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I’ve Tried That Investigates: Partner with Paul

We’ve receive a couple of requests to review Partner with Paul and find out exactly what happens when you partner up with Paul. It shouldn’t surprise you when I say the results are less than thrilling.

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The Claims

The following quotes have been pulled directly from Paul’s website.

What I’m offering is a realistic plan that can help you make an extra $500 to $5,000 a month, right now, and then we’ll go from there depending on what you want to do.

What I’m hoping though is that once you get a little taste of making money online you’ll want to take things to the next level, and maybe even work from home full-time.

If you do I’ll personally work with you one-on-one, coach you, and share with you the custom tools I use to make 5- and even 6-figures a MONTH from just a single online business.

But don’t worry, making money online is easy when you know how …

  • You DON’T need to be an Internet expert or “computer geek”
  • You DON’T need to have any prior marketing or business experience
  • You DON’T need a lot of free time – even a few hours a week is enough to start
  • You DON’T need to mess with the hassles of a “real” business – this is EASY

Even if you get “weeded out”, you’ll still make $500+ a month

P.S. My friend Mike made $862.50 in his first month, $1298.32 in his second month, and is on track to make about $1,500 a month from here on out working just 3-4 hours a week. This has literally changed his life, and he’s really excited about making even more money online.

Disclaimer: This is not a “get rich quick” scheme. You will have to work to make money. While the average person can easily make $500 to $5,000 a month online, making any amount of money requires specialized knowledge and the appropriate effort.

Let’s review our scam checklist, shall we?

  • Anonymous online figure claiming to make millions of dollars online… check.
  • Screenshots that “prove” these earnings… check.
  • Claims that ANYONE can make an upper-class income in their spare time… check.
  • Absolutely no mention of what you’ll be doing to make money… check.
  • A countdown timer claiming entrance to the program is going to expire… check.

Once again we have a website from an anonymous figure claiming he makes more money than you do online and you’re a sucker for waiting this long to not send him money.

The Truth

Remember that company that was widely popular in the late 90’s that sold pills that may or may not have caused you to lose weight and either get hepatitis or die? Yes, Herbalife. Well, now for only $39.95 you too can receive a useless pack of marketing materials that show you how to become a multi-level marketer and waste more time and money than you can afford.

Click here to learn more about online scams and how to protect yourself.

The Proof

I got an email from him (Paul) and it he seems to be upfront and honest.

Seems to be yes!
BUT if he were TRULY ‘upfront and honest’ he would tell you right off the bat that this is HERBALIFE!!

Herbalife may be a good company, but it has definitely suffered from typical MLM associated problems, at least as far as IMAGE is concerned!
That’s why most MLM’s won’t even tell you their name until they feel they have your complete attention.

I got involved though, as far as getting the ‘work at home starter kit’ because, he offered to pay for the shipping. AND, he promised I’d be earning money within TWO WEEKS of receiving the ‘the work at home starter kit’.

Apparently he did pay for shipping.
I got the $9.95 shipping cost refunded to my PAYPAL account.

I see no way in hell that one can make a DIME with that ‘work at home starter kit’ though!
He also offers some free memberships in online opps that are supposed to make money for you.
Since you won’t make any money doing surveys or working an online dollar store either, you will have to pay to ship that ‘work at home starter kit’ BACK to where it came from – and where it BELONGS!

That’s the whole of the story basically but for details:

The $9.95 ‘work at home starter kit’ is no more than an advertisement package:
A 12 page booklet with one CD and one DVD in the inner folds.
The ENTIRE DVD is a presentation on the value of a home based business v. working for someone else.
(Does anyone already looking to do a home business really need this kind of reminder?
Seems like a waste of a DVD to me!)

The CD is an audio collection of success statements of those who got involved with OBS (online business systems – but really HERBALIFE).

The 12 page booklet partially describes this ‘opportunity’ in every way, except to tell you that it’s HERBALIFE!
And, you won’t find the word HERBALIFE mentioned in the DVD, CD, or booklet!

This 12 page booklet and CD/DVD will ‘cost’ you $39.95 if you don’t return it in a ‘resaleable condition’.

But I fail to see where a 12 page document (hardly even a booklet) and two discs are worth $39.95 in the first place!
I also fail to see where this is a ANY kind of ‘work at home starter kit’ either.
I know I can’t start work at home using this kit!

‘Paul’ said that within 2 weeks they will ask you for $39.95 but ‘you will have earned way more by that time’.
I guess this is supposed to refer to the programs he offers in conjunction with the ‘partner with paul’ package:
And some other program so equally useless, I am not even going to go through the trouble of trying to re-locate the name of.

You will finally find out you are previewing HERBALIFE when your ‘coach’ gives you the call.
My coach was polite and informative and also mentioned that ‘they’ weren’t taking a hard line on the return of the $39.95 ‘package’ as to deadline or condition – just be reasonable.
That’s good.

Doing HERBALIFE requires scheduling phone calls so I would reject their offer on that basis alone – which could have saved EVERYONE involved in this both time AND money, if they had simply told me that beforehand (I will have to pay to mail this package-thing back after all!).

I believe my coach was making money with HERBALIFE but, once I heard the name HERBALIFE associated with OBS – after doing some ‘googling’, I was turned off and hoping that I would discover something different when I received my package.

Mr. ‘Upfront and Honest’ says that the offer expires on ‘midnight or sooner’ of whatever day you click on to

And apparently, this ‘offer’ hasn’t ‘expired’ yet!

I followed a link in a ‘Manifestation Meditation’ newsletter from Justin Blake at promoting a home-business via This website showed a video of ‘Paul’ w/ a ‘fuzzed-out’ face, (red-flag #1) and blacked out last name (red-flag #2). He was promoting a home-business that he ‘developed’ and wanted to share it with those interested in having a business also. He talked about ‘trust’…ha, ha! You were asked to fill out a form and he would send you a DVD explaining his business. I rec’d a DVD/booklet w/ a letter from someone claiming to be my Personal Coach, Kristy Borrowe. I was charged $9.95 for S&H (which I agreed to & paid w/a cc). Got it yesterday. I wasted almost 1.5 hrs. of my time reading/viewing a DVD that was all about HERBALIFE and was hosted by an Herbalife distributor(s) called Emiko and Doran Andry, trying to recruit. This Andry guy was convincing at first, but I became very suspicious when he would reveal the name of the business or company & claims to have made $1million in one month during his career. I didn’t want a DVD about an MLM..that is NOT what I believed I was going to be receiving.

If I had known that, I NEVER, EVER would have followed-through. This absolutely constitutes deceitful, and unlawful business practices on the behalf of everyone involved in this transaction: Justin Blake, Paul (whatever his last name is), Kristy Borrowe, the Herbalife Corporation and its distributors, Doran and Emiko Andry.

For any of these individuals to admits to being innocent of this knowledge is flat-out WRONG. If you have to stoop this low to get people to ‘buy into’ the business, your trust & your MLM goes out the door. Shame on you!

Daly city, California

There it is.

Don’t partner with Paul.

How Does Partner with Paul Compare?

I’ve Tried That has been reviewing products since 2007. In that time, there’s one program that stands above the rest. It’s free to get started, has no ridiculous hidden charges, and will help you build a sustainable income from home.

Let’s see how Partner With Paul compares…

146 thoughts on “I’ve Tried That Investigates: Partner with Paul”

  1. Damn I should have researched first before ordering the kit. I guess that’s what I get. My dumb butt thought it was legit just because it was on I will be returning my kit once I get it.

  2. I posted my resume on Craigslist and Monster and received an email from “Paul” about only needing an hour of my time a week, but it could turn into more. He calls himself “a full time Internet entrepreneur looking for a few partners” and that I just need to fill out a questionaire.
    THANK YOU for this! I do really need a job and this “Paul” is just tacky!

  3. This guy is pathetic, now he is asking people like me that are desperate for a job, and he found my add on Kijiji. Get a life jerkoff.

  4. Thanks a millon Steve i was about to sign up with this crazy thing. By reading your comment i avoided lots of frustration and anger. I’v been on the lookout for internet marketing home buisness for some time but as of now did not hear or seen anyone making money exept of course the ones who are selling these systems. We here fortune seekeers realy need a hawk eye like yourself cause most reviews are trick ones or written by the
    sellers themself or affiliates. Personnaly I don’t think that these socalled money making systems are desingned or suitable for the average web users because they need some kind of expérience or internet and computor training. NOW IF SOMEONE HAD MADE SOME REAL HONEST THE GOD MONEY WITH WHATEVER WACHT’MA CALLIT SYSTEM PLEASE STAND OUT AND WE WILL DO BUISNESS.

  5. I had this same thing happen to me and now I’m out like 10 bucks and my appointment is tomorrow at 3:00 but the guy isn’t Paul.. his name is Kevin Cuneo and I’m not sure what the hell it is about?

  6. I received a promotional mail too; I am looking for a job and posted an ad online and got a reply on this from a Jonah Hagen. I quickly research a bit and googled ‘partnerwithpaul’ and ‘scam’ and got a lot of hits. I didn’t know if this guy were trying to recruit others and were stuck in the same scam so i replied to his email and of course it bounced back with a delivery failure notification. I guess that is another good way to find out if it’s a scam or not? Send an email and if it bounces back you’ll know it’s a scam.

    And for all of you out there who are thinking of joining some online business: DON’T!!!!! That is if you don’t wanna give away your money and waste your time on making someone else rich on your ignorance

  7. bought the 9.95 deal partners with paul after i got the package in the mail did some research found out it was herbalife , was dealing with some gal Jaclyn , i called her before my appointment time and said if i knew it was herbalife i wouldnt have wasted my time , theese deceitful people dont even have balls enough to tell you up front what this so get me rich program is all about , i will say though i have been involved in MLM marketing for a long time with a most respected company which is 39 yrs old and has never a complaint that was valid and within reason , do your homework and google anything or body you believe to be corupt

  8. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for that article. I have been bombarded by online business scams for several years now. I hate it when I do job searchs in popular job sites like, craigslist, and the local paper then see a list of home business scams. Steve, you are awsome and I think you should start your own TV publication or TV show in order to keep the public informed of these scams. My own sister is with Herbalife and she left her medical career to do this type of business only to loose her home (but will never admit this was the cause). I did Amway for several years and lost lots of money and time. Never again.

  9. I am so glad I looked this up first before trying this. Its so wonderful that others can share their experiences. Sorry for those who waited too late. So many people trying to get paid at others expense. Thanks again for your blog on this.

  10. I got an email from someone who said he was responding to a post of mine on craigslist. Asked me click on . I did that. Lots of claims without actually saying what it was about, then asked for my email etc. (didn’t they already have my email) and requested me to click on their demo.
    I’m a brand new computor user, was nervios that maybe my computer would blow up if I did that, so I went back to the received email and replied to the sender that I did not post anything on craaigslist and how did you get my email. An error msg came back that mail could not be sent because original sender did not exist.
    Went back to the http reread the claims and saw in the content “partener with” then googled partener with paul and here I am.
    The thing is I did go to craigslist (someone mentioned I might drum up business for my carpet cleaning co.)
    But I did not post anything. Just clicked on some items of interest. Has this guy highjacked craigslist for his nasty business?

  11. I just got this email – but regarding a specific site and he said that he wants to buy it for $XXX – I said OK – so we shall see where this goes. I wonder if he will even reply back.

  12. hey Jenny,
    i am really encouraged by your response but what do i do in this instance coz i am really tired of srfing the net every time wasting resources without any future returns..

  13. well, I ordered it today, read everything, I am a bit of a skeptic, so I am gonna test it out, R&D it out, if it works out, great, if not, shipping right back to Paul himself and getting my refund. I will update once I get going.

  14. thanks for your comments people, because i was about to make the 9.95 payment for shipping and handling. I tried herbalife in the past and i do not think its what i would be interested in selling. He should come out clean and say what the product is beforehand. I’m also very skeptical about anyone who does not accept money orders.

  15. I did this like an idiot also. Not only did they sucker me into the 9.95 but also 199.95 for the second package and then on the second package yet again stated that I would need to pay more money monthly. I returned for a full refund.

  16. Ok, I almost fell for it, I can’t imagine I was that dumb. The internet will
    provide opportunities but think of the millions of us that use ours daily.
    It just gives the scum a huge audience cheap. So he sells a CD that cost maybe .25 cents at the most due to the volume. Sets up a pay pal acct and make a professional video of his groupies. People are desperate but if your gosl is herbal life 10 bucks a pop to sucker even a of the fraction of the population would make you money. He made his money by suckering in folks at the carnival to see the three eyed fat lady. Don’t ever fall for work at home. Think of your own idea and set it uup. Then become Paul, I hope you dont or if you hjave a legitimate idea let me know.

  17. It is called a bait and switch. It is not 9.95 it will be like 40 they will charge you. If you throw ethics down the drain there is your way to make money sitting scamingly in front of your face. Do a bait and switch on people. Yes they will all be pissed but you will be rich. What gets me is how they got an A+ from the BBB it should be like F- they take you right to its site as well, totally mind blowing to me they would get an A+

    Ask yourselves questions always, I have yet to encounter another person that wants to see me wealthy (jealousy and greed) why would I want to share my wealth with you when I can have it all to myself and just victimize you so I can have more?

    Bait and switch is unethical but not illegal. and they will make it at least hard to get your money back. I used to be a phone sells rep. I know how it works. I was good and am kind of sad I was so good, because I screwed many good people. Who did not know any better. Yes I quite I found it unethical and wrong. But its not illegal unfortunately. It should be.

  18. I partnered with paul as an affiliate and just last night after generating $350.00 in referal traffic. I get home to check my balance and they zeroed it out and told me your site is now just for stats. I emailed them and got no response. SCAM SCAM SCAM. ALL THE WAY AROUND

  19. Great detailed info. Thanks for sharing.
    I agree on that Paul should say strait what is it Herbalife and the rest to. If he not honest at the beginning,then what can you expect after. My other feeling is he gambling on the volume of people sign up and sell couple of other packages to peoples still hopping. All he will do before you can really find out not even $ 50.00 can you make of it any given month.
    Don’t get me wrong Herbalife MLM work they are out there for years, personally have not met any Herbalife Independent Distributors how was able to retire after he/she was in the Business.
    Not counting the founders,how make money on the top.
    Any way I’m in a MLM cost me less than $40.00/year and it is working. No I’m not making several thousands per month but at list it is a honest opportunity and the products are great qualities.
    I use it and happy with it.
    So why I was looking for something if what I do is good? Well, to get rich slowly.
    I know there are good decent programs out there just to find it is really hard. Unfortunately so many good MLM and other opportunity already twisted corrupted,by greedy “honest “ family guys.
    What is really going on now, “gurus” creating family oriented testimonies with kids and moms
    and also pay them to promote scams. This is the new way to get to you (our) harts.
    Thanks again and kip up the good works.

  20. I was stupid and brought the partner with paul.
    I have learn growning up, “You have to spend money to make Money”!!!
    See you go to school to learn, but it wasn’t free your parents paid for the school buy paying taxs and then you finish and you or your parents pay for you college so you can make good or great money.
    So I was stupid and spend money on partner with paul to see if I could make money at home and by reading all of this, I will return it and start all over again to see if I can learn how to make money at home and not spend money on stupid stuff like this.

    Thank YOU and it is never to late to fine out about scams even if you do by a scam that looks to good to be true.

  21. figured as much. that’s why I researched it first. thanx for the info good thing I’m a man of strong morals or i’d start a scam business meanwhile I’ll keep trying to get something legit rolling.

  22. Ram I have to disagree with your statement of: If you want to make money you should only do affiliate marketing.

    There are a LOT of things I did not understand when I came to the internet searching for a way to earn income.

    1. I had owned a traditional business for around 12 years. People I dealt with were people of integrity and character.

    Welcome to Internet 101 – there are no police around protecting the innocent or naive unless the situation gets really, really big, and victims complain. However, too many victims just say “oh well, that was a scam” and never report the situation beyond complaining on someone’s site.

    2. I was confused about the terms used in “work from home”/”online job” / “Online Business”

    Coming from the traditional business view…. Work and Job in the terms we mostly see on the internet translated to: A JOB where I got paid for performing tasks, but do the work at home.

    An online business meant: operate a business providing goods or services from your home without that traditional ‘storefront overhead’.

    It’s a simple concept – Never in my JOB working career did I expect to PAY to get the job.

    Never in my business ownership did I expect to start that business or operate that business without there being expenses.

    Yet we come to the internet looking for miracle solutions like it is some magical Aladdin’s lamp, which in turn makes us all susceptible to the hustling con artists with on integrity or character.

    Ram, one of the biggest hustles is affiliate marketing. Ever heard of Affiliate Link Leakage? Yes, it’s low cost in most cases, but what a racket.

    We have to learn HOW to tell the good from the BAD and stop thinking that money is EASY to come by or we can do little to nothing and become rich or join for FREE. The only way that happens in the real world is called WELFARE. It’s easy money, those on it do nothing – the only thing is they do not typically get rich.

    There are chessy websites and very professional looking websites, but a great rule of thumb is – if they are showing you “PROOF” in the form of a capture screen from pay-pal or Alert Pay type processors – RUN. If they are showing you a check – RUN. If you have to PAY to get information- RUN! No phone number on the site-RUN. Money, fancy cars, big houses, people laying out on the beach- RUN.

    We’ve never had to PAY to get a job – and we’ve never been able to start a business without expecting to make some sort of financial investment.

    As Marina said, Someday someone will ask me how I learned all this – I will say, I spent three years getting scammed! You either are forced to learn, keep getting scammed or give up.

  23. yeah…. I was so excited and signed up for this thing too…. I was waiting like a kid for this idiotic “starter kit”….Then I opend it and was like ” Yeah……” Then I found your blog and today just sent that Decision Pack (which was a total waste of paper and dvd in my opinion) back.
    Do I feel stupid ?? Hmmm, I wouldn’t say that. Actually I make a conclusion this was my lesson, and Im grateful that it did cost me $9.95 but not a $100 ( sorry DL ) or some ppl get scammed for thousands of bucks.
    That was a good lesson. I felt bad for an hour,only an hour lol. especially with all those bad reviews about making money online that just kill ur dream while u reading them). So I decided to stop putting this negative stuff in my head. I become more motivated, then I started to search for REAL web site creating stuff, I found a lot of FREE Ebook’s with great INFO, I no Longer pay attention to the Easy Money ads,I dont even CLICK on them, I don’t want to pay a cent to this Connies.
    Im on my way to create my first web site and start advertising, I know it will take time, prob a few months to see a first dollar. I will put as much effort as possible. Eventually I will create My own GREAT web site and start selling My Own products (which will be exclusive handmade decor accessories ).

    hmm somebody will ask me, How did it all started ??
    Well, I’ll answer, once I get scammed by……………………..

    Good luck to everyone.

    P.s. stay away from this website I just found , beautiful web site BUT big time SCAM

  24. Wow, I see all the responses, however, I must not have read this to it’s entirety…..I thought it was about setting up a website and you get so many hits and you get paid….Oh my, what was I really reading…..To all you hope to be entreprenuers….The only thing I would I would send money for might me information for work at home information…My advice is to check out all information to it’s entirety first and always be skeptical of things on the internet that encourages you to send money in hopes to make a bunch of money.

  25. Obviously…It’s not a scam. Because the things you are talking about are not at upfront and it’s a same system as Affiliate Marketing. “Partner With Paul” has in-house affiliate program and they pay their affiliates to recruit members to join their team. They have their own product store, When any member join them, They send them money making kit and ask to promote their Herbal Products via various paid advertisements. People without any marketing skill, When promote their product with paid advertisement – they are only going to loose their money online. Hence, they can’t earn money.
    Also, There are no trustworthy resources where people can earn money. If you really want to earn money then you should only try Affiliate Marketing.


  26. This Paul Meyers or Myers can not pronounce his surname correctly even. Nob. Once it is Meyers and other time Myers. What a waste of space he is.

  27. I answered & joined from an Herbalife site. I love to sell face to face. Then I saw Partner with Paul. The lady played a recording over the phone that said Herbalife. Told her I was already selling Herbalife, she said ‘Sorry, you can’t use our marketing plan, because your already a member.’

    The kicker – according to the Herbalife ‘rules’, Partner with Paul is in violation, and Herbalife should shut him down! ‘The rules’ say you can’t use the word ‘Herbalife’ in an ad, can’t put up a sign that can be read from the street, can’t sell the product in a store…. Wear the button, use the product, carry the bag, tell how the product helped you. You can send people to the Herbalife website, which does say It works, if you work.

    To the lady who can’t use the product, DL. Even tho it is ‘not allowed’ there are many private Herbalife websites. Most of these people will help you return the product. Sorry you got someone who refused to help. You don’t have to return it to your sponsor. If you can’t find a site, answer the weight loss ads and tell them your problem. In the Herbalife sales books, it admits its not for everyone. Hope this helps.

  28. Thank You everyone for providing me your valuable updates. I was thinking of paying Paul but after reading about him I have changed my mind. I will pass this on to everyone.. If anyone knows genuine business that can be done from home please let me know.. I am really tired reading about scams. Want to know about a tried and tested work from home business.

  29. Partner with Paul is noyhing but a BIG , BIG SCAM. I maile the @50.00 2 months ago, you’ll get your stuff in 3, 4 weeks. I haven’t heard a damn word from him or any one with his org. He is a BIG crock of SHIT. Do not believe anything that he says. A complete RIP off, Is what he is. Jack Brown

  30. I want to respond to this comment made by the user “DrDax”:

    “I’ve run my my own consulting business, which cost me alot to setup. But over time became profiable, as any person who starts a business… it costs money to set up. So why should any business give you something for free?
    …it costs you to get to work, bus, car, train etc. the company doesn’t pay you to get to work! Only for work you complete!”

    Let’s get one thing clear, Paul Myers is offering WORK FROM HOME, in short, he is offering you a JOB VACANCY and NOT a business deal with say, for instance, Microsoft or Pepsi or with Oprah.

    Yes it does costs you travel expenses to get to work. However, if Macy’s store was offering me a job vacancy, would they want me to buy an item from their store first and then pay for shipping and handling before they employ me? NO! And THAT’S THE DIFFERENCE!!!

    Bottom line, PartnerWithPaul IS a scam anyway you want to look at it. Once someone is asking you for money in return for employment, that’s a definite red flag. Similarly when it comes to starting your own business, there are banks/agencies who loan you the start-up capital that you pay back AFTER your business is up and running.

  31. This Paul Myers fellow almost had me with “I don’t have any eBooks, courses or “membership sites” to sell you” and “I’m not going to ask you for a dime.”

    So let me get this straight, he’s going to help me make 5 and 6 figure incomes without selling me something because he’s doing it out of love and wanting to see his fellowman succeed, BULLSHIT!

    I was watching a true life movie one time, (I can’t remember the name), but towards the end, the character said her grandfather told her once “if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably IS” and that saying stuck with me.

    I was always skeptical of this Paul fellow, so I used my Norton Safe Search which gives me a green tick on websites and that’s how I came across and I’m glad I did. This review has saved me time & money.

    Thank you to the Author Steve

  32. I’ve been looking at Herbalife for some months now. My girlfriend told me about them when we met early this year.
    I agree with you all that there is no way to get rich quick. I’ve run my my own consulting business, which cost me alot to setup. But over time became profiable, as any person who starts a business… it costs money to set up. So why should any business give you something for free?
    I’ve worked in many different sectors, good and bad. Any of them, it costs you to get to work, bus, car, train etc. the company doesn’t pay you to get to work! Only for work you complete!

    A few facts about Herbalife which I’ve found.
    $3.8 bil company, on the NYSE, which means they are Audited on a regular basis, a scam company would not survive one year of auditing.
    Established 28yrs
    40mill customers
    1.9mil independent distributors
    double digit growth for over the last 6yrs
    Featured on Mad Money CNN where the analyst said it was the Best marketing company to buy shares in!!

    So, if its a scam, why is it so successful??
    I have been to a couple of their seminars and met some of the more successul people. They’ve not made their fortunes overnight, but over 10-15yrs.
    Now I’ve being working for 20yrs in banking and not made anywhere near the money some of these have made. So there must be some thing good about it.

    If herbalife had shops – like bodyshop- where you could walk ina buy the product… does it make it any better? Actually no, the overheads would be higher and those would be passed on to the customer.
    Have you seen the priced of Bodyshop products? they are good but expensive. Same sales model.

    My girlfriends makes a small amount from it but she doesn’t think on larger scale. I on the other hand am seeing the UK as an opportunity to make a good business out of it.

    Like any business, to be successful and profitable one has to invest! A five year plan should provide a return in 6-12months 2-3yrs and it should be profitable.

    People see the claims and expect to make money straight away, that doesn’t happen in any job!

    If I could put the amount of effort I put in for the Bank (10hrs per day) to Herbalife, I’d be earning 2 or 3 times what I am now.

    Also, why should training be free? I have to pay fro my professional trainging £2k-£4k a time!! for courses, so why would you complain about £60 for a 2 day seminar! My security seminars are £300-£400 per day!!

    Ok I do agree that MLM’s have a bad reputation, who complains about AVON or Bodyshop Cleanezee, their marketing models are the same or similar!

    The trouble is, the way I see it, people will always abuse the system they are in, once they see a way to make money fast. Big business do it all the time. Just look at the banks! They screw us over and then we pay them out!

    Petrol prices… thats a scam, well.. certainly not fair.

    BTW I’m not a herbalife distributor, I don’t have time, lol… if I did, I would.

  33. I’m always filled with disgust whenever something like this pulls up in my email inbox or on the sides of websites I frequently visit. Seems like all I have to do is put my name and email out to get these useless offers instead of serious inquiries for honest work. Every time I get something similar to these online marketing ploys, I always google them for shits and grins to see exactly how these work. At this point I’ve only seen one that’s remotely legit that I will never use anyway because the system is a crock of shit and there’s a ton of risk involved. Good on you for educating the masses of this sort of bullshit!

  34. I have been scammed in the past so I was careful about this one especially since they made no disclosure of what it is selling. HERBALIFE>>>I would have returned it immediately. DO BOT be persueded by these few folks who have said it is an AD not a SCAM. BULL it is a scam and they are probably written by people involved in the scam using various emails and names. Anyone who reads their “AD” and thinks it isnt a scam is a fool or involved. Now I google anything before I buy so thanks for this ad I appreciate it. They should all be arrested. Why not say it is herbalife right up front…because too many people have used their products and found them to be less then advertised. I wouldnt buy a pencil made by them. Thanks again you have earned my “saving other people’s asses award”

  35. This guy has been spaming me for months now.. so i decided to do some research on it. hes not affliated with the BBB. if you go online and look it up, theyve contacted him about taking the BBB off of his website… yet he still has not.
    Its got SCAM written all over it.

  36. I am so tired of surfing all the scam sites and reading about people getting ripped off. It’s a shame that the internet is full of scam artist when it comes to making money. I tried so many different “systems” when the web first started back in the mid 90’s with AOL and I lost some money here and there but I think of it as payment on education.
    I got educated on the morality of most of these fellows who rip you off by selling you a pipe dream; they don’t even bat an eye when they claim to be rolling in dough, vacationing somewhere in Costa Rica; what a laugh!!
    I learned to make my own way and I don’t have to lie to anyone. I’m not getting rich overnight but at least I don’t have to work for anyone except myself. You can too.

  37. Hello everyone,

    I am certainly glad that I decided to google this “Partner With Paul” before handing him my hard-earned on cash. There is definitely something about him that screams the word “shyster”. At any rate, I must say that I disagree with some of the things that are being said on this forum. First of all, I don’t know why people have it in their heads that you should NEVER have to pay anything to be able to work from the comfort of your own home. Working from home is a privilege, NOT a right. There are times when it does take money to make money, and certain things should not be given for free. Granted, there are a lot of scammers out there who will not deliver what they promise and may even take your money and run. But, there are some legitimate online businesses that are honest and will NOT stoop so low as to scam an innocent person…And, guess what? Some on those STILL cost money to join. Nothing in life is free and the world doesn’t owe you anything. Please stop thinking that you shouldn’t have to pay for a luxury that oh so many of us dream about everyday. Goodness.

  38. Hey Guys, I got screwed too. Grrrr. The stupid guy sounded so honest and crap. I actually did have a sponsor all me up, quite quickly actaully, but he still did the whole “can’t really tell you what it really is” thing, but as naive as I am, I was still interested. He did tell me how it would only cost $299 to join up and I could be making tons. Then he went on to tell me that it was HerbaLife and finally the red flags went up. I did some research and glad I came accross this site, as I will now not pay the $299. At least I am only out $10. I have been trying to find a legitimate only business now, and not sure if too many exist. For those interested, I have found one that has made money for me so far (a measly $100 in a month, but that’s better than losing money I guess). Some of you might make more money at it than I have so far, and hopefully I can make a little more too, but wanted to let you know about it as it is pretty easy. Let me know if anyone finds anything else good out there.

    Oh yeah, screw HerbaLife!!

  39. First of all, if you get an UNSOLICITED emal promising big bucks, RED FLAG!
    I am inundated with these offers daily. I google everyone. And everyone has turned out to be a scam. As one previous posted mentioned, if you are asked to pay up front, IT’S A SCAM! And there is no such thing as home based businesses unless you are offered a job by a reputable company that pays any expenses upfront.

    C’mon people, if it sounds too good to be true…you know the rest. Do some research. Google the company. Odds are, it’s a scam. I’ve yet to find a legit company from an unsolicited email and odds are, I never will. If you sign up for a site to become a member, more than likely your email address will up on a list and you’ll recieve these offers up the wahzoo. So I suggest that when you do sign up for ANY site, use a yahoo account or hotmail or a free email service. NEVER use an email account provided by your interternet provider!

    Remember, with any transaction, CAVEAT EMPTOR! (Buyer beware) Be skeptical, don’t hesitate to research and/or call the BBB. Lastly, don’t be one of the “suckers born every minute.”

  40. Im so glad that I googled this first! This asshole needs to be taken out to the back shed and have his thievin ass beat like a red-headed stepChild. In Texas, thats what we call true justice……scammers beware!

  41. Well,
    I’m worse….I did sign up for herbalife and got screwed! So let’s count…..
    $9.95 – package, 39.95 to keep it, $149 to sign up, $88 in product, $118 in product ordered that I did not request (this is full price by the way), $20 for the on line traning………So that’s about $425 that I didn’t have in the 1st place. My husband was laid off in Jan 2009 – still not working, I was laid off in June 2009. So obviously I didn’t have a lot of money to throw at this thing. Once my sponsor found that out I shoved to the back corner. Also, I tried taking the products – I can’t handle them….I have a heart condition and they affect my heart. I tried to explain this to my sponsor and she gets all rude. I asked to return the products and shes mouthing off to me how I’m negative and if I REALLY have a heart problem I should take them. Honestly! Like I don’t know how to take care of my condition! On top of all that – my mail was stolen from my mailbox which had my completed application in it – no according to herbalife I don’t exist as a distributor because they don’t have a hard copy – and to get another app is another $50!

    So Yes, stay away! Anytime you head the word ‘Parner with Paul, or Herbalife’ run the other way – hang up the phone, delete the email, etc.

    I hope this helps others not to get suckered like I did. Unfortunatly there is so many out there in dire straits financially that we can get suckered in soooo easily. Please be careful!

  42. I got scammed from what turned out to be a bunch of Nigerians in Lagos, luckily I lost nothing but my pride but I soon learnt + became a scambaiter. I actually managed after 4 long months to get a full confession + details on IM which I later uploaded to warn others. I get swamped by spam in my mail every day but this name was new, so I Googled it to see who this guy was, I had no intentions of replying. Doesn’t surprise me in the least + thanx to u guys, hopefully there will be a lot less people falling for these cowards.. Thanx guys + keep up the good work…;=D

  43. Hello all,

    My name is Joe, and I originally felt that I was royally scammed. I sent for the package, and my wife and I went through with the business. While we were not pleased with all of the business practices that were going on, we had the drive to succeed in own own business.

    Herbalife is an excellent product. I and many family members have achieved very good results in using the products. While yes, the products are not for everyone, 40 million people in the world that are using them can not all be wrong.

    If you want to start a home business, with a product line that 40 million plus customers are already using world wide, and want the straight dope on how to do it for an extremely low start up and maintenance cost, contact me for a call back withing 48 hours. I don’t use the evasive cloak and dagger approach. I’ll tell you what it is, and how to use it.

    I hope to hear from all of you very soon,
    Joe Dee

  44. Hello! I checked out the paul website through craigslist. I thought it sounds too good to be true but because I am desperate I wanted to believe. Thank goodness, I decided to google his website name. I really appreciate this info and everyone else’s input. (I love that one comment where one person decided to check out the address and found out it was a vacant lot!)

  45. Ok…did no one else get the immediate sense that the Andry couple is CREEPY???? When I first saw the video all I could think was how utterly creepy the two of them looked…ESPECIALLY her.

  46. OMG! i should have searched this thing first. Just last night i signed up and paid the 9.95 i think it was, for that kit thing. Grrrrr! =X i feel so dumb right now. I guess i’ll just return the package when i get and and ask for my refund, I’m super pissed i didn’t do some research on this scam before hand.


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