Quick Summary of YouTube Ads Biz in a Box Monster PLR

Rating: 2 A good intro program that can be scaled up with time.

The Good: This program offers solid training and good resources. You can purchase this program's PLR upsells and market them as your own. You have a generous 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Bad: To make this program really profitable, you need to have your own product and/or sell it to people who have their own products. You can't customize and sell this program's PLR products as your own unless you buy its upsells. You can end up spending a lot of money on YouTube Ads and associated marketing products if you're not careful.

The Bottom Line: If you're trying to do or improve at video advertising, you should try this program. However, be aware that it's mostly geared towards selling the same product you just purchased. There are better alternatives to marketing out there.

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YouTube Ads Biz in a Box Monster PLR Review

“Start your own info business TODAY by getting your hands on this Complete Biz in a Box.”

That’s what you read when you first access YouTube Ads Biz in a Box. This product, which is offered by Dr. Amit Pareek and Ashu Kumar, is available through JVZoo for an introductory price of $97 $47 $9.95.

What do you get with YouTube Ads Biz in a Box? The program’s sales page advertises the following training modules:

YouTube Ads Biz in a Box

Module 1 alone is described as a 63-page training guide filled with graphics, examples and screenshots. There’s also a bonus product included with this program called How to Set up a Killer Funnel: A to Z Video Series.

All this stuff, plus nine other training modules, piqued my interest. I decided to buy the course.

What did I find?

Inside YouTube Ads Biz in a Box

As soon as my purchase went through, I encountered the following upsell:

upsell 1

For $47.20, I could purchase a bigger version of YouTube Ads Biz in a Box that gave me private label rights (PLRs) to both its training assets and graphics, along with additional PLR items I could give out as freebies to encourage subscriber sign-up and eventual purchasing. This product was called the Pro Package with Upgraded Private Label Rights.

When I tried to leave this page, my purchase price dropped to $37.05. After I left this page again, I found myself staring at a second upsell:

upsell 2

What this upsell offered was the opportunity to lay claim to and sell four other ‘Biz in a Box’ online businesses as my very own, complete with their own associated PLRs, swipe email and sales copy, sales pages, doodle-style videos and graphics.

This upsell was offered for $97.02, but I was able to lower its price to just $1 for a 30-day trial (and $27/month thereafter) by attempting to click away from the sales page.
After I left this page, I was able to access my purchased product in the members’ area:

youtube ads biz members

The modules were presented as follows:

1. Training guide

This massive tome had a grand total of 13 chapters covering topics such as setting up YouTube for your business, creating your video, creating and managing your video ad campaign, and do’s and don’ts for a successful YouTube advertising venture. There were also 10 video advertising case studies provided through brands like Snickers, Sephora and Chevrolet.

2. Cheat sheet

The cheat sheet file offered a kind of Cliff Note’s version of the training guide for those readers with short attention spans. You basically got a summarized version of your training in 2-3 pages.

3. Mind map

The mind map summarized your training guide as a series of idea sets that lead into other idea sets. This map is for readers who learn more through visual than written cues.

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4. Top resources report

In this two-page report, you get access to lists of blogs, forums, online tools, videos, webinars, infographics, etc. that you can use to educate yourself about online marketing.

Top Resources Report

5. Front end sales copy

This product consists mostly of swipe sales copy that you use to sell YouTube Ads Biz in a Box to other customers. In essence, it’s the program’s sales page copy written down for you in document form. I’ve included a sample of the swipe copy below:

Customer FE Sales Copy

6. Front end professional minisite

I could not access this site through the platform, so I suspect that I don’t get access to it unless I purchase one of the program’s upsells.

7. Front end sales video

You are provided with video script as well as voiceover and music files for the purposes of making your own YouTube Ads Biz in a Box sales videos. Here’s a snippet of the video script that introduces YouTube Ads Biz:

Customer FE Video Script

8. Swipe emails for affiliates

You get three follow-up emails containing sales copy that attempts to sell you the YouTube Ads Biz in a Box program.

9. Animated banners

You are given access to different .gif image sizes that feature YouTube Ads Biz in a Box.

10. Front end graphics

You are provided with a list of graphics files for items like the call-to-action button, the download now button, different fonts, etc. These graphics are all intended for selling YouTube Ads Biz in a Box.

7-Zip File Manager

Bonus: How to Set up a Killer Funnel: A to Z Video Series

This bonus consists of 10 videos that teach you how to create and establish your website. For example, there is a video dedicated to teaching you how to select your domain name and buy web hosting. Another video instructs you how to upload different ‘businesses in a box’ to your domain folder. Yet another video instructs you on how to set up your home page.


Other bonuses

You also get a set of bonus videos, images and html code swipes via files like YouTube Sharp Profits, YouTube Ad Hero, YouTube Ads Excellence, etc., all of which are located within the program’s members’ area. These resources teach you how to set up your YouTube account, for example, or how to upload video into an in-stream YouTube ad.


YouTube Ads Biz in a Box isn’t a scam but…

While this program isn’t a scam, it’s also of limited potential for general affiliate marketers who don’t have their own personal product to sell. In such a situation, those affiliate marketers are stuck selling YouTube Ads Biz in a Box to others, and that’s about it. This is a big red flag for us.

If these marketers upgrade their memberships, they gain access to the program’s raw files and can edit the content. However, again, this is only of use to individuals who already have a product of their own to sell.

While YouTube Ads Biz in a Box offers a lengthy and informative tutorial booklet in its first training module, the other training modules are either rehashes of the tutorial or are files for selling and marketing the YouTube Ads Biz in a Box program. There isn’t as much training material as initially advertised; also, much of the training focuses on having you sell the very program you just purchased.

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To really take advantage of this program, you’ll need access to its raw files and PLR licenses. This requires buying the upsells. Thus, you’ll be paying a lot more than just $10 to truly market and sell other products through this program besides YouTube Ads Biz in a Box.

Overall, there are better products out there that don’t focus so much on selling themselves, like my top recommendation here. And they are completely free to try.

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