. Sure you have to navigate the upsells and choose wisely but overall the value is there.

The two eBooks you get as part of this purchase are very similar, yet they are also different enough to expand and complement each other.

If you have had success with email marketing before, then you may not get much out of these, but if your fairly new to it or have been struggling to make money with it, then there is a lot of quality advice in these 2 eBooks.

I didn’t like the hard sell aspect of the first book, but it’s been proven to work – if it didn’t you wouldn’t see it in your inbox every day.

Overall I was surprised by the quality of the Instant Profit Funnel & Email Cash Funnel systems, and would actually recommend it for a good grounding in email marketing.

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