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Is a Scam?

Easy money. Sure, this usually goes hand-in-hand with small amounts of it, but man do I love me some easy money.

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It’s run by the same company that operated InstantCashSweepstakes, which was a favorite here at I’ve Tried That for many years before they closed down. They are a market research company paying you to participate in surveys. It does sound familiar, but PaidViewpoint is putting a fresh spin on things, including guaranteed payments for every survey you’re invited to.

Seriously, you can’t get kicked out of a survey halfway through because you don’t “qualify.” Oh, and you automatically get $1.00 just for signing up. (Details on how to increase this signup bonus at the bottom of this post.)

Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s dive in here.

What is

Yes, it’s an online survey company, but it’s unlike any survey site I’ve seen before. I’ll let explain…

PaidViewpoint is the market research survey site built upon 4 principles:

  • We pay cash for every completed market research survey.
  • We never screen you out once you’ve been invited into a survey.
  • We’ve cracked the code that takes “boring” out of the survey answering experience.
  • Privacy – we never ask you to register your real name or complete physical address.

The most important thing to take away from those four points is the second line. Once you’re invited to take a survey, you will get paid no matter what. The biggest complaint with online survey companies is that a user will be halfway through an hour long survey just to find out he or she “doesn’t qualify” and is subsequently kicked out of the survey with no pay. That DOES NOT happen at An invitation to a survey means you’re going to get paid.

You also get paid in CASH for completing a survey. No points or gift cards, but actual money. There is a $15.00 minimum withdraw though. I haven’t yet hit that amount of money, but I will keep you guys updated on how much I make there.

Lastly, we have their privacy commitment. You don’t have to give out your name or home address when signing up, but you do have to call in and verify a phone number in order to cash out your earnings. This is for two reasons: 1. To ensure that you only create one account at and 2. To ensure that no unauthorized party can login and steal your earnings.

I know a few of you are going to be unhappy about having to provide a phone number, but rest assured, the number is used for verification purposes only. This line is taken directly from their Privacy Policy: “We do use a third party application to dial and send the confirmation code to your phone. At no other time or function on PV is your phone number used or shared.” makes it clear that your number will not be used for anything other than account verification.

My experiences with InstantCashSweepstakes have been nothing less than stellar. They are running a great company and I feel safe recommending PaidViewpoint.

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Use this code when signing up for an extra cash bonus: itriedthat

An Example Survey

While working on this review, I was actually invited to participate in a survey. I decided to grab a screenshot to demonstrate how the site works and funcitons.

There are a few things I want to point out. First, we have the earnings bar at the top. This tallies up how much money you’ve earned so far during the survey. Since you can’t get “screened out” of a survey, that money is yours. Off to the right of the survey is how much money this particular question will earn for you. In this case, I earned $0.05 for answering this question.

Next we have the question/answer window. The first black bar is the question that’s being asked with the options below. Pick an option, then click on the arrow to continue to the next question. Finally, we have the time estimation bar at the bottom. This shows you approximately how close you are to the end of the survey. This is a great feature since other survey sites generally keep you in the dark about how much time is left.

Here’s a PaidViewpoint Activation Bonus Code!

The nice folks at have offered to provide I’ve Tried That readers with an additional sign up bonus. Right now, you automatically get $1.00 just for signing up. As a thank you for reading I’ve Tried That, you can get an additional monetary bonus for reading this review.

All you have to do is signup using the activation bonus code: itriedthat

Click here and create your PaidViewpoint account now!

You’ll see the bonus field after you click on the register button. Don’t forget to use the code itriedthat for some extra money!

Overall, I like If you’re a fan of InstantCashSweepstakes, you’re going to love PaidViewpoint. The two programs compliment each other nicely and both are legitimate ways to make some extra money online.

I joined a few hours ago and I’ve already been invited to 3 different surveys and have made a total $1.86 so far today. Not bad considering each survey only took a few minutes to complete. I think I’m going to like this site. gets my full recommendation.

PaidViewpoint in 2018

This article was first written in 2011, when PaidViewpoint first launched. I have been an active member there ever since and I’m happy to say they still have my full recommendation.

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In fact, since I’ve joined, I’ve cashed out over $2,800 in earnings.

Paidviewpoint Earnings

Additional Programs to Try

After you create your account with PaidViewpoint, here are a couple of other similar ways to make some money online. Join them all to increase your earning potential!

  1. Swagbucks – Login, answer questions, take polls, watch videos, make money. I’ve cashed out a couple hundred dollars in my first few months of joining. Absolutely a must join.
  2. SurveySavvy – This is my all time favorite survey company. I’ve cashed out thousands of dollars over the past 4 years from both my completed surveys and referrals. This one is highly recommended.

32 thoughts on “Is a Scam?”

  1. The site is actually pretty fun to use. The cash earned is very small and accumulates small over time. It’s taken me about 8 and a half months to reach $16. I’ve tried to get a few people to sign up so I can get the $25 bonus, but they don’t trust this site for some reason. It’s a legit site, idk why they wouldn’t!

  2. According to Sue G, you can check PaidViewpoint every day for daily surveys (even if they don’t email you)? I don’t see any options on there that offer any daily surveys.. Am I missing something?? HELP!

  3. I realy like this, I registered and I saw that it’s easy and they realy pay you :) It’s funny, I already invited 2 friends

  4. PAid Viewpoint only sends certain survey invites that pay MORE than the standard $.10. Other surveys are in the site DAILY. You won’t get invitations via email for the daily surveys. You HAVE to check in there daily for your earnings to grow. Cashed out in late March finally after 6 months of being a member, HOWEVER, I started going into the site daily and I’m about to cash out again. Voila! You have to go in there at least twice a day and the money will grow quickly. LOVE them!

  5. I’ve been on PaidViewPoint for about 8 months and they only let you cash once you reach $15. I’ve been at $14-something for at least 3 months and they just don’t send more surveys… kinda weird.

  6. Th key is to go into the site several times a day, like ICS. They (PV) doesn’t always email you when surveys are in your account to do. Had I realized this AND had my 2 referrals, I would have redeemed my account at least twice by now but it’s been once and I’m nearly ready to cash out again….I’m sure it would be at least another time since I’ve been a member since 11/2013…I recently figured I’d go in there everytime I ‘played’ on ICS and I have earned 4 times as much in 2 weeks as I ever did in 5 months…Love BOTH sites!!!

  7. I have gotten paid before. Yes it is a slow process, but it is good money when you need it. I am a few cents away from getting paid again. I access them on my phone which makes it easy to hit one up as soon as it comes to my email.

  8. I agree with Kim because I joined Paid Viewpoint in January 2013 and reached the maximum 10,000 point trait score only today (8/31/13). At present, I have a total of $24.18 in earnings for 8.5 months participation. The few surveys I have received, rarely add up to even $1.00. Usually, you get one $0.10 trait survey per day, but some days you don’t. At the end of the day, this is not a very profitable, but definitely a more fun/pleasant experience than other survey sites I am signed up with. It’s best to participate in multiple survey sites. That way you can accumulate earnings and cash out at various times.

  9. Thanks for the info. Just registered and tried to use code “itriedthat” and didn’t work. We’ll see how the surveys go!

  10. I’ve been a member for a month or so, but so far I only have 2.77$. It appears I only still get survey to verify my ages, education, where I live, etc. I get one survey each day but it only pays 0.03$ so it does not add up fast. I wonder how some people get 0.10$, did they change their rules? I’ll stick with it for a while longer, but I wish I’d get real surveys instead of the same questions every day. Anybody know how long are they gonna “verify” me?

  11. Your review is completely accurate! I’ve been using this one for months now and continue to be impressed with it. I’ve cashed out several times and they always send the money either the same day or the day after I request it.

  12. I joined several weeks ago. only have $2.72 and I keep receiving emails saying I have a survey but when I log in and click to take the survey it acts like its loading then goes to a black screen. Any idea what I should do? How to contact them??

  13. This site does have it’s limits and it’s certainly not for everyone. However, if you like to make a little money on the side with little effort then PaidViewPoint will not disappoint!

    Like with other GPT sites, the real money lies within the site’s referral program so as soon as you sign up and get the hang on things, I’d recommend that you guys go out there and spread the word.

    Squeeze every ounce of juice out of this site because trust me fellas, these kind of high quality sites are unfortunately in the minority so don’t miss out!

    PS: I am curious about what happens when someone’s TrustScore reaches 9,000. You’re told that you earn more, but by how much I wonder? To anyone who has reached this mark, could you reply? I’m quite curious.

    I currently have $8.18 and a TrustScore of 5,000 so I guess I’ll find out within a couple of weeks. :)

    • Hi, I’ve reached some a trait score of 9300 but i still get the same amount $0.03 per survey. I don’t know what wrong and I have never cash out. I’m totally depressed.

  14. Thanks for the great heads up! Love the survey site. Really user-friendly, and I’ve already made $1.46 for a three minute survey. It’s exactly as you described it, and doesn’t make you juimp through idiot-hoops to get to the finish line. Again, great news from the news guru. ;)

  15. @Kim: I have no reason to even suspect that they aren’t going to pay. I’ve been a member at InstantCashSweepstakes (run by the same company) and have cashed out dozens of times already. Online surveys aren’t glamorous ways of making money, but something you can do in your spare time. PaidViewpoint is no different.

  16. Nov 3 update: Earned to date $9.97, trust score of 3540. I’ve been a member for about a month. I have only been online once this week so I’ve only had a short .10 survey this week.

  17. Just another update – Star Date – 03Nov2011 – 23:34
    I have now “earned” (not sure I believe it will ever happen)
    $4.80 and have a trust score of 2500
    Is anybody doing any better? Is it just me.
    I figure I will get to about 30 cents from payout and my account will be closed, or the good news will be that they can get some companies that need surveys by that time and we will all make payout.

  18. Just a follow up since signing up 16 days ago.
    I have earned a total of $3.60 and am earning
    10 cents per day or so with getting to know you.
    I have a trust score of 1400 and yet have still not
    received even one single survey.
    Steve or anyone else,
    Is there a secret to getting surveys? At 10c a day, I
    figure it will be 10 – 20 YRS for a payout.

  19. I signed up, but I was unable to use the bonus code because I used my Google account to sign up. When I did that there was no way to use the code.
    I like the site so far. It’s a nice change from some of the other survey sites with their stark interface and the most bland typefaces you can imagine. I say give it a shot. I’ve already got over a dollar in the kitty just from signing up! :D

  20. I like the layout of the site. It’s easy to use. I’ve been on it for 3 days and I’ve only made $1.55. I’ve take 2 surveys. I feel like I never get any surveys which sucks.

  21. to: valerie, how do you even check your traits, that is exactly how i feel. i came across a question and it appears that it didn’t match the info i first gave so my trust score after the survey was just added with 70 points not the full hundred for my trust score. i just feel the site is way to simple so we don’t get to navigate it. no forums as well on their site..

  22. I wish I would’ve come across this BEFORE I joined up so I could cash in on the itriedthat bonus. I joined about a week before seeing this. So far I am loving it, I’m at over 5$ already. I’ve had a lot of the traits/10c surveys more than anything. One of the things I like the most is the bottom on the survey (right hand corner in the black) that tells you how much time you have left for that particular survey. It is a real time saver, not a single survey I have taken so far as taken over 4 minutes. I also like the trust score, the only down fall I have for it is that (if you are like me) you don’t check your ‘traits,etc’ everyday and when you don’t answer correctly you don’t get the full 100 Trust Points. I wish only the basics, such as age, etc counted like this, instead of questions like “have you thought about/purchased… in the last 6 months…” as 6 months is a long time and you could forget about these things and then get them wrong.
    Great job on the review though. :D

  23. Thanks for your views on PV. PV is really a nice and intelligent survey portal.
    I like it very much. But only thing i have joined around 15 days back and taen 15+ trait surveys. Still i am getting surveys asking “tell about me” kind and earning only 3 cents for each trait survey.
    May i know what type of survey you got after you join and how it is possible to earn $1.86 for 3 surveys you have taken.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.



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