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I’ve Tried That Investigates: Partner with Paul

We’ve receive a couple of requests to review Partner with Paul and find out exactly what happens when you partner up with Paul. It shouldn’t surprise you when I say the results are less than thrilling.

The Claims

The following quotes have been pulled directly from Paul’s website.

What I’m offering is a realistic plan that can help you make an extra $500 to $5,000 a month, right now, and then we’ll go from there depending on what you want to do.

What I’m hoping though is that once you get a little taste of making money online you’ll want to take things to the next level, and maybe even work from home full-time.

If you do I’ll personally work with you one-on-one, coach you, and share with you the custom tools I use to make 5- and even 6-figures a MONTH from just a single online business.

But don’t worry, making money online is easy when you know how …

  • You DON’T need to be an Internet expert or “computer geek”
  • You DON’T need to have any prior marketing or business experience
  • You DON’T need a lot of free time – even a few hours a week is enough to start
  • You DON’T need to mess with the hassles of a “real” business – this is EASY

Even if you get “weeded out”, you’ll still make $500+ a month

P.S. My friend Mike made $862.50 in his first month, $1298.32 in his second month, and is on track to make about $1,500 a month from here on out working just 3-4 hours a week. This has literally changed his life, and he’s really excited about making even more money online.

Disclaimer: This is not a “get rich quick” scheme. You will have to work to make money. While the average person can easily make $500 to $5,000 a month online, making any amount of money requires specialized knowledge and the appropriate effort.

Let’s review our scam checklist, shall we?

  • Anonymous online figure claiming to make millions of dollars online… check.
  • Screenshots that “prove” these earnings… check.
  • Claims that ANYONE can make an upper-class income in their spare time… check.
  • Absolutely no mention of what you’ll be doing to make money… check.
  • A countdown timer claiming entrance to the program is going to expire… check.

Once again we have a website from an anonymous figure claiming he makes more money than you do online and you’re a sucker for waiting this long to not send him money.

Want more money?
This video will show you the simplest and fastest way to make money online today. Watch it for free right now.

The Truth

Remember that company that was widely popular in the late 90’s that sold pills that may or may not have caused you to lose weight and either get hepatitis or die? Yes, Herbalife. Well, now for only $39.95 you too can receive a useless pack of marketing materials that show you how to become a multi-level marketer and waste more time and money than you can afford.

Click here to learn more about online scams and how to protect yourself.

The Proof

I got an email from him (Paul) and it he seems to be upfront and honest.

Seems to be yes!
BUT if he were TRULY ‘upfront and honest’ he would tell you right off the bat that this is HERBALIFE!!

Herbalife may be a good company, but it has definitely suffered from typical MLM associated problems, at least as far as IMAGE is concerned!
That’s why most MLM’s won’t even tell you their name until they feel they have your complete attention.

I got involved though, as far as getting the ‘work at home starter kit’ because, he offered to pay for the shipping. AND, he promised I’d be earning money within TWO WEEKS of receiving the ‘the work at home starter kit’.

Apparently he did pay for shipping.
I got the $9.95 shipping cost refunded to my PAYPAL account.

I see no way in hell that one can make a DIME with that ‘work at home starter kit’ though!
He also offers some free memberships in online opps that are supposed to make money for you.
Since you won’t make any money doing surveys or working an online dollar store either, you will have to pay to ship that ‘work at home starter kit’ BACK to where it came from – and where it BELONGS!

That’s the whole of the story basically but for details:

The $9.95 ‘work at home starter kit’ is no more than an advertisement package:
A 12 page booklet with one CD and one DVD in the inner folds.
The ENTIRE DVD is a presentation on the value of a home based business v. working for someone else.
(Does anyone already looking to do a home business really need this kind of reminder?
Seems like a waste of a DVD to me!)

The CD is an audio collection of success statements of those who got involved with OBS (online business systems – but really HERBALIFE).

The 12 page booklet partially describes this ‘opportunity’ in every way, except to tell you that it’s HERBALIFE!
And, you won’t find the word HERBALIFE mentioned in the DVD, CD, or booklet!

This 12 page booklet and CD/DVD will ‘cost’ you $39.95 if you don’t return it in a ‘resaleable condition’.

But I fail to see where a 12 page document (hardly even a booklet) and two discs are worth $39.95 in the first place!
I also fail to see where this is a ANY kind of ‘work at home starter kit’ either.
I know I can’t start work at home using this kit!

‘Paul’ said that within 2 weeks they will ask you for $39.95 but ‘you will have earned way more by that time’.
I guess this is supposed to refer to the programs he offers in conjunction with the ‘partner with paul’ package:
And some other program so equally useless, I am not even going to go through the trouble of trying to re-locate the name of.

You will finally find out you are previewing HERBALIFE when your ‘coach’ gives you the call.
My coach was polite and informative and also mentioned that ‘they’ weren’t taking a hard line on the return of the $39.95 ‘package’ as to deadline or condition – just be reasonable.
That’s good.

Doing HERBALIFE requires scheduling phone calls so I would reject their offer on that basis alone – which could have saved EVERYONE involved in this both time AND money, if they had simply told me that beforehand (I will have to pay to mail this package-thing back after all!).

I believe my coach was making money with HERBALIFE but, once I heard the name HERBALIFE associated with OBS – after doing some ‘googling’, I was turned off and hoping that I would discover something different when I received my package.

Mr. ‘Upfront and Honest’ says that the offer expires on ‘midnight or sooner’ of whatever day you click on to

And apparently, this ‘offer’ hasn’t ‘expired’ yet!

I followed a link in a ‘Manifestation Meditation’ newsletter from Justin Blake at promoting a home-business via This website showed a video of ‘Paul’ w/ a ‘fuzzed-out’ face, (red-flag #1) and blacked out last name (red-flag #2). He was promoting a home-business that he ‘developed’ and wanted to share it with those interested in having a business also. He talked about ‘trust’…ha, ha! You were asked to fill out a form and he would send you a DVD explaining his business. I rec’d a DVD/booklet w/ a letter from someone claiming to be my Personal Coach, Kristy Borrowe. I was charged $9.95 for S&H (which I agreed to & paid w/a cc). Got it yesterday. I wasted almost 1.5 hrs. of my time reading/viewing a DVD that was all about HERBALIFE and was hosted by an Herbalife distributor(s) called Emiko and Doran Andry, trying to recruit. This Andry guy was convincing at first, but I became very suspicious when he would reveal the name of the business or company & claims to have made $1million in one month during his career. I didn’t want a DVD about an MLM..that is NOT what I believed I was going to be receiving.

If I had known that, I NEVER, EVER would have followed-through. This absolutely constitutes deceitful, and unlawful business practices on the behalf of everyone involved in this transaction: Justin Blake, Paul (whatever his last name is), Kristy Borrowe, the Herbalife Corporation and its distributors, Doran and Emiko Andry.

For any of these individuals to admits to being innocent of this knowledge is flat-out WRONG. If you have to stoop this low to get people to ‘buy into’ the business, your trust & your MLM goes out the door. Shame on you!

Daly city, California

There it is.

Don’t partner with Paul.

How Does Partner with Paul Compare?

I’ve Tried That has been reviewing products since 2007. In that time, there’s one program that stands above the rest. It’s free to get started, has no ridiculous hidden charges, and will help you build a sustainable income from home.

Let’s see how Partner With Paul compares…

146 thoughts on “I’ve Tried That Investigates: Partner with Paul”

  1. I only got nailed for the shipping and handling so far. I am sending back the packet today and wrote a note telling them they cannot take any money out of my account. The package is in ok shape except I highlighted it. I am on my way to the bank right now to close my bank account and open a new one. Remember anyone who offers you to pay a small fee even 2.00 will take money out of your account until you cancel if you don’t cancel within the first few days. Thanks for web sites like yours.

  2. I know nothing about partner with paul… but what i do know is i make 6,000 a month doing the herbalife mlm and retailing and have only been doing it for 7 months…the products do work! it isnt the worlds largest most profitble nutrition company in the world because the products suck.. the problem is that all you people are looking for a get rich quick scheme.. they dont exist!! you have to put an investment into anything to get a return, thats just the way it is….you are not being scammed out of 9.95 , you agreed to buy the package under the terms to review about having a home based business ..thats what is about and thats what you receive .. just because you dont like what the busines is once you get it does not mean you have been scammed.. you are not going to get rich or make a living for that matter sitting on your butt and doing nothing.. stop lookig for the get rich quick schemes…

  3. I found this website and wanted to add a comment. I like surfing the web and finding out about such scams. I got one of those emails and thought to myself “wonder what this person is scamming?”. He is a scam simply because the idiot put an address in he email so I did a google map search and since I live close the the city he used I wanted to see this place. It was a vacant lot. Trees, bushes and grass. He even went so far as to have a suite number. I guess he must be like the keebler elves and lives in a tree and that is his suite.

    Hope this helps

  4. Well folks i shoulda researched it first, Thannk you all for your resp abt partner with paul. You guys prob saved me some cash.


  5. Thanks for this review!

    Wow, so this is HERBALIFE?! I tried signing up with PWP but my cc order never went through (and I never bothered to retry). Thank goodness for that!

    I signed up with Herbalife some years ago, not knowing much about it. When they asked me to buy products and keep inventory, I told them I’d think about it. Then I did some research on the company and very little of what I found made HL look good. So I quit at the first opportunity — perhaps why my cc never went through!

  6. Thank god I googled this first I almost fell for it! Phew!! if anyone knows any legit sites to go to for working at home please let all of us know!

  7. You hit the nail on the head with that one! Paul is pretty shady to be hiding what he really does. It’s too bad people fall for stuff like this. I recently became involved with an internet coach and he has taught me many ways to promote my Network Marketing business online. I now get leads and sign ups for free even though I’m not very good on the phone. Matter of fact I rarely have to use the phone! Click on my name if you are interested in some coaching for your internet business.

  8. Okay I’m a computer geek, and love to work on it all the time! I got an email stating that this was the way to go. So I went online and looked at the video. I was a little excited to hear what “could” be but my common sense didn’t kick in until a few seconds later. Well because I know how it sounds when you type, whenever I heard Mr.Paul typing in his name and password, it actually sounded like one of those old typewriters where you push the button and the letter smacks the page. So this is why I’m here because I never sign up for anything that costs a dime unless I first check it out and I couldn’t find it on BBB. I just thought that was really interesting so I wanted to share.

  9. You who wish to be successful in marketing, learn to market yourself. dont fall in love with a product or a company, find a company that will WORK for you, not work for YOU! There are many ways to make money but your searh for residual income is much harder to find. Dont buy leads or make a list of all your friends and family, its the worst thing you can do. Tish is right great products but WRONG compensation plan. Wanna learn the truth? For FREE?

  10. While I am glad I found this site and found out about the Paul guy, I just wanted to mention one thing….the reason why he could not mention HERBALIFE was because he isn’t allowed to. With HERBALIFE there are many ways to get people in the business to get you a residual income, but you can’t use their name to do it. Anyone can sign up with the company but unless you go out and sell it like AVON and call yourself an independent distributor of HERBALIFE, then you can’t use it….most people that don’t mention it are part of their own group to recruit people.

    That being said…I am so glad I saw this cuz I would not be interested in HERBALIFE…although the products do work and are 100% guaranteed, I would like to know what I am getting into before I get into it. That seems sneaky and dishonest to tell folks after the fact….if you can’t say the name atleast say what type of work it is.

  11. Ouu shit!,What a mistake, yesterday I made a an ads in google and spend about $20 not much but heck, the stats in affiliate program doesn’t work! What a fuc*g scamer he is. And think that the ads that he proosed to use was “sick of scams?” heh.
    Definitelly thanks for that review! I can only say that internet is full of scams, hopefully when I was starting out with online business I meet some legitimate guys who tought affiliate marketing. If you want to know more huys just fell free to go to my website, this is full step by step course of affiliate marketing, and that business model works.

  12. If anyone reading this blog is really truly looking for an opportunity its hard to find one thats not a scam but I have found a way working with a health and wellness company that was put together by a true leader in the marketing industry. NO FRIENDS NO FAMILY NO BS. Feel free to contact me because I fell into this trap!!!
    Randy Fried

  13. Hey! Just showing some appriciation! I am a full time college student and I haven’t had a job for about months! It hasn’t been easy for me. I am now going through rough times and decided to go job hunting like never before. I ran into the partner with paul advertisement. As desperate as I am, I almost fell for the trap. I did spot out some of the possibilities of it being a scam.
    I wouldn’t have imagined it being herbalife. It’s funny, I had a friend bring me to the guy running the herbalcrap. They tried really hard to convince me to join, but I was too smart for the. ;) I could tell right off the bat that this is something which you put lots of time and money into, so you can make less money then you used. Anyways…. You confirmed that it would have been a waste. I was very desperate for money and almost did a mistake untill I opened this page. Thanks again!!!

  14. There should be a list called “How to Scam in 10 easy steps.

    Inclusive to that list is things such as:

    1. Don’t use your real name. Use a fictitious name.
    2. Don’t tell them the product until the hook and line has been snared.
    3. Promise outrageous income in a short period.
    4. Lure them into paying larger amount as the become increasingly involved.
    5. Don’t publish addresses or telephone numbers (Tracking will be more difficult)
    6. Don’t return the money they gave you.
    7. Make it a limited offer, time and/or amount of people.
    8. Don’t indicate that you’re listed in the BBB. They might want to search and determine if you’re legit or bogus.
    9. Make it appear that they’re getting something for FREE and will then cost them.
    10. Run when they get to close to tracking you down.

  15. Yep I’m one of the many that fell for the PWP scam, although herbalife did help me lose alot of weight and my sponsers were really great people its the .01% of people that make 6 figure incomes with herbalife, much to be said about 5by3 matrix,get in on the ground level, pre-launch blah blah blah. To be completely honest I really did find a great work from home business…..AFTER I READ THE BOOK “SUCCESS IN 10 STEPS”. For those of you that are seeking the freedom that all those non-5 pillar companies are talking about..start here,, learn from people that really will help you for free.

  16. I have just signed up with the program. I will give it a try to see if it works. However, the moment they start asking for more money before I even earn back the $9.95 I have already given, i’m pulling out. Now that i have read all your reviews, i’m am terrified of what paul is offering.But its too late now because i have already paid the s&h. Will come back to let you know what happens….

  17. Thanks for everyone’s input. I too have order PWP package and waiting for it. I want to see what it’s all about, and if it’s Herbalife than I’m not interested.

    However I don’t feel it’s a scam and neither should anyone else.

    A scam is when someone takes your money and disappears.

    Everything else is marketing. Some are more upfront and some are not, which I don’t agree with their methods, but I’m an internet marketer, I have bought every program under the sun, but I’ve figured out how to make money and I am making a six figure income online. I too promote a very lucrative program, but it’s not for everyone though.

    The point is, don’t look at ads as scams just because they make big claims. Look at it as lessons in marketing and take the best from it, then trow out the rest.

  18. All of us just want a real genuine business opportunity, especially in this economy, I am so tired of these scams. wow this site is ridiculous.

    Just when you think you might have found a real work at home business you find out it’s completely bogus. I have been wanting to start a work at home business of some sort and some way for a long time. I would love to partner with somebody and come up with some real ideas and real ways to start a business. If anyone wants to talk about it, i’m all ears for ideas and would love to get something going, or if you have an ideas or real businesses let me know –

    I know I am just this close to starting something…Id’ love to hear from ya

  19. Hi, thank you very much for this review. I wanted to join this and when I realised I have to pay $ 9.95, I clicked on close button on webpage. Then a popup appeared saying, I have a special offer that they reduced the price to $ 7.4… Then I wanted to join. But thank god, my CC declined the payment and I observed, I never saw any place to mention how much I have to pay (or how much they can withdraw from CC. And I was suspicious that they don’t accept payment from paypal or alter pay).

    And if anybody knows a ligit website to earn real money please let me know.

  20. Thanks everyone for the in-site on Partner with Paul. I was on Craigslist and seen the ad. The ad can pull you in but it’s sites like this that keep everyone from harmful scams.

    I will do everything in my power to find a work from home business that is legitimate, easy to apply and that doesn’t take much money if any to start.

    Once I am making over $2k a month I will come back to this site and post the information so you can also make the same or more.

    I know it’s a tough time for us all but if we stand together and help each other succeed then we can change our lives and then the world.

    If anyone else out there knows of a homebased opportunity that is real then please take the time to let us know.

    Much Success to us ALL

  21. Hey everyone, I’ll give you all one even better than all of the posted comments: I spoke to a customer service rep from the Better Business Bureau of Columbus where I’m from, and she simply told me that there is NO SUCH THING AS HOME BASED BUSINESSES! Unless you are working for a company that allows you to work from home (hint: such as the one you already work for) DO NOT EVER PAY FOR ANYTHING UP FRONT. She stated that if a company wants you to from home, they will provide you will all of the necessary tools for FREE! Read it again folks: FREE! Don’t get taken advantage people, because if it sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is…

  22. I found this blog while doing a bit of research to see what Paul is up to now and how he’s running his scam since Streamline Magic and Shaklee. I should have been making a list because I’ve been tracking him for at least 4 years.

    If you lined up every scam Paul Birdsall has had his hand in, you could cover the U.S. or Canada end to end.

    One of the latest ads I saw for him really disgusted me and was so true – it stated something to the fact that ‘big heavy hitters’ were laughing at those who are not. Yes, indeed, Paul Birdsall is making a laughing stock out of anyone who signs up with him.

    Paul and his gang DO NOT care about YOU or YOUR Success – they only care about the next easy buck for THEM… and if you are not careful, that buck is going to be coming out of YOUR wallet.

    Yes, as the last commenter stated “Just remember google is your best friend!”

    Be safe, be smart, do your due diligence and stay away from Paul Birdsall and his CRONNIES – that is unless you have money to burn. If you want to join Herbalife, find a sponsor who really will help you – I can GUARANTEE Paul and his gang WON’T.

  23. About a year ago i was almost fooled by vector marketing until right before my interview a couple days before when my friend over aim told me it was a complete scam and i didnt wanna believe it. He said “just google it” and wow i’m so glad i did and then i found out that a whole bunch of my friend as well were almost tricked/tricked so ever since then if it has anything to do with making any kind of money quick i google it im SOOO glad i googled it the no money down bit almost got me. Just remember google is your best friend!

  24. This was recommended from a forum about another work from home scam that I was checking out. Wow, even the sites that reveals scams are offering scams themselves!

  25. When will it ever stop! Well never I would guess. Why do these people need to rip people off? Is there no legit stuff out there?
    Working on this internet stuff for a few weeks now I know it will take awhile to figure out. Thanks for the heads up on this.

    Be true


  26. I too read this partner with paul scam, and like many of you before me, I googled the business…And well, whatta ya know; IT’S A SCAM! I was a skeptic from the outset, and after reading all of your testimonials, I’M SO GLAD THAT I FOLLOWED MY FIRST MIND TO GOOGLE YET ANOTHER SCAM…Too bad that these people can continue to do this, but as Michael said on Feb 1, don’t ever pay for anything up front.

  27. Any business (and I mean any business) where they ask you to pay for something first before you get to work and get paid is bogus. Never ever let these guys get a penny from you. If they want you to work for them, they should provide all the supplies needed for you to get started.
    These scams are just going to get worse. Because so many people are losing their jobs, I’m sure a lot will check these websites out.
    I clicked on Partner with paul and saw they wanted $9.95 after saying they wouldn’t ask for a dime. They welcomed me to check out their business with the BBB. Yeah right. Please don’t fall for any scamming business that asks for money up front. Real employers will give you want you need to make them successful. This company is asking you to start with ten bucks to make them successful. Are you going to bite or just let that one go? I let it go. I’ll deal with spam and no money out of pocket.

  28. Thank you soooo very much for this warning! I was on the final step, to order the OBS when I decided to Google it. I am so glad I did. Thanks again.
    And kelin, The point is, this should be explained upfront that it is Herbalife. We should not have to find out after we have given our info and paid the shipping fee. And this guy should not be hidden. His claims are not legit. And he should be doing this the right way. Herbalife is for certain people to get involved in, some of us do not want to do that type of work. Like Almway, its not for everyone and we should not have to waste out time finding out this is what we would be into.

  29. Thanks so much for your review of this business! I actually ordered the DVD months ago and when I watched it and found out it was herbalife I sent it back and got refunded. It really is hard to find a legit home business. Always google/research any home business opportunity before shelling out any money. You will be surprised when you find out what’s out there. Good luck!

  30. I got a link in a newsletter I thought I could trust. I never intended to send any money but wanted to see what it was about. Fortunately I used a throw away email address to get as far as I could without paying. Within 2 days I started receiving spam on that email address. He’s also selling his list to other scams or running other scams. I also tried unsubscribing from his emails but they didn’t stop.

  31. I always look for the bad in money making schemes from home. I outweigh the bad versuses the good, so far Partner with paul has lost miserably. You know for a sucker like that to want to manipulate average joes like us is just shameful. Does he know everything comes to an end? Frankly speaking I wouldnt give him a penny if I had one!

  32. I received the e-mail and decided to google the name first, too. Glad I did. I won’t make the mistake others have made. Thanks for the heads-up. I won’t waste my money. I, too, wish there was someone honest out there, as both me and my husband are unemployed at this time. Every dollar counts. Too bad there are so many waiting in line to take your last penny- and dishonestly at that. Thanks for this venue to check out these things.

  33. Thank god I google ..IF it’s too good to be true, then google it “is this a scam?” I have been scamed twice before: once is the mystery shopping deal, and the other is the “send $100 and you will get your money back and more once your name is moving up the top of the list” You guys know that scam? Man, I was young and stupid, Now I know easy money is never true!!!

  34. Boy do I feel dumb. My girl said dont do it and I did it I got screwed. One thing I wanna know is how can these things excist and still being created everyday. When you make a system it needs to be fool proof. Understandably we take our cards out and type the numbers but if a business is to be started whos overseeing the process to see that it works. Hell at this point I’m thinking about starting an online scam. Shid a million bucks ova 5yrs if you get caught why not there are people just like me waiting to get robbed rite now, and are happy there only losing 9.95, but if you times that by 10,000 you see why the scammers do it. I believe in karma so what goes around comes around. I’m done with this shit I’m going to Mickey D’s mite as well.

  35. I feel for all the scammed out there in the world. We were all one of them, and if not yet will be soon. I have been doing this marketing stuff for 7 years now, and COMPLETE HONESTY is hard to find in this arena. There are good businesses out there, and money is being made. One piece of advice…..Be Sure You Know WHO you are getting involved with no matter what company you join.

  36. Damn I just got screwed. DAmn Damn Damn. There is supposed to be a business coach that contacts you within 48 hours. I asked the “coach” this sounds too good to be true you pay nothing and you get paid in return? THe guy said well I am sending you a package through the email and lets make an appointment for a followup. I asked him why he is being evasive and he said well I dont need to deviate from the something. I am not being evasive but I want you to read the email first and then we will talk at our appointment. He said his name is ROBERT TISON 815-678-2444. I called him back for my refund and I go straight to email all the time. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. I needed that money too I feel so stupid now. I already paid the $9.95 online.

    Don’t fall for it! Let it go I wish I did. Can’t wait til my appt to tell his ass off.Its tomorrow at 6pm.

  37. This is a scam simple cause if herbalife is good then why not just say what it is, 2 this guy hides his face and real voice saying to protect his idenity more like to keep him from going to jail and third he says its about doing advertising for all kinds of companys even shows it in his fake spread sheets ithinnk if you hide things don’t say who you are lie and misrepsent your self then your a crook if herbalife was smart and os good then they sue this guy
    Its a scam folks pure in simple i have see alot of them
    Hes a crook the video was shot in his parents house the guys young and can build a website and knows alot about computers

  38. hi
    your opinion is bogus!! i dont really know about this paul guy or his methods. but, your review enlightened me to the fact you dont know what herbalife is, it is not a scam at all! you mentioned Doran. I personally know Doran and he IS making a MILLION+ a month!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have see copies of his checks. The fact is that there are many different methods you can take in Herbalife, maybe pauls isnt the best or cheapest. But anyone that wants to work for their money and have the sky as their limit, can do it with herbalife! does residual income sound good to you? my mon is making 5 grand a month and she doesnt even work anymore. Her friend is making 20 grand a month!! this does work, ask me how! i can get Doran to help you!

  39. I finally found out the truth about the guru. He almost got to sign up for his false tale. Thank you so much for your website. Not having a job and looking for some way to make income, so Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.Libby

  40. This motherfucker scammed me over $3424.45. He send me a private email saying if if i joined his shares privately he would give me 1/100 of the profits. I joined and he stuck me with an unsuitable contract until i have paid a total of $7300. Now I’m paying for his ads about $26 dollars every day.

  41. I signed up for PWP, using the name
    Biteme A$$hole, several months ago.

    I never actually followed through because it looked like an obvious scam – His automated spam generator is still sending me emails
    and they all refer to me using the name Biteme!!(lmao)

  42. Like an idiot, I ordered the partner with paul package today for $9.95, without googling it first. Do you reccomend that I send the package back immediately unopened, as to not “damage” what’s inside? I’d appreciate some advice about this, thank you so much. Eric

  43. Gracias once again Amigo!!
    I´ve seen this Paul guy everywhere!
    I saw him a long time ago and like you say he stated that there was a count-down….it´s the longest count-down I have ever seen!!
    He is still counting down!!!
    What an A…..%/%$%&#”$!!!


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