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Get Paid to Text: 3 Easy Ways to Make Extra Income Through Texting

How many text messages do you think you’ve sent in your lifetime? Wouldn’t it have been great if you would have been able to get paid to text?

Digital communication is what makes the world go round faster than ever before.

In fact, texting can probably be considered a new pastime with the staggering amount of texts being sent each minute of the day. (Hint: According to Domo’s Data Never Sleeps report, 12,986,111 text messages were sent per internet minute in 2018).

Every Minute

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So wouldn’t it be even better if you could put all that time spent texting towards making some extra cash on the side?

How to Earn Money by Texting

Being fun to be around in real life can earn you some solid opportunities.

But if you can hold your own in a great text conversation, then you can grab some neat perks without ever having to set a toe inside a bar.

There are quite a few ways to make money by sending texts and each comes with their own set of pros and cons.

Most of the time this involves mobile phones, though sometimes websites or apps will provide their own clients through which you need to send the texts.

If texting isn’t really your thing, though, then I have suggestions for other easy ways to make money with your phone.

But if you want to make money with your cell phone through texting, then make sure to see what options are available. It’s important to know that there are many scammers out there and something that sounds too good to be true usually is.

I’ve listed some great get paid to text options below that are reliable and used by many people across the globe.

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On to the list!

1. Get Paid to Text with Ads

No one likes seeing ads everywhere and so far texting has been relatively ad-free.

But some companies are paying people to see and send ads via text.

If you don’t mind seeing the occasional advertisement, then you can earn some easy money from doing what you’re already doing – texting.



In order to use IMGR (not to be confused with Imgur), you’ll have to download their get paid to text app and send texts via that platform.

The main downside here is that the people you send texts to also need to be using the service for you to earn any cash from it.

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The app is available for both Android and iOS devices and gives you a ‘point’ for each text you send. Each point equals roughly $0.01 so you’ll have to send quite a few texts to earn any sort of decent income.

IMGR is available to anyone over the age of 13.

How’s the pay?

The service resets the points you’ve earned every month, so you need to cash out before that happens.

The minimum payout is 300 points which translates to $3 and about 150 texts. Meaning you need to send at least 150 texts on this app every month to make any sort of income from it.


1Q Website

1Q pays people to answer simple questions via text.

They’ll text you a question, you respond as fast as you can, and they’ll deposit money directly into your Paypal account.

That’s right! Payments are instant. You don’t have to reach a minimum balance or wait to cash out.

How’s the pay?

For the work you’re doing, it’s decent.

You get paid either $0.25 or $0.50 for every question answered.

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it literally takes just a few seconds to reply and then you get access to the cash immediately.

You’re basically getting paid to check your notifications. It’s as easy as it gets.


McMoney is a newer app in this space and is paying users to receive text messages.

You can get paid to text by installing the app, receiving text messages, and simply deleting them after you receive them.


Their goal is to help improve mobile operators service and they send out networks tests to a list of people who signed up to receive notifications.

You can make a few extra bucks each month just by being on their list.

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2. Earn Money by Answering Questions via Text

One of the first apps to do this was ChaCha, which is now no longer running.

Then other companies have jumped to fill this space, the biggest player was KGB (yes it’s a play on the Russian secret intelligence agency).


This company allowed you to answer questions people ask through their text messaging services.

However, they too have moved away from the question and answer space.

Today, new apps have opened up to fill the void.

The one you need to check out is…


With over 100,000 installs in the Google Play and App Stores, Fibler is a widely used expert platform.

You can register with Fibler and advertise your knowledge and get paid to text with people who have questions about your field of expertise.

Get paid to text with Fibler

You set your rate and are paid each time someone connects with you to ask a question.

You also have the option to allow both voice and video calls as well.

3. Use Adult Texting Apps

(The links and website screenshots end here!)

If you’re not one to shy away from online adult content and have no issue with flirting through text, then this one’s for you. Be sure to check out our full guide on how to get paid to go on dates as well.

The adult industry is huge and people want more personal connections.

Texting is one part of that world that can help anyone easily earn extra money.

If they don’t have any moral objections to flirting with strangers, that is.

There’s a big market for this, which means there are also many different ways to get the, er, job done, as they say.

One of the things that you should look out for is whether the app will require that you send photos or videos in addition to texting.

Make sure that you’re comfortable with the service you end up picking.

It should be noted that most of these sites are mainly looking for female chat operators but that the demand for male operators is increasing.

Here are some of the more well-known adult texting apps that guarantee payment.

Dream Lover

This is an online chat service is owned by Naughty America but doesn’t involve any pornographic actions or requests.

It’s simply a chat service that focuses on letting people chat with someone they find attractive.

The women and men who sign up (whom they call ‘models’) aren’t obliged to do anything but chat. So while it is encouraged to share photos through the text service, it’s not a requirement.

You can simply create an account and wait for one of the members to drop some tokens and start chatting with you.

People from all over the world can apply, as long as they’re over 18, and can fit the Dream Lover chats around their schedule. Everything’s also anonymous because the service uses proxy numbers for all parties involved.

How’s the pay?

You set your own rates for the different services available on Dream Lover. So it’s important to make sure that you’re not aiming too high or too low.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any information available on what is regarded as a good price.

The site itself also doesn’t do much advertising to gain new clientele, which means its mainly up to the models themselves. You’ll have to share your availability via social media to get a steady stream of new clients, which could make this a no-go for anyone who doesn’t want their family and friends to know about it.

Dream Lover pays their models either via check or direct deposit, though the last one is only available to US residents.

Chat Recruit

Chat Recruit is a chatting service that’s mainly focused on the UK but is open to people worldwide. Besides webcam and phone chats, the service also allows people who sign up to earn money by chatting via text.

What’s great about this is that they let you choose which of these services you want to offer, so you can simply stick to texting if you want.

Right now, Chat Recruit is also partnered with big name brands like Playboy.

Making them a secure and attractive option because it means there will be plenty of work to go around.

How’s the pay?

It’s pretty easy to get paid via Chat Recruit because they pay directly into your bank account, whether you live in the UK or any other country.

The payment works in a series of levels that you can move up on depending on how many hours per week you put in.

So the more hours you put in, the more you get paid.

The company pays per text and per minute of phone call (if you go for that option too). As far as I can tell, the payment is around 20 pence (about $0,25) per text you send.


This site mainly focuses on getting women to chat with men but strictly prohibits anyone from revealing any of their personal information, making it a really safe option.

What makes MyGirlFund different from the others, is that the site focuses on the idea of a ‘virtual girlfriend’.

Meaning the men who chat with these ladies want a bit more than the occasional flirty text.

This is a good option if you’re looking for a bigger income and also have more time to invest.

How’s the pay?

The pricing on MyGirlFund is also up to you.

The ‘Models” as they’re called get paid $1 for every message they respond to.

But the price of any additional content they share, like photos, videos etc., can be negotiated with the client. The site does take around 45% of those earnings, however, which is a little steep.

Luckily, that percentage decreases by 2.5% with every $5000 a model earns.

Though you might take a very long time to reach that number depending on your situation.

MyGirlFund has two cash out methods: paper checks (where the minimum is $500), and letting their members receive payment through their Skrill accounts (which they can then keep in their Skrill Wallet or withdraw to their bank accounts).

The Bottom Line

Getting paid to text is unlikely to be the dream job you are envisioning, but there are still some programs out there that will help you make some extra cash in your spare time.

While you’re here, you should check out these 100 easy ways to make extra money.

You’d be surprised at what some people will pay you to do.

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