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7 Work From Home Insurance Jobs You Could Try In 2020

There always seems to be opportunities opening up in the insurance industry, which continues to boom straight through into 2020.

I guess it makes sense since people need to keep insuring their stuff, but whatever the reason, you can capitalize on it by taking on a work from home insurance job.

Here’s why:

The insurance industry is particularly flexible and allows for a lot of leeway in work from home positions as well as telecommuting opportunities.

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If you do a little digging, you’ll see that you often don’t even need experience in insurance for many of the positions they have available because a lot of skills transfer well from other industries.

You’d also be surprised at just how many different jobs are involved in insurance, many of which don’t require that you be in the office all day.

Because insurance companies need such a huge range of talent, they often prefer to have their people work from home or telecommute – they save money and their employees are happier too.

Some companies require that you work in-house first before switching to a telecommuting position, while others just let you work from home right from the start. Generally, this also depends on the type of role you’ll be fulfilling, so take that into consideration when making your decision.

Below, I list the types of work from home insurance jobs you’ll typically find (with the exception of health insurance) and which companies typically hire for these types of positions.

Types of Work From Home Insurance Jobs

1. Insurance sales agents are representatives of one or more insurance companies, who sell their products.

There are two types of agents – those who only work for one insurance company (captive) and those who work for multiple companies (independent).

Most states and countries require that insurance agents have a license to sell the specific types of insurance they do. So make sure to check whether you need to sign up for training and go through any required exams.

2. Insurance brokers work for the people who are buying insurance instead of any particular insurance company.

They submit completed applications on behalf of their clients and request insurance quotes and policies for them.

An insurance broker doesn’t have the authority to legally draft or enforce a policy. There are also different types of insurance brokers, such as wholesale and surplus lines brokers.

3. Claims specialists or claims adjusters are responsible for determining whether a claim is covered by the policy that a client has.

There’s a lot of open positions in this field because so many claims get filed on a daily basis. In a big company, a claims specialist can receive as many as 50 to 100 claims a month.

It’s the claims adjuster’s job to make sure that the claim is settled fast and that the company pays out as little as possible.

4. Auditors fulfill a couple of roles in an insurance company.

There are financial auditors who review company records, financial statements, etc., in order to make sure the books are legal.

But there are also auditors whose job it is to evaluate policyholders’ documents and records for validity as well as to detect any possible fraud.

5. Insurance appraisers are the people who work through an insurance claim to ensure that it’s genuine.

These specialists are the people you see inspecting buildings to appraise the value of items, gauge losses and ensure that the claim is valid when there was a fire, for example.

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They will also usually be the ones who determine the settlement the insurance company has to pay.

6. Underwriters use software programs, statistics, and analytics to calculate whether it’s financially feasible for the company to approve an insurance application.

If approved, they also decide the terms of the coverage, how much coverage a person gets, and what their premiums will be.

7. Customer service representatives are the backbone of any insurance company.

These are the people who handle incoming claims or disputes and relay that information to the appropriate people.

So, naturally, every insurance company employs plenty of customer service people to handle the multitude of calls the company receives every day.

This is a really solid option as a work at home job for moms with young kids too because it doesn’t require your full attention every minute of the day.

8. Insurance Risk Analysts are the ones who process any policy applications that get sent through.

They’re also in charge of adjusting policies if the client requests it, or if the company requires it after a certain period of time or a claim has been made, for example.

How to Find a Work From Home Job in the Insurance Industry

Your best bet for finding work in the insurance industry is scouring job boards for the specific role you want to apply for.

However, many insurance companies will also list vacancies on their websites and LinkedIn pages so make sure to check them out and follow them on social media so you don’t miss any potential opportunities.

On top of that, you could also check out freelance sites and work from home job forums since you’re looking for a work from home position.

Some companies might list work from home or telecommuting positions there.

7 Insurance Companies Offering Work From Home Jobs

The number of companies that offer work from home jobs with benefits is steadily increasing every year, and you’ll find that a big chunk of them are actually insurance companies. Here are several big insurance companies that regularly post work from home jobs:

1. Farmers

If you’re looking for either underwriter, sales, or customer service jobs then Farmers might be the way to go. Check out their website and search for openings in their available jobs list using the “work from home” keywords.

2. Progressive

According to their website, Progressive offers work at home opportunities for sales representatives, claims specialists, customer service representatives, and corporate positions, like recruiters and HR consultants. Check out the work at home page on their site for more details.

3. Cigna

Select “see all locations in the United States” when searching for jobs on Cigna’s website. They generally hire developers, audit specialists, and analysts for remote positions.

4. Humana

This Fortune 500 company regularly hires a diverse range of remote workers from every state in the US. Select your state on their career site and have a look through the different jobs available there.


This company periodically hires people for remote work in different positions – usually fieldwork like fraud investigators. Their website might not be the best place to find these, though, so you should keep an eye on job boards as well.

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6. ING

This is a good option if you’re looking for underwriting, sales, or marketing insurance jobs from home. ING is actually a global banking company, but they also sell life insurance. Again, keep an eye on job boards as well, just to be on the safe side.

7. MetLife

Metlife is a global company that has had telecommute options available for various positions within the company. The usual suspects are claims specialists and inbound sales.

How Much Can You Earn Working From Home?

I usually try to give my readers a reasonable estimate of what they can expect to earn for the work from home gigs I talk about. But it’s a tough question in this case because there are so many types of roles in the insurance industry and their compensation differs considerably.

That said, here’s a quick list of what you can reasonably expect for each of the roles I listed above.

Note that these are rough estimates and could differ wildly depending on your experience, the company, and whether you’re hired full-time or not.

Insurance sales agent: Base pay of $38,377/yr with many companies offering sales commissions as well.

Insurance broker: $69,505/yr

Claims specialist: $56,169/yr

Auditor: $49,571/yr

Insurance appraiser: $51,140/yr

Underwriter: $46,289/yr

Customer service representative: $27,834/yr

Insurance risk Analyst: $61,833/yr

The Bottom Line

I’ll be honest – insurance might not be the most glamorous field to work in, but there’s a steady stream of jobs available in this area and it pays relatively well.

The other upside is that the industry draws a wide field of talent, so you don’t need any particular skills or experience to get into insurance, depending on the career path you choose.

I didn’t list any health insurance jobs here, but there are plenty of those too. Although, if you’re a registered nurse then you might want to look at these 29 work at home nursing jobs instead.

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