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13 Ways to Get Paid to Watch Movies in 2020

I found 13 different ways you can actually get paid to watch movies.

From enjoying Netflix on your couch to getting paid to visit movie theaters, the methods below will help you bring in some extra cash doing what you love.

So what’s the catch?

There is none really. The biggest downside is that this is really only a way to make some money on the side and it definitely won’t become a full-time job.

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Either way, movies, cash, let’s get to it.

13 Ways to Get Paid to Watch Movies

Below are the 13 best ways you can get paid to watch movies.

My personal favorite is #5.

1. Watch your own movies and get paid by Nielsen

Get paid to watch movies with Nielsen

I’ve saved the best for first.

Nielsen wants to know what you watch and when, and they’ll pay you $50 per year to do so.

All you need to do is download and install their app.

That’s it.

You get paid $50 and will be entered to win even more cash and prizes every month that you leave the app installed.

It’s the easiest way to get started.

2. Earn $25-30 by doing In-Theater Checks

This is basically the best way you can get paid to watch movies and be at the movies at the same time.

The job is simple:

You get paid to be at your local theater, collect different types of data and watch a movie. For free. And you get paid for it!

It’s a great part-time side hustle/gig that is also enjoyable, and a dream come true for any movie buff out there.

If this sounds too good to be true, let me tell you how it works:

Usually, theaters (and movie studios) are trying to collect data about movie-goers and later analyze it to optimize the experience and improve the movies.

Your job (as an independent contractor) will have any of these different tasks:

  1. Record all the trailers that appeared on the screen and for how long.
  2. Report the number of people attending the movie (for box office information)
  3. Counting all patrons throughout the day.
  4. Check what advertisements are being shown and record them.
  5. Write reports about the quality of sounds, the visuals, the ticket prices, and the cleanliness of the place.
  6. Check out what certain times of day are more popular for different types of movies.
  7. Check out what types of groups (gender and age specifically) are attending movies.
  8. Check for customer service.

You can get started by becoming a Certified Field Associate today.

Do theater checks to get paid to watch movies

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3. Watch Movies and Videos Online

Swagbucks is another rewards-based website that pays you for several different activities. You can get paid to watch movie previews, celebrity videos and more.

Instead, Swagbucks gives you points which you can then redeem for either gifts cards or straight up cash. The “movies” aren’t really going to be Blockbuster movies, but if you’re getting paid – who cares?

What I usually like to do is I have Netflix playing on my laptop and Swagbucks playing on my phone, so I practically get paid to watch Netflix.

You can also do this at work – open up the videos on a new tab, mute the sound of that tab and get to work!

4. Get Paid to Review Movies

You can be the next Roger Ebert and get paid to watch movies and write reviews.

You can start by writing a blog with movie reviews and monetize it, or you can apply to a job online. There are plenty of media outlets looking for people to write movie reviews.

Online magazines are also another great place to look. Make sure you write a few reviews after research, show your unique voice in those reviews and always attach them as samples.

5. Join a Focus Group

Yes. You can actually get hired to be a movie/TV watcher. It’s very easy money and it’s an entertaining job, to say the least.

Start by looking on through our full list on how to get paid to test products. They usually run panels to track your usage when it comes to watching TV.

There’s also another type of job where you get hired to keep your eyes open on videos that can be added on certain TV shows.

6. Sign up for Inbox Dollars

You’ve probably heard of Inbox Dollars before and how you can make money by taking surveys. But did you have any idea that you can get paid to watch movie previews?

But wait, it gets better!

When you sign up, they give you a $5 sign-up bonus (one of the best ways to get quick money as well!)

The web-based rewards company makes video-watching enjoyable by adding an entire video component.

There you can watch celebrity videos, watch entire playlists, news and it tells you how long a playlist is going to be ahead of time.

You could get paid to watch movie trailers and make up to $200/per month.

You could also use QuickRewards for the same idea – you get paid to watch movie trailers, videos and play games. And there’s the $5 sign-up bonus as well.

7. Sign up to Viggle

Viggle is one of the most popular apps when it comes to getting paid to watch movies and TV shows. Every time you watch a TV show, you open up the app, check-in and start raking up points.

When these points pile up, you can choose between having them as cash or rewards.

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8. Sign up to Perk.TV

Viggle is more geared towards TV shows, while Perk.TV (same family of app) has movies, trailers and TV clips.

If you’re having a binge day, then this is the ultimate app to use. For every minute you watch, you get a point. To add to this, you can turn this into a game.

By choosing the “live” option, you can answer real-time quizzes and polls relating to your show.

Some of the methods through which you can earn points include:

  1. Watching all types of movie trailers.
  2. Watching movies.
  3. Watching videos.
  4. Answering poll questions.

9. Download AppTrailers

You know when you want to watch a movie but you spend hours watching trailers instead because you just can’t decide on which one to watch? Well, how about getting paid for that?

AppTrailers gives you the possibility to earn points as you watch trailers that you can later redeem for cash or gift cards.

It’s also a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest releases.

10. Categorize shows for Netflix

Get paid to watch movies with Netflix

If you want to get paid to watch Netflix, you can do so by signing up a “movie tagger”.  Most of us have a Netflix account (or know someone who does), so making money as a Netflix tagger is a great way to spend even more time on Netflix and get paid for it!

Netflix pretty much pays people to “tag” their movies:

  1. Looking for different keywords.
  2. Deciding which keywords work for which show.

The best part?

You can easily make up to $300 per week to watch the shows/movies and tag them.

The worst part?

These jobs are hard to come by and you need to keep an eye on the Netflix job board at all time.

11. Try Success Bux

Success Bux has already paid over $21,000 in rewards in the past 5 years. You can get paid to watch movies, watch ad videos and listen to the radio.

The best thing about Success Bux and the thing that differentiates it from InboxDollars and Swagbucks is the fact that you can appeal for payment starting from $1.10.

12. Join the Checker Patrol

Checker Patrol is always on the lookout for new Checkers to join their team.

Your role as a Checker will be to evaluate things like the cleanliness of theaters, interactions with staff, what trailers appear before a movie, and so on.

You will need to operate in secret and most forms require you to answer Yes or No to a bunch of basic questions.

Checkers are paid a flat fee.

13. Join the VeriTES Field Force

VeriTES hires mystery shoppers to visit movie theaters and ensure everything is up to the standards expected by Hollywood.

You will be responsible for things like:

  • Movie preview/trailer checks
  • Perfect Presentation checks
  • In-theatre customer surveys
  • Promotional material checks
  • Full Lobby checks
  • Audience Reaction checks
  • Auditorium Seating Capacity checks

And more.

They boast a membership count of 50,000 strong and require that you send in an email to join the Field Force.

Can you still get paid to watch movies in 2020?

Absolutely. As long as movies are still being put out by the studios, you can find ways to get paid to watch them.

If you’re already spending plenty of your time watching movies and trailers – you might as well get paid for it!

You can also get paid to watch TV or you can learn about more ways to make quick money.

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