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InboxDollars Review: A Scam? Can you get paid to read emails?

Before I start this InboxDollars review, let’s put the facts on the table:

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  • We all read emails.
  • We all love money.
  • It would be really awesome to get paid to read emails.

InboxDollars promises just that and they even go as far as to make the claim that ‘Money really does grow on trees.’ But just how accurate are these claims? Can you really get paid to just read emails? We wouldn’t call ourselves professional product and program testers if we didn’t give you an answer to these questions.

You can make money, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily will make money.

Each email that you read will net you anywhere between 1 to 10 cents. But these aren’t emails you would normally want to read. They’re advertisements for various programs or products that would result in InboxDollars making hefty revenue if you followed through and signed up for the program. Aside from emails, you can also “get paid” to play games, sign up for surveys, sign up for programs, shop, and search the internet.

What you aren’t told is that you will need to start spending money first and you’ll receive a measly percentage back on your spendings. This is the hidden truth behind their “get paid to” claims.

InboxDollars Scam

Take for example, this “Deal” offered for LifeLock. You get paid $20 if you spend anywhere from $120 to $324 for a LifeLock membership.

Okay, sure, this might be a deal if you are actually interested in their service and would like some money back, but for 99% of users this “deal” is completely meaningless.

My Results

I’ve been a member for about two weeks now and I have received 14 emails for a total of $0.40 cents. That’s a little less than 3 cents per email. If we take into account the $5.00 sign up bonus and the $1.00 introduction survey, I will need to read approximately 857 more emails.

At the current rate of 1 email per day, I’m looking at over 2 years of reading email just to receive my first $30 check. I don’t know about you, but I have better things to do than click on an advertisement once a day for the next 2 years just to receive $30.

You make a lot of progress really fast early on, but according to our readers in the comments below and some of the reviews we’ve seen around the web, emails start to slow when you approach the cash out mark.

Even worse, there are reports of accounts getting closed right when they are ready to cash out. We can’t confirm these reports and InboxDollars does reserve the right to cancel your account if you violate their code of conduct.

The Real Source of Funds

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself how could they possibly make money by sending out emails. I decided to look into a few of the programs that are heavily promoted throughout the site. Take for example, eBay. InboxDollars will pay you $6.00 to sign up at eBay and place a bid. Not bad right? Wrong. They’re making anywhere between $25-$35 every time a new user signs up at eBay and places a bid. is also heavily promoted at a $10 bonus just for signing up for their free trial. However, in the event you forget to cancel the free trial after a couple of weeks, you will be billed $15.99 per month and InboxDollars makes $50.

Stay far away from any free trial offers. That is where you will most likely lose a lot of money.

It sounds like users are getting the short end of the stick while InboxDollars laughs all the way to the bank.

I’ve tried that and I don’t like it.

If you have nothing better to do than to read emails (read: view advertisements) for the next few years, then by all means sign up and get started. I do feel that doing anything at InboxDollars aside from reading emails is a recipe for disaster.

In an extreme case, suppose you sign up for the free trial and forget about your account. In a month you will be billed and in the event that you refuse to pay you can have your account forwarded to collections which could have a disastrous effect on your credit score.

This result could yield hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in damages all for a measly $10.

Personally, I’m closing my account.

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How Does Inbox Dollars Compare?

If you’re looking for a decent alternative, I would highly suggest looking into SwagBucks. I’ve reviewed them a few months back and I’ve actually made money and was able to cash it out. and give some tips on how to quickly start making some money with them.

SwagBucks does pay you to do a number of things, watch videos, play games, answer surveys, but my favorite is that they pay you just to search the web. SwagBucks gets paid by sending you Google’s sponsored results and, as a thank you, sends some of their earnings back to you.

I’ve switched my main search engine to SwagBucks. They are using Google’s results, so you are still seeing the same exact page you’d see if you searched Google directly. But by going through them first, you can earn some extra money.

I highly suggest that you create an account today. You’ll quickly see why I recommend SwagBucks over InboxDollars. Plus, you get a free $5 bonus just for signing up.

SwagBucks Pays: Here’s Proof

I can’t make a recommendation without offering a little bit of proof that it actually works.

Here’s a look at my total earnings so far: SwagBucks Proof

1 SwagBuck roughly equals 1 penny. So I’ve made approximately $928.78 since joining!

And here’s a peek at my personal cash outs.

SwagBucks Cash Out

You can redeem your SwagBucks for a number of things, but I’ve found it’s best to go for gift cards at places you normally shop. That seems to get you the most value for your “SwagBuck” and if you are as addicted to Amazon as I am, it’s a great way to lower your credit card bill.

That’s right. I’ve been able to make over $900 and it didn’t take over 2 years of clicking links in emails.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve gotten this far, by now you should realize I’m not a fan of InboxDollars.

There are better alternatives out there that have proven track records.

I’d suggest you stick with something else.

258 thoughts on “InboxDollars Review: A Scam? Can you get paid to read emails?”

  1. @Sariah: I know that feeling.

    And sometimes the surveys lock up and if you have to refresh your browser, they are gone, when I was active with them, this happened ALL THE TIME!

    And there is NO E-MAIL or REAL SUPPORT SYSTEM in place where you can complain about these occurrences!

    Or like you, you have DONE the survey, get to the last page and then told “YOU DON’T QUALIFY!” WTH? Why did I get ALL THE WAY TO THE END of a SURVEY then be told that, after spending anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour then get RIPPED OFF because all of a sudden I DON’T QUALIFY!??

    That’s nothing more than s scam and is FRAUD.

    I still currently have a lawyer looking into InboxDollars {more like InboxNOdollars} and she says that I may just have a legal lawsuit against them for these DECEPTIVE and FRAUDULENT PRACTICES!

    But it’s difficult because they HIDE their true info and no real support options are available from their site. But she is working on it.

  2. I hate inbox dollars. And my computer always gets stuck on those surveys. So many times I’ve gotten to the end and didn’t qualify. As soon as I get my $27 check, I’m cancelling.

  3. I wouldn’t say its a scam. This is my second day being signed up and I already have a little over $15 … I usually wake up to my account being credited. Just try. I don’t spend all day taking surveys. I usually stay on for a hour taking them

  4. I simply don’t believe anyone who says they got paid by this bunch of spam scammers. I was an active member for over a year, and built up a balance of around $70. When I asked for a check, they sent me another email stating that my money would be held until they were confident they were paying someone who would continue to be active. Funny thing, that was the last email I got from them. No emails, no clicks, no activity. And no money.

    I held up my end of the deal. They don’t have the class to hold up their end of the deal.

    Don’t waste your time with these spam scammers.

  5. I was reading the emails. Once I had earned about $27.00, I received a weekly email instead of daily ones. Then the emails stopped coming at all. Such a worthless use of my time. I regret ever signing up for the inbox acct. I feel like I really got ripped off.

  6. I have made money with this program mostly just with reading emails, using the search feature, watching videos, and joining clubs that I wanted to join in the first place like the Disney Movie club for my kids. It isn’t consistant money because I only have one referral and so most of the money I have earned has come from “reading” the emails. “Reading” emails consists of opening the email or confirming the email. I most certainly do not read all of the email if it doesn’t interest me. This only takes me a couple of minutes or less every day and although I don’t make much money, it doesn’t cost me anything. I know I am not going to get rich off of it or even make a living off of it but it does earn me about $100.00 per year that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

  7. I everyone I dont think inboxdollers is a scam i have made a lot of money and never cast me a penny. I get two checks every month for over 50 dollers but it does take a little work and time but i think its easy to do And they got a lot of ways to make money if you look at the site.

  8. Inbox Dollars….This is one of the worse companies I’ve ever dealt with…..iasked for payment at the $30 mark…..they “somehow” forgot about it….I requested again At $50……they say they sent a check a month ago……BS…..they never sent anything. Then….they cancelled my account because my daughter had an account……….nothing…..I hate that I wasted the time doing this for them……and I’ll keep reposting for as long as I would have been reading emails…….

  9. I have been part of inbox for many years did earn 50 after 3 years, yes takes awhile to earn. But lately this past year they went down to 1 email instead of more then 10 emails a week and you can’t really earn anything when they do that, why I only check in once a week or so, 1/2 pennies is just not worth it(this is a new account, since the deleted my old account, because I didn’t sign in over a month, makes no sense to me), also did all the survey sites and only one paid was pinecone research(they even closed my account because I was having issues with their site and the emails they sent were once a month they use to pay 5 dollars, now it is 3(such a scam now))

  10. I have had no problem with Inboxdollars. I reached gold membership with my account in no time, and am eligible to request my second check within less than a year. I also created an account for my boyfriend and have requested his check in less than 3 months. So I’ve managed to request three checks within one year. I don’t shop or buy anything or play games. I read emails, do surveys (not many), watch videos, but mostly take advantage of the offers and cancel my accounts as soon as i get the credit. I only did it out of boredom. If you’re expecting this to be a source of income, you’re with the wrong site.

    For the $3 charge I was upset too, but they give you a chance to earn a few more dollars by a certain date (and extend that date at least once more in my experience) and waive the fee. Besides, the $3 is added towards earning your next check anyway.

  11. This is a website that lures you in by promising to pay you for each advertizing link you review. They start by ‘paying’ you .02 for confirming and viewing the sponsored ad.

    Within a short time, they start introducing additional ads that are not paid, which you are ‘invited’ to review. Then they introduce surveys for you to take which offer on average .50 for taking 30 or more minutes of your time to complete.

    You then discover that they don’t pay you until/unless you accrue $30 or more dollars in credit.

    If you haven’t found an offer worth signing up for after some predetermined time frame (in my case, after earning around $12 with them), they then change your account so you are only receiving one weekly paid email, worth .02 – meaning it could take, quite literally, years before you ‘earn’ enough credit to receive single payment from this disreputible outfit. And to add insult to injury, your email box will start filling up with all sorts of spam as a result of them selling your email address to all kinds of marketers.

    It’s a scam – avoid them!

  12. InboxDollars used to be great and fun, and now it’s almost impossible to deal with. A comment of mine above references the two checks I’ve received over the past few years, but without spending stupid amounts of time on surveys or spending money on offers, you can’t get over that threshold to get a check. It’s just not possible when they downgrade you to weekly emails. And I think that’s the biggest problem is they are no longer sending you several emails a day no matter how long you’ve been with them or how much you’ve actually spent on offers. Yeah when I lived in Dallas I got an Entertainment book, that’s worth $8.00 in credit, and it put me over the one time. But now I live out of the way, there’s no Entertainment book covering places I go anymore. I don’t do Netflix. And I certainly don’t want magazines. So while it worked for me 2-3 years ago, I’ll say that now, unless you want to spend a lot money to make a little money, it doesn’t work. eBates is probably a better way to make money when you’re buying stuff. My wife is good at that, me not so much, I always forget to go there first before shopping somewhere.

  13. What a scam! I spent a couple of years reading their paid emails only to be downgraded to weekly emails (because I was apparently not spending any money on their sponsors!) and then to no emails. At that point, I decided to cash out only to find out that in order to cash out you had to have an active account. That is an account where you are basically receiving the emails … which I no longer was. (Un)helpful links showed me other ways to remain active (1, spend money; 2. complete surveys, etc.) so I decided to do a survey just before the pay out so that my account would be active. Any guesses as to whether I received a check? Nope. So, third try, I contact customer service and find out EXACTLY what I need to do to have an active account so that I can receive a CHECK. I get the runaround with several responses to look at the (Un)helpful links, and finally referred on to some other department who is supposed to be helping me in 24-48 hours. I already know I’m not getting a check. I wasted my time. DON’T WASTE YOURS. This is a scam company, or as close to it as you can probably get without being sued.

  14. i have got nothing but virus off this site…trojan and all….sucks but now i have to figure out how to clean their mess up..thanks inbox…but i did make so it says 11.04 in less then a week.

  15. If you enjoy slow computers, trojans and other viral infections, just keep going to all these survey sites and clicking those idiotic sidebar ads. I now have all cookies blocked in my browser, have several anti-virus, malware scanners and robot detectors running on my system 24/7 due to I was being infected from every one of these sites!

    I have closed all my accounts at EVERY SINGLE ONE of them and now have any residual e-mails coming from them DELETED before they even hit my inbox or junk/spam folder.

    I will no longer go to any of these sites, they have proven to be more trouble than their worth and I am actually considering legal action against many of them because of the trojans and virii they have tried to place on my system. Fortunately I have good software that catches and informs me of this, and then BLOCKS the site permanently.

    I will not divulge what sites or anything else because I am currently speaking with an attorney to see what, if any legal recourse can be done on these sites that are sending out these infectious files to peoples systems.

    And if you don’t have anti-virus software installed, malware/spyware checkers or robot defense of some type for auto-bot crawlers, you could be in big trouble.

    And if you ALLOW these sites to be bypassed within these programs, you’re setting yourself up for a lot of problems because these sites may be putting a trojan or virii on your system that will allow a hacker to gain access to your account information, internet info and any personal info, such as Credit Card numbers or bank accounts you may have and use!

    So be very aware of what sites you visit and don’t put them in your virus scanner or malware/spyware checkers as allowed sites, or you could get infected.

    Fortunately I’ve been using these types of programs for years to protect my system, but occasionally one can slip by. I’ve had it happen once or twice, fortunately I have always been able to find and eradicate it, not everyone may be so lucky!

    And I just got hit with a trojan from INBOXDOLLARS the other day when I went there, so even though I may have a measley $8.00+ in the account, I closed it as it would cost the average person more than that to get their system repaired or cleaned if they don’t or aren’t using anti-virus software, malware/spyware checkers, etc.

    So be warned what can possibly happen from these sites! And these WERE the only NEW sites on and added to my browser history when I got warned about these infectious files and were blocked, although one made it through, but was eradicated quickly.

  16. I totally agree with this persons assessment of InboxDollars.

    Not only is it useless, if you have any issues accessing any of the items and the page locks up or freezes and you have to restart your browser or it auto-start and takes you back, the page tells you you can no longer access the survey, so you lose out on any money you MIGHT have made, although every survey I have tried to take, always returns back I am not qualified to take, wasting even more of your time filling in all the preliminary info and then be told, sorry you don’t qualify for this survey.

    This has happened on every survey I have attempted, wasted 5-10 minutes doing the prelims for EACH survey and get nothing for your time, you can waste many hours just trying to access or find a survey you do/will qualify for, and the one you WILL qualify for wants you to buy a product, join some trial service, or some other criteria, where it will cost YOU more money than you will make back. Totally not worth it.

    And if you want to register a complaint or leave a comment about an issue, InboxDollars DOES NOT have a support system in place. They have one, but it’s specifically you search and it gives an automated response of assorted criteria, and usually NOT A ONE HAVE ANYTHING DO WITH YOUR PROBLEM!

    They claim a live chat is available, I have never been able to access it, let alone see it and I’ve been on the site for quite some time. In the last few weeks I’ve been there, I’ve only made a measley $8.87¢ or just a little over $8.00, definitely not worth your time or anyone elses.

    So you have no real support at InboxDollars, there are no e-mail addresses, no physical address to send US Mail, nothing to make a comment or complaint if one has problems with ANY PART of their site or options.

    I don’t believe there is ANY legitimate way to make money on the internet like all these places claim, not a single one, every one I’ve tried or looked at either want money or want you to join other sites, which many have placed TROJANS on my system, fortunately my Anti-virus and Malware scanners and robot defenders put a stop to immediately and warn me.

    My advice is get a real job elsewhere where you drive to your job that gives you a paycheck, none of these internet businesses I have looked at have ever produced a steady paycheck, matter of fact, they have NEVER produced any real income whatsoever.

    So stay away from all the hype anyone puts out anout these so-called internet stay at home jobs, THERE IS ALWAYS A CATCH, even though they may claim to the contrary!

    If you work for a company and the company itself offers a work at home option you’re working at, then you’d be fine. But just taking the word of anyone posting these work at home critera on the net claiming you can make $80-$500 a day are usually nothing but lies, STAY AWAY, no, RUN AWAY FROM THEM AS FAST AS YOU CAN! None of them will pan out and not a one will ever give you the financial freedom they claim.

    Good Luck!

  17. No it’s not a scam and if it were I would be the first whistle blower in line. The only thing I have a complaint about is them giving you the residuals for referrals. I think they may be ripping people off in that way. But I’ve made a few dollars with them and if your already shopping for things you can buy them through inbox and get reward money that you would not ordinarily get. For example I used turbo tax to do my taxes. After i did them I found out that I could have made $4 just by doing them on turbo tax through the inbox website. Don’t expect to get rich or you’ll be disappointed but if you just need to scrap up some chump change or get paid a few bucks for things you aready shop for its a pretty good deal.

  18. This is beyond sad. : (
    I have been one of the unlucky ones that have been searching for a legitimate, no fee needed, worldwide, ( I included worldwide because I live in the caribbean ), work from home online websites and have always reached a dead end. I have been unemployed from 2011 and thought that working from home using my comptuer would be perfect for me.

    The only problem is, every website I have visited either charges me a fee for a product, usually a CD or DVD set, or does not accept nationalities from outside of America. I’m starting to lose faith in these so called ” work from home online ” websites. What is worse is that there is little to no contact information for these websites.

    No phone numbers nor e-mail address. I’m about to throw in the towel, as I’m so tired of the unsucessful progress.

  19. @susan

    I would like to help you Susan, but to be honest I am not at all sure what you are referring too. Can you give more details of the problem?

    @ Jacob

    I use InBoxDollars and have not had any issues, knock on wood and got paid over $100 the last time. I really hate hearing that you had a problem and wish that they would give you a more detailed explanation so everyone could learn what not to do. That is not to say that you did anything wrong, but rather that it doesn’t help anyone, other than IBD perhaps, not to provide more information. I have discerned from comments from the various sites that they are unwilling to disclose exact detailed particulars of an accused violation of their TOS because it would weaken their anti-fraud prevention methods. I used to be in law enforcement and can understand not wanting to let the criminals know all the techniques used to catch them. I hope that you will have better luck with your other ventures.

  20. Am having a problem signing up with the three letters they want to to copy! Tried three different ones and nothing works. Any suggestions? I am interested in doing this program but this is frustrating to get started!

  21. I was a member of inbox dollars for about 5 weeks. I did some offers and a lot of surveys and got my earnings total up to $41.03. At this point I requested a check and they told me it would be mailed out in approximately two months. Meanwhile, I continued to earn money until I had reached around $39 additional dollars. One day I went to the site to do another survey and to my surprise, my account had been terminated with no explanation, other than I had “apparently” violated the “terms and conditions” of the site. I went to customer support and asked why my account had been terminated and they were able to tell me absolutely nothing, but that they would have someone send me an email. When I got the email, they said that my account had been terminated for “fraudulent use of the Cash Search feature”. I sent them a message back explaining that I had no idea what that meant and that I had just used the search box in the inbox dollars toolbar just as I would use any search engine and asked them to explain what happened. The following is what I received in response:

    “Unfortunately, this account cannot be reinstated. There is not further assistance we can provide to this account.” (Misspelling of the word “no” is their error, not mine)

    So, I lost $80 dollars that it had taken me approximately 5 weeks of hard work doing mostly surveys for about .50 cents an hour and they couldn’t give me any explanation for what had happened or what I had done that was “fraudulent”, nor did they try to explain anything.

    If you want to work your butt off doing surveys and offers for nothing, that’s your choice, but I learned my lesson. I learned inbox dollars is a scam, or at least, they sure scammed me.


  23. @Marion Flood – Excellent! Sure it takes time, but depending on how much you have to spend or the time invested it can be nice to get a little extra spending money. I have made about $105 over two years just by clicking on emails. I don’t remember ever having to buy anything, but I may have had to take part in a trial offer or something like that in order to qualify for payout. Did you have to spend any money or pay for something in order to get your payouts?

  24. I have been with Inbox Dollars for a good while now and I have been making money with them . ,It May not be a lot to many but it help put gas in my car. It may take a little time But the money is real. so for some that don’t have a little patience it may not be worth it yet for me I work that money into my budget. lmao . The following is what I have made with In Box Dollars

    $40.73 Check Completed Apr 21, 2012 Apr 25, 2012
    $43.47 Check Completed Dec 12, 2011 Dec 21, 2011
    $41.72 Check Completed Feb 21, 2011 Mar 02, 2011
    $30.00 Check Completed Jun 30, 2010 Jul 07, 2010
    $45.26 Check Completed Nov 21, 2009 Nov 24, 2009
    $35.00 Check Completed Sep 26, 2008 Nov 03, 2008
    $30.60 Check Completed Apr 28, 2007 Jun 01, 2007
    $85.93 Check Completed Jul 13, 2006 Sep 01, 2006

    I had just copy and paste from my inbox dollars account. trust and believe I have recieved all these check I’s not going to make me rich yet the money came in handy…….

  25. I got a little over $100 check from InBoxDollars once with very little effort aside from reading or opening emails and confirming, but since then they must have changed their TOS because now no matter how many emails I confirm that I have read they have limited me to earning $27+ dollars and in order to get paid I will need to take part in an offer they will cost me money. I suppose I can do that and pick one that allows me to cancel after signing up or do something that does not cost me much in order to qualify. I also belong to InBoxPays and I don’t think they have that requirement. I like Swagbucks these days. I also signed up for a new one call FusionCash and got a $5 sign on bonus and then applied for a Discover card and earned a $20 payment for that offer and that qualifies me to cash out but since I have the qualifying offer under my belt I will let it ride for awhile before I cash out. Try FusionCash cash out, but I warn you it takes a lot of effort just to earn a 2 cent payment for each email so you will have to do one of the offers like I did to get anywhere.

  26. I’m working on my second $30 check in the past 8 months, I spend about 10 minutes once a week to do survey’s and free offers. I don’t do it every week, so if I were to kick it up a notch I’d make more and faster. I’m only 47 cents away from my second $30 check, and yeah I took a 5 month break, and would only sign in so my account wasn’t cancelled. The other site that pays a good amount, actually pays more and you can cash out at $1 increments into Paypal once you hit gold level.

  27. I have tried some PTC sites and some of them are paying and some are not. You just have to know the site first before you buy the time clicking each of them. Thanks anyways for the tips.

  28. I have just recently started this on-line survey thing. My understanding is that no site pays out less than $50.00 so how dos one figure they make $60.00 a month? Is this gonna be worth it?

  29. Folks, I’m sure most of you know Well, find out about Amazon Mechanical Turk. Do the research and decide for yourselves. I’ve been looking around for other sites like Mturk and I just don’t think anything compares to it. Hope this helps some of you who are eking out a tiny amount after months of work.

  30. Congratulations to Dal L. on your pay-out. I got paid $100 not long ago and have almost $30 built up again. I agree it takes a lot of time, particularly if all you do is click on emails. I belong to a number of sites similar to InBoxDollars and have made money from all of them. The only thing that I would suggest to anyone thinking about getting involved is to read the TOS and the FAQs so there are no surprises and you know what you have to do to get paid.

  31. Steve, thought I’d look you up and I see you are still out here helping people. I followed your advice and now number one on the first page of google.

    Like I told you before, you are a good writer and I am glad that you have the ability to look at things objectively and show this to people who need your help.

  32. About 2 weeks ago I received a check from Inboxdollars for $52.50. It did take me almost 2 years to earn it. Seemingly endless clicks to earn very, very small amounts of cash daily is NOT for everyone but I did manage to earn this cash with a great deal of effort. I will probably continue trying to earn cash daily with Inboxdollars and some of the other similar sites I belong to. Most of these sites are not scams but please be advised that doing this is not for everyone though—- Dan L.

  33. I have been a member of InboxDollars for awhile now. I think about 3 years. And you’re absolutely right, it took me 2 years to make my first $30. And it took me the last 10 months to make my second $30. And I see these things, I open them, I get my credit, and I close them out. It’s a nice little bonus to think that a few seconds a day, I can make a few cents. It’s certainly not a full-time work-at-home job.

    That’s what my wife does with Amy’s Winning Ways. She started out on doing virtual admin work making some small amounts of money, $50 for a project here, $100 for some research there, and before long she found a couple clients who now make her quite a bit of money. It’s not bonehead easy work, either. You have to make a name for yourself. My wife has done exactly that, made a lot of people happy on $50 and $100 projects so they gave her $500 and $1000 projects to do and one client made her a permanent fixture in his business and about 60% of our income comes from him alone.

    It took a couple years to build it up to where it is now. If we make another $50K between now and the end of 2011 (and we are damn close), we’ll be in that 35% tax bracket. You can figure out how much that is and then realize that working from home can be done and it can be done without multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes or envelope stuffing or whatever other scams you’ve tried.

    So anyhow, before you write off working at home, go sign up at elance. You’ll notice there’s no affiliate link here, just go sign up on your own, take some skills tests, and find out what you’re good at. Then go bid on some projects and do good work. You can be in a higher tax bracket in a year if you put your best effort into it. Or do like we did go from making a few hundred a week and struggling to keep afloat to clearing a thousand a day easy and not having to worry about paying a bill or having $300 for groceries for the month or being able to keep the car insurance current or be able to take a sick kid to the doctor without worrying about the bills that will come of it. It’s really nice to be in control of your finances. But you have to do it yourself, no one is going to just give you a couple hundred grand, you have to work for it.

  34. @Hunnee

    That’s not true. I received a $100 check and the emails are more plentiful than ever. You might want to check your profile to see if you need to make some changes to make you more appealing to them. Congrats on the payout!

  35. I just received my second 30.00 check from Inbox. I notice the emails have gotten really scarce now. It is like they don’t want me to collect any more.

  36. I have signed up for mysurvey. All you do is take surveys, they aren’t really boring either. It takes awhile to save up points. You don’t get cash but you can spend it on giftcards for places like amazon and walmart. So it’s about the same. Shit, it’s free why not? I have been doing surveys for about a month now me and my girlfriend and we have saved up enough to get an ipod nano on amazon. THANKS :D

  37. I did forget to mention that when you reach $50, you can skip the processing fee (I think, at least that’s what my gf told me).

  38. Joined inbox dollars the end of May, 2011 and I am at $42, my gf who joined a month earlier reached $50 today. After messing with facebook games and other sites with their survey for cash/points, I already knew surveys are NOT worth it! You got to go through qualification, which is narrow so it’s a waste of time. I play the cash game =P got $30 from it for signing up, depositing $10 to cash game (but I withdrew it right away as they didn’t say I can’t) and got $20(promo) + $15(sign up) = $35 cash game credit. Played a few games and now I have $30 cash game credit and $25 real money that I can withdraw from the cash game that Inbox dollar promotes. Inbox dollars also pay you for each day you play I think as my girlfriend got $20 dollars for the end of game for playing it.
    I also do free offers, but I think I’ll try the trail offers, just got to remember, not so hard. It’s not a make quick money, but when your online surfing and got nothing to do, why not. I also do swagbucks. They’re slower but pretty steady for me, about $5 amazon credit every two month.

  39. I’ve been with inbox dollars for less than a year and my first check was 60 bucks. And it only took a few months. I’m working slowly on my second check due to tornado damage but I’m still making some change her and there. Do some surveys and you’ll get a check in no time.

  40. This is a conversation I had with the Live Chat personal from Send Earnings.

    I signed up for Send Earnings and Inbox Dollars in 2009. I have opened and read 830 emails from Send Earnings, equaling $23.70 including the $5.00 sign up bonus. I need $30.00 to request a payment. Send Earning and Inbox Dollars have both stopped sending me emails beginning around February. This is the conversation I had on 3/27/11

    Norwin: Hi Scott

    Norwin: You have not participated in our offers, and therefore we are unable to send these via paid email. You can still find our great offers/opportunities directly on the homepage if you are interested in participating.

    Scott: Hello Norwin

    Scott: I don’t understand, what offers?

    Scott: I was under the impression I just needed to read the paid emails sent to me.

    Norwin: CotterWeb business policy is to send emails to members who express interest in the advertising content of the emails by completing the advertising offer. We do not send advertising emails to members who do not complete advertising offers and other membership club features and services. If you are still interested in these opportunities, they are available on our Home page.

    Scott: Why was able to read so many without completing any offers?

    Norwin: If you are still interested in these opportunities , I would suggest you to visit our homepage they are still available on our Home page.

    I do not understand what he means by offers. I never had to complete any offers while I opened 800 some emails. This is bullshit on their part. They have stopped sending them because they know I’m getting closer to the payment. So now, if I don’t buy something, I won’t get paid, that is the reason I signed up in the first place. I recommend to anyone, DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM. IT TOOK ME 2 YEARS TO GET THAT MANY EMAILS AND NOW ALL IVE DONE IS WASTE MY TIME.

  41. I have been using inboxdollars for four years and have gotten a few checks. All have cashed without difficulty. I dont even wait for the emails to load before I delete them yet I still get credit. Playing games is my big money maker. You still wont be getting rich here but they are not a scam. Its all relevant to what you expect to get out of it for the time you put in.

  42. I received a check today from InboxDollars for $97.04. You may recall me saying that I was going to wait until I had $103 in my account before I cashed out, but changed my mind and cashed out when it hit $100.04. InboxDollars withheld $3 for processing in accordance with the T&C which I was aware of so I expected the deduction. Then they immediately refunded me the $3 fee as a gesture of goodwill and in addition to that ….

    I wish I could show you a scan of my nice big fat check from InboxDollars here, but I can’t so you’ll just have to come on over to my web site Penny-Pincher’s Pal ( to see it and get the rest of the story on what InboxDollars did.


  43. I have been doing inbox dollars for about 3 months. i have almost 36 dollars. they send me anywhere from 1 to 4 emails a day and i let them build up before reading them. i also watch a few videos every now and then. and only do offers if they are completely free. i got 3.50 just for signing up for turbo tax…which i use anyway. cashing in my money soon and hope i get it!

  44. Paid inbox is not a scam and send earings are own by the same company and yes you do earn money but it, is slow reading emails and takeing surverys but. you got meet their studies, you get faster with cash offers or games parts but i am in the games of the program. IT not a get rich fast thing you can’ty spam you can money telling friends you know real life about it. But it not a scam. Nick

  45. I’ve had very good success with Inbox dollars for nearly 11 years and never had problems with them. Stop bashing them! You get paid anywhere from 2 to 5 cents per email that you read from them. This goes for all paid to read email programs and most of them are scams except for Inbox Dollars and Send Earnings! I have been very, very pleased with them. You don’t need to sign up for the offers that you have to get money. It’s an option. Chill out people!

  46. I tried a site called Inboxdoallar123. Many of the emails they wanted you to follow through on a trial subscription, that means giving them your credit card #. I skipped over those and did not accrue over $10 for a payout. But shortly after i joined I was getting unsolicited calls from people promoting their business like Herbalife, Vacation offers, and financial services. Pain in the butt!

    It’s obvious they where selling my personal info. I have been leery about these pay per click sites ever since. and I always get 30 daily spam scams in my email spam IP site. Many show origins in Russia and the neighborhood.

    I sure envy Berni making $380 for 3 hours work off the Internet. It seem like too many make that by scamming people on get rich quick scams. Coast to Coast once had a show on these con artist and their methods for enticing people to buy their worthless ‘products.’ They work like politicians and promises.

  47. INBOX DOLLARS IS A TOTAL SCAM !!! Check out this interchange with a ‘customer support rep.’ Says it all.

    You are now chatting with ‘Fiona’
    Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK164028527154X
    Fiona: Welcome to our live chat service. Please make sure you have added the email address to your email address book and safe list while I read your query/question
    Fiona: Hi Maxine
    Maxine: Hi Fiona
    Fiona: Your account is credited for completing a Cash Offer as soon as the offer completion is reported.
    Fiona: For most Cash Offers, this process occurs within a few business days. Some cash offers with delayed reporting take up to 30 days to credit to your account.
    Fiona: I request that you please wait 30 days to receive credit. If you do not receive credit in that time, you can contact us again.
    Maxine: Is there a place where i can see what is pending? After completing the offer, survey or game, it’s quickly forgotten. Is Inbox Dollars relying on me to just forget what i did?
    Fiona: you can use the confirmation Email form the offer provider. or keep the date with you.
    Fiona: the offer you take is not from us, but form advertiser
    Fiona: they pay us to pay you
    Fiona: only when the offer is reported we can check it
    Fiona: how ever you can view your earning.
    Maxine: So when do i get paid. I am assuming that you dont deal with unscupulous advertisers… I cant complain to the advertiser, my communication is with you, so i am assuming that you have some responsibility in regards to me
    Fiona: yes, you cannot go to advertiser with 30 days offer offer completion
    Fiona: that is the agreement as mention in the term of member ship
    Maxine: Sorry i did not understand your response
    Fiona: we did you read the term of membership?
    Fiona: Within**
    Fiona: you cannot go to advertiser within** 30 days offer offer completion
    Maxine: Yes, but you still havent answered my question. If i cannot go to the advertiser, then my dealings are with Inbox Dollars. Therefore you are responsible for making sure i dont get scammed, and cannot blame it on the advertiser
    Fiona: did you read the term of membership?
    Maxine: YES
    Fiona: yes, you cannot got to them
    Maxine: Yes, but you still havent answered my question. If i cannot go to the advertiser, then my dealings are with Inbox Dollars. Therefore you are responsible for making sure i dont get scammed, and cannot blame it on the advertiser
    Fiona: as mention in the term of use
    Maxine: Yes, but you still havent answered my question. If i cannot go to the advertiser, then my dealings are with Inbox Dollars. Therefore you are responsible for making sure i dont get scammed, and cannot blame it on the advertiser
    Maxine: Yes, but you still havent answered my question. If i cannot go to the advertiser, then my dealings are with Inbox Dollars. Therefore you are responsible for making sure i dont get scammed, and cannot blame it on the advertiser
    Fiona: Thank you for chatting with me. Please make sure the email address is in your safe list.
    Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

  48. Hello Steve,

    Thanks for the follow-up.

    I do this stuff more as a sport or a challenge than for any type of renumeration in other words I don’t need the money and if they stiff me then I’ll have a great story for my blog. Kind of the same reason I run a couple of blogs and websites, more for the thrills. I enjoy the hunt more than catching my prey.

    Whenever I cash out of one of the many deals I’ve been involved in there is a feeling of “oh well now what?”. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about and hope that explains my motivation. $100 is just an arbitrary goal I set in the beginning and have just stuck to it.

    Have a great day.


  49. Why would you leave that much money sitting in your account? Especially considering there have been numerous complaints of accounts getting closed for no reason.

  50. I just received Chrissy’s comments via email updates on this topic and wanted to make a comment.

    I have been with InBoxDollars for only a few months and have $73.88 in my account today. I am going to wait until I get $103 before I cash in my chips so I can get a nice round $100 pay out.

    I have never cashed out so I can’t say from experience if there are any issues with payment, but I will certainly let everyone know including the readers of my blog, if there is one.

    I just wrote an article on my blog at Penny-Pincher’s Pal about my “10 Top Favorite Things” and InBoxDollars is one of the sites I feature.

    Check it out and maybe you’ll find something else that you want to try that works better for you.



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