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75 Ways to Get Free Samples by Mail in 2023

Everybody likes getting free stuff. There’s no question about it. Even better when you can get a ton of free samples by mail.

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New brands do this to introduce their products to the world, get feedback and hopefully word of mouth will do its magic in spreading news about those products.

Old brands do this as a quick way of reaching customers and receiving instant feedback from their target market. Some companies send free samples by mail to build a loyal customer base, while others do it for market research.

Regardless of the reasons why companies send free samples by mail, the question you should be focusing on is HOW to get included in these mailing lists.

How do you get free samples in the mail?

The method chosen by companies to send free samples to consumers vary significantly. These may be any of the following:

  1. People who agreed to receive products and promotions while joining a newsletter or company’s program.
  2. Influencers who are active online with a significant number of followers, which are within the target market of a particular company
  3. People who took part of an online survey and wanted in on product testing
  4. Fan club members of a particular brand
  5. Rewards websites that partner with multiple brands and send consumers these gifts as rewards
  6. Apps or companies in the “subscription gift box” category
  7. People who review certain brands via blog, videos, social media and are rewarded with more free samples
  8. and many more.

Where to Get Free Samples

For the largest selection of free samples, head directly to Amazon’s Product Sampling page.

Amazon free samples

Pick the categories you are most interested in and Amazon will send hundreds of free samples directly to your door.

There are 3 places to find free samples online:

1. Companies Known to Send Free Samples

Olay Club, Allure, Proctor & Gamble, Betty Crocker, Try Gillette, Kotex, and Yogi Tea are just some brands that send free samples by mail.

You just have to fill-up a form, register, send a sample request, or just click a button.

2. Useful apps for hunting free samples

There are more and more apps popping left and right that follow the footsteps of Influenster (iOS, Android, desktop), Claim It!, Gift Box, Just Free Stuff, and other apps that can help you hunt for free samples that you can receive by mail.

3. Third-party websites that organize all the freebies from various companies

Some of these websites earn through online advertising, while others through affiliate marketing.

As long as the website doesn’t ask you to pay a joining fee upfront to access their list of free samples, they’re good to go.

The following third-party websites link consumers to brand products.

75 Free Samples You Can Receive by Mail

Free product samples usually go hand-in-hand with coupons and gift cards.

Sometimes, companies reward you with gift cards that you can spend to choose with products to buy with it.

But if you wish to stick exclusively with free samples, here are over 100 products you can check out:

Free Food and Drink Samples by Mail

  1. Starbucks – Get free Starbucks samples direct to your door.
  2. Better Coffee Co. – Get to taste free coffee samples that the company claims is better than the coffee you’re used to.
  3. Minute’s White Rice – Sign up and become a member of the Riceipe Club to receive free food samples.
  4. Nut-free Peanut Butter – Wow Butter is here to save those with nut allergies, but miss their peanut butter fix.
  5. Emergen-C – This energy drink to give you an extra boost of energy when you’re on your last leg, or feeling under the weather.
  6. Nate’s JerkyLove you some jerky? You just have to tell Nate’s Jerky that you want to try their products out and they’ll gladly send you some free food samples.
  7. Truvia gumGet samples of the Truvia products, most of which are made with natural sweetener.
  8. New Hope CoffeeFor coffee lovers, there’s no such thing as too much free Coffee samples.
  9. Minute Mixology cocktail mix – Get your single-serve cocktail fix with Minute Mixology’s drink samples.
  10. Xorknob – If the name sounds a bit alien to you, it’s because this free food sample is actually a fun, alien treat. The company behind this product is on an aggressive marketing to land the shelves of big groceries like Trader Joes.
  11. Special bottled water – Nestle’s giving out sparkling ice spring water.
  12. Choco Kindle Chocolates – Free chocolates? Sign us up! The Apple Seed company wants to know what you think about their new line of chocolate bars.
  13. Wise Company’s Emergency Food – Want to know what emergency food tastes like? This company sends free meals to people interested in storing food to be used during emergency situations.
  14. Death Wish CoffeeHas one of the coolest brand names on this list, Death Wish Coffee is not for the faint of heart. You’ll need to sign up for a chance to get free strong coffee samples by mail.
  15. McCormick Consumer Testing Program – Those who love to cook will definitely go crazy over these free food samples from McCormick. From spices to sauces, you’ll get first dibs on products before they get launched in the market.
  16. RainyDay Solutions – Like Wise Company’s Emergency food, except a bit fancier, you’ll get to taste lasagna, chicken teriyaki and beef stroganoff with noodles.
  17. Mills Advisory PanelJoin this panel and be one of the thousands of people testing out General Mills products for free.
  18. Godiva – Ahhh from the makers of delectable chocolates, Godiva, who would even say no to these free chocolate samples?
  19. Little Nut World – Squeezable baby food that comes in a mess-free packaging. Unfortunately, only one person a month is chosen to receive free samples.

Free Makeup Samples by Mail

  1. Olay WhipsReceive a deep hydrating eye gel and facial cleaning cloths.
  2. Makeup remove clothe by MakeupEraser – You have to follow MakeupEraser on Instagram and ask for free samples.
  3. L’oreal Paris Sugar ScrubThis newly-launched sugar scrub is ideal for helping people with dry skin get softer skin.
  4. L’oreal Makeup – There’s also a page dedicated for those who love L’oreal makeup brands like Lancome, RedKen, Garnier, and more.
  5. Pretty Thrifty – This site is pretty popular, mostly because of all the free beauty samples it sends to its massive following of over 90k on social media.
  6. SamplesJust like Pretty Thrifty, the free makeup samples you can get vary depending on product availability. It’s a third-part site with hundreds of beauty products ready to be given away.
  7. Sephora Collection – Get a clay facial mask free if you follow Sephora on Instagram and DM your address and other shipping details.
  8. Elle Inner CircleThere’s no specific free products listed here, but as a member of the Elle Inner Circle, you get first dibs on major beauty products and perfume.
  9. Temana – Makers of effective toners, serums and facial wash, you can receive free beauty samples by mail simply by filling up the Temana form.
  10. ConvaTec Sensi-Care String Free WipesPerfect for removing makeup, this non-alcoholic wipes are formulated as a gentle makeup remover that doesn’t cause dry skin.
  11. Allure – You’ll need to answer a comprehensive survey (mostly about beauty products and your personal routines/preferences), before you can join as ‘Allure Beauty Enthusiast.’ If you’re accepted, you’ll receive free beauty product samples by mail periodically and you’ll be asked for some feedback about the products.
  12. Glamour GlamspottersLike Allure and Elle’s Inner Circle, this requires answering a comprehensive survey, before being allowed to join. It’s worth it though, since Glamour sends off a ton of beauty and makeup free samples.
  13. SmashboxThis popular brand gives away a box of cosmetics every time you order items from its store.
  14. Marie Clare – Join Marie Claire’s Velvet Rope Club to receive a ton of makeup, including lipsticks, mascaras, and more from top brands.

Free Toiletry samples by Mail

  1. Schwarzkopf Smooth N Shine Straightening PolisherYou do have to join DigiTry first so you can try this hair care product.
  2. Gucci Fragrance – You have to sign-up before you can receive Gucci’s Bloom perfume.
  3. VO5’s Sulfate Free Shampoo, Conditioner and Hot Oil These sulfate-free hair care products are available if you sign into DigiTry.
  4. Salon Grafix HairsprayIt’s available on DigiTry, too! And there are shampoos and conditioners that you can get as free samples.
  5. Tena IntimatesGet a free set of menstrual pads from heavy to thin lights.
  6. Perricone MD – You’d have to order anything from this brand of dermatologist-approved skincare products, before you can receive a free gift of samples.
  7. Pink PanelAs a member of the Pink Panel (or testers hired by research firm, The Benchmarking Company), you get to receive free skincare and makeup products by mail for you to try. Sometimes, pocket money of $50 to $200 is included with every assignment.
  8. Bromley’s Razors – Try out Bromley’s 7-blade razor, which reportedly cuts so smooth you wouldn’t go back to your regular brand.
  9. PrescriptivesBuy your toiletries here and get a box of free samples every time.

Free Cleaning Supplies by Mail

  1. Brillo ConnectionJoin Brillo’s website and receive free cleaning supplies by mail ranging from wool soap pads to fancy sponges.
  2. Smiley360Smiley360 is a network with a massive list of free samples, but if you’re out to look for cleaning supplies, you won’t get disappointed by the year-long offerings found on the site.
  3. Snuggle Bear DenYou’d have to register to join the mailing list. Once there are free samples available, you will be sent a notification e-mail that indicates the task required (take a survey, fill up a form, etc.) to qualify for a freebie sent by mail.
  4. Grove CollaborativeSends people environmentally-conscious household essentials, such as cleaning products and paper plates.
  5. 5 Garbage BagsHere’s a must-have for your household cleaning – garbage bags! And you get to try out the company’s heavy duty bags!

Free Health Products by Mail

  1. Social NatureAnyone can become a member of this free sample site focused on vegan and eco-friendly products.
  2. Amnesty Bar – For the health-conscious who loves protein bars, the Amnesty Bar also claims to promote good liver health.
  3. Back to Nature SnacksIf you’re trying to get healthy, but chips are your weakness, these snacks could be your savior. Sign up and cross your fingers for a chance to receive full-sized samples.
  4. Natural Vitality DrinksFree lemonade drinks for people who need extra dose of magnesium or a way to lower stress levels.
  5. Stevia – Get a free bottle of Terra Sweet’s Stevia, which you can use as alternative to traditional, high-carb white sugar. Ideal for coffee and teas.
  6. Universal Nutrition Whey – Receive free protein whey by mail, if you’re bulking up with protein but don’t care for a carnivore diet.
  7. Smarty Pants VitaminsGummy vitamins for kids and adults.
  8. Veggie Pops – It’s high in fiber and made of real veggies, these snack pops are free for your taking, just sign up on their website and wait for your samples by mail.
  9. Breath Right Nasal Strips – Extra strength nasal strips for people who have a hard time sleeping.
  10. Essential OilsEssential oils are no longer a fad. Get in with mixing and blending your own potions, Start with these free essential oil samples.
  11. Prevail – Receive adult diapers and women’s pads by mail, just sign-up and request your free samples.
  12. Angel’s Touch CreamThis pain relief cream is a must-have for most households. It’s so in-demand that the company limits one sample per household.
  13. Sasmar Lubricants Get water-based and silicone-based lubricants as free samples.
  14. OxyLifeBuilding your first aid kit? This company is sending free samples to its line of over-the-counter organic medicines, including stress relief capsules, natural laxatives, sleep aid, energy enhancers and vegetarian pain relief pills.
  15. LivreliefThis cream helps relieve muscle pain, joint pain, pain from arthritis and other bruises and ailments, There’s no harm in trying it out.
  16. Tena Men’s Incontinence GuardSends a kit of adult diapers or incontinence pads.

Miscellaneous Freebies

  1. The Imagination Library Founded by the legendary singer Dolly Parton, this library sends free books to kids of all ages.
  2. Brooks – Receive free workout clothes and shoes, so you can test the latest in exercise gear.
  3. DependsHow about some free underwear for men and women?
  4. CondeNast Try It – If you’re looking for free magazines sent by mail, the Conde Nast group handles lifestyle magazines, Allure, Self and Vogue.
  5. Nupro Pet Supplements – Don’t forget your pets! There are tons of free samples for your dogs, cats and other beloved pets too!
  6. Texas Mills Dog FoodLike this dog food from Texas Mills
  7. Ageless Paws Treats – Or these free freeze-dried treats for your cats and dogs
  8. Wizsmart Pee PadOr these awesome invention to save your home while potty-training your pets.
  9. Tuttle EnvelopesSends stationery and envelopes. Perfect for the crafter in you!
  10. HomeSchoolReceive free notebooks, pens, and other school supplies
  11. Mom Tester– The free samples included are geared for moms and kids
  12. Mead4Teachers – Get free notebooks and other school supplies if you’re a teacher.

Samples from Big Retailers

Your favorite retailers also have year-round free sample boxes that they give away. Make sure to check out:

These stores have different requirements. Some send out boxes every month, while others do it on a quarterly basis.

The Free Sample Bottom Line

If you’re looking for free baby samples, I didn’t include any on this list because I’ve got a huge list of baby product freebies on this post.

For those who are celebrating their birthdays soon, don’t forget to check out what birthday freebies you can get, and which restaurants give away free meals for birthday celebrants.

Rewards and cash-back sites also allow you to save as many credits as you can, which you can then use to “pay” for samples listed on their sites.

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There’s also the exciting world of paid product testing where you can actually get paid to test products and provide feedback to companies.