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InboxDollars Review: A Scam? Can you get paid to read emails?

Before I start this InboxDollars review, let’s put the facts on the table:

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  • We all read emails.
  • We all love money.
  • It would be really awesome to get paid to read emails.

InboxDollars promises just that and they even go as far as to make the claim that ‘Money really does grow on trees.’ But just how accurate are these claims? Can you really get paid to just read emails? We wouldn’t call ourselves professional product and program testers if we didn’t give you an answer to these questions.

You can make money, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily will make money.

Each email that you read will net you anywhere between 1 to 10 cents. But these aren’t emails you would normally want to read. They’re advertisements for various programs or products that would result in InboxDollars making hefty revenue if you followed through and signed up for the program. Aside from emails, you can also “get paid” to play games, sign up for surveys, sign up for programs, shop, and search the internet.

What you aren’t told is that you will need to start spending money first and you’ll receive a measly percentage back on your spendings. This is the hidden truth behind their “get paid to” claims.

InboxDollars Scam

Take for example, this “Deal” offered for LifeLock. You get paid $20 if you spend anywhere from $120 to $324 for a LifeLock membership.

Okay, sure, this might be a deal if you are actually interested in their service and would like some money back, but for 99% of users this “deal” is completely meaningless.

My Results

I’ve been a member for about two weeks now and I have received 14 emails for a total of $0.40 cents. That’s a little less than 3 cents per email. If we take into account the $5.00 sign up bonus and the $1.00 introduction survey, I will need to read approximately 857 more emails.

At the current rate of 1 email per day, I’m looking at over 2 years of reading email just to receive my first $30 check. I don’t know about you, but I have better things to do than click on an advertisement once a day for the next 2 years just to receive $30.

You make a lot of progress really fast early on, but according to our readers in the comments below and some of the reviews we’ve seen around the web, emails start to slow when you approach the cash out mark.

Even worse, there are reports of accounts getting closed right when they are ready to cash out. We can’t confirm these reports and InboxDollars does reserve the right to cancel your account if you violate their code of conduct.

The Real Source of Funds

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself how could they possibly make money by sending out emails. I decided to look into a few of the programs that are heavily promoted throughout the site. Take for example, eBay. InboxDollars will pay you $6.00 to sign up at eBay and place a bid. Not bad right? Wrong. They’re making anywhere between $25-$35 every time a new user signs up at eBay and places a bid. is also heavily promoted at a $10 bonus just for signing up for their free trial. However, in the event you forget to cancel the free trial after a couple of weeks, you will be billed $15.99 per month and InboxDollars makes $50.

Stay far away from any free trial offers. That is where you will most likely lose a lot of money.

It sounds like users are getting the short end of the stick while InboxDollars laughs all the way to the bank.

I’ve tried that and I don’t like it.

If you have nothing better to do than to read emails (read: view advertisements) for the next few years, then by all means sign up and get started. I do feel that doing anything at InboxDollars aside from reading emails is a recipe for disaster.

In an extreme case, suppose you sign up for the free trial and forget about your account. In a month you will be billed and in the event that you refuse to pay you can have your account forwarded to collections which could have a disastrous effect on your credit score.

This result could yield hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in damages all for a measly $10.

Personally, I’m closing my account.

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How Does Inbox Dollars Compare?

If you’re looking for a decent alternative, I would highly suggest looking into SwagBucks. I’ve reviewed them a few months back and I’ve actually made money and was able to cash it out. and give some tips on how to quickly start making some money with them.

SwagBucks does pay you to do a number of things, watch videos, play games, answer surveys, but my favorite is that they pay you just to search the web. SwagBucks gets paid by sending you Google’s sponsored results and, as a thank you, sends some of their earnings back to you.

I’ve switched my main search engine to SwagBucks. They are using Google’s results, so you are still seeing the same exact page you’d see if you searched Google directly. But by going through them first, you can earn some extra money.

I highly suggest that you create an account today. You’ll quickly see why I recommend SwagBucks over InboxDollars. Plus, you get a free $5 bonus just for signing up.

SwagBucks Pays: Here’s Proof

I can’t make a recommendation without offering a little bit of proof that it actually works.

Here’s a look at my total earnings so far: SwagBucks Proof

1 SwagBuck roughly equals 1 penny. So I’ve made approximately $928.78 since joining!

And here’s a peek at my personal cash outs.

SwagBucks Cash Out

You can redeem your SwagBucks for a number of things, but I’ve found it’s best to go for gift cards at places you normally shop. That seems to get you the most value for your “SwagBuck” and if you are as addicted to Amazon as I am, it’s a great way to lower your credit card bill.

That’s right. I’ve been able to make over $900 and it didn’t take over 2 years of clicking links in emails.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve gotten this far, by now you should realize I’m not a fan of InboxDollars.

There are better alternatives out there that have proven track records.

I’d suggest you stick with something else.

258 thoughts on “InboxDollars Review: A Scam? Can you get paid to read emails?”

  1. I agree with Steve to avoid this site. They terminate your account to keep Partner referral money you earned

    Some people may have been paid, so InboxDollars may not be a complete scam, but InboxDollars is a dishonest company looking for every excuse to terminate your account and keep your share of the partner referral money you earned, on top of InboxDollars
    share of the referral money they earn from partners for getting you to spend an hour for 25 cents etc.

    InboxDollars doesn’t care to keep you as a customer because they realize most people once they reach the minimum $30 payout won’t continue, because the amount of time required to earn pitiful tiny sums isn’t worth it, so revoke your earnings as you reach the threshold is an intentional part of their dishonest business model. They offer no explanation and no flexibility and no reasonable business practices.

    Like many other reviews, I used the site properly but as I reached the minimum $30 payout threshold, they terminated my account with generic multiple choice possible reasons of using VPN / acting like a automated BOT / having multiple accounts – none of which was true, perhaps I accessed the account once or twice with VPN still enabled, but that didn’t prevent them from earning their partner referral fees they partially share with me while I wasn’t using VPN. They can block access to site while using VPN so they ensure proper tracking as you complete each offer. I earned offers while not on VPN, so accidental VPN access that doesn’t impact any specific offer they earned through me becomes their dishonest way of stealing the bonus money from you. Support says they escalated to 2nd level support that will respond with an email in a few days, of course they don’t.

    Don’t waste your time, you likely won’t ever get paid and they pay per hour is a fraction of $1 per hour.

  2. Hi Steve,
    Good review on Inbox dollars. I know some people who go online only want to make themselves a little bit of income. But reading emails for a few cents. Even surveys and the like are the most tedious thing one could do and waste of time.

    I prefer to do something more stimulating for my mind and create content for my website! In regards the the Swagbucks I think you called it. That is great you have made money from them over time. Is this available in Australia or just the US?

  3. I’m always looking for extra money, so this info is very interesting. I’m involved with WA, because I want to see steady good income on a consistent basis, not just a few hundred dollars here and there to have a little extra in my pocket. but while I’m trying to build my business, something like swag bucks has caught my attention. I’m going to dig deeper, but thanks so much!

  4. Great info, thank you! I’m always looking for extra money, but It needs to be worthwhile. $900 sounds good, but I missed how many hours of your time that took up? but you’ve convinced me to click on the link of swag bucks. thanks and best of luck

  5. I agree, a few months ago I sorta got suckered into downloading the inbox dollars app on my tablet and I used it diligently for 3 weeks straight, trying my hardest to get to that $30 goal ( when you can finally cash out ) but you are right, you have to spend money and sign up to offers you wouldn’t normally be interested in because you want to get the points. It really isn’t a a win win situation.

    I did hear about this site called UserTesting dot com where you test websites and get your screen + voice recorded as you evaluate websites & you get paid $10 each test. I think that is a lot better than getting pennies for doing a survey that is 20 minutes. These website testing sessions are around 15 to 20 minutes tops. Check it out

  6. Thanks for informing us of the “opportunity”. I have never really thought seriously about these kinds of activities. At least now I know someone who had tried it out and found it wanting. This is a helpful website!

    On the other hand, it seems you like Swagbucks very much. I should look into this service. At the moment, it seems a little low class to me, but hey money is money. All honest work is honorable, this I believe. My one concern is how much money can be made on an hourly rate and is that even an effective way to measure Swagbucks income. I will also have to find out if they work with people who live overseas.

    • It’s kind of pointless to try and calculate an hourly rate. These aren’t jobs. But rather, they’re easy ways to make money doing something you’d already be doing online.

  7. Great post, Steve. I am glad there are people like you out there helping the rest of us avoid these pesky scams and find real alternatives.

    Getting paid to read emails does sound like a good way to make some extra money legally but it sure ain’t happening with Inboxdollars.

    I have been scammed before, so now I am always looking to make sure I don’t get my fingers burnt again so I will definitely be avoiding this one.

    • It’s less “getting paid to read emails” and more “here’s a penny for looking at an advertisement”

  8. Hi Steve,

    Great review, I can honestly say I have never heard of InboxDollars before but I’ll be sure to stay away after reading your review!
    However, SwagBucks does sound interesting so I might have a peak especially if I can earn a few extra £££’s. Thanks for the info!

  9. I remember trying InboxDollars years ago and I honestly hated it. I really think that the amount of time people have to put in just to see if they qualify for a survey is a survey in itself and I’ve never liked the idea that you get nothing for your time if you don’t qualify. I also don’t like the idea of having to create another email just to receive paid emails.

    Technically you don’t have to create a separate email for this, but the amount of ads you get to your inbox is overwhelming and I don’t see how anyone would be able to keep their sanity if they had InboxDollars emails mixed in with their regular emails. This is how things get deleted by accident.

    • The effort vs. payout is hardly worth it. Plus the headaches you get from having to read emails you have no interest in just doesn’t make sense.

  10. Hi Steve. Thanks for that review. I’ve often wondered how those ‘get paid to read emails’ deals work and now I know. I’ll be definitely be staying away from InboxDollars if I come across it. Your advice has been very helpful in the past as I have followed some of your Wealthy Affiliate training posts and it’s kept me on the right path. I’ll bookmark your website and keep up to date with your advice. Thanks for all the great info.

  11. Hey there Steve,

    Someone recommended I go for inbox dollars over Swagbucks, and after reading this I am strongly convinced that his advice was based on the selfish motives of wanting to get rewarded for having me join it through him.

    I am going to go for Swagbucks because I see it has worked for you and I have had a few other folks really praise it. Thanks for the genuine help here.

    • Glad to have helped Dave. SwagBucks definitely offers better and higher-paying opportunities. I’ve been a huge fan of theirs for a few years now.

  12. They got me too!!!!! Three years of saving money from their stupid stuff and then they just delete my account when trying to reactive it and get my money they tell me that the account has been ‘cleaned’ and no way to get it. What a scam!!!!!!! I would never recommend this site to anyone not even an enemy!!!!!!!!!

    • Ouch, three years? It’s insane that they let you have your membership for that long and they collect their ad revenue off of your work, then cancel immediately when you want to cash out.

  13. Wow thank you for providing a site that is real and honest. I admit when I first saw the title I thought it would be one of those posts that promises a review but comes up with only one thing wrong. And the rest of it is all rainbows and unicorns lol
    I have bookmarked your site as I can not wait to delve further into real and honest content that looks very trustworthy.

  14. I loved this account and I made money every year from them! But I just requested my check for 80.15 on the 19th of Feb. The company send me an email saying my check will be mailed out the 28th of Feb. I come home today and try to long it Feb. 26th guess what they terminated my account. Guess what they said I’m not getting my check! This company is a scam! The Livechat they said talk to them about my account and they said sorry we can’t help you out and someone will email you back! Who is emailing me back and know I can’t talk to the Livechat because they blocked me. I went to the BBB and filed a complaint! This company makes me sick! Swagbucks all the way now!

    • Damn Patricia, sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, per InboxDollars terms, “The ‘cash’ in your Account has no cash value and may be cancelled at any time pursuant to these terms and conditions.” Basically, they reserve the right to close your account at any time and you forfeit any and all of your earnings.

      If anyone is reading this has more than $30 (the minimum required to cash out) do yourself a favor and request a cashout now. If it goes through, great! You have yourself a nice check. If you do get your account closed, at least you won’t be wasting any more time.

  15. I tried to join InboxDollars but it wasn’t available in my country :( So I joined InboxPounds (its sibling) instead.

    BUT like you say, the rewards really aren’t that great and I do hate the fact that I have to take trials and actually invest money in offers to earn rewards worth having. But even then, you’re still be out of pocket.

    I see a number of people claiming to make $100s per week from doing tasks, but it’s questionable since there’s never any proof.

    However, Swagbucks seems like a better option, especially since you’ve done well with it Steve.


    • Completing offers for money has to be THE worst way to make money online. Here, let me spend my own money in order to get some money back? I have never seen the logic there. The ONLY time it could make sense is if you were already going to buy the product or service and used that as a rebate. Otherwise, the risk is not worth the reward.

  16. I have seen a lot of mixed reviews about InboxDollars but after reading your review, I am sure that I do not want anything to do with them. I think there is also a referral program, where if people refer others, they can make more money. But even that is not worth it in my opinion. It takes too long to earn the minimum threshold to cash out. Thanks for a wonderful review.

    • There are just so many better ways to spend your time online. Yes, it only takes a few minutes here and there, but those minutes add up, and by the time you are ready to cash out, you spent a few dozen hours to make a measly $30. I just do not think that’s worth it.

  17. Hello Steve, I just read your review on InboxDollars. I appreciate your honesty. I am also looking for alternative ways to make a living online and there are so many scams out there that we have to be very careful. This is one I will definitely stay clear of. I am going to take a hard look at Swag Bucks and see if it will work for me. Looks like you and others have done pretty well. Thanks for the info and best to you.


    • You’re welcome Mike! Glad I could help! Swagbucks is definitely my go to recommendation. They have a solid reputation and treat their members fairly. 

  18. Of course Inboxdollars is now a big scam not legitimate reward site. Inboxdollars not just that, it is one of most complaint reward sites online with a very bad reputation.They have a very tricky way of scamming people of their earnings. They will only pay you when you earn little, as soon as you start getting a lot of referrals and earning big, they will terminate your account. We tried their website and get paid in two occasions but when we started earning big with referrals they suddenly terminate our account with about 3k referrals. We contacted them but they said nothing could be done. That they found it difficult to pay us. Can you imagine that? We will advise you to stay away from Inboxdollars.

  19. I always read such great reviews about swagbucks. i have an account with them that I’ve had for about 3 months now but I’ve only earned 800 something Sb. It is a great app but I’ve been a member of inboxdollars for about the same amount of time and have cashed out 61.50 with a pre paid visa that i received in 12 business days. So no, inboxdollars is not a scam. you can actually get some money out of it if you use all of the opportunities to earn. you can download new apps, search with their search engine, watch short video clips, answer surveys, get cashback when you shop through them on groupon, Walmart, the Disney store, etc., you can also print out coupons and receive cash back when the coupons are used. they offer quite a few ways to earn money. I personally find it easier and faster than swagbucks. i received my 1st payment two weeks ago and already have 16.00.

  20. I am non-us/Canada from a so backward sate of India. I working on Inbox Dollars. Two days before I received a check of $34 from Inbox Dollars by mail post.I like Inbox Dollars for immediate response of any solutions.I can say Inbox dollars is legit site.
    They sends check after redemption of payments, we may be wrong in giving them right address. Inbox Dollars is honest and legit site.

  21. I tried to sign up for InboxDollars. Well… scratch that.

    First off. I like to use secure passwords. Long and with special characters like $, &, @ and the like. They will not let you. Only alphanumeric (0-9, A-Z, a-z) and the underscore. No, no and NO. That is a sign that they will possibly rip you off.

    And long email addresses can’t be used. I tried to enter my email address, it got cut off and keyboard input was restricted before I could try to enter the TLD (Top-level domain), .org, in my email (I use hosted email with a personally registered domain name)

    And I tried to use the “Live chat” feature. Freaking bot possibly using Python or Perl or something to read keywords to give me wrong results unrelated to my issue. I said “Screw you, until you fix this stuff, I’m not using you. I need the email address to your technical support, or IT people.” The reply was “If you need help resetting your email address, please refer to the topic on how to reset it.” I said “Fool, that is NOT what I am looking for. Stop reading off a script.” I then closed the chat and closed the tab.

  22. I don’t see why everyone thinks Inboxdollars is a scam. I work part time, go to college full time and do surveys through Inboxdollars around an hour a day (usually 3 surveys). I started in March and have received a check about 4 weeks ago, yes it did take me a long time to get my first check. After receiving my first check, I am already back up to $33.13.
    The only complaints I personally have is actually being able to qualify for a survey, sometimes it takes me 10 plus surveys before I qualify for 1.
    I’ll end this by saying it’s not a scam, I got my check and cashed it and spent it just fine. It is also not a way to earn a crap load of money, just some extra on the side.

  23. I Googled this because it actually took me only a year to get to $25.88 on InboxDollars but all of a sudden the emails are coming in slower and slower. I think it’ll take me another year to get the $4.12 I need to cash out which I thought was ridiculous.

  24. This company has problems. First I have won $1 with Billy’s spin and win 2 times and today $5 but never got the money credited to my account. They claim I never won even though I captured the screen to prove it. Also several surveys I completed and don’t get credit total of $18. What makes this worse several of my friends have had the same issues especially with Billy’s Spin and Win. They will not acknowledge that there is either a software malfunction or outright fraud. Beware of this company!

  25. i was skeptical too. but today, I got my 1st check in the mail. I’m rich, rich, rich. Oh wait, it’s only $28, but thats all I was expecting. No one is going to get rich on these sites. Its just for a little play money. You have to know how the site works just to make this little amount. Most of the surveys will exclude you or as others have said, fail at the very end. The higher the payout, the less likely that you will actually get paid. Stick to the 25cent ones and hope that you have plenty 25cent survey tokens. You dont get paid to play games. You have to BUY tokens to get credited to play. Playing for free gets you nothing. click the videos. most are boring, but you can have them playing while you do chores. Just come back every few minutes to click the next one. NEVER NEVER NEVER do the offers that require a silver, gold, platinum offer to be completed. those are all scams. Use some common sense and you can make some play money but no one is going to give you money for doing nothing.

  26. Inboxdollars is a scam, they do not like paying the users a dime for all the surveys and spam you collect
    trust me I used there site for 10 days for evaluation purposes to see if I would really get paid for the time and effort i put into the services.
    the only thing I got was my account terminated during the “payment process” and while waiting for my money I was reading there terms of service and they clearly state they do not promise any payments, In fact they also claim to the advertisers that there members are true and honest while taking the surveys, This is in fact is most not likely true, I would like to see the supreme court subpoena there time recorded surveys
    and show both advertisers and consumer how much of a scam this site is.

  27. I sign for inbox dollar like 4 years ago, and did like 40 dollars, with games, surveys, and refferral, and then I did not check my mail for like 3 months and when check again they take all my money, I dont know why?

  28. Inbox Dollars might not be a TOTAL scam, but one thing cannot be denied. That is the company lacks ethical business practices and let’s just call it what it is: steals from its subscribers. It appears as if they randomly screw subscribers with no set rhyme or reason. Thus allowing for a lot of positive reviews from persons that have not had the “honor” of being singlehandedly picked to be their resident “CHUMP”. Or better yet their subscriber “CHUMP”. Let me regale you with MY experience with Inbox Dollars, speaking as one of their subscriber/resident “CHUMPS”.

    Besides the ridiculous system used for qualifying a subscriber for a survey, it is not unusual to spend 30 minutes completing a survey and when it is almost completed, you get disqualified. DISQUALIFIED? Are you serious? Not only have I been picked as an Inbox Dollar “CHUMP” but now they are insulting my intelligence. I know when my data is collected and the company is weaseling out of keeping up their end of,the bargain and crediting the payout to my account. Or, they will pull this stunt……spend 30 minutes on a survey and right when you get to the part that states we are almost through, the remaining questions are for demographic purposes……then BAM, POOF, the survey disappears, the survey website I was transferred to in order to complete survey, shuts down. (No, it is not a computer problem on my end). It does not shut down at the beginning or middle, but at the very end. The survey cannot be brought back up, you did not get to complete it, so again, they get their information and you get ZERO. When I complained, I was told whichever company was having server problems and they would notify them immediately. Did I get my payout? NO Can I get my payout? NO. Even though the customer service rep can tell I completed the survey and that it shut down on me. Oh well, too bad, so sad. Better luck next time. Well, now, Inbox Dollars is sinking to a new low…….yes, it gets better….

    I have almost reached my $30.00 cash out amount. When I reached $28.00, all of a sudden I started getting integrity reprimands. Basically accusing me of lying on the surveys and/or my personal information, not reading the survey questions and just answering quickly….etc. to add,insult to injury, everyone associated with Inbox Dollars knows they never run out of surveys. You might not qualify for any of them but as far as running out of surveys to get disqualified from… doesn’t happen. They have approximately 5-7 survey companies set up for their subscribers to use to find surveys. Well, now, all of a sudden when I attempt to do a survey, I get shut down Immediately, not with “we’re sorry you did not qualify” but “WE,HAVE RUN OUT OF SURVEYS. CHECK BACK WITH US LATER”. (Which I do. Same song and dance). Now, I do not get this ridiculous response from just one of their 6 or so survey companies, BUT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Mysteriously, they have all run out of surveys at the same time! Are you kidding Me?

    CAVEAT: Inbox Dollars is as unethical as a company can get. Or well on their way. If you sign up with them it is as simple as a roll of the dice. Are you going to be the lucky one who they decide not to put the screws to or are you going to be the lucky one randomly chosen to be,their resident chump? Providing them with free, STOLEN service……in any event, if you end up being on the receiving end and have nothing but wonderful things to say about Inbox Dollars, just remember it will only be a matter of time before you win the “RESIDENT CHUMP” title and find yourself with all of us prior “RESIDENT CHUMPS”. Consider yourself educated. It is your choice.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to add my experience with payouts and respond to another post about not getting paid on surveys. I have encountered the SAME problem. Especially with the offers that require you to sign up with a particular vendor. Let me just put it to you this way. If I had received the payout I was promised on every company I signed up with, and whatever other hurdles I had to maneuver to receive payout, I would have reached my $30.00 payout or close to it just from that option. Out of all the ones I have completed, and it has been a lot, I have only received payout on 2. Yes, 2! And those payouts were when I was a newbie and had just signed up to,the service. USE CAUTION. It just amazes me that Inbox Dollars consistently continues to get such wonderful top 5 reviews. Hopefully y’all’s experience will be a great one and you will not be scammed. The odds are in your favor initially. All I can say is my experience has been unscrupulous, unethical……and false advertising. However, by hitting you with integrity reprimands, it covers them on disqualifications and no available surveys. Upon complaint, it will be turned around on the complainer. Survey Disqualification occured because you lied on this or rushed through on that. No surveys available, again, can be turned around on the subscriber. Their are no surveys available because our vendors do not want you doing their surveys because….WHY? You continue to provide erroneous information. Or you rush thru the survey, it reading the questions and just hitting any response button. See where I am going with this? They have it figured out. A no consequence way to lie, cheat and steal.

    • Inbox Dollars is not a scam. If they found out any type of misleading information is given, they can stop you from using the site. Most survey sites do this, they want truthful information and if they feel like they are not receiving it they can stop someone from using their site. I have never had any trouble with Inbox Dollars, my last check I received from them was $67. But I did have a similar situation with I-Say, but I emailed them questioning it and they gave me another shot. Have yo tried emailing Inbox Dollars to find out what’s wrong?

  29. I won a photo contest from their facebook, and never got the gift card I ”won”. I can’t seem to find any email for them, so I email them on facebook. they tell me I have to reply to the email they sent. (yes, the one I JUST told them I never got.) When I told them this, they, AGAIN, told me they sent 3, and I need to reply to one. Obviously, they have stupid people, or really bad customer service. Needless to say, I never got that gift card. Pretty shady when you can’t find contact info…..

  30. Inboxdollars does not ONLY provide paid emails for you to earn money. In fact, that is only one of many ways. Signing up for free offers on other sites rewards you with an adverage of $5. Using the search engine pays you. Playing games pays you. Taking surveys pays you. Using the SPIN TO WIN pays you. And it all adds up faster than you think. If all you are doing on Inboxdollars is opening their paid emails, you are wasting your time on the website and not putting enough effort into it.

  31. I have get the payments from inboxdollars three times, altogether for more than $105.00 in three months, so I think you can trust this survey website. But this survey website only can give you some money for part time survey, you can not make large money for this way.

  32. Inboxdollars is both legit and a scam. I say this because I had been taking surveys with them for almost a year but I’m not going to anymore. I sometimes earned about $25 a month BUT you don’t know until you finish a survey (sometimes up to 30 mins long) if you will get paid or not. If it’s an instant pay, awesome. But every time after taking the survey it says “credit may take up to 3 weeks”, I NEVER get the credit. And if you contact chat support they can’t help unless you give them the survey # and most of the time it never tells you a survey # so you’re then screwed and wasted your time. If you knew if it was an instant pay or not you could avoid this but it does not tell you until you finish and it has become too frustrating to waste my time with surveys and not know until I’ve invested the time rather I’ll actually get paid or not.

  33. I am with inbox dollar for about 3 months now so far I just have $10.87 same thing happened to me I purchased online using inbox dollar and till now I didn’t get anything yet from them. Thank you for sharing . I am now a member of other online business and loving it and I get addicted everyday. I earn money Every 20 minutes even when I am sleeping and going somewhere my money is making like a clock. Let me know if who is interested to join. I will be happy explain it to you.

    • Hi lyn
      I would be very interested in joining an online business that could make me some money for little input

    • hi I just read what u posted did u really find a legit company to really pay u? I get over 100 emails a day been scammed, don’t know what’s legit or not. So frustrated. Can u really help me. I’ve searched everything for a while.

    • Hey Lyn Iam having a health issue among other reasons I can’t get a job for awhile,I tried the inbox dollars but its very frustrating and everytime Im filling out a survey to supposebly get a $250 check it goes on to something totally different ,and I was interested in the online buisness you are a member of…..If you could give me some details I would really appreciate it.

  34. I registered in about 1 month ago, and now I have finished the first $30 check, will be mail to me at July, 16,2014, now I earn about $19 for about a week, go to the second $30. I have not receive the first $30 check, but I think this website is good for me.

  35. i have used and am a gold member i have received a check for $30 twice. It does take a long time to get that much but it took me a month to get both checks thats why i participate in multiple sites. Also to earn money faster do the surveys and be general with your personal survey answers so you get more survey opportunities.

  36. @Susen, You’re absolutely correct.

    I actually got to the very last question on a survey, answered it, and get this, this same question appeared several times throughout the survey, at least 1-4 times I had ALREADY answered it, and that answer was ALWAYS IDENTICAL to ALL of them.

    So I answered the very last question, instead of paying me the $20.00 the survey was supposed to pay, I’m sure by now you can guess what I got as soon as I clicked next or continue, right?

    If not, I got “We’re Sorry You Do Not Qualify for this Survey!” Now that is DEFINITELY BOGUS, and I’ve had it happen a few times, especially on high dollar amount surveys, I’m talking anywhere from $5.00 upward to that $20 I was cheated out on.

    And like you it either does no good to complain, or you can’t find any way to register a complaint, and it seems the company offering up the surveys like this are also just as shady by not having any real, viable or easily found {i.e. Out in the open} to contact them, no e-mail, no phone, no real company name and no physical address.

    Some offer a forum or area to give open feedback anyone can read, and sometimes they reply, most often, complaints like this just go ignored.

    So, you’re screwed and get taken for all the time you wasted taking a survey.

    Personally if you’ve completed even ONE FOURTH of a Survey and then get disqualified {which does not make sense by the way}, then YOU SHOULD BE COMPENSATED for what answers you did offer up, it wasn’t your or anyone else’s fault taking the survey they got disqualified{duped!} after starting and putting time into it.

    So if a Survey paid $5.00, you got through 1/4 of it, your should receive $1.25¢ for your time, 1/2 way, $2.50¢. 3/4 of the way: $3.75¢ and anything past the 3/4 mark should be paid the full amount of $5.00! Now THIS WOULD BE FAIR TO EVERYONE!

    Sadly, IT IS NOT just InBox Dollars doing this, I have tried several other survey sites and, I really hate to say this, THEY ARE ALL THE SAME! So no matter what site you use, eventually you’re going to have this happen to you, NOT at first, seems they hook you, reel you in and then you may get past a few surveys at first, but then they set the hook and you’re disqualified at every turn.

    Also the companies ARE making a fortune on those taking those surveys that you answer and get disqualified for, they still have the incompleted survey answers you submitted and I’m sure they STILL USE those surveys for their research.

    So by disqualify anyone at any stage of a survey after being 1/4 in to almost the end before they disqualify you is giving them FREE ANSWERS that they SHOULD BE PAYING FOR! Just like I stated above, these “Survey Sites” that send you to these companies NEED to set a contract that if a survey taker is disqualified even if only 1/4 of the way into it, the company offering up the survey SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO PAY ANY SURVEY TAKER for their time and effort in even attempting said survey!

    Again, THIS IS THE ONLY REAL AND FAIR, as well as viable way to also protect Survey takers from companies SCAMMING them out of the time spent{wasted} on a survey, just to be disqualified when they have gotten well into the survey.

    ~The Wicker Man~ has spoken.

  37. this is a total rip off they take your answers on a survey and then after doing the survey for 90 – 100 percent they decide you do not qualify. I have spent hours doing surveys for them to say i do not qualify, how can they say that when i have completed the survey or almost completed it RIP OFF! When you tell them they say they cannot be responsible for the individual companies so I have cancelled my account as they have ripped me off too many times.

  38. I’ve been a member of ‘inboxdollars’ for about a month and just requested a check. I believe with any of these “free” sites you’re not going get rich. I consider them all stress relievers and nothing more. When two cents will buy something than I’ll considered them an asset.

  39. Has anyone used EarnCashEmails.Com, they say all you do is post emails that they send you, and you get $25 for each one. this has to be a scam. they want a one time fee of $25 for the start up materials they send you, by email.

  40. I just joined few minutes ago and just googled whether it’s a scam. Then i found your this article which proves it is not a scam but very much similar to a scam. So, I went back and removed the account. Thanks for the info. I should have seen this earlier before joining that site. anyways.. Thanks.. :)

  41. Inbox Dollars sounds good and is a nice way to a make money. You can make small amounts of money but even that takes a long time. You are given emails and surveys, but depending on where you are, the surveys “fill up” or you become “uneligible” due to the survey guidelines. If you don’t get a survey, you are given a chance to spin the wheel for money–you will usually get 1 chance in a drawing, which you never hear about again. If you win money, you will be lucky to win a nickel.
    I have been with this survey company for half a year and it has taken til now to qualify for my first check. Unfortunately, Inbox reminds me of the other scams out there on the web.


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