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  • nicole

    this article is pretty scary, and I have heard someone say that they were banned from stores in person and online because they suspected her of “resell” activity. She was a huge couponer and would often fill carts get 20 – 40 pieces of the same soaps or snacks. I think if you resell stuff you should diversify and keep it on a smaller basis. a few items instead of hundreds from the same retailer. i know if I get a gift that I really Don’t need I sell it online for the cash instead of returning for a store credit – I can use the money for bills and groceries! I also sell my nicer clothes when I am getting tired of them and use it to buy others. If people are reselling you should keep it small and do it at a bunch of different stores with different brands and items. if you have higher quantities then sell some on different websites. don’t always use the store credit card – use cash sometimes, or even hand your items to a friend and give them the cash to pay for your stuff. One time I was buying a ton of tank tops and bikinis at an outlet because the tanks would make fantastic gifts and my friends asked me to pick up cheap bikinis for them. even with like 20 swim pieces no one ever questioned me or blinked… that store has people buy in HUGE quantities all the time though one woman had a luggage cart filled with like 20 bags of items and they didn’t seem to care.

  • Justin

    I don’t find this article very convincing because the legal grounding is not explain at all for: trademark dilution, selling to prohibited territories/countries, and inducement of breach of retailer contract. I have never signed a contract with anyone = they can go and screw off I owe them nothing. First sale means it’s my property and I can sell it, just like Toyota can’t step me from selling my car later because it has their “Trademark” name stamped on the back of the trunk.

    What is the conclusion here? That b.s. lawyers can send b.s. threatening letters that have no legal basis and are a sort of blackmail/intimidation tactic? If so, come out and say it.

  • Ray Satoh
    Ray Satoh

    Hi Steve,

    I currently live in Tokyo and am really interested in retail arbitrage.

    There are many items in Japan that I believe will sell in the US.

    I want to learn how I can resell products I find here and sell them online.

    If you can give me any information, I would really appreciate it.



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