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I’ve Tried That Investigates: Crazy Fox

It’s late at night. You don’t know why you’re up but you can’t sleep. Jay Leno has long since said his goodbye and you’re now in unchartered channel surfing waters. Chuck Norris begins to pitch his ‘All-in-one’ fitness orb as your eyes begin to slowly close. Minutes pass. Maybe hours. You don’t know. You’re stuck in this weird dream-like state when your eyes focus back on the television. It’s a fox. And he’s telling you how you too can make millions from the comfort of your own home.

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Surely, you must be dreaming.

You aren’t.

The Claims

The following quotes have been pulled directly from Crazy Fox’s website.

How to Never Need That 9-5 Job Again.

Every day, regular men and women take their first step to saying goodbye to a 9 to 5 job… forever. Right now you have the opportunity to join them.

Sound CRAZY?

DID YOU KNOW that nearly 50% of businesses in the United States are home-based? It’s true! That statistic comes from an eye-opening U.S. census report published in November of 2006!

The fact is, there has never been a better opportunity to work from home, and people everywhere are realizing it. So, what does it take to succeed?

What if there was one company using a proven system to help people build the business of their dreams… for over 25 years?

  • With annual revenues of more than $1.8 billion dollars!
  • Sales in more than 62 countries, and…
  • Tens of thousands of part and full-time income earners.

But, When Is It YOUR Turn?

Right now, you have the opportunity to discover the ground-breaking system that is changing people’s lives.

Be your own boss, work on your own schedule, love what you do, and get every bit of training and support you’ll ever need to succeed.

The key is a product line with explosive demand and a step-by-step system for growing long-term residual income.

Request our Secrets to Success kit while it’s still available!

You’ll see how everyday men and women are taking control of their financial future, while generating significant income starting in month 1!

The truth is, too many people SAY they want to change their life for the better… but they never take a single step to make it happen.

Fill out the form to order our no-obligation success kit, and keep an eye on your mailbox. This may just be the most eye-opening, and life-changing package you ever receive…

You have nothing to lose.

Yawn. This crap presell page almost put me back to sleep. Again we are given the home-based program of our dreams that will set us financially free, allow us to fire our bosses, and let us eat solid gold as we circumnavigate the globe on our privately chartered cruise ships.

The real key is that there are 307 words in the paragraph above and not one describes what you will actually be doing in order to make money from home. There’s a brief mention of an explosive product line, but that’s it. Other than that it’s just buzz words. ‘Eye-opening,’ ‘life-changing,’ ‘vomit inducing’ program you’ll ever see?

No thanks.

The Truth

Herbalife. Again. We saw a similar batch of lies when we conducted a Partner with Paul Review. The last line on the Crazy Fox websites reads ‘You have nothing to lose.’ Since when did an initial $9.95 investment for training materials, thousands of dollars on products that you have to resell that no one wants, and your personal and private information become nothing?

Keep reading for tales from those who have tried Crazy Fox.

The Proof

Crazy Fox is associated with Herbalife (which has been around for YEARS and recently was fined $150 000 by Canadian authorities for Illegal Pyramid-like scheme).

Once you pay the $9.99 fee to Crazyfox – they send you the starter package, which isn’t actually a package of any kind. It’s a booklet telling you how great it would be to become financially free, to never have a boss again and so on…

Then the real fun begins. You start getting calls from Herbalife representatives who are trying to sell all these amazing deals at $200, $500, $1000 and more. They tell you that you have made an amazing choice and you are on your way to wealth…

Since crazyfox sells your personal information to third parties, you will also start getting calls from insurance brokers, credit card companies, telephone companies and many others. They will all tell you: “We have been notified that you are starting a home business, you might be interested in our new Business Telephone Line, Business Credit Card… etc – and it never ends, needless to say that you will not make single dime with these guys.

I had never heard of Herbalife until reaponding to the Crazy Fox ad myself. I was (and still am) looking for a homebased business. It all sounded easy enough but I found out it is not easy at all. I, myself did not have the thousands of dollars to invest in the best package or the best leads and that makes it almost impossible. I don’t mind hard work but impossible is a different thing.

If you go to their website, there is no clear description of what they are and what they do – this is because they do different things; Herbalife, dropshipping… etc.

Okay, so what they really do? After collecting all your personal information (when you order a FREE starter packahe minus shipping fees) they simply sell it to other companies. Yes, all they do is collect leads and resell them.

Now, if you watch the infomercial you will see all these “average” people that claim to make $50 000 per day with crazyfox… but have you ever bothered to read the little text at the buttom of the screen?

Here it comes:
“There are no guarantees of specific income nor are there any representations of actual income.
Amounts stated are for illustrative purposes only and are not typical.
Persons depicted are paid actors.”

So, if you want to lose at least $10 while giving away your private information to hundreds of companies who will continue to contact you from now until the day you die, then by all means, sign up with Crazy Fox. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then I guess Crazy Fox just isn’t the program you had in mind.

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  1. Thanks for your excellent review. I am a Realtor and no wonder it is so difficult for people to grasp that home prices will continue to fall until 2010 unless your in a town that used to have a auto plant. Great web concept you have to help people from throwing away their money. Tom


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